Profiilit P*

"Dve veci ma naplnaju obdivom: mravny zakon v nas a hviezdne nebo nado mnou." Immanuel Kant
Pete M

Located in South East Essex, United Kingdom.
Purple Rabbit
I was born at a very early age in Alliance, Ohio. The harbinger of my future showed itself early in my life. I "adjusted" the back-of-the-TV controls when I was 4 years old. Grandma was babysitting at the time. Watching TV (in 1955 this was special) was the bribe she got for babysitting. After I finished adjusting there was no TV watching to be had. By the time I was 5 years old I was "wiring" the house with old radio parts, car parts, wire, and chains my Grandfather gave me. Unfortunately I wired all the doors shut so my Mother had to call a halt to that activity about 3pm so she could get to the food to fix supper. The next day I did it all again. She never forgave Grandpa for his gifts, but was VERY understanding about my exploration activities :) At 6 years old I tried to squeeze the AC electric cord to my 78rpm record player with pliers (actually wire cutters, but who knew? I was 6!) to make it go slower. I blew the fuse, made smoke, and a big BANG (not to mention scaring me and m
Patrick R
Hello i'm from Antwerp (Belgium) My most importent hobby is computer, so i educate myself at a regular base. now i just finished a course of cisco (IT essentials 1 & 2), and concluded successfully.
So now I'm a IT professional . :) lol
Actualmente Bachiller de Ing Electronica dedicado a las telecomunicaciones, graduado y trabajando aqui en Lima - Peru. Uno de mis hobbies favoritos es el cine luego sigue la musica.
Peter Allomes
Hi to all i live ipswich queensland australia retired and love my family and grand kids. Like to browse the web and make my family dvd's from my dvd recorder. Planning holiday back to Thailand at the end of the year.
From China,Age 28
Freude am DC
Peter Moscol
Egresado de Ingenieria Electronica
ST Speedy
Pere Omar Brusca Miralles

Vaig nàixer a Ulldecona (Montsià  - Catalunya) i ara visc a Calella (Maresme - Catalunya).

Mes dades al bloc Lo Dimoni i/o a la web

There's an ocean between where I am and where I want to be. I'm a filmmaker, i'm a poet, i'm a lover, i'm an artist in more forms than one. You don't know me like you think you do. You may not know me at all. Sometimes, I like being depressed. I can't explain it, but i'm most creative when i'm feeling down, sad, lonely...and I like being creative. In a round about way, being sad, makes me happy.
I was born in Tielt, Belgium, and have been interested in science all my life.
I followed the Gemini and Apollo projects, I saw and followed a lot of things live. First step on the moon, Ariane-5 rocket explodes on her maiden voyage, disasters with the space shuttle, and I am still following the last launches of rockets all over the world.

I am an electronics engineer, and worked as CT, Xray & US engineer in hospitals.

I am now retired (Y) and can completely indulge in my hobby, Ham radio amateur (y).
Stars, planets, satellites belong to my area of interest.
Puddle Jumper
Not much too tell, I'm from Phoenix, Az (the land of boring and heat in my opinion), but I am now in Austin, Tx. WOOOHOOO! Still doing that whole student thing and not really sure of what the heck I am going to do, but I know that I would like to do something in the Media/Photography field. I always like being behind the camera, never in front of it. And in the media world you can always say that you shot the guy live; but you need to make sure that the person next to you knows what you do for a living. That could get a little kinky. :)

Sadly, I had to move back to Az, But still going to try and move back to Austin, just need to find the right time....
Providence Christian School
Providence Christian School is a Classical Christian school located in Oxford, Georgia (USA) in the east metro Atlanta area.
Everything about me and what I do is stored on my Page
My stats

Phillip Aldridge
Running two FC5 boxes for the climate-prediction program.
Love using QT and KDevelop plus PHP/Mysql.
Live near Dijon, Burgundy, France.
Prime Lemur
Hi. I'm a 35 year old Revenue Protection Professional (a Railway Tickety-Dog) from Brisbane, Australia. I got my nickname Lemur from co-workers, who think I'm the "office lemur". Does this mean I'm ambitious, extroverted and upwardly-mobile? No - I just like to climb things and show off my bottom!

My real name is Aaron.

I think BOINC presents a fantastic opportunity for ordinary people (like me) to participate in extraordinary scientific research projects.

