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Trecutul personal
Another Scot living in England, Yorkshire in fact. Born in 1960, I have worked all my adult life with computers in some form or another in the Retail, Leisure and Manufacturing sectors, as a Programmer, Analyst, Trainer, Pre and Post-Sales Consultant, Development Manager, Support Manager and latterly repairs working for myself.

I used to be very sporty but now I am down to one or two sessions of Racketball and a couple of Badminton a week and I suffer for it (but won't give it up before my knees do! so far so good) Got 5 kids (3 unfortunate enough to share my genes, and 2 lucky enough not to) who are all making me proud by doing really well, though only 1 is doing computers! The others just bring dead PC's to me to fix - I made it too easy for them I reckon.
I love reading - thrillers, crime, sci-fi, fantasy, and science, particularly physics OK I'm a bit of a geek.

Boinc keeps things interesting. I love the idea of picking projects that interest me and donating some computer time to help it. I was very proud when I got my very own prime number, and even had an "I'm in my Prime" T-shirt made with the number underneath to commmemorate it. I am reliably told that that is possibly the geekiest thing I have ever done - well maybe it is, but I don't care, I love that T-shirt, and strangely, not a single person has ever asked me about it apart from the person who I am forever grateful to for ironing it, who was not remotely impressed!

I don't know why am I writing this? Who is going to read it? If you did then let me know why! You can do it anonymously if you want, I am just as curious about who reads this as I am about why I am writing it!

Opiniile mele despre BOINCstats/BAM!
BOINCstats shows me what I want to see (and a fair bit more besides)
BAM lets me easily control BOINC on a number of computers without taking up my time. I frequently have computers for a few days while I test and repair them, and I often use BOINC on them to stress test them a bit - whilst doing a little bit of good too :-)
BAM makes this very easy to do and without it I would probably only BOINC on my main PC.