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Lee Carre
Profile information can be found on my Wikipedia User page.
Lorenz Lang
There once was a lady named Bright,
Who traveled much faster than light.
She departed one day, in a relative way,
And returned on the previous night.

Hi, my name is Lorenz and I am a student avoiding the campus by playing around with several computers.

Teamgründer: Oberdrees
Hi I was bourn and raised in Phoenix Arizona. I am a practicing musician and I am back in collage because you are never to old to learn new things.
Bin in Davos (CH) 1931 geboren. Jetzt freue ich mich den erreichten Ruhestand zu geniessen. Meine Hobby`s : Mathematik, Physik, Astronomie, Informatik und vorallem Segelfliegen (jetzt altersbedingt leider nur noch am Symulator).
Lemue Seti Headquater

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Leffes Law:

lim IQ(t)=0
I am Galician, from Ourense to be precise. (Galicia is a region of Spain).
I’m 25, my name is Héctor and I’m computer scientist.
WORK: I was in the USAF, I was stationed in Mississippi (twice), France, Turkey, and South East Asia.
HOME: We have lived in Florida from Feb. 1994. We originally lived in Massachusetts, then moved New Hampshire, Michigan, Indiana and then we went back to New Hampshire.

HOBBIES: Model railroading, Music, Computers, Flying, Remodeling our house after the damage from 4 Hurricanes in 2004.
Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society (LVAAS)
LG-CyberCrew is an account that is used by the Leibniz-Gymnasium school in Remscheid, Germany. Many computers there work for BOINC projects. To conclude, LG-CyberCrew is exactly this school, no more, no less.
LcNessie... A weird geezer from the north of the Netherlands. Got his nickname, when he was swimming in a lake, and slowly rose to the surface, his hair all stringy and stuff... That earned him the name Nessie. He added Lc at the front himself, to make it seem a little more distinguished, accidentally creating a global unique name...
Lars Becker
After I had lived in Greenland for 12 years I'm now back in Denmark where Internet connections are much much better - the speed have encreased by tenfold...
I am an electrical engineer and i have worked as such in Greenland.
The nature in Greenland is spectacular indeed! I had a number of dogs, and I loved to ride with them and a dogsledge in the weekends. Sometimes it was a bit cold to sleep in the tent but it was worth it!!
I have two daughters here in Denmark and they both are educating themselves in college.
Well, thats enough for now, I'll return for more information at another time.
Li Yong
Member of Team China
Welcome all from China mainland,TaiWan,HongKong,Macau.
Welcome Chineses all over the world.
Let's keep up the hard crunching LOL!
Join us !
38, Hampton Roads, Va. Pres. of local 501.c3 non-profit Iguana rescue and education group.
I am French I live in Ireland.

I like to Build computers as a hobby latest is a dual Opteron 270 running on a Supermicro H8DC8
I am also a Rugby Fan and Follow the French team (quite obvious) and Clontarf Rugby.

Love music as well (almost any but I prefer indy rock)
_x__Macs are LinX to the World__x_
Shanghai China
Welcome to the creative minds at Lorenger dot org. We create aircraft for X-Planeâ„¢ flight simulator, produce short films, Do digital prototyping / design and continue to pursue education as a first priority for our younger generations to come. Leading the way, Creating the future.
Lukáš Divina
Jsem postižený kluk jestliže se o vìku 35 dá mluvit o klukovi nebo spíše o mladém muži.
Lucifer Miracle
I am 41 and use Boinc since May 2005. I would like to help science and take part in world development for better and easier life all of us.

I am from California USA 30 years old currently unemployed. I Love computers and what they can do. I host games online

I also raise pets, currently I have 2 Miniature Doberman Pincers as well as 2 Australian Bearded Dragons.
Laurent de Marco
Je suis auvergnat d'origine italienne, ambulancier pendant une vingtaine d'année, j'ai dû arrêter brutalement sur gros ennuis de santé. J'ai des goûts simples, car fils d'ouvrier ( père mineur de fond dans mine de charbon), et comme mes parents me satisfait de peu...mais de vrai! La nature sous toutes ses formes fait partie intégrante de ma vie, et j'adore en profiter sous toutes ses formes; à pied, à cheval, à vélo, à moto, en canoë sur les rivières où j'aime aussi pêcher et me baigner ...Quoi encore?
J'aime la musique, les animaux, surtout les "sauvages" que je prends plaisir à connaitre à chaque fois plus; mais on rejoint à nouveau la nature, n'est-ce pas?
sono un ragazzo molto interessato nella politica del Distributed Computing e trovo che sia un'idea geniale occupare il tempo libero delle cpu di miglioni di utenti nel mondo per un unico scopo..

spero davvero che questa politica prenda piede in tutto il mondo intero e che ognuno di noi metta una parte della propria potenza di calcolo per aiutare il prossimo.. grazie a tutti quei progetti che cercano una cura per molte malattie che ancora oggi uccidono migliaia di persone..

