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John McLeod VII
My hobby seems to be BOINC.
I'm from Managua, Nicaragua. I like Open Source, Linux and Java programming.
I was a Pirate in one of my former lives !
Jeff Gu
I am a 50-year-old programmer/designer living in Stromsburg, Nebraska USA and enjoy motorcycles, playing the guitar, and all things computer related. Our small Distributed Computing Team provides us with a way to contribute to the benefit of mankind with existing resources, and we welcome people new to the hobby, as well as current DC enthusiasts. Our WEBSITE and FORUMS are available to anyone, whether you are a member of our team, or not.
Jan Stenzel
Nazywam się Janek i mam 25 lat. W 2008 roku ukończyłem Akademię Morską w Gdyni, Wydział Mechaniczny - Inżynieria Eksploatacji Instalacji. W tym roku planuje rozpocząć własną działalność gospodarczą związaną z Certyfikacją Energetyczną Budynków.
A co porabiam w wolnym czasie? Bardzo lubię czytać książki, zwłaszcza Stephena Kinga oraz cenię dobre kino. Najbardziej jednak to lubię coś zjeść, jak np. schabowy z ziemniakami i kapustą, albo jakieś kluseczki z boczkiem..... Mniam mniam
Jordan Bashir
Have keyboard, will travel.
John Robert Mallernee

Howdy, Folks!

I am John Robert Mallernee, a retired, divorced (no children), "undiscovered" aspiring amateur singer/songwriter/actor, a member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the "Mormon" church), and I once was a soldier in the United States Army, where I served during the war in the old Republic of Viet Nam with the First Signal Brigade, and the famed "Screaming Eagles" of the One Hundred First Airborne Division.

During my adventurous youthful years as a soldier in the United States Army , I also had the privilege of serving in or visiting Germany, Korea, Israel, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Ireland, Greece, India, and Mexico, and in one instance, laterally circumnavigating the globe, having on one trip, departed from Saigon, Republic of Viet Nam, flying due West, and ultimately concluding my trip when arriving in Cam Ranh Bay, Republic of Viet Nam.

I compose original lyrics and melody for mostly Country/Western/Folk songs, whi
My Self-Summary

I have an adorable wife that I live with named Jen who is jayhy here. I am also dating seyeneerg. She is a great lady. I am also bi. This means I am a polyamorous married guy looking for one man to date long term. Not dating any other women. If you are a guy, then be honest and hopefully communication will be easy. I like to rollerblade, bowl, bicycle, badminton, tennis, diving board, work out, drive new places, and watch dvd movies too. We don't have to have 100% in common to email me, but living in King County helps us a lot. *smile
What I'm Doing With My Life

Friday I volunteer at the National Archives in Seattle. Helping people research their family tree.

Once a month I volunteer with the Senior Petfood Program. Delivering donated petfood to seniors who have difficulty feeding their pets on a fixed income.
I'm Really Good At

Thinking of ideas. Procrastinating. Organizing group events. Fixing software. Talking on the cell p
About me? Not to cheese out but it is easier to point you to my MySpace page
Jordi Planas Manzano
I'am jean-Claude -retired, I devote my computers' idle time to crunching away for good causes inc !
I'm german guy living in Switzerland.
My age: 37
My hobbies: inline skating, biking, coin collecting, history, computers, reading etc..
Jeremy Wolfram
Hi, I am a software developer from Germany and currently working at the German Aerospace Center.
i come from China, and live in Nanjing now.
working in a NetTech Lab SEU, from now to 2007.
There must be something out in the universe
I am 21 years old mechanical and production engineering student from Satakunta university of applied sciences school fo technology Pori. Pori is 7th biggest city of Finland. My hobbies are cycling, growing succulents, watching TV and busy myself with computers. I run boinc because I want to make a difference.
I'm from China!

Welcome all from China mainland,TaiWan,HongKong,Macau. Welcome Chineses all over the world. Let's keep up the hard crunching LOL!

Wanna join us?
we are waiting for u!

