Profiilit M*

I am Mchl, founder of BOINC@Poland team (going higher and higher in the ranks), founding member and representative of Polish BOINC Project Association, but most of all a BOINC fan, like most of people who visit this site.
I am helping translate BS/BAM into Polish (but Willy has been adding new features way too fast recently so I will probably have to take a day off to catch up). I also translated several BOINC related articles. Some of these translations became official, and are hosted on projects\' websites, which makes me a little proud.

A Scotsman living abroard who spends far too much time, not to mention money, on computers.
I need some mosquito to kill…Im Member of Czech National Team
Marcel Dehaeseleer
JFK Assassination - Website
911 - Website
Martin Chartrand
Martin is a Steel Worker that now lives in the Canadian West in the Queen City Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Originally from Montreal, he served in the Military during a period stretching 10 years.
When just a young boy, he would go in his backyard with a book in hand and look up at the sky and learn the different constellations.
That was always his favorite pastime. Very young, he would reflect on the possibilities that there’s got to be something out there.
He would spend hours looking at the sky above the tree line and wonder what was the name of this star or that one….
I am a retired Motor Mechanic / Opal miner who used to live and work in the Mintabie Opal Fields , but who now with his wife , has moved to the comforts of living in Broken Hill :)
I'm from Constanta, Romania, work in nuclear industry and spend most of my free time with my family and my computers
BOINC gives me an opportunity to help others. So here I am.
I'm crunching from the beer capital (Munich, Bavaria) of the world. I work as a storage administrator to earn the money for my distributed computing environment.
I started with Seti@Home classic because i liked the idea to use the free CPU cycles for a unusual project.
I live in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.... Here helping worthy causes with the spare power of my pc.

Master of Avenger

i am Jan from Germany

I started DC with Seti@Home in May 2001 and was very successfull with
nearly 27.000 CPU hours spend to this project. After closing the classic
Seti@Home project i switched to BOINC.

My main project is WCG. I like it working for humanity and fight against illnesses.

Michael H.W. Weber
I am a german chemist currently working as a Principal Investigator on bacteriophages and RNA-related topics at the Botanical Garden of the Philipps-Universitaet in Marburg. My goal is to develop a universal construction kit for the design of bacteriophages that enables a systematic approach to detect and destroy antibiotic resistant pathogens - ultimately by using a fully automated platform employing microfluidics.
This work is followed up in cooperation with and the RNA World distributed computing project with the aim of maiking all of its results open to the public. There will be no patenting and intellectual property claims which I generally consider counterproductive for scientific and medical progress and society development.

I am running my private supply of computers 24/7 for distributed computing projects since more than 13 years now. For me it all started with Folding@home.

I like the idea that people from very different social and intell
Mark Reiss
Hi all: From Brooklyn NY, USA -- I have been running SETI Classic since May 24, 1999 and BOINC since August 31, 2004. I miss Isaac Asimov a great deal - I consider him my mentor, but don't think, I ever told him so.

-- Mark Reiss
Marcus Mehnert
I have a BS in Physics from Oklahoma State University, class of '64.
I worked as a programmer for IBM for 30 years.
I did contract programming, mostly Access databases, for 8 years, then fully retired.
Helsinki, Finland, born 1957

Wandering in the nature,
collecting wild mushrooms and berries etc

Books (scifi and fantasy)
Manlio Frizzi
My blog ::: Virtualization Techniques :::
Mike Hueber
I'm from the Netherlands and I've lived in this country all my life. I was born in November of 1968. Information Technology and some related subjects keep me busy professionally as well as privately. Other interests of mine include space travel, astronomy, anthropology, metaphysics, electrotechnical developments, global politics, inexplicable phenomena & sightings, music, films and some tv programs.
Age: 27
Lives: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hobbies: Computers & Internet
Marty McFly