I like marshmallows.
I'm a 53 yr old guy from Southampton in the UK. I started crunching in 2007 when I became interested in Seti@home. Slowly, over time, I added more projects. That's when I really got the bug. I now build my own machines for crunching and pass them on to family and friends when I'm done with them.

I'm interested in all science projects, but mostly physics and astronomy, although I do try and run some worthwhile biological/medical projects alongside them.
My dad has leucemia and it's not something he deserves to have or anyone else in this world. This is my reason for joining.
Pourquoi j'utilise BOINC ? Pour contribuer à un monde meilleur...
Langtree School
Langtree School is a Secondary School in south oxfordshire that has used its spare computing power to help the sciences.
The school website is -
Leslie Eakins
Retired, Electronics Engineering, Systems Test Satellite communications, formerly Motorola GSTG, General Dynamics AIS
71 years old, been with SETI since April 1999
I am a student from Russia. I am interested in physics and history of WW2.
IT-Systemelektroniker aus Hamburg, Motorradfahrer (Kawa ZX-6R)
At 60 something, and then some, I've entered into my second childhood. I enjoy computing and try to help out Team Picard in our many various BOINCE projects... every nibble helps
BOINCstats has the best statistics but should be updated more often
Team: Arkansas

Units in production:

Pentium D 930 Presler 3.0 GHz, Asus P5LD2 Mobo, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB storage, GeForce 7600GT video, Windows XP Pro

Core 2 Duo Conroe 3.0 GhZ, Asus P5K-E Mobo, 4 GB RAM, 1.5 TB storage, GeForce 8600GTS video, Windows XP Pro
I am 27 years old and I live in New Jersey, USA. I love computers, driving, photography, animals, and kids. I have other interests such as philosophy, history, economics, and writing.

I like keeping up with the news and I try to look at each problem and conflict from all perspectives for fairness. Not that I'm in a position to influence world events, I just like to be informed and not hold biased opinions.

Virtues that I esteem highly are forgiveness, honesty, hope, humility, kindness, compassion, and devotion.
Lan Master Admin
Hey ! My Real name is Michele, that's the same as Michael or Mike (Mike is currently used by all my friends).
I'm from Italy (land of confusion :-))i live 15Km far from Medicina Radio Observatory and i'm a truck driver; after long time of traveling across the territory i decided to stay beside my Girlfriend, so i got job close to home and now i can expend my free time for my favorite hobbyes: computers and on-line games.

Since 2005 i was interested to SETI project and i started with SETI@home Classic
for about 6 months, then "Boinc" was introduced and i quit for a while, now i was looking how to employ my HomeLAN for something usefull, so me and my girlfriend we started a new account for "SETI@home Boinc"
I'm Lennart, student and founder of team 'FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences'.
Lukasz Wierzchnicki
Someday i'll write something here ;-)
I'm a 31 year old network engineer from Brakel (East-Flanders) in Belgium.
Apart from renovating my house, I spend most of my time with my gf and our son, James.
When there's time left-over (haha) I spend it on Eve-online :-)

(The picture... is what I would've looked like if I graduated in 1954... :-)
Angefangen hat alles mit Seti@home im Jahre 2004. Seitdem lasse ich meine Rechner, meist sporadisch, immer mal wieder für Seti und Einstein rechnen.