Español de nacimiento, francés de pasaporte, casado con Hong Kong, japonés de corazón... ciudadano del mundo todo junto.
I was born in California, moved to Texas 19 years later, and then 11 years after moved to Washington. I started using computers at the ripe old age of 9, with an 8086 that I overclocked with a crystal I bought at Radio Shack (not kidding, it had 16 MHz of fury hehe).

I joined SETI @ Home a long time ago, I don't remember why. Not long after I found The Knights Who Say Ni!, and it was fun, so I hijacked all the computers at my work, and anyone foolish enough to ask me for technical support. I still have the cheesy 10,000 work units certificate, and the 7,500 one with a typo and everything hehe.

I took a long hiatus, but I'm back now. My next goal is to hit 5,000 CPD every day, rather than just on the odd spiked credit days, and to get into the top 1,000 world wide.
Alles wird besser,
aber nichts wird gut.

Everything becomes better,
but nothing becomes good.

Ostrock / Tamara Danz
I started crunching Seti back in '99, put thjngs aside for a while and then got it going again a couple years or so ago. I have a beautiful wife and 3 children and I am a soon to be graduate from the Ohio State University. After graduation I'll strart a new career as a middle school math and science teacher.
Juan Rivas
soy de la ciudad de monterrey, tengo 28 años y soy ing, sistemas
John Halladay
i am a retired electronic engineer, and computer engineer
from Rochester New York, now living in the Philippines
Name: Jan-Eric Dressler
Wohnort: Dresden (Sachsen, Deutschland)
Geboren: 03.12.1985, Neubrandenburg
Website: www.je-dressler.de
Team: je-dressler.de
Projekte: SETI, Einstein, Rosetta, Climate Prediction

Beruf: Staatlich anerkannter Erzieher
Hobbies: Fotografie, Musik, Natur
Jon Boy UK - Wales
My addiction started : 14th July 2002 with SETI
Currently my addiction is getting out of control - I'm even slowly becoming a credit tart !

We live in an awesome world.Make it an awesome day.
Live simply,Love generously,Care deeply,Speak kindly,Peace To All and May God Bless You !.

Jochen Schlick
- software developer
- from Germany (South Palatinate)
- outdoor sports (snowboarding, mountainbiking, ..)
JonathanMM, 15 ans, prénom : Jonathan
I`m student from Czech Republic and i`m interested in this project. I don`t think why, but i want help sciencs and people on the world.


Jsem student z Èeské Republiky a mám zájem o tento projekt. Nevím proè, ale chci pomoct vìdì a lidem ve svìtì.
John Bryant
Computer tech, photographer, silversmith, herbalist, dog person (other animals are cool too), anti (ANY) war, homeless (this is changing), disabled (this is not changing)....more to come...
Student M.Sc. Bioinformatiks. Therefore my main resources go to SIMAP and POEM.
I'm 47, divorced with 2 children. I am a machinist, Sous Chef, Line Chef, and IT Technician. I love almost anything Sci-Fi\Fantasy in books or movies. Also love computers.
I use BOINC because it's the closest I will ever get to doing real scientific research.
Jeff Coleman
Back for more of ze crunching!
Juergen Jaeger
Renter, Funkamateur (DF1KBN), EDV-Spezialist
Jon Stock
I am a Computer Consultant and devote my computers' idle time to crunching away for good causes including Proteins@Home and Rosetta@Home along with many other BOINC projects.

My son has had neuroblastoma twice in his short life so far and is currently in remission. I figure that crunching might help find cures for these diseases in the future so that other children do not have to go through what my son has experienced.
Jeffrey J. Page
Jeffrey James Page
San Francisco, California
[415] 347-4539

1989-2011 Touchstone Technologies, Inc., Palo Alto, California.
President and Founder. Established electronics research and development group to concentrate on the engineering and integration of advanced automation technologies for application to business and industry. Implemented a complete spectrum of services to include embedded system design and development, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy-logic, data mining, and knowledge-based systems. Promising designs to date have included an adaptive microcontroller that has shown the ability to automate nonlinear systems without the need of deriving precise mathematical models of the systems previous behavior.