My name is Marty McFly. I´m 25yrs old man from Vatín - small village in the middle of the Czech Republic. My hobbies are bikes, photography, books, internet and BOINC (I´m a member of small team "Vysocina Czech Republic" ). I´m working as an electric designer. Let´s crunch...
Marco Fenner
=== ===
Maximus Rufus
Rodolfo, Maexican, 34, CS Bachelor, Bass fiching
I'm from Italy, I'm a open source developer for hobby and IT Manager for work
Born 1970, from the United States. I enjoy crunching for the benefit of humanity on my home computers.
I love entertaining others with my magic tricks.
BSEE from University of Utah. Ten plus years experience as a software engineer developing real-time embedded software. Disabled since 1999.
Worker Unit
Mike Boswell
Norfolk, England
I'm a custom kitchen designer in Churchville Maryland, which is about 25 minutes north of Baltimore.
Michael Huenicke
Hello, my name is Michael, I am living in Berlin, Germany. I am working as an Admin Clerk in the " Senat of Berlin" (goverment). My hobbies are stamps, coins and computers.
MaFi vs Samuel47
I use BOINCstats/BAM! because it lets me keep track of all of the systems that I have BOINC on and modify the settings for them all from one spot, that way I don't need to go to all of them and make the changes multiple times.
Since my childhood I look at the stars and hope to find something unknown ...
Hi, I am Peter.

From Prague, Czech Republic
Hallo !

Mein Name ist Mario, und ich komme aus einem kleinen Dorf in der Nähe von Chemnitz, in Sachsen, in Deutschland.
Beruflich bin ich tätig in der metallverarbeitenden Branche.
Privat interessiere ich mich für Astronomie, Raumfahrt, Altertumsforschung(Stichwort Paläo-SETI- Hypothese) und Grenzwissentschaftlichen Themen.
Herkunft: Deutschland
Alter: 21
Beruf: Student
Hobbies: Lesen, Pc, Musik, Wissenschaft (besonders Genetik und Nanotechnik)
Network Admin from PA
Bin seit 2004 dabei, angefangen mit LHC@home. Auf der Suche nach Infos über verteiltes Rechnen bin ich damals auf gestoßen. Die Wiki dort stellte übersichtlich und ausführlich die Projekte vor, weitere Hilfe boten kompetente und freundliche Antworten in Forum und Chat und mit Taskforceeinsätzen kam auch der sportliche Teamspaß nicht zu kurz. Also bin ich auch heute noch dort. Seid herzlich eingeladen mitzumachen!


2005 wurde der weltweit erste gemeinnützige Verein e.V. mit Mitgliedern aus ganz Deutschland gegründet, um verteiltes Rechnen (Distributed Computing) bekannter zu machen.

- Wir erzählen anderen in Radio und Zeitungen von DC.
- Wir beantworten Fragen zu DC und seinem wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund in Foren, per Mail und in unserem Chat.
- Die Veröffentlichung eines Buches ist geplant.
- Wir crunchen mit allem was uns zur Verfügung steht.
- Wir haben Spa
Hi, my name is Wolfgang from Munich, Bavaria - Germany.

My hobbies are boinc and tracking EURO-notes via
eurobilltracker (

I am also proud founder of the team CONRAD-HOTEL de Ville MUENCHEN ( )
Mike Harris
I have an aeronautical engineering background, but moved sideways to IT in 1983/84. I've been in IT ever since albeit still in the aviation industry.
De L'Alliance Francophone et fier de l'être.
Same old same old
Maurizio Baralla
I'm from Naples, Italy
Masami Oyamatsu
I'm a 56 year (Jun1950) old man from the Japan, living in the capital of near Tokyo of the south provinces of my country. I love to Dog's and Cat's or movie and fishing.
Martin Filgas
It's Marcel from the Netherlands :D
For contact:
Mueller KlaJa
Bin seit mehr als 3 Jahre selbstständig. Bin vielseitig interessiert. Meine Hobbies: Reisen. Pc.... Komme aus dem Raum Leverkusen. Würde gerne meine freie Rechnerkapazität für Wissenschaftszwecken zur Verfügung stellen. Nichts ist mir wichtiger, als die Weiterführung der Wissenschaften!

Soy un chico que estudió Ingeniería informática técnica, y que empecé con la computación distribuida a principios de 2007, con el proyecto Folding@home. Estuve varios meses hasta que descubrí boinc, y la cantidad de proyectos compatibles con él.... así que me animé a hacer el cambio. Y así hasta día de hoy, participando en varios proyectos con el equipo de la comunidad de :)

Hello, my name is Antonio Maranhao. I'm from Nazare-Portugal and since very young I've developed a particular interest for technology in general. Around the year 2000 when I was alredy very into computers in general I joined the SETI@Home and have used plenty of systems to do till today, where multi-core cpus and powerfull graphics cards are available for the most addicted people like me ;)
Currently I'm supporting half a dozen projects and expect that my help may be relevant for some world changing discovery.