:oO Greetz LostSoul (y)

Jestem furry
I am a college student from NUAA.
ik kom uit Nederland,stad Harderwijk gewtrouwd en 1 dochtertje.
werkzaam als technisch tekenaar bij een betonbedrijf
Hi from Los Angeles!
Leonard Kevin Moberg®
Real Name in the past: Leonard Kevin Moberg®

Real Name in the Future: [Ci:) PerfectDark®, also know as PerfectDark®

My Real Birthdate is every hundred Year's

Real Name from image Planet's: Mlad®

Real Birthplace:Washington DC

Real Birthdate:22/11/1968

Birthdate: 20/10/1969

Sex: Male, Adult

Was Registered Pornstar®

Age:41, or 40,

Rank: Sgt

Occupation: Secret Agent®

Outer Body: ((Cyber))

Vampire////Color////Shade: Black, White, Gray

People Birth Technology: user ))Netic((

Vampire® //People®, Religion: Prospaterrian®

Identity/Class:Male///People Cybernetic®

Glass Color: Beige, Violet-Aqua, Violet, Aqua

Vampire Color: Beige, Violet-Aqua, Violet, Aqua

Sexual Preference: Female Women, from 24, to 41,

Vampire//Cybernetic////Glass/Shield: Violet-Aqua

Affiliations: m
Lee Hee Lak
Trust your heart
High seas catch fire
Live by love
Stars walk backward.
кредо на данном жизненном этапе:
"life it's line in world of people and this line is infinite..."
J'ai 32 ans, je suis musicien et schizophrène, je crois en une infime probabilité d'existence extra-terrestre (et je veux participer à la recherche E.T.) ce qui porte à faire croire à mon entourage que je suis un vrai dingue... ;p
J'ai en projet d'envoyer ma musique dans l'espace sans doute par les supports numériques !
N'hésitez pas à me contacter, je suis relativement disponible ces temps-ci.
Musicalement et Cordialement,
Le Minotaure
Niçois exilé en Haute-Savoie, 52 ans, fonctionnaire, je suis passionné par les animaux (en particulier les chiens, les reptiles et les poissons), l'astronomie, les bières et les whiskies single malt. En couple, père et grand-père. Tout baigne !
Шмяка -- богиня!!!
My name is Lydia.
I'm from Massachusetts.
I'm 21 years old.
I work at Underwriters Laboratories as a Technical Report Writer.
My favorite channel is the Science channel and that is why I am here.
Living in Almere, Father of Faye & Neo
IT professional, computer enthusiast since way too long to remember, let's just say i played the original PONG, enough said.
Commodore C64 and AMIGA series were the best machines ever. Still running the AMIGA OS in PC tower among Linux and MS ones.a:-)
je suis un jeune italien noir ressemblant a M.Balotelli. J'ai un gros zizi de 12 cm:cheer:. je passe ma vie sur LoL Je me fais sucer dans le bus par des meufs crade qui on des infections urinaires. Elle ont la moulee crade et j'adore lecher quand c crade

Ich bin ein junger Boinc Nutzer (21 Jahre), ein Computer Freak aus Deutschland und teile gerne Rechenleistung, die ich nicht benötige.
Ich arbeite als Gabelstaplerfahrer.

I am an young Boinc User (21 Years), a Computer Freak from Germany and like to share Computing Power, that i don't need.
I work as a forklift operator.
I am 63 years young. Have always felt that we are not the only life in the universe. Some college education, retired from communications. I have an avid interest in a great many things. History, Science, Writing, Poetry, Art, Fractal Art, Music, Wood Carving, Computers. Alternative Spiritual beliefs. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma and have been a bit of a gypsy. I have lived in 6 different states, well seven, if you count the state of confusion.

I have one grown child, 4 grandchildren, although one is no longer living, and 5 great grandchildren.
I believe that it is important that we all realize the only time any of us has, is the present moment and that we should live our lives with that in mind. :cheer:
Retired USAF living in England.
Marketing/Ecommerce by trade, but love to tinker with tech in my spare time.

Currently running Boinc across Ubuntu and Android. Planning to get it up and running on a few Raspberry Pi models I have as well.

Je suis étudiant en Informatique.
Passionné d'informatique et des nouvelles technologies.
S'intéresse à la science.
Souhaite aider la Science comme je peux.
Leon Hundertmark
Student :beer:
My name is Emil Müller and I'm from Denmark
I've always been interested in science, especially maths and physics.
I work as a web designer and I use my spare time studying math and computer science.

Lupus Furens
Maths and Physics Teacher
Little Green Man

I had to flee from Andromeda, small red men was after me. :ph34r:
Lucas Camargo Batista
Heurístico afetivo