Profiilit V*

Hello BOINC-friends!

I am studying biology at the Technical University Braunschweig in Germany. That's why I am interested in bioinformatics project like WCG, Rosetta or SIMAP. I like spending computing power for useful biological research. My favourite project is WCG.
Soy un Ingeniero Industrial que le gusta colaborar en proyectos más o menos altruistas. Soy radio aficionado (eb1ijp). Me gusta la informática y el Ski.
I am an Industrial Engineer that likes to collaborate, in more or less, altruistic projects. I am a radioamateur (eb1ijp). I like the computers and Ski.
Live on the West Coast of Scotland, enjoy stats and doing my bit for the greater good :-D
Male, 54, USA.... freinds- YES, married-No, Looking- Y E S:beer:. Prospects - not reciently::'(.
Vincent Vega
38 year old from the UK and still living there.
Interested in Yoga, Science Fiction
Work as a Commercial Analyst within the Construction Industry.
I am currently working on my team totals for Boinc@Australia. I have to say the best team that I have been a member for.

I love working with computers and get to do so at home for Boinc and at work.

I started the Boinc work back in the Seti@Home days.
Van Tolar
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA, USA. Computers and Ham Radio. This is a Family and Friends Project.
I'm with it! Yes, my parents already know. I live with my partner of 10 years just outside of the DC area.
I am the owner and CEO of DHT Associates, LLC a small IT consulting firm based in Northern Virginia. DHT offers tech support and web development and design services, as well as the sales of computers and computer accessories.
Just recently, I am in the process of establishing another company with my partner, as well as the contractors working out the remodel of our house. The new company, called Triton Painting and Renovation, LLC, will provide general contract services, as well as advanced painting and remodeling services.
Just a bit of wululu o.O
Vit Kliber
I am cruncher from Czech National Team

I manage
Ich bin aus Österreich und habe meine DC Karriere mit SETI begonnen. Nach einer weile habe ich mich mehr für das Thema Verteiltes Rechnen interessiert und etwas im Internet gesucht und mein Team gefunden. Seit dem rechne ich mit Ihnen, nicht nur bei BOINC Projekte, mit.

Cya Velo
i'm Student and live in Finland.
I currently work in private security, but for the last five years I worked at a funeral home as a funeral assistant and crematory operator. I recently relocated to Great Lakes, IL from Northern Virginia to be with my wife (she's stationed there...US NAVY). I'm a news junkie with conservative/libertarian views. I've always had an interest in computers, science, and technology and am happy to donate processing power to BOINC.
I currently live in southeastern Michigan, near Detroit.

I run BOINC clients on a Debian-based ProLiant ML350 server (dual PIII 933 Coppermine w/1GB) hosting SMTP, HTTP & Tor, and on a self-built WinXP-based workstation (Athlon64 3800+ w/dual channel 1GB), previously running UD.
Viktor Placek
Mechanical Engineer, Scientist
From Norway
18 Year
Works as a electrician student.


Fixing my car, and/or fixing computers
Elitus / Aurelijus / Livemusic / ETT / Investuotojams / Results / Archlinux / GBit
Virtual Alien

Virtual Alien (V.A.) came up with the concept for his one-man band Virtual Alien at the age of 14. He was born in 1973 in Perth, Scotland and grew up in London.

He unleashed his debut, War of Love in 1988 and sold four million singles. He was hit by a cab in London in 1989, went into a coma and wasn't able to leave the hospital for five months.

He returned to recording in 1990 and released "King of the World". The album featured the quintessential rock anthem: "King of the World" written by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. This grunge-inspired album features the hits "Thundering Typhoons" first released in 1992, 1993, 1997 and 2002 "With a mouse (to your mouth)" and "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

Virtual Alien has recorded 12 albums. In 2001 he became a film director. He has so far directed 10 feature films: Burning from the Inside, Speed of Light and Quick Step Beyond to name but a few.

Van Durrett
Wir sind das Team der Vagabunden und Strauchdiebe!

