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the Oversized Pixel Team
For the boinc projects, I'd rather just be Olfan. You may know what projects I donate CPU cycles to, how long and on what machines - that's already more than enough. ;-)
Arcanum, Ohio the only town with that name in the world, 71 years old, retired.
I have a degree in physics but work as a software developer and administrator for an international company that offers solutions and services for managed file transfer.

Hobbies are singing in a choir, computers, reading.
Linux all the way.
I'm a recording engineer from North Wales.
Old Peculiar Rock Hen
Real ale loving Lancastrian Salfordian, geek and rocker
I'm a Japanese Retired Ex-CEO of my small corporation.
Ich komme aus dem wunderschönen Saarland für alle die es nicht wissen, das Saarland liegt im Südwesten Deutschlands ;) Bin Vollzeitberufstätig und arbeite als Vermessungstechniker. :P
Glad to contribute.
Je suis informaticien :(

J'aime la 3D et les trains miniatures ....

Je suis marié j'ai 2 filles et 1 grarçon, l'aînée est de 2002, la seconde de 2005, et le troisième de 2008...
Well, here we go!
I'm Georg and was born in Villach/Austria but grown up in Germany, lower rhine area (Niederrhein). :)
From 2001, I started crunching for the SETI@home aB-) project.
over the years, additional projects were added.
My computer/s are crunching 24/7 for
Earth Sciences,
Medicine and
Physics projects.

:cheer: It's öde to be blöde! :cheer:

Aussie from Sydney Austaralia.
Orkhan Guliyev
I the engineer in the National Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan - ANAS. I am engaged in \"radiation\" and \"seismologists\". And still system-integrator. I love very much My Love. I can not live without her. And I love beer and wine. I love parties, traveling, communicate, and to be engaged in philosophy/science.
Use BOINCstats for my detailed profile page.
Ich bin Tom aus WIEN / Österreich
I'm a 23 years old sailor from Germany who is studying now in Flensburg to become engineer on vessels.
I love electronics, am a ham radio operator KB0GU. Mostly digital mode psk31 on HF and VHF. Some Meteor Scatter. Call good at E-qsl.
Love building computers, wish had unlimited resources for all the new iterations of hardware that are coming out progressively faster!!!!! If you want a computer builder, electronics repair at component level, radio operator, or licensed counselor I am here. Also am ordained Lutheran minister.
I'm a Computer Nerd who started in 1999 with Seti@home (That's in the pre-Boinc era). Had it running on many systems, but eventually sized down, since GPU-computing turned out to be responsible for the biggest Credit. I just discarded the systems that were too old.
Ich bin gelernter Nachrichtentechniker und im zweiten Bildungsweg Diplom Krankenpfleger (DGKP)
Den DGKP übe ich derzeit auch aus. Hobbys: Motocross, Pistolenschiesen (Combatschiesen)
Ansonst gibts nicht viel....... Grüße! Arne
Nun, ich bin webmaster und Betreiber der Webseite einer deutschsprachigen SPielecommunity von Spielern für Spieler.
Hi all,

I'm Wayne, 64 yrs. old, was an electronics tech until age 36 when I became disabled. I was married and divorced twice and now live alone. My hobbies are mainly mineralogy, astronomy, the paranormal and electronics.
Soy de colombia, tengo 22 años, estudio ingenieria de sistemas 8 semestre, trabajo en programación php

als Ingenieur faszinieren mich Computer seit es sie für einen breiten Anwenderkreis gibt. Vom ersten Selbstbau unter CP/M+ über Atari, PC1500A und anderes wurde alles mitgemacht bis zu den heute vorhandenen Rechnern. Die Idee des 'distributed computing' finde ich faszinierend, deshalb mache ich auch mit. Ausserdem passt es zu meinem Hobby Astronomie.

Unter Tags arbeite ich im Bereich Eisenbahnen, also in einem komplett anderen Feld, so dass sich eine schöne Ergänzung zwischen eher praktisch und eher theoretisch orientierter Arbeit ergibt.

Ansonsten bin ich unberheirated und kinderlos und lebe derzeit in einer Beziehung, also alles ganz klassisch ...
Olgun Gurcan
Hi, I am from Istanbul Turkey. I am working in field of foreign trade which is cover import and export of industrial finished products for end users. I am very interesting knowledge of extraterrestrial life in cosmos by following consequences of relevant research activites. I am very keen to help also any projects which will aid diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Onur Ulusoy
Wie jeder Mensch bin ich daran interresiert die erfolge zu sehen, die unserer Rechner bisher erzielt haben ^_^
Outdated Acount
Bonjours, je suis l'administrateur technique de la Brigade du Cosmos.
Odyssey Academy is a model for developing respectful life-long learners, the school of choice for families in the Northwest metro area. We provide a safe, caring atmosphere with small class sizes. We strive to prepare each child for a successful future by nurturing relationships among educators, students, families and community.
for more than 25 years being busy at Philips Semiconductors, later as radiologiac engineer on lineair accelerators at Nxp Nijmegen

Now the current position is an Vacuum engineer with expertise to Hydrogen for al kinds of UCV systems.:wub::oO
Most of all at ASML Veldhoven :metoo:
I love theoretical physics, esp. the basics, proton, electron, neutron, their structure and characteristics... Gravity, mass, inertia, time and the large scale structure of the universe, oh and don't leave out 0 and 1. These are the really important clues to the nature of reality and the rules governing it... :)

By the way, Gravity is a repulsive force, the underlying empty space in which matter exists (z-space, for zero-space) has a tension force which tries to keep z-space at a zero energy state... z-space pushes against any matter / energy trying to raise the energy level of said z-space above ZERO. Rather like a trampoline pushing back against a bowling ball which has been placed on it's surface. Now place a baseball on the trampoline, It's not that the bowling ball is attracting the baseball towards it with some type of force, but that the z-space is displaced from it's normal values (warped) and the baseball while being pushed away by the trampoline, just like the bow
Working in NHS
published author
love travelling

Originally from Wales but now living in deepest, darkest Norfolk, UK
Olivier Husser
Startup Entrepreneur & Filmmaker
U.S. Navy vet. Husband. Father. B.A. Political Science. A.A. Liberal Arts. Author. Musician. Video producer. Free thinker.
Chris Cambridge
From Des Moines, IA, USA; 35; Business Owner; PhD Philosophy, MA Interdisciplinary; Hobbies include Open-Hardware Hacks, Sketching, & Staring at the Wall for Extended Periods.
Just a nerd that found a new way to use my old laptops.