Keep on crunching!!!
Science is fascinating - as these quotes show:

In the space of one hundred and seventy-six years the Mississippi has shortened itself two hundred and forty-two miles. Therefore ... in the Old Silurian Period the Mississippi River was upward of one million three hundred thousand miles long ... seven hundred and forty-two years from now the Mississippi will be only a mile and three-quarters long. ... There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesome returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.

Mark Twain

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" (I found it!) but "That's funny ..."

Isaac Asimov
I'm from Southampton, United Kingdom and I run a group of companies that does all sorts of stuff relating to video gaming, computers, Internet hosting, and so on. All the great geeky stuff! Only natural I'm here on BOINC :)
Non fa mai male fare del bene!!
Manuel, BAR VICTOR de Madrid.
Un día pensé en cómo estaría cuando fuese mayor, me fijé en las personas que me rodeaban y comprendí que cuando uno llega a edad avanzada, empiezan los verdaderos problemas, los problemas de las calamidades, de los dolores, de las enfermedades, de la fatal y por desgracia esperada … muerte. Nunca es tarde para contribuir a investigar, sé que poco puedo hacer, pero por lo menos lo intentaré, en la medida en que pueda.
I'm a bioinformatics student from Germany. My Hobbies are Insects, escpecially ants, music and kiting.
Bin aus Berlin (GER) und fasziniert von der Möglichkeit auf so einfache Weise der Wissenschaft & Forschung helfen zu können. Arbeite in einer Internet-Firma für Online-Marketing.
Master of VDL
Ich bin ein Informatik-Student aus dem Raum Frankfurt.
Mighty Kaneko
My name is Minoru Kaneko. I was born in 1952. I live in Yokohama City in Japan.
The occupation is a research and development of the IT service.
The hobby is gardening, breeding of the goldfish.

Data Technician
Melissa Treu
Patrick AirForce Base, The Big Reveal 2020
Bin aus Engerwitzdorf, 37 Jahre, Selbstständig (EDV-Dienstleistung)
Hallo ich bin der Frank ( MadBall ) und wohne in Deutschland / NRW / Bochum.
Ich interessiere mich sehr für Wissenschaften im Bereich Astrophysik ( Gravitationswellen ) und auch anderen Bereichen der Astrophysik.
Beim Lesen im Netz bin ich zufällig auf die Begriffe BOINC + SETI gestoßen, und habe dann einiges darüber gelesen.
Ich finde das es eine gute Sache ist seine ungenutzte Rechenleistung seines PC´s der Wissenschaft zu überlassen, darum habe ich sofort damit begonnen BOINC auf meinem PC laufen zu lassen.
Zur Zeit rechnet mein PC für Einstein@Home und Seti@Home.
Ich habe 100% Auslastung meiner CPU zur Verfügung gestellt um größtmöglichen nutzen für die Projekte zu gewährleisten.
Mein PC ist ein AMD 3200+ mit 1,8 GHz 2048 MB RAM und 1,5 TB HDD
New Orleans, La
26yrs old
freelance illustrator / artist
supporting the green planet
SETI.Germany since 2007
SETI.Germany 2nd Wave - Alliance for improved Defense since 2008

Located in the middle of good ol\' Germany since 1980
i come from Belgium; life in Antwerp. if you want to ask me more just do it...
Hallo mein Name ist Claus,

Ich bin als Ausbilder im Elektrobereich tätig.

Außer mit Rechnern und meinem Sohn beschäftige ich mich noch mit Amateurfunk
Database Developer, collect Falkland Islands stamps,
Millennium-PC Germany, V2 sowie die Anno Domini Sippe rechnen mit!
věk: 27 let
záliby: Vše zábavné, poučné a technika
Computer Scientist.
I'm participating in a couple of projects for science, not credits!
I'm a Principal Broker for Your Real Estate Connection in Johnson City TN. Married with one son now residing in Cleveland OH. I have one Grand daughter
Megacruncher TSBT
From Edinburgh. Founder member of The Scottish Boinc Team. I started crunching Seti in 1999 & it all just exploded from there.
Bin 44 Jahre alt, lebe in der Tschechischen Republik, mein Hobby ist Fotografieren, Astronomie und Radfahren.