Wir halten zusammen was das Zeug haelt!

Besuche uns doch mal auf WELT1 in der Gilde der Vagabunden und Strauchdiebe [8.5]

Du hältst nichts von einer normalen Gilde
Suchst Freundinnen/Freunde, ganz liebe und wilde
Oder brauchst Hilfe weil Du noch bist klein
Und möchtest ein Milliardär gerne sein.
So komme zu uns und streif durch den Wald
Wir machen den Kaiser und Könige kalt!
Wir teilen die Waren , das Geld und die Welt,
Bei uns wird ein jeder Strauchdieb zum Held
Selbst die kleinsten Vagabunden
Haben bei uns ihr Glück schon gefunden!!

In unserer Gilde gibt es nur drei Bedingungen!!
Der Wunsch einer starken Gemeinschaft anzugehören
Als erfolgreicher Händler die Kleinen zu unterstützen!
Und das wichtigste, ist wirklich nicht viel
Nie zu vergessen, es ist nur ein Spiel!

Alle im Spiel we
A 40 something year old, single father of three teenage kids. Was a firefighter for 22 years, but a work injury to my lower back (requiring 5 level fusion) put an end to that stage of my life... now medically retired.
With my new partner and my kids, we breed and show Basset Hounds, plus my oldest son has an Afghan and my daughter has a whippet - so every show day is hectic with around 10 dogs to groom etc !
Been playing guitar for around 30 years, though not enough in the last 10 of those... retirement may be time to rekindle my passion for good hard rock - AC-DC "were" the best band ever (RIP Bon Scott).

After getting into boincing with my new Dell Inspiron 6000 in 2006, have learned to build/ tweak my own desktop machines and love doing so, though CPU points are pretty "slow" nowadays !
GPU - the new vision of power for Boinc
I am a college senior, planning on attending grad school next fall, studying neuroscience.
hi U .. & welcome here on my profile; i´m from austria - and - well .. just me, working as trainer & coach for development & communication .. always trying to contribute my best - in any way - to every-"thing" and for all of us ......

"helpful" machinery:
- asus p5qdel atx, core2q9650 4,1 ghz, corsairh50, 4g kingston ddr2-800, asus ngts450, be-quiet straight e7 700, w7u32
- asus rampIIgene µatx, i7-950 3,7 ghz, scythe shuriken, 4g kingston ddr3-1333, asus ngts240, be-quiet straight e7 550, w7u32
- asus p6tdelv2 atx, i7-950 4,2 ghz, corsairh70, 12g corsair ddr3-1600, 2sli msi gtx460 hawkta, corsair ax850, w7u64

Volodymyr from Ukraine
Hi there,
Taught Elementary School (5th grade) for 18 years. I have a Masters of Educational Administration Degree. I had to take and early retirement last year due to disability. The Science Channel, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel are three of my favorite cable channels. I am 58 years old, going through a divorce and have moved from the house I bought back when I was single to a senior living facility. I have a court order that prevents me from removing anything from my home, but once it is lifted, I have a powerful desktop PC that I plan to use solely for SETI and the ongoing search for life in our solar system. I live in Florence, Alabama, a small town in NW Alabama of about 50,000 - 60,000 people living here.
Volodymyr Goroshko
To all the altruists my greetings!
I am Volodymyr & live in Kiev (Ukraine).
I working an engineer, service of equipment print-house. Although worked with other specialties.
I never would have thought, that my peaceable nation will defend their independence from fraternal Slavic peoples.
It's a shame:excl: Putin-HUILO, la-la-la-la-la-la-la! :cheer:
However, I am very glad that I am one of you who are trying to help humanity move to a higher stage of development, without wars, without disease, without the energy deficit. I am a romantic? Maybe, but I'm not alone :) ...
Paolo Tagliaferri is a London based Software Engineer, IT Specialist and wannabe photographer.
Geek, gamer, girl
Telecom engineer, beloved husband, father and owner of samoyed dog B)