Profiilit R*

Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba]
Roger Rooney
I'm just an ordinary bloke with an interest in Science
I'm a writer. I could get a tax break just running this thing as part of research, but I don't.
Robert Hedberg
Har sysslat med datorer sen början av 1990 och tycker att om datorer påslagna, så ska dom jobba.
Därför började jag med "distributed computing" nästan direkt när vi fick internet.
Radical Edward
Hello my name is ;)

I'm 'Ed' or 'Eddy'. That's the reason for my nickname. I want to study informatics for mediasystems at the Bauhaus in Weimar. Upto october 2007 I'm working at a gas station, to get some money and have something to do.

I'm interested in mathematical, physical and informaticial BOINC projects.

At the moment I have following crunshers:
- Federchen - Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.70GHz - 768MB DDR-Ram - Win XP Home SP2
- Redtail - IntelPentium III (Coppermine) 700MHz - 192MB SD-Ram - Debian 4.0r0 (A friend of me wanted to give it to trash, so I saved it)

This will hopefully follow in future:
- Tomato - IntelPentium II 350Mhz - 128 MB SD-RAM - Debian 4.0r0

My team:
- $pr3ngK0mm4ndo was founded in 2005 at a mathematic lessoon at skool XD. '2of3' and I founded the first teams in some projects. After this 'knight' supported us with much crunshing power! Thx2u!!
I'm sorry that I don't know more about the fi
I live in, and grew up in, Tampa, Florida. I work in IT. I enjoy cooking, I have a small collection of orchids, and I enjoy structural linguistics. I also do some fractal art and digital photography.
Rene Bernhard
Wohnort: Deutschland; Berlin
Beruf: Maschinen-u. Anlagenmonteur
Hobbys: Schiffsmodellbau; Computer; Mystic
Rudy Toody
Retired C/C++ programmer. Hobbies include comedy writing, number theory, and all things computer!

Rudy Toody is the nom de chortle of Fred Kline.
Testing BOINC since it was starting, there are some good features and on the other side need many to improve.

Good to see a growing community and of course much more participants, hello gamers, you can play with BOINC too and you see that a computer can run to the maximum ;)

No more programs installed for every DC project, all over one platform, thats the best what BOINC can handle.
I run BOINC on my computers.
That is not me in the picture, but you know that already.
From Rochester, NY. Born in 1974, I work in IT. My hobbies include turkey hunting, flying and spending time with my wife and son.
Qth: Zabrze (South Poland) Loc.JO90JH
RAK Internet Service
RAK Internet Service

Rolf A. Kneuss / 13.01.1959
Switzerland / Bern - West

Ich benutze dieses programm weil es neu ist und ich auch neugierig bin!
Ich hallte von diesem programm sehr viel weil es für uns alle sehr hilf reich ist
Mein Rechner ist immer eingeschaltet, warum soll er da nicht etwas sinnvolles tun, wenn ich nicht gerade daran sitze.
Richard Prins
A Dutchman living in Canada. As a science enthusiast for most of my life, I love contributing to the BOINC projects. I used to be more active when there was the original SETI cruncher and I've played with various other distributed projects.
Techno-Logic Underground Resistance
Unser Wissen über das Universum ist wie ein Tropfen. Lasst uns den Ocean entdecken...
Live long an prosper.
RT1984 e.V.
Weltweit erster gemeinnuetziger Verein fuer verteiltes Rechnen - Wiki, Forum, Chat und vieles mehr vorhanden. Schau vorbei und hab Spass!
"Do I know what 'rhetorical' means?"
My name is Rick, I am 26, a Nuclear Engineer who has chosen Probabilistic Risk Assessment as a career path.
HH-60G Pavehawk Crew Chief
920th Combat Rescue Wing
Patrick AFB, Fl

"These things we do - that others may live"
Ryan S-J
Uni Student
Richard Kimber
Retired Political Scientist
Here, have a song about debauchery. It's got a banjo, a big house bass drum and some appalling drunken singing: The Debauchery Song
Robert Forsberg
This is my profile
Richard Rosenberger
I live in San Diego, CA. USA. I'm 53 years old and I work for the San Diego Padres Baseball Team. I used to be a Military Aircraft Inspector and also worked on U.S. Navy Submarines and supervised testing of certain items at an NSA facility.
Hi there,

49 year old male from the UK here, I am currently back fighting the Big C so have had plenty of time of late sitting in-front of my PCs which is how I stumbled across the boinc projects.