I'm a project developer and tester at Hydrogen@Home. H2@H is currently in alpha test phase, but we'd love you to come and visit us.

I'm hoping that some clever person out there will develop a distributed computing research project (using BOINC of course!) into the El Nino / Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon that affects my part of the world. If you're interested in ENSO, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has a lot of interesting inf
Prince Vegeta
I like to Fight Goku!
Studying EMT/Fire Sciences. Have always been fascinated with the sciences, from medical, geo, structural, and astrophysics. Look at things from different angles and pov's to try and get a more complete picture. Grew up playing baseball, a love for aviation and most things military.
Trying to retire gracefully. My Granddaughter, Black & White Photography the old fashioned way, Bonsai and Futbol are my main interests
Pravin Sreeprakash
I am a software engineer working with Magma Design Automation. We provide software solutions to the semiconductor companies for designing ICs. I am presently based out of Bangalore, India. I am 28 years old. From my childhood, I have been fascinated with Astronomy, Astrobiology and everything related to the universe.
Je suis originaire des Pyrénées (côté méditerranéen) et je suis ouvrier agricole.
Mes loisirs favoris sont la musique et la photographie, quand je ne suis pas devant un ordinateur.
Hi I'm Ciaran and I live in Donegal.

Love working with computers in my spare time, and a big Sci-Fi fan.
Pete Johnson
I am a 38-year-old Disabled Veteran of the United States Navy. I am a Computer Science Teacher and I.T. Assistant at a private school in Rockford, IL. I am a dedicated Apple Loyalist and a day-one MacUser. I enjoy working with computers, mountain-biking, composing, music, synthesizers, cars and my son Pierce, who is a 4-year-old MacUser. I am an Aussie owner, although it doesn't make me miss my Pitbulls any less. I enjoy auto-racing when it requires turning both ways while slowing down, shifting, and generally not just going fast in a circle. I have a beautiful Russian "Bond-Girl" wife.
We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in an ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
-Mother Teresa

Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.
-Vincent Van Gogh
Warsaw, IN, USA
Hi, I'm Pigu the Great, Pigu almighty, Pigu from Boinc@Poland team, and like other Pigs my major goal is to crunch. Why? Becouse I can! Oink oink!
ESL Crunsher aus Ãœberzeugung & Leidenschaft!
Sono un paleontologo/geologo.
Greetings from Italy B)
ParkSinta - Parquet, Tarima y Acuchillados en Madrid desde 1968
ParkSinta - Parquet, Tarimas, Acuchillados y Barnizados en Madrid desde 1968
Peter Combler
I have a Masters degree in biology and is a teacher of biology and science, but works as a teacher in biology, chemistry and physics at an elementary school in Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden. My hobbies are swimming and I am a member of the Swedish Masonic
Peter Knipprath
I try to find my family with this Program...
Ciao sono Max e mi puoi conoscere da qui:
Physician in U.S. Military donating CPU (and now GPU) time to help the greater good.
Bonjour à tous,
Je suis un ancien technicien en télécommunications à la recherche d'un job à ce jour.
J'ai 44 ans et je suis dans la région de la Picardie.
Une passion : la généalogie

Trés cordialement

Métier Aide-Soignant
J'ai découvert le calcul pour aider la science via Seti, et par la suite par le Genethon
Pour le moment, je n'est qu'un ordinateur de connecté pour Boinc, mais d'ici 1 ans où 2, il y auras 5 ordinateurs de connectés
Ich bin 23 Jahre alt, gelernter Elektroniker komme ursprünglich aus Rußland, aber bin in Deutschland aufgewachsen und zu dem geworden was ich heute bin... Ein psychedelischer, netter, junger Mann... ;)
I like playing with weird hardware.
I have BOINC running on my AppleTV and on a Penitum MMX with 16MB RAM.

I hate olives.
52-years old prof. care taker in hospital, struck down by M.S.
Perry Dombowsky
I am in Ottawa Canada and now work for a defence contractor. My hobbies are my son, boating, motorcycle riding triathlons and computing in that order.
Paul H
Well, that's all you need to know....
Who Am I?

I am:

*Born october 1974
*No longer abled to work
*2.04m tall (6'7")

We have a Dog (German Standing Shorthair ( ofiicially a hunting dog )) and no children.