1989-95 The Touchstone Group, Inc., Palo Alto, California.
President and Founder. Established unique ad-hoc consulting practice offering proven expertise in the area of strategic international marke
Jonathan Figdor
Jack Perth
Plus on est de fous, moins on a de chances d'être seul ! ! !

Physicien qui reste complètement émerveillé de la nature des choses.

La curiosité reste le plus beau de tous les défauts!
Jaime Gonzalo
Me llamo Jaime Gonzalo.
Vivo en La Rioja.
Acabo de descubrir Boinc hace unos días y estoy encantado de poder colaborar en todos estos proyectos.
I am a doctor of physics. And believe in the scientific progress and support it.
Hobbies: astronomia, fotografia, y lectura de libros de ciencia.
Fan de las series de ciencia ficción.
Ferviente seguidor de proyectos Boinc que puedan ayudar a la evolucion de la humanidad como especie.
Personajes admirados:Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku.
Autor preferido: Michio Kaku.
Libro preferido: Hiperespacio.
Pelicula preferida: Contact.
Jake Mueller
Computer enthusiast and general nerd. Since I put so much into building my rigs, I like to get good use out of them. This is the best way to do it.
John Eff
Have a nice trip to Fulda!

I did my college studies in mathematics and computer science. This lead to a career in information technology. This is also reflected in a heavy interest in the mathematical projects, but I have recently picked up a stronger interest in some of biology projects as well.
27 ans et toutes ses dents ^^
married, one child
2007: Ph.D. in nonlinear optics
engaged in computing related to physics
Jim Henness
project coordinator, 42 yrs. old
Dies und Das...
Joseph Sardin
Passionate about sharing online, I am founder of the bigsoundbank.com site that shares is sound files.
Jens Pollmann
Hallo Leute... Ich komme aus Old Germany , genauer gesagt aus der Bergischen Metropole Wuppertal (Das ist die Stadt mit der über 100 Jahre alten Schwebebahn). Ich selber bin Bj.1962 und bezeichne mich mitlterweile als Allrounder. Auch Hobbys hab ich wohl einige. Die Grössten sind wohl das Computern und mein Verein der WSV . Meine Rechner laufen 24/7 für Bonic wobei mein Hauptaugenmerk bei Seti liegt.
Jon Dann
Danshui, Taiwan
Jo Davidson
Retired International Telecommunications Systems Engineer.Former Commercial Instrument rated Pilot single and multiengine land. Certified MAC LAN Administrator.Now live in Memphis, TN.
Joao Carlos Soares
Me llamo Javier, tengo 18 años, vivo en Granada, España. Estudio Bellas artes y me gusta: todo lo relacionado con la tecnología, los coches, el diseño, al arte, los videojuegos, y los documentales. Soy gay, y estoy soltero. Básicamente ése soy yo.
Jay Albrecht
Im a Techie at hart
Julio Silva Vidales
Born in Mexico City. Linton Hall Military School Graduate in Bristow, Virginia. Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing, extents in Computer Science. My life has elapsed doing what I like, that is to say, IT & SCUBA Diving (PADI).
BAM is a very powerful tool to manage multiple projects on many computers, no matter where they are!

I really like the stats and the forum! It really helps! Thank you!
Work for consulting company, working mostly as field scientist/engineer (have science degrees). Have always loved science, mostly physical sciences
Administrator ICT
Johannes Cools
I decided to change my profile because it’s long ago that I edit it. Time changed and if it’s as it has to be our experience also. I am engineer and my profession is developing high tech Intel™ based multilayer main boards with extremely low power consumption and on the other hand extreme high performance. I am responsible for market needs solution. Energy is expensive and the concept is, as low as possible power consumption. So my job is very challenging.The next development will be a main board based on Intel® i7™ cpu’s in a smalll form factor and more features.
I crunch when I can.
Jason Stephens
*Good Day, and God Speed. (y)
*"Good Night, and Good Luck."
28 y.o.
Device Physicist
辰(晨) | Jouleken | 주진
PiPi Call me Jo