I was lucky enough to join the best UK team out there, so if you have not yet found your team just click on the links below.

Hobbies are limited to reading, music and of course PCs, due to the fact I am pretty much house bound for the time being.

Join the UK BOINC Team:

Visit the UK BOINC Team forum:

I'm a 36 year old American living in Germany. I'm not a scientist, and don't know much about computers. Nearly all my adult life has been spent in the military, and my experiences in Iraq have left me shaken to say the least. I'd like to do some good in the world for a change.
Just trying to help
Age 45, Disabled do to a accident at work. Addicted to collection old fishing tackle. Web page is
People are always a little surprised that I know a fair bit about just about anything.

I am a structural designer in Canada, I also do structural designs for projects in the USA, and different requirements for different regions keep the job fresh.

I spend a lot of time reading. I am an avid role-player, and although I have played in a lot of different games, prefer those set in the fantasy Realm (Dragons, Knights, Wizards, etc).

I have always been a bit of a computer nut, and the other day it came to me, that up here in the �Great White North�, I have to pay for a lot of energy to heat my house, and well all the energy used by a computer is basically transferred to heat. Therefore, having my computer crank out heat all winter really does not cost me anything.
Robert Beedham

RKN-Cluster e.V. - The world's first and largest distributed and grid computing society. We make those things possible that supercomputers don't. Join today to help us advance education, research and science by employing our networked computers.
Russell John
I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and I do free-lance Linux related consulting for a variety of companies, and design interesting web projects in my spare time.

If you really care enough to know more about me, then click here.

In case if you want to know what's happening in my life, you can read my Cyber Journal.
I am a telecommunications engineer from Russia. I suppose it will be enough information about me. :-) I am a "might-have-been" medician, so I am glad to take a part in medical researches at least by this way... :-)
User of Blender
IT consultant System & Network. Past C++ developer. Middle age, not yes in crisis!!! Enthousiast fan of distributed computing since early beginning of Then Folding, and now Boinc. Especially since we have projects that have a scope for the futur of sciences. Some might say for the future of mankind.
I love life.
I'm a guy from Bremen, Germany, where the famous Beck's are brewed.

Pic-Text: "Using spare-air from the toilet-tube in case of a fire!"
Living in Norway
Randy Wilkins
Teleported to Iowa in 1967. I was sent on a research mission from the RU1007x Galaxy to find intelligent life. Hobbies are Sky Diving, Racing & Anything that causes Great Amounts of Adrenaline to be released.
I enjoy Physics, Electrical Design and working with some of the old Tesla projects.
(o_k)/ I'm PC is OverClocks !
Hi, I am from Czech Republic.
My hobbies are astronomy, photography and electro.
I work in ICT since... too many years...
I began in 1999 with Seti@Home and then Boinc was the natural evolution.

In this moment, we - even if the work is all of my wife - are waiting a son!!!
UPDATE --> Our Luca is born 4 November 2008!!! He is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! ;););) and we sleep no more :(
I'm from Scotland, and a proud member of The Scottish Boinc Team

I'll add more to this at a later date
Mitglied von SETI.Germany
R.P. McMurphy
I am a Ph.D student at University of Rochester.
Ryan Poon
I am a young finanvial advisor designing his own web site at Google

Just getting to grips with Boinc Stats. Thanks
Bin vollauf begeistert von Boinc und dem Gedanken dahinter

kann meinen Pc leider nur am Wochenende und in den Ferien laufen lassen, da ich auf einem Internat bin!
my name is Kamil, I'm 23 years old, born in Poland and living since a long time near Vienna in the beautiful Lower Austria. I'm studying medical computer science at the technical university of Vienna. There are two reasons why I support BOINC. First, some years ago I made myself the experience of missing computer power to realize a project. Second, after my lectures in pathology I decided to help this discipline in medicine. I believe to help in my little way the researchers, so please don't waste our computer power.
Raul Gonzalez
to learn about me, goto:
Robert Felber
Rivo (Prague) Czech
... Prague - Czech (1970) ...
... Czech National Team ...
Reed Young