Degree: Dutch, English,Mathematics, Economy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry
No Degree: Bioproces- and Food Technology

Degree: (Databases: Oracle, DBase3, Access, and others)
Degree: (GIS: ArcGis, Smallworld)
Degree: (Computer build, setup,config, networkmanagement, accountmanagement)

My computers (detailed)

SYSTEM 1 Dual Quadcore OPTERON

*Processor #1 : AMD Opteron64 2376 Shanghai (2.3Ghz)
*Processor #2 : AMD Opteron64 2376 Shanghai (2.3Ghz)
*Memory : 16Gb 667Mhz DDR2 (2x 4*2Gb)

total / per processor
* Cores :8

"A wise man wants for only nourishing cabbage soup; seek not other things. Except perhaps a toaster."
French Boincer, member of the Team L'Alliance Francophone.

Boincer Français, membre de l'Equipe L'Alliance Francophone.
Phil Klassen
love to dirtbike and ride the harley around all summer.
Piotr M. Zalewski
My name is Piotr. I´m member of BOINC@Poland Team. Greetings from POLAND ! :-)
Former paratrooper.
Software developer.
LARPer, SCAdian, Filker, Brewer.
Pietro Valocchi
Italian, my motorbike as main hobby
Crunchen wir miteinander für einander und haben Spaß dabei,
egal welches Team oder Nationalität.
Unterstützen wir Verteiltes-Rechnen (Distributed Computing)
egal ob ein-Kern CPU oder mehr-Kern CPU, ein oder mehrere Rechner.
Klein oder groß Cruncher, privat oder Rechenzentrum,
unterstützen wir gemeinsam die zahlreichen Projekte.

Viel Spaß noch bei Crunchen :)

Patrick Liniger
Je suis informaticien et passionné par le recherche scientifique.
France / Sarthe (near Le Mans)
27 ans
animateur multimedia
Patrick Harnett*
Have been interested in computers and science since a kid and got my first one at 13 yrs old (it is still on my desk 30 years later - a hand-held sharp pc1211). Did a computer science degree with some physics, and then management sciences. Joined SETI project in 2001 and crunched work units out of interest/fun.

Located in New Zealand (land of Lord of the Rings) with family, two cats and a dozen old to new computers. I like cars and taking my Supra to track-days where like minded (Supra and GTR skyline people) have some relaxed fun at speed.
Die Piratenpartei Deutschland ist Teil einer internationalen Bewegung der Informations- und Wissensgesellschaft, mit dem Ziel die Buergerrechte zu verteidigen, informationelle Selbstbestimmung zu gewaehrleisten, fuer Transparenz des Staates zu sorgen, den freien Zugang zu Wissen und Bildung zu foerdern, sowie fuer ein vernuenftiges Patent- und Urheberrecht zu kaempfen.
Visit AG Verteiltes Rechnen
Im an Electronic Engineering Student @ UKZN in South Africa, and i like to see technology at work, designing ridiculous projects, just for shizzle, albeit its never conducive to passing the courses.

Else, its same old, tv, anime, work sports bla bla bla :P
Your bunny wrote: its not a bug, this is a feature, actually...
Born in the heart of Highland in the Czech republic. I work as a redactor in newspaper. I'm interesting in astronomy, music, board games etc.
Born 1951 jun 22 at N69°05'33"E16°47'27"

My profession is mechanical engineering
I am shooting as a hobby. Metallic silhouette and Western style.
Computers are what I use to make things complicated.
They never do what I want. They just do what I ask them to.
And sometimes I do not ask nicely enough.
Soy español y odio hacer perfiles ya que no puedo recurrir a los manidos "ir al cine" o "salir a tomar algo".Desafortunadamente no me suelen dejar entrar a la mayoría de sitios.

Realmente no puedo citar la mayoría de mis hobbies sin que me averguence de modo que lo dejaremos pasar.

Teniendo en cuenta que soy un cocker adorado no sólo en su hogar sino en todo el barrio es fácil deducir que mis ocupaciones son más bien escasas.Digamos que todo son derechos y los deberes se negocian.
Poetry of the Universe

Yukarı nereli olduğumu, yaşımı falan yazmam gerektiğini söylüyor ama bunların çok gerekliği olduğunu düşünmüyorum. Sanırım insanları ilgilendiren kısmı da bu işlere olan merakımın ne derece olduğu. Uzayın gizemi herkesi ufak da olsa çekiyordur bence. Ben sadece bu çekme işini devam ettiriyorum...