Occupation: Stock and Option Trader
Auto: Mazda RX8
Hobby: mountain biking
Location: Tempe AZ
Soy diseñador gráfico, mi blog esta en
Mr Page here.
I'm a total linux zealot.
i'm crunching for SETI since april 2000 after watching "Contact", the movie. I was so totally overwhelmed by the incredible idea of distributed computing. In my first days on SETI Classic my mum was not amused to see my computer running all the time and actually, based on the debate of global warming, in my opinion it is not useful and there is no economical sense to run computers just only for crunching.
Maciej Szymański
Mieszkam w Polsce.Mam 43 lata....i wiele pomysłów na życie.W programie SETI@ home uczestniczę z wielu powodów ,a jeden z nich to ciekawość co z tego wyniknie.

Głęboko wieżę że obcy już są w śród Nas....dlatego uważam że project nic nowego nie wniesie do naszego życia.

Dlaczego się nie ujawniają,.. sami pomyślcie co by z tego wynikło .
Nie tolerujemy samych siebie na wzajem ,a co dopiero kogoÅ› o odmiennym wyglÄ…dzie.

Nasuwa się pytanie po co biorę udział w projekcie....jak nie wierzę w jego powodzenie ? proste, komputer leży odłogiem. :)
Manel EA3BIG
El meu nom es Manel. Visc a L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona - Catalunya - Professionalment em dedico a les instal·lacions electriques. Soc radioaficionat, m'agrada la tecnica, la ciencia, la fotografia i per suposat, les telecomunicacions.
Mike Newman
Founder of First computer: Intel 486 SX 25 MHz.

I am a 40-something year old sys/networkadmin, living in the east of the Netherlands.
Spending my days looking after computers, networks and users.
Spending my nights looking at the stats-pages for several DC-projects, hoping to find my name somewhere.
Hmmmz, this sounds like I have no life...should I be depressed now?
Maybe I should....
that would mean I need therapy, which means I would have to go outside....
nope, I am not depressed :D
Manuel Meléndez
Ahora estoy en el para. Estaba de delegado , para Toledo, Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Jaén, Córdoba y Madrid sur, en Kodak, en el mundo de las artes gráficas, aunque he hecho más cositas, claro.
Me gusta mucho el deporte y viajar.
Country: Norway/Italy
Miguel jaier
Me encuentro trabajando en España y desde hace tres años tngo el programa Boinc en mi computador. algo tendre que aportar
Mike Voisine
Hi, I'm Mike. I'm from a small New England town in western central Connecticut, USA.

I have always held a strong interest in computers, science and space/aerospace subjects.
Programmer / Technical Engineer at .gov here in Finland.
I'm from Poland. I like IT, mmorpg, bicycle.
Interesuje sie całokształtem środków i czynności wchodzących w zakres działalności ludzkiej związanej z wytwarzaniem dóbr materialnych, a także reguły posługiwania się nimi ;D oraz
dziedzina nauki i techniki zajmująca się przetwarzaniem informacji w tym technologiami przetwarzania informacji oraz technologiami wytwarzania systemów przetwarzających informacje, pierwotnie będąca częścią matematyki, rozwinięta do osobnej dyscypliny nauki, pozostającej jednak nadal w ścisłym związku z matematyką, która dostarcza podstaw teoretycznych przetwarzania informacji. W skrocie technika i informatyka.
26yr old from Coatesville, Pennsylvania
I work for the Synthes helpdesk
hi !

Web Site: [url] http: // /sicituradastra/teamsic.htm[/url]
I'm participating in computing because my PC is usually turned on, so i just like to share it's power in BOINC computing. Also, i want to support Users Vision team in computing :D
Welkom op mijn "Message In A Bottle" pagina.

Op een Cluster4 school te Utrecht, ben ik werkzaam als Netwerkbeheerder voor een stichting.
Ik doe aan pc'tjes sleutelen, kids en collega's helpen met hun ICT vragen, plaatjes draaien, af en toe aan meditatie, Internet verkennen, sociale contacten onderhouden en goede doelen steunen.