Hallo, Ich heiße Robert Kaufman. My name is Robert Kaufman and I live in Rockford, Illinois right now. I am planning on going to Cambridge next year to study physics. My goals in life are to be a cosmologist and a biologist. I am currently unemployed and do alot of reading and studying on my free time. No, that is a lie. I mostly hang out with friends, but when I am not with them I am doing alot of reading. I only read non-fiction, mostly on Biology, cosmology, geology, evolution, and, of course, physics. Some kind of overlap. What else is there to say? I am an atheist and my "heroes" are Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins.
Hi there,

10 years ago I began crunching data for Seti@home. Currently Iam working as a PHP/web developer at a webshop in the netherlands.
Riccardo Benzi
Italian, MD DDS, Periodontist, Implant-Prosthodontist, CAD CAM speciaslist, CAS specialist, Scuba diver, Photo Sub, Skydiver.
Mein Name ist Roland und ich halte mich zur Zeit im Sonnensystem, Planet Erde auf. Meine Berufe sind Technischer-Kaufmann und Webdesigner. Eine meiner (zu vielen) Leidenschaften ist die Astronomie und da bietet sich natürlich Seti und Einstein an. An der Suche nach Radioimpulsen beteilige ich mich mit Pausen schon seit 1999 und habe seitdem auch eine Astronomie-Page mit dem Namen Lunataker im Netz. Ein sehr interessantes Projekt an dem ich mich auch beteilige ist die Proteinfaltung.
From Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Employed as an I/T Director. Hobbies include, Computers, Computer Virus Research, Forensics, Science, Study of Cryptography.
Ralph L McDermott
Hi, I am married with three school age children.

ich komme aus der Schweiz und würde mich freuen wenn es ein Schweizer Team gibt das sich bei mir meldet!
Ich bin ganz neu hier, bräuchte deshalb auch ein wenig Starthilfe...

zugewanderter Bremer - fast 40 Jahre alt - habe ne Berufung und nen Job auch ^^ -sonstwas gibbet nich
Come from SiChuan.ChengDu.

job:software develpment.


now studing japanese(Y)
Compute man! Compute!
Recent college grad with an engineering degree with a possible future in grad school if the job market doesn't improve...
Robert Deller
Almost 70 at the time of this posting, Im not computer-adept in any way.

I do live, in retirement, out on a farm near a small town in Ontario, Canada...Glencoe.

At one time I was a teacher, specializing in Maths and Science, my own training having been in the Earth-Sciences (mainly Geology with some Astronomy thrown in).

My main love throughout the past ~37 years has been in introducing youth groups (many adult groups as well) to wilderness-canoeing in the wildernesses of Northern Ontario, Canada. [I began my own canoeing at the age of many long years ago!]

Beyond teaching (my primary profession), I have sailed, flown (I'm a qualified pilot in small aircraft...Cessnas and Pipers primarily), served in the Reserve forces of my country managed several businesses (which I will continue to do until my death,most likely) and have camped from within the Arctic Circle to Florida in the south).

I have lived an interesting life, and inte
Rick Thorne
Hi, i live near Southampton , England
Spent 13 Yrs in a Tank Regiment and used to make Lasers
Ralph Harper
I enjoy building my own computers.I am a retired engineer and the outdoors,fishing,and of course being a part of BOINC.
I grew up in MA and then moved to FL for some scatterbrain idea... But my mother says she's doing great... Im an Aerospace Enginerring major @ FL TECH, I live 28 miles from KSC and I love astronomy. I have been volunteering through BOINC with my father since 1995. Well, Take Care and keep on volunteering. Ryan Callahan
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton is a technology entrepreneur who has been involved in the founding of several companies including medical and scientific software. The home page is an annual project to support children with life threatening diseases through the display of animated Christmas light displays across the country.
I'm from Indiana in the good old USA, I'm a 44year old out of work maintenance technician. I love woodworking to relax me and electronics to challenge my brain.
Randy Scott
Currently reside on the Central Coast of Oregon. Retired in April 1990 after 22 years in US Navy (Chief Quartermaster). 17 years sea duty all aboard greyhounds (DD/DDG/DLG/SBUs). Hobbies include Macintosh computers (have owned at least one since I bought my first in 1984), fishing (Chinook salmon fall runs in Siuslaw River system). Travelled around USA with wife pulling a 40 ft. 5th wheel behind a 1 ton doolie Silverado with Duramax/Allison combo for a year from 04/2007 to 04/2008.
Rachel Rushing
My name is Rachel. I live in Paducah, Kentucky. I am quite the crafty person. I love to make chain maille, paint, do cross-stitch, crochet, and leather working (just to name a few). I am currently studying for my Bachelors in Software Engineering. I am genuinely a geek by nature. I am fascinated by science, technology and mathematics, which is why I started using BOINC. I love the fact that I can help contribute to furthering knowledge in scientific fields.
I'm a GNU & Linux and Musician kinda guy.