[现代标准汉语 Standard Mandarin]
倪喃侯!沃勒辰(Qin),沃勒中国人(Jiong G-we Nan)。
[江山话 Jiangshan dialect]
侬好!吾是辰(Sen),吾是中国(Zong Go)宁。
[上海话 Shanghainese dialect]
Hi! I’m Jouleken (Chen), I am a Chinese.
[English 英语]
I'm a Computer Science & Cybernetics graduate of The University of Reading and probably the typical geek really!

I like using BOINC where I can to help out, my computers might as well be doing somethin while I'm not using them!

While I'm pants at spoken languages, I can program quite well in the C family, as well as in web languages.

Saludos desde Tombrio de Arriba, un pueblecito de El Bierzo, León, ESPAÑA

Proyectos en los que participo:

Just a young multimedia designer trying to save the world...
Jose [Team Musketeers]
Hi, I'm a musketeer Argentine, we put our computers to help science and those who need it, I support DC Community Initiative Making The Boinc Community A Better Place.
I am a dreamer and I believe in the potentiality of the human race to live together in peace. I love Music, women and beer; the order it makes no difference. LOL ;)
Jean-Luc Bornert
Je m'appelle Jean-Luc Bornert et je demeure en Alsace prés de Strasbourg, ville où je suis né en 1957, marié et père de trois enfants. Je suis électro-mécanicien de formation (CAP) et à l'heure actuelle je suis conducteur d'autocar de tourisme. Je suis radioamateur, mon indicatif est F5JFA. L'informatique (linux) lié à la radio sont mes principaux passe-temps. Pour le reste, mon métier m'occupe le plus clair du temps. :D (Y)
中国 深圳 旅游 这个项目丢了3年又捡起来了,哈哈
Justin Bongard
I grew up in Northern VA. I got my computer science degree from UVa-Wise in 2011 and that is where I first began using BOINC. I use it so I can help people be cured of cancer and other ailments. I don't have as much faith to heal people as Jesus did, but this I can do as well as pray. Love your neighbors; those kind and unkind because that is what Jesus teaches. This research will help everyone.
Bydlím na severozápadě Čech. Živím se jako programátor automatů na řízení technologických procesů. Je to super práce, protože mi dává možnost ovlivnit důležité věci, na které bohužel mnozí zapomínají. Snažím se snižovat spotřebu energie, materiálů a zlepšovat výsledek procesů, které řídím. Věřím, že BOINC je další aktivita, kde lze přispět k pokroku. Snad to bude něco platné proti přesile nepoučitelných.
Ex IT Manager, Tech Support and Games Author (back in the days of rubber band powered home computers). Oh, and bike mechanic, woodsman, yacht captain and a whole series of other lives too ;) Never really been one to get bogged down and let life drift on by.

Now building and repairing boats (FRP as well as Wood) and wondering what to do next :)