I am the leader of BOINC@Ecuador
Michael Hofstaetter
Mark Sango
I'm living in Strasbourg,France
Civil servant
Amateur pianist and classical guitarist since 1963 and 1974.
First notebook (and PC) since april 2008.
Boinc member since may 31st 2009
Mesmerized by Music and Technology.
I am a student at University of Phoenix. My Bachelors studies are Information Systems Security. My expected date of graduation is Feb 2010.
I enjoy spending time with my kids, being on the computer (a lot), games, puzzles, writing poetry, reading, swimming, and other things too numerous to list.
I live in Phoenix Arizona, it is 117 degrees outside today. Middle of July every year is this way.
I am concerned about the environment, so I try to do what I can to minimize my footprint.
My other passion is fighting to save the wolves in Alaska and the other United States from aerial (cruel) hunting. The governor of that state is such a calloused hater of wolves she offers hunters $50 for the front leg of every wolf they kill. Young or old she kills em cold!
I love the planet we live on and hope there will be something left for my children to enjoy when they grow up.
Single Dad, former Marine, nature lover, and complete geek.
The more people I meet, the more I like cats.
Coffee is more important than air to me, so don't deny me of it. Ever. :|
Gdańsk, Poland.
Volleyball is the only thing I realy care for.
Mehr über mich. . . "No Body Is Perfect" - I want to believe --
  Reporter u. Bildberichterstatter,
  Interessen & Hobbies: Künstlerisches Schaffen,
  Bücher: Freie Energie-Energie aus dem Nichts-Mit freier Energie gegen die Klimakatastrophe,
  Lieblingsfilme & TV Shows: Dr.-Haus,
  Musik: Lateinamerikanische Musik,
So far it sux. I can't connect to any of my projects.
Germany / NRW
neustes Hobby: Planlos in Boinc herum irren
new hobby: Planetshakers wandering at Boinc
I'm Meneth, I spend almost all my free time on my computer, gaming, stumbling, listening to music and/or watching videos. I love heavy metal, RPGs and strategy games.
.NET Software Engineer
Sou de Blumenau, SC e trabalho com Sistemas em uma empresa que produz Camisetas feitas com Fio produzido de garrafa PET reciclada.
Participo do WCG e Rosetta pois acho que temos que ajudar a ciência de alguma forma. E algo tao distante da gente. como as pesquisas cienti­ficas, ficam fáceis de participar, estão aqui na nossa casa.
Merit Selket
Ich hab mich hier angemeldet weil ....
Naturwissenschaften normalerweise Gänsehaut und "Juckreitz" bei mir auslösen. Ich bin keine Person die
sich damit auskennt. aber ich bin fasziniert von SiFi, und allen möglichen wissenschaftlichen erkenntnissen
also dachte ich mir, das hier könnte ein weg sein um etwas zu lernen und irgendwie etwas zu dieser Forschung beizutragen
das einzige was mich wirklich fasziniert ist Geschichte(die alten Kulturen) wenn man sich damit beschäftigt findet man schnell heraus, das "man" früher schon sehr viel Naturwissenschaftliches wissen besessen hat und auch viel darüber geforscht wurde
nunja, und so bin ich hier gelandet
I'm From the Great City of New York my hobbies are biking, gaming, and crunching.

My name is Chris Shelley and I live in Gordon, GA in the United States. I am a huge computer fanatic and love to crunch. Crunching not only allows me to do what I love, but it lets me do it while helping others.


Chris Shelley
Je réside dans le département de l'oise (Pont Sainte Maxence) en France.
Technicien & Analyste d'exploitation sur Mainframe IBM (43xx, 30xx) sous VM/370
Hobby: électronique en amateur, lecture,
Very good!
Je suis passionné par la recherche scientifique. L'idée qu'à chaque instant des milliers de personnes cherchent, découvrent, inventent dans le but d'apprendre à mieux connaître ce qui nous entoure est formidable.

Mathématicien de formation.
Not much to say really. I'm a happily single mom. My son is autistic, so he takes a lot of my time. When I get the chance, I enjoy drawing, playing games and chatting/visiting with a few close friends.
Maxime Joanis
CS student (UdeS), 25 y.o., province of Quebec (Canada). To be continued...
Everything can be found at
Sebastian z Polski, 1986
LiczÄ™ na:

*Komputer: MSI X600 Pro-Slim
*Procesor: Intel Core 2 Solo SU 3500 @1,4GHz
*RAM: 4GB DDR 667MHz
*Grafika: ATI Radeon HD 4330 512MB


