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Yacoplus [Canarias]
Todos me llaman Yaco.
Soy de la isla de La Palma (Canarias - España).
Me dedico a la informatica.
Hello my name is Tommy, is 20 years old, I lives in Gersheim, Germany. At present I make training as the information and telecommunications electronics engineer in Bexbach.
Ich komme aus Peine, dieses lieget zwischen Hannover und Braunschweig. Mein größtes Hobby ist das Tuning von Autos, ich tune momentan meinen Golf III.
Exploring the universe...
from the comfort and safety of my couch.
Yan Yan
Yan Yan, Beijing China
Yoo Chung
A rather dull guy with rather dulled senses who is trying not to live a rather dull life. He blogs at Stochastic Scribbles and has a separate home page.
Hi! My name is Yusup and I work in an international environmental organisation. I started crunching in March 2009. I do not have fast machines, so I do not crunch as fast as I wish. But I hope that my contribution is valuable to various BOINC distributed computation projects.

I am Founder of Turan@BOINC team.

Ein Kontomanager wie BAM ist doch ne feine Sache, schnell und übersichtlich. Man hat alle Projekte, Statistiken und Einstellungen schön Zentral im Blickfeld. Ich hab den Kontomanager schon vielen meiner Freunde empfohlen und werd es auch in Zukunft tun. (y)
Yao Fei
Shanghai. Linux 和 Mac 使用者
Die Rechner sind immer an, da können sie auch was sinnvolles tun.
Ich benutze BAM! zur Verwaltung meiner BOINC konten, weil dass damit einfach einfacher ist.

Ich finde BOINCstats/BAM! klasse.
Living in the Sunny Okanagan Valley...
Occupation: IT Specialist, graphics design, audio and video production
Hobbies: Play guitar, RC hobby, photography
I really don't know why I enjoy doing this....:-s I guess people just have weird hobbies.
I am a low level software developer with strong focus on linux.
Computers, programming in various languages, speak English and Spanish, motorcycles.
Australia, Perth.