I love freedom and love the Community's way of things.

Check out my websites:
A hopeful young mind.
Very curious school student, from P O R T U G A L
I attend a professional course mulitimédia!
Always open to new friendships
Rick Laviolette
[size=20][size=13]I have 8 pcs running multiple BOINC programs.
Lately I have built a couple of quad cores for the task.

Razorbeam Grrl
Just letting my iMac crunch data in the background while I'm working...
should update this sometime...
Ron Berti
Retired, politically progressive and living in Portland, Oregon
Radomír Blažek
Výpravčí Brno
Een 9 jaar geleden ben ik begonnen met mijn computer beschikbaar te stellen, eerst voor SETI@home, later eerder voor Ik ben in die periode niet non-stop actief geweest, omwille van vele veranderingen van computer, en ook soms onvrijwillige herinstallatie van windows/linux door vele software-experimenten. Momenteel ben ik hier wat in gekalmeerd en heb ik vier computers die actief meerekenen (drie non-stop).

Ik doe dit momenteel vooral om
1) bij te dragen aan de kennis over klimaatverandering
2) zo snel mogelijk te stijgen in de wereld-rankschikking

Na een kleine kosten-baten-analyse heb ik besloten om mijn computers zo veel mogelijk te laten aanstaan. Er wordt dan wel meer CO2 uitgestoten, maar de efficiëntie is 5 maal hoger! Dit komt doordat hier in België een continu elektriciteitsverbruik een impact heeft van iets meer dan 200 g CO2 / kWh, en een piek-verbruik meer in de buurt komt van een 700 g CO2 / kWh. Daardoor ben ik van e
I'm new, so, i just want to help.
Reading is my favorite pastime, but I like drawing and Handcrafts of all sorts. Am presently unemployed and unable to go back to work. I love the great outdoors and went camping the week-end after my birthday on Friday the August 13, and ended up staying until October 1. It was my first vacation in 8 years and the first time I had drawn in over 15 to 20 years.
Raul Nebot

My name is Raul Nebot, I am fond of Scientific and feel greater interest in paleontology, zoology and astronomy; I spent a lot of time and effort to science both in my blog and in other media.

I am a full member of National Geographic Society, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), the Society of Friends of the Sierra de Espadán, EDC Natura - Fundación Omacha and several groups associated distributed computing portal Space Probes among others.

I am committed to the preservation and study of the Flora and Fauna of the Natural Park of the Sierra of Espadán.


Mi nombre es Raúl Nebot, soy aficionado a la Ciencia y siento mayor interés por la Paleontología, la Zoología y la Astronomía; dediqué mucho tiempo y esfuerzo a la divulgación científica tanto en mi Blog como en otros medios.

Soy miembro de pleno derecho de National Geographic Society, el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza (WWF), la Sociedad de Amigos d
I'm just having our family desktop computer crunch numbers for SETI while its idle.
Redman Companies
IT and Telecommunications Consulting.
I didn't want to be a barber anyway. I wanted to be... a lumberjack!
Hi, there. I am quite new to this BOINC thing. So i still try to figure this out. :)
I'm just me. I don't pretend to be somebody I'm not, therefore, if you're expecting me to be, you'll be disappointed.

I'm a 45-year-old male who is unemployed and has lots of time on his hands for a multitude of things. I like my computer, singing, my computer, distributed computing, my computer, true friends, my life - bet ya thought I was gonna say my computer - and looking for answers.

Every action not only has an opposite and equal reaction, but it also has a meaning, and that's what I like to think about. Case in point - read the lyrics to Bing Crosby's "I'll Be Seeing You," and then tell me what you think about the lyrics.