Shining Knight for Loving Defence - With theon the right Dot.
Die Piratenpartei Deutschland ist Teil einer internationalen Bewegung der Informations- und Wissensgesellschaft, mit dem Ziel die Buergerrechte zu verteidigen, informationelle Selbstbestimmung zu gewaehrleisten, fuer Transparenz des Staates zu sorgen, den freien Zugang zu Wissen und Bildung zu foerdern, sowie fuer ein vernuenftiges Patent- und Urheberrecht zu kaempfen.
Visit AG Verteiltes Rechnen
Miroslav Fotyi
Šťasten, kdo zemře dříve, než sám začne volat smrt, aby si ho vzala.
Happy every one who dies earlier than he starts calling for death to marry him.
Glückliche jeder, der früher stirbt, als er für den Tod beginnt ruft ihn zu heiraten.
Счастливый каждый, кто умирает раньше, чем он начинает призыв к смерти, чтобы выйти за него замуж.
Heureux tous ceux qui meurt plus tôt qu'il commence à appeler à la mort de l'épouser.
Šťastný, kto zomrie skôr, než sám začne volať smrť, aby si ho vzala.
Glad alla som dör tidigare än han börjar ringa för döden att gifta sig med honom.
Hyvää jokainen, joka kuolee aikaisemmin kuin hän alkaa kutsua kuolemalle vaimokseen.
I studied Information Systems and I love science stuff.
Midnight Rider
I grow weary of this...I need a new challenge. The future of man kind can not wait. Time; Time; Time; tic, toc,..........................................................................................................................................
M8AX - ( ( ( - MarcoS OchoA DieZ - ) ) ) - M8AX
Bueno... Mi nombre es Marcos y mis nicks suelen ser _^MvIiIaX^_ o _^m8ax^_ (Y), que hacen referencia a mi nombre completo en clave. Soy un chico de 33 años que le encanta la informática y todo lo que tenga que ver con ella, el hardware el software, etc... Soy español, de Nájera, un pueblo de la provincia de La Rioja y soy programador de aplicaciones informáticas... ¡¡ SALUDOS A TOD@S !!... :)

M8AX NvSbl
MvIiIaX Web Server
MvIiIaX Encuéntralo
Buscador Noramar
MvIiIaX Diccionario Rae

MvIiIaX Corp. 2010 - 2100
I'm from Calgary, Canada
Martin Langer
Für die Wissenschaft!

Nun, ich bin gelernter Kaufmann im Groß- und Außenhandel, habe jedoch während meines Fachabitur den Wunsch verspürt mich auch beruflich in die Richtung zu orientieren die ich auch gerne ein Leben lang machen möchte. Ich möchte (nach hoffentlichen Bestehen meiner Zugangsprüfung) an einer Universität Physik studieren und beschäftige mich auch mit Themen rund um die Informatik.
Musketeer 9
A Retired old coot enjoying life. Also known as Cruncher Pete and the founder of Aussie Alliance team.
Designer from Montréal living in Tokyo.
Malcolm Beeson
Great idea, but you can NEVER get any real help with problems. I know the new European laws have caused a lot of headaches, but this is not a new problem, Willie needs help, I don't have the money to help, my pension is just €400/month.
Sono Italiano, vivo nel Sud-Italia, ho 18 anni e il mio nome nella realtà è Matteo. Non ho hobby particolari... Mi piace smanettare al pc e, povero lui, va a puttane tante di quelle volte! :P Frequento il quinto anno dell'istituto d'istruzione secondaria "P. Giannone".
Andrò all'università di Ferrara per studiare Informatica visto che è l'unica materia a cui sono altamente interesato! :)
I have found that BOINCStats BAM! is a very useful service for tracking team activity and changing project preferences. Whenever I've had any problems, the folks here have been very quick to fix them, or explain what I needed to do on my end to get things running straight. Mostly though, I have no problems at all and would recommended using BOINCStats to other crunchers.
Marc Koschewski

ME: Marc, the average geek (with short hair), aged 32, senior software-developer currently hacking at sipgate, was at BMW AG, Bayer AG before.

LIFE: I love my son Desmend and my wife Stefanie, our friends, a cold Heineken and listening to metal music like Meshuggah or some non-metal sound like Trapt and such.