Ah ha. Know what I am doing next. just 10 days away from my teaching degree (and I really did not see this one coming!) :)
Great Falls, Montana
Architect , France - Provence, near Avignon
interests : science, space, ufos (ovnis) … because I saw one around 1960 :)
Afkomstig uit de Kempen.
I'm a beauty student of Medicine... :)
:cheer: Go science! Go go go...
I live in Woodstock, NY. I was a photojournalist but I'm actually in school getting a masters in social work. I still shoot pictures, paint when I have time. When I was living in Devon, England -- a friend and I saw objects in the sky that we could not identify! It was both thrilling and scary!
Student of Mathematics and Computer Science at Uppsala University.
Joe Holmes Science Center
Our Science Center died to an earthquake in Wells, Nevada. It was on a previously undocumented fault. This computer, and therefore this account is the last remnant of a dream, and for that reason I am continuing with the projects chosen by our children Olivia, Orrin, Justin, Ava, Marissa, Jacqui, Carlos, Cristian, Maria, Sarai, Ben, Logan, and many others whose names sre not coming into mt mind right now.
And a very special thanks to Timmy, James and Ryan for all their help.
I may grow old, but I refuse to grow up...
From London, England; now live in Reading, Berkshire, 40 miles west of London.
I'm 55 years of age, but young at heart.
I am a free-lance computer programmer (for the money), and a free-lance chef for my passion.
My other main interests in life (other than my lovely wife!) is Cosmology and Astro-Physics (hence my interest in SETI).
I'm a retired trucker.(local,not long-haul) I live in the Northeast and my hobbies are computers and airplanes. Computers cost less-a lot less,so I do more of that.
Hello! Glad to be a part of the community. I'm from n.e. Kansas, married, with some awsome kids and grandkids. I crunch on one computer running a PhII proc, and 2 MSI 560Ti Hawk gpu's, and occasionally on a laptop. I like to play video games, Battlefield3, Quake3, 4, FarCry2, etc. I'm a member of one of the best BOINC teams, Overclock.net, we really enjoy helping each other out, and truly getting the most out of our equipment. I started crunching on SETI in 2001, on my state of the art Thunderbird 1100. Now, I mainly gpu crunch... These new cards are phenominal...knocking out anywhere from 500K-1.75Mil wu's/day, (depending on projects, of course). Our team focuses on a couple of new projects every month..usually the ones we're last in, to try to help out some of the "not so popular" causes. First week of every month, we host "BOINCers gone BONKERS!" and try to get more participation from the sight... This month we had 60 people crunchin' for the cause! And some really great
I'm a pet groomer, wife, mother, grandmother and owned by dogs, cats birds & fish. I'm a kidney donor and I have started my own web business. I hand make bows for you pets. I like to read when I have time and enjoy being with family & friends.
I used to be in 3D graphics industry for some +20 years and survived it. Now i'm just starting to live again contributing to the magic world of folding proteins:-)!!

Currenty running project on a Intel(R) Core(tm) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz
Number of CPU's (number of (virtual) cores) 1(4)
Operating System and version OSX

Hi. I'm geographer from Poland, traveling a lot, in love with telescopes, guitars and books.
Oops..I forgot to mention BOINC :)
I'm a retired Soldier. I was an Abrams Main Battle Tank mechanic for twenty years, and spent a fair amount of time teaching new mechanics on entry into the Army, and later teaching advanced diagnosis and maintenance skills to mid-career Non-Commissioned Officers. Planting the seed of knowledge, watching it grow and (sometimes) flourish was the most fulfilling thing I did as a Soldier.
I'm currently Co-Chairman of the MidWest Astro-Imaging Conference.

I grew up in the relatively dark skies of the Pacific Northwest, starting with the classic 3" Edmund reflector in the cardboard tube, and eventually building an 8" f/6 Newtonian during high school, as well as getting involved in my local astronomical society. I also served one year on the Astronomical League council as the Northwest Region representative in 1974. I came to Chicago in 1975, trading dark skies for college and then graduate school at the University of Chicago, including studying two years at Yerkes Observatory and earning my Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

However, I discovered that the academic life wasn't for me, so I started working in computer-related fields. My first few jobs were in the arcade video game industry during its heyday, and I created the video game Nibbler which saw a fair amount of success. Along the way I married my wife, Mary, in 1984, whom I had met when we
Classical guitarist that's interested in science/science fiction.
Jaco de Kock
I love sport, my fav team is the Sharks. I play music.
And I live my life for Him, and Him alone!!
JJ Monot
After an initial formation in applied mathematics and computer engineering, and a carrier in software and systems engineering, I am now an activist and a consultant in the field of R&D and innovation for global health, working with civil society organisations in Geneva.
Jeroen De Dauw
Software developer at the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany. Working on Wikidata, Semantic MediaWiki, Education Program and various other projects.

