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BAM! användare sedan: 10maj2006
Födelsedag: 22maj
Land: Förenta Staterna
Kön: Man
Detaljstatistik: här
Forumposteringar: 42
Medlem av team: Iowa State University

Min personliga bakgrund
I am a Construction Engineer that graduated in 1983 from Iowa State University and have been everything from a laborer, carpenter, foreman, superintendent and now an Estimator of construction by trade currently living just outside the DC area in Maryland. To relax, I enjoy building computers and model railroading.

Vad jag tycker om BOINCstats/BAM!
Originally, I was really impressed with SETI but since BOINC came about, I have devoted most of my computer time to medical research like Rosetta, Malaria, GPU, etc. My wife passed away due to complications from diabeties. I hope that through all of our combined efforts that a cure will be found. I also contribute to Collatz, Milky Way, Prime Grid and primanoinca.