BOINC: I'm doing this on my daily-use ThinkPad T510 and I don't have some 19 PCs in the garage doing it. :)
Mam na imię Michał. Należę do drużyny BOINC@Poland.
Boinc is a terrible interface. NOT helpful, NOT intuitive.
Marta Kawaii
I'm a young women that always have enjoyed everyting about the Universe and astronomy.
Mads Nissen
I'm from Denmark but live in Bulgaria, born 1963 and are early retired, i have supported Seti/Boinc since 2006.
Work in computer sciences, developped a hobby in astronomy, interests in astrophysics
Another Scot living in England. Born in 1960, I have worked all my adult life with computers in some form or another in the Retail, Leisure and Manufacturing sectors, as a Programmer, Analyst, Trainer, Pre and Post-Sales Consultant, Development Manager, Support Manager and latterly repairs working for myself.

I used to be very sporty but now I am down to one or two sessions of Racketball and a couple of Badminton a week and I suffer for it (but won't give it up before my knees do! so far so good) Got 5 kids (3 unfortunate enough to share my genes, and 2 lucky enough not to) who are all making me proud by doing really well, though only 1 is doing computers! The others just bring dead PC's to me to fix - I made it too easy for them I reckon.
I love reading - thrillers, crime, sci-fi, fantasy, and science, particularly physics :rolleyes: OK I'm a bit of a geek.

Boinc keeps things interesting. I love the idea of picking projects that interest me and donating some computer
Живу в Озёрске, это в Челябинской области в России. Комп работает круглые сутки и на работе несколько машин по возможности.
Pochłonięty bez reszty poszukiwaniem obcych :D
U.S. NAVY VET-MA3, C-S GURU. [Aspirations: Successful Swing Trader, Live-Market Analyst, Teacher, VC, Philanthropist & Golfer] *DISCLAIMER-Do Your Own Research!
Freelancer, scientific Editor, based in Shrewsbury, UK.
Marta Diaz
Hola! Vivo en el norte de la Argentina, en la ciudad de Salta pero nací más al norte aún, en Gral. Mosconi, localidad conocida por los cortes de ruta en los primeros años del 2000. Trabajé como profesora de secundaria y actualmente estoy jubilada. O sea, tengo tiempo para mí y este año, decidí participar de este proyecto y aprender a dibujar. Sé tejer, que es mi hobby. Me gusta la gimnasia, de hecho voy a un gym y pretendo hacer investigaciones, tomando como marco la historia oral, sobre cosas extrañas que le pasa a la gente.
Me gusta viajar y cuando puedo, lo hago, aunque a veces siento que me he perdido un montón de cosas. Mi consuelo es que fue por falta de tiempo - cuando trabajaba - o de dinero. O sea, no por mi culpa.
Maria Bezugla
Я живу в Патти, Сицилийский городок, родом с Украины.
Могу свободно говорить на трех языках: украинский, русский и итальянский; учу английский, французкий и немецкий. В свободное время рисую и занимаюсь боксом.
Born and raised in Texas!! (Y)
Michael McMahon
I'm a divorced father of 3 brilliant daughters, who served his nation in the United states Army for 15 years. I have been into computers, since the time of being into computers was frowned upon by your peers.:elol: Now they are on computers themselves. First Computer used was an Apple II and Atari 400.:S(Y)
From Norway, '88 model, disability pensioned, I enjoy photography/computers/astronomy & all three combined, and that's about it. Been Folding and running other science projects on and off for several years, decided it was perhaps a good idea to try centralize it on one profile and use a proper project manager. Bam!
Nurse Practitioner student at University of Florida. Figure that since computer is on 24 hrs/day I might as well put it to use for the greater good.
Matt Smith
Senior Lecturer in Primary ITE at University of Wolverhampton, UK; Grammar Nazi; foodie; traveller; professional SCUBA dive guide; into extremely heavy metal; and a heavy reader. I recently become passionately interested in all the aspects of science I gave up two decades ago, and this interested the heck out of me!
Accountant and now trying out for Game Programming. Aren't games cool? aB-)
Mike D Green
Mountaineer, landscape photographer, ex-IBM
Hobbies: Science, Religion, Politics, Music, Gaming (currently BF3)
Job: Software Engineer (Computer Telephony, Windows Desktop & Services, Web Application)
Qualifications: Engineering Degree (BEng)
German-Cherokee-Scotch-Irish mutt experiencing this plane, from two-wheels, over many miles is the only way to exist...
Hello everyone,

