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Nick Perry (0)
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BAM! användare sedan: 18oktober2012
Födelsedag: 19augusti
Land: Storbritannien
Kön: Man
Detaljstatistik: här
Forumposteringar: 23
Medlem av team: UK BOINC Team

Min personliga bakgrund
OK here goes. Middle Aged, single, over weight, under achiever. I'm not feeling sorry for myself and if I could relive my life I wouldn't change much at all

Hobbies are DIY, restoring motorcycles, reading, films, model making, drinking, socialising and losing about half my maximum weight, Oh and looking for WOW 2 on Seti.

I was born in Suffolk but haved lived in Derbyshire for 23 years and love the hills, I don't see myself moving far again

I'm a Warehouse Operative at M&S which is about 6 miles away, I've been a lorry driver and have absolutely had enough of travelling on Britian's very crowded roads unless I have to

Thanks for the interest and I wish You a Good Life

Vad jag tycker om BOINCstats/BAM!
A very clever idea allowing even thickos like me to be involved in things we don't totally understand but feel are important.

Watching the numbers change is very relaxing and I wonder about the other people around me on the tables.