Over the past decade there has been a growing group of people around the world quietly searching for answers to the Universe. We search the sky for Near Earth Orbit objects, unlock the hearts of atoms, and search the double helix within our own DNA. We are well over two million people who are just like you.

What we do may change the world as you know it, save the lives of every one on the planet and perhaps help us to step to the stars. For the most part, there is little that is special about us except for our desire to be part of something greater than ourselves. What we do is share our idle computer resources in a vast distributed network to perform the work of Super Computers. In this we share the heroes’ cape, flailing in the wind of knowledge to answer the questions of where, how and why etc.

Think about being part of the research behind the greatest minds we have. Join our team and let us help you to get started. Find out more about BOINC and the long li
Uso BOINCstats per aiutare i ricercatori di tutto il mondo a fare nuove scoperte... Magari la mia mano sarà una goccia nell'oceano... Ma tante gocce fanno l'oceano...
Je m'appel Stephane. Je suis de Villebon sur Yvette, Essone(91), Ile de France, France. J'ai 35 ans. Je suis chef d'equipe electricien. Je suis fan de reggae et de music jamaiquaine depuis toujours.
My name is Stephane. I'm of Villebon sur Yvette, Essonne (91), Ile de France, France. I have 35 years. I am team leader electrician. I am fan of reggae and music jamaiquaine has always been.
Rouen. Normandie.

Développeur freelance informatique industrielle (chercheur d'emploi en ce moment ....)

Passe-temps :
* Billard.
* Les abeilles (...le miel j'adore .... ).
* Les courses de bateaux virtuelles....

Prasad Bhujbal
Student of Information Technology.
I was raised in Maine. Currently live in Massachusetts. I've been running SETI@Home since 1999 before there was BOINC, GridRepublic or BAM!
Well I will give you my short version of me. I come from NYC, Bronx am only 52yrs old lol. My life started when I turned 17yrs old I join United State Marine Corp for 5yrs the best thing I did. After when I finished my time in the U.S.M.C., I then was back in NYC I went and became a New Youk City Polce Officer for 20yrs and was stationed all parts with the Police Task Force Unit.
Yes I was there when my life changed i was at the World Trade Center 911 as a Rescuer when USA was attaced have many Pic,s if anyone wants to remember. Then joined The Dept. Of HomeLand Security confidential on this one 10yrs with them. Now retired and trying to take it easy.

a:-) (y) :elol:
Open source enthusiast . Ready to share CPU time as well as my time for good projects (Y)
degree in computer science
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fischer
Born at Greifswald, North Germany.

Elementary School, Pestalozzi Volksschule, Koblenz/Rhein, Germany (West).

Secondary School at Koblenz/Rhein (Gymnasium), Germany (West).

Matriculation (Abitur), Max-von-Laue-Gymnasium, Koblenz/Rhein, Germany (West).

Studies in Economics, Law & History, University of Saarland, Saarbruecken, Germany (West).

Studies in Economics, Law & History, University of Bonn, Germany (West).

Dipl.-Volkswirt (MEcons), Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bonn, Germany.

Associate Academic Assistant, Department of International Economic Affairs, Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bonn.

Dr. rer.pol., Doktor der Staatswissenschaft, (Doctor of Political Economics), Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn),
Primeval Mudd
PCS rep, Green Party member, general lefty activist type, strummer of lefty and/or smutty songs. The Daily Mail wouldn't like me. Fan of cheese, proper cider, real ale and falling over at festivals and elsewhere.

Website/blog(beware: there is swearing.)
Soundcloud (some swearing, but nowhere near as much.)

Jag bor i Småland och jag har 5 datorer som är kopplade till BOINC. Jag gillar astronomi så jag försöker lägga till relaterade projekt.
La Crosse, Wisconsin. 28 years old. Currently unemployed and going through some depression but it is winter here right now.( I need the Sun and motorbikes) Self taught mechanic/fabricator/machinist. Automotive, Motorcycle tech. You name it I can probably fix it. Always science on the mind. A fair bit of chemistry in there too. Never went to college or technical school. Just read a lot and love to learn. Can't remember names though. Kind of a introverted person but happy to be here and hopefully help out a bit. Thanks for the opportunity.Cheers. Love, Peace, and Grease. Patrick Ryan.
Former Private Banker
Mechanical Engineering and Well Intervention Services on Offshore Oil Installations.
Medical librarian, musician, historian
Piotr Wygas
My name is Peter. I live in Poland.I'm 32 years old.A science enthusiast, especially in mathematics and astronomy. I'm crunching for BOINC@Poland team.
Ik ben van jongs af aan gefascineerd geweest door technologie, voornamelijk computers. Ik drukte altijd op alle knopjes waar ik bij kon (niet altijd met positief resultaat :D), en begon ook al vroeg aan mijn eigen (toen nog beige steentijd-)computer te knutselen. Ik ontdekte BOINC en draaide het voor de grap, maar ik haalde ongeveer een half punt per dag en dat kan nou niet echt veel genoemd worden.