I believe in God, the sovereignty of nations, and in the power of dreams. I also believe that if we - humans - would slow down a bit, life would be a little more enjoyable.

Although my "nickname" is Rainmaker - got that from high school golf team because my drives went higher into the air then they did DOWN the fa
Roberto Carballar
Soy Mexicano tengo 39 años, soy Empresario, mis hobbies foutball americano, lectura, comics , modelismo figuras de plomo, la ciencia me apaciona.
Raptures Riot
Science and computing are favorites of mine. I enjoy using both to help in discoveries here. I live in Michigan.
R&D Nesocell
Nesocell is a company working in the field of energy efficiency of buildings
Weil ich der welt mit meinen geringen mitteln helfen will sich weiterzuentwickeln.
Ich halte das BONIC projekt für sehr wichtig da viele dinge nur mit sehr viel rechenkapazitäten möglich sind.
I am a survivor of bilateral renal cell carcinoma in 2000. It is rare to have cancer in both kidneys at the same time but I somehow was unfortunate enough to experience it. I participate in World Community Grid because it is a way to help humanity by finding cures or treatments for disease.
Ramdas Aswale
I am a professional photographer and farmer by profession. I like to shoot wildlife mostly. Bird Watching,reading,photography and work on wildlife conservation are my great hobbies. I like to study science and computer technology. I have a great attraction of galaxy,big bangs,space station and binaries. Distributed computing is great apportunity for me. Every people must must have to donate some time for science and reduce to global warming.
Ein ewig Rätsel will ich bleiben - mir und anderen...
don't know much about this but seems interesting. Just a hobby.
From Templestowe, Melbourne, Australia.
Robert R. Dell
Roger Rollins
Retired Physicist, Ohio University, Athens OH, USA. Early participant starting with SETI.
Rihards Palaima
Re-Established in 2010 RMF Technologies (formerly Ray's Computer Systems 2000 - 2009), is an Australian company serving not only Australia, but all our valued and prospective customers all over the world.

With our headquarters based in Sydney, Australia, owned and operated by Raymond & Maggie Frangie, the RMF Technologies way of operation is simple... Provide the biggest range of IT products as possible, provide the best IT services to as many people as possible, to as many places around the world as possible, all at the best possible prices.

What Do We Do???

* Managed IT Services, 24 x 7 Equipment & Environment Monitoring
* IT Solution Design & Deployment
* Network Design, Deployment & Integration
* Fixed Internet / Mobile Broadband / Cable & DSL / VPN Services & Installations
* VoIP (Voice over IP) / PSTN / ISDN / On-Premise & Cloud PABX Solutions
* Wireless Site Surveying / Site Auditing / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
* W
Just trying to do some volunteer work that make a difference in some good ways. Projects through Boink and at home through volunteer work .
I'm retired -- I have been involved with photography from an early teen's: mostly from the darkroom side. I owned a commercial color lab in Cleveland, OH. After retirement I moved to Grand Lake, CO -- The mountains a just awesome!

My first computer was a IBM PC Jr -- so I have been through the hoops of computing. Dumped MS Win 4 years ago going to Linux Ubuntu and never looked back.
Night sky enthusiast
I'm a network analyst, working with mostly corporate wans (and lans) including their T1/T3/Cable connections. I have been programmed in FORTRAN, Pascal, C, and a little C++, as well as having 'tinkered' with pc's for about 27 years. And not until recently, do I discover this fascinating hobby of crunching! (y)
University Utrecht
Pure Maths phd in Sydney, Australia
Nuclear Engineer
Marine Search & Rescue Volunteer

RMC Russell Vincent
RMC, Retired
Rick Case
20+ years in IT as a network admin. in Seattle, Washington.
I love the smell of baking silicon in the morning. The blast of warm electrified air in your face when you enter the room. The calming white noise of droning CPU fans. It's my happy place.
Rhys Thorpe
I was born in the United Kingdom and am living in Eastern Europe since 2005.
Right now i´m working at the Concord Card Casino in Prague, Czech Republic. I have worked in the casino industry since my 18th birthday and hope to work in this industry until i retire.
I only discovered Boinc in 2014 and realised that i would like to take part in something that i am not capable of creating myself. I guess a lot of you have the same motivation. ;)
Folding@home enthusiast from Oslo, Norway with a little thing on the side :)
I started to crunch BOINC after learning that a Bitcoin like blockchain could be secured with calculations that benefit humanity instead of wasting energy and clock cycles on meaningless calculations. Gridcoin rewards you with coins based on how much you contribute to BOINC, these coins can be saved, traded, or sold for cash. Gridcoin is the only crypto-currency that uses Proof-of-Research to secure it's blockchain. Instead of wasting energy mining something useless why not contribute to science, math, and other areas of inquiry to help humanity better understand the world we live in?