Joe Carelli
James Khatiblou
Web Developer. Computer coding ninja assassin.
Jason Heimbuck
My name is Jason Heimbuck, I have access to a bunch of computers that sit idle and am happy to be able to contribute their excess CPU time for good causes (and some fun ones too)
Just Don
married 33 years, retired,two boys still at home
Jan Miller
Musician, Audio Tech, Amateur Astronomer, Grease Monkey...
I'm just a girl with a lot of boy's toys
IT . :ph34r: :amellow:
Jhonatan Silva*
Sicituradastra rules!
John Barr
I was born in 1945. I spent 15 years in the Australian Army, Retired T. Sergeant then 26 years in the Railways as a Porter, Crane Slings man/driver/ Fitter/turner/boilermaker, restricted Electrician, Some Carpentry/ Teams Manager. I belong to my local Men's Shed where I can keep practicing my skills. It get's me out of the house. I Built my 2nd. Computer in 87, an XT. My 1st. on was a Commodore 64. I have a wife, 3 children & 2 Grandchildren. A dog & 2 neighbours dogs I share (puppy sit) Don't drink, smoke or ... Non-Religious but love a good discussion at the front door. :lol: Anti PC extremist. :cheer:
Jason E. Johnston
Senior Information Security Consultant
Self-taught computer nerd of 30+ yrs.
Science teacher, father.
30 something year old I.T. Consultant, all around handy man, plumber, carpenter, electrician, any thing I am paid to be that day.
Open Source Opens Minds
Jennifer Cheung (Hyolyn)
Juan Carlos Buenaventura
Retired IT hardware engineer, originally from South Shields, now resident in Halifax West Yorkshire.
Joaquin Ferrero
Perl Programming
Jason Jung
One of the lost.
Jerry liu
I am a computer administrator from China, what a man can do some pride in their lifetime, it's not in vain!

Translation software output above is passed, if there is an error, please forgive me
I worked for UKC after completing my First Degree. Went on to be a Lecturer at a college. Now I take it a little easier working part time doing things I enjoy with friends.
kom ik nog terug
Live in East Lothian, trying to use the time various devices are charging (phone / tablet) or unused (small Odroid server) to benefit science
computer stuff
Jan Kunkel
CPU: i7 5820k overclocked @ 3.8ghz GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 Gaming G1 4GB Motherboard: ASRock 99x Extreme4 SSD: Cucial 240GB SSD Keyboard: Logitech K750 Cooling: Dark Rock Pro 3 be quiet! RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400mhz Case: Fractal R5
PSU: 500 Watt be quiet! 80+ Gold Mouse: Logitech M525
College student with too many extra computer parts.
I'm a nerd that has extra CPU capacity available when I'm not gaming.:ph34r:
Jeffrey Ryan
I was the kid that the adults asked to fix the electronics around the house, set the VCR clock, figure out the answering machine, teach them how to use cable when it came out, etc. First computer was a TI-99/4A. 1980. Lots of restaurant experience including fine dining. 26 years. Some retail. Have run 11 marathons and one ultra. 3 Ironman AZ triathlon finishes, one Leadville 100 Mile MTB finish, and tons of other races and events. Employed by Apple, Inc. Best job I've ever had, best company I've ever worked for. I have no interest in working anywhere else unless I change trade interests...but I'm just getting started.

I am the proud father of two boys, one in college and one with 2 years of high school left. Both very smart and well behaved. I wouldn't even call it behaved really. They're just awesome!

I have a great girlfriend of 4 years now...time to put a ring on her finger. Living in Arizona since 1995. First nine years in Flagstaff. Miss that place. Now a desert rat.
Joern Gerken
If you pay peanuts, you'll get monkeys! :wacko:
Jim Litterer
Electrical engineer, Amateur Radio W8DAU formerly W4OXC, 85 years young.
Student Computer Science - KULeuven
MSc in Chemistry
Joao Castro
Jay Edmonds
Retired Systems Analyst. Called it quits from the corporate world just before 9-11-2001. Have always enjoyed math and logic. Co-founder of a Commodore 64 club in 1982. Still love a challenge.
Alienware advocate! aB-)
Just a drone contributing to the hive
Software Engineer
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