Op mijn 12de kwam ik in aanraking met Tweakers, inmiddels is het mijn "natuurlijke habitat" geworden. :D Door hun forum, Gathering of Tweakers, heb ik zomer 2014 mijn eerste volledige GamePC gebouwd, en aan het eind van diezelfde vakantie heb ik zelfs 2 weken bij Tweakers mogen werken!!!!! :drool: :cheer:

Mijn gamecomputer staat vaak niets te doen en daar wilde ik iets aan veranderen. Vandaar dus ook dat ik BOINC weer opzocht! Immers, al die stroom wordt verstookt voor niks, maar ik wilde 'm ook niet uit zetten. :unsure: Dus nu stel ik alle rekenkracht van Draakje (zo heet 'ie
Passant mes journées sur mes ordinateurs puisque c'est mon métier je suis tombé par hasard sur Boinc et j'ai adhéré immédiatement au concept maintenant je cherche une team (fr) sympa si ca peut aider :)
Gamer (mostly Quake Live) & musician/composer, like to skateboard. BOINC addict. Living in the Netherlands close to the German border. Enjoy cycling on MTB and racebike, also like to take a hike in the nearby forest.
Wir Forschen mit , für unsere Angestellten , unsere Kunden , der Menschheit.
I Served In The Worlds Greatest Navy for 1985 to 2005. During that time I served on the West (Based in San Diego) and the East Coast (Based in Norfolk). I have seen more in my lifetime than most ever will and I am proud of my time. I am now an Electrical God in Norfolk Naval Shipyard. AND....LOVING IT!!!:oO:elol:
I love BOINC! I love the Quantum Cult team! And I love having the ability to help science with the many computers I have found and refurbished. :metoo:

UBFC (Université de Bourgogne Franche-comté)
EA 3181 : carcinogenèse associée aux HPV (HPV associated carcinogenesis)

Doctorant en biologie moléculaire (PhD student in molecular biology)
Hi, I'm Jon. I'm a musician.
Victor Insua
Philipp Schulz
I'm an Engineering Student and want to help where I can while im doing stuff on my pc.
IT Career

*EPOS Point of Sale Systems
*Computer Hardware Specialist

Contributing Hardware

(50% CPU)


Boxx 3D Visual Workstation (EX US Department of Defence)
SuperMicro X8SAX
Intel Xeon W3540 "Bloomfield" 1366LGA @2.93Ghz (Intel Turbo-boost Available)
12GB Micron Technology PC3-10700 Non-ECC RAM
Asus Strix Geforce GTX 960 (2GB VRAM)
Nvidia Quadro FX
OCZ Agility 3 SSD 64GB (Windows)
Western Digital Enterprise Storage 2TB
Western Digital Green Energy 2TB
LG SuperMulti & Sony Blu-Ray Reader

Boxx Workstation (EX LucasArts)
Tyan N6650W Dual Socket F EATX
2x AMD Opteron 2220SE
12GB Samsung DDR2 ECC RAM
4x Nvida Quadro FX
OCZ Agility 3 SSD 64GB (Windows)
Western Digital Black 750GB

Android Device

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 3GB RAM 32GB ROM
MTK Helio X10 Octa-core 64-bit
Power VR G6200

Philip Charles Swift [Gridcoin]
Hi-Tech senior IT engineer, musician, entre-preneur
Pierre A Renaud
Risen ape, optimistic nihilist, philosophical skeptic, secular humanist, atheist+, librocubicularist, caffeinated. More on my BOINC profile.
Senior Systems Engineer for IBM mainframes
ECE Padawan@NTUA
Semi-pro runner at 5000m, 10000m, HM, Marathon.