If you are interested in earning Cryptocurrency for running BOINC, please reference these links or visit us on IRC at #gridcoin - (Web IRC):
*Coin Announcement Thread
*Proof of Research Algorithm
*Whitelisted Projects
*Gridcoin Team BOINCStats
*C-CEX Coin Exchange
*BITTREX Coin Exchange
My mining life changed once i seen these websites, now I mine for productive advancements in science instead of just a block reward determination. :beer:(GRC)GRIDCOIN!

"GRIDCOIN" Official Website -
GRC Value -
Shared Computing Research Platform -
GRC Earnings Pool -
Current Work Projects - &
Instructions -

If you need help just send me a message, I will gladly help the best I can.
GRC Donations Rx6ZC4TeAThcVugRfDx7pxkM99288t3L1a
Rodney Duane
I live in Columbus, Ohio. I am retired, and I enjoy walking and tinkering with computers.
science & history
I am awesome
I am a masters candidate at The Evergreen State College in beautiful Olympia, Washington. My thesis research project is discovering how narratives on abrupt climate change are affecting those who discover them. My undergraduate degree is in Media Psychology. I want to do more research. Let's get started.
Swedish space bear roaming the streets and of Stockholm - and beyond - when not reading and dreaming of spacey things. Rymdlego4ever!
A man, two dogs, one cat, two turtles, and a healthy wonder at the universe!
Ricardo R Gutierrez

Soy de Argentina, estudiante de la Carrera Bibliotecario BIBES/LICAD de la UNMdP, y estoy con animo de colaborar con los proyectos de BOINC.
Heat is in my background - and ahead.
Rise of the citizen sciences
Studying the citizen sciences as historical artefacts
With a curious, inquisitive mind, I'm truly passionate about technology in general, but with a focus on computers and space tech. I'm a supporter of free and open-source software, a hardware tinkerer and a Sunday programmer. In my daily life I manage projects, mostly related to EU Common Agriculture Policy. Currently I live in Belgium.

Google+ page
LinkedIn Profile
(Y) :cheer:just want to say hey to all
Retired military officer.
I am not new to Boinc many years ago I was a number cruncher and did very well in my project. Due to real life I had a gap and started to get back into using my computers for something worth while. At the moment I am using Gridcoin, and find it worth while as you can help humanity as you gain a little digital currency.

I have a background in computers, and have a BA in (MIS) have been using Linux for years, and just built me a new system. I really did not know what to do with all the cores so I decided to put them to good use. When I look up my old stats I can still see my success and am happy that I was able to assist the early years of Boinc.
Robert Klein
engineer for rolling stock
Marine Corps Vet.
Internet lurker. 'nuff said.
just helping the various projects!

I let all 7 of my servers crunch (24/7)!

If you want to know anything just PM!

We have been generating lots of validated tasks for BOINC projects, from SETI to Milkyway, Cosmology, Universe and Einstein!

And many others - and this has helped us to consolidate our position as the #1 UK Team as well as being in the Top 10 in the World!

And we've capped it all by earning ourselves a Top 6 position in the Formula-BOINC League One Marathon!

Renatoecia :cheer:
Musician/Song Writer
Producer/Recording Engineer
Just your average computer geek, I wish I was clever enough to code, alas it's not to be. Love ALL computers, love everything they can do for us. I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator based close to Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK I work for my family business, we make pressure transducers for extrusion machinery. It's an interesting job, if you're interested look us up, When I'm not working, playing radio or playing on my computer I tend my garden, attend Truckshows, or can be found playing Land Rover's with my caravan in tow!
Information Technology, Internet Services, Physics, Electronics, Boating, Flying and Emergency Services.