I live in Nevada, I am a minister, a University student -majoring in Information Technology (Web Development). I received my Associates Degree May 2012, and continuing education for my Bachelor's Degree my expected graduation date: June 2013. I create and design websites, and remote services for various businesses, I am a Homechool parent, In my spare time out side of doing I volunteer for icouldbe mentoring high school student,BOINC BAM, and I love to cook, bake, and play instruments, .(Y)

We can do anything that we choose, by making good decisions and choosing the right path, we will be successful and accomplish our goals when we have the right mindset!
Engineer, Materials Science Msc, Amateur Astrobiologist, Aikidoka, Business mas..
I am a retired broadcasting engineer who enjoys taking part in projects offered by Boinc.:rolleyes:
I am 45 years old. I am from Michigan, born and raised. Married since 1991 to Rose. We have 3 children. 2 boys and 1 girl. I am considered a Jack of all Trades, but I am a self employed carpenter by profession so I could be a stay at home dad. My wife has been an RN for 22 years. I love anything to do with the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc... I love shooting pool. Thus the name Mr. Billiards.
I've always believed that we are not alone in the universe. I just hope I am around long enough to be a witness to proof of other life out there. Weather that be a caught radio transmission or an actual diplomatic visit to Earth from somewhere. I just hope we will be ready as a species not to jump to the conclusion that our first meeting will be hostile instead of helpful.
I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Watching my kids grow up has been awesome. Both my boys are adults and my daughter is now 14. Sports are a big part of her life so I keep busy. My middl
Ermite dans ma pinède depuis 20 ans, déjà....(Y)
Friend of the Dunsparce :blush:
Mario Rovetto
Morton Sykes
Current undergraduate student at Auckland University studying a bachelor of commerce and a bachelor of Science majoring in Information Systems
and .... Computer Science of course =D , lets go BOINC! whoop whoop Distributed Computing!
Michael Tillman
I am an average intellectual with a wide range of interest. I have not done anything special or noteworthy with my life. I do have a very intense interest in computation for the sciences and will always continue to compute if I have the resources.
Michel van 't Hoff
Gaat je niets aan.
I am a 16 year old male tech fanatic on
Je suis un jeune gars qui est fan de nouvelles technologies, si vous voulez, on peux parler par mail ou même aller sur skype, hésitez pas ; )
Mike Winchester
Musician of WMRI
Markus Dolensky
Technical Lead at ICRAR busy building this thing.

Producing the German Edition of the free and independent newsletter Jonathan's Space Report is a spare time project.
Michael Cook
Civil Engineering background, Facility Management
I'm an amateur physicist, semi-professional musician, and business professional in the heavy truck industry. Father of four ages 5-23, and grandfather of one 2-year old.
I grew up in South Dakota, USA and went to University at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Graduated in 2010 with my BS in electrical engineering. I now work as a power engineer for a mid-western utility company and have my PE.:$^:
Michael Grissom
Prolific Inventor, Retired Career Pilot, Published Cartoonist, Amateur Radio Extra Class, Classic Car Enthusiast
IT Project Manager
Geek with lotsa' computers.
Currently residing in San Antonio.
Going to College to become a science teacher for middle school (4-8).
US Army Signal Corps Veteran.
Always have had an interest in Radio Astronomy, and distributed computing.
Currently working towards my Hamm License, and my Mars application.
Mike Smith
MSFT MSN Operations 1999-2009. TMobile 2010. Both places were terrible, honestly. Now in Real Estate, loving it. Interested in making a contribution to science with an emphasis on areas I find most interesting. Cosmology, space travel, alien life forms, climate research, biology research among others
Engineer and Science aficionado, willing to help and advance science projects.
Actually retired from practice but always studying the advances in many fields.
My hobbies are Philately, science/science fiction.
Misael Monero
Mehrad Mahmoudian
MSc. Bioinformatics, BSc. Cellular and Molecular Biology

English, Persian, R, Pythons, SQL, Javascript, Perl, Octave, ActionScript

Coding, FeedTheBeast MC, COD, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, none of your business
Retired Marine Aviation - Currently working manufacturing robotics assembly systems.
IT/AV Geek with a need to know how everything works.....
Michael Kahler
I'm IT Architect in Linux/Storage area.
Just a 15-year-old junior high school student from China.