Profiilit G*

A.T.A. Certified !!!
I'm a French guy, born a couple of months before the first Space trip of a Man.
Living in Alsace, near the German border, I like to ride my motorbike on winding roads of Vosges and Black Forest.
Hi, my name is Paolo. I'm 28 years old and I'm from Italy!
I like all that is tecnology. I like PC's, and I do many things with them (play, work, develop program and website, tweak, ecc) and I'm a big supporter of distribuited computing. I started to partecipate with Seti@home classic in july 2002, and now with BOINC in many other projects too. I crunch with many italian friends of BOINC.Italy team, the biggest italian team! I invite all Italian members to join with us! ;)
I think that BOINC is the best software platform for distribuited computing (it's open, it's powerful, it's flexible, it's free!).

George Gowland
Been living all my life in sunny San Diego California, so I have been spoiled. I am currently a CFO for an electrical contractor, and two young girls (4&6). Computers used to be my hobby and line of work, but I went down the accounting path and only touch on computers when I need to. Otherwise its family and work are my current hobbies.
I am a retired ship manager, IT manager and quality auditor, but more importantly I am a proud Newfoundlander and Canadian. I have been involved with desktop computing from the paper tape days (the paper tape machine was a desk!) in 1973, I then moved up to a TI Silent 700, Apple III (predecessor to the Lisa, Mac, etc.), XT, AT, etc. What a ride! The Apple III was outstanding and a terrible loss. Two years before the IBM PC arrived, it had it all, including a 20MB hard drive and an ncurses type front end.

I also used to write software, manage a 200 person LAN, consisting of three discrete user groups. However, that all came to an end in February 1994 when I came down with a very painful problem with my left great toe, on the bottom. Walking with canes, one slipped on some black ice and I fell, relieving some of the pre-existing pain, but adding a new one.and it was a beauty, known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, where the sympathetic nervous system gets mis-wired so tha
Gerry Rough
I currently live in Goshen, Indiana, but I was born and raised in southern California. I came to Indiana in the late 1980s to attend college, but then flunked out before I could get my bearings straight. I later returned to finish college in 2001, and I am now an offical graduate as of May, 2007, with Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Biblical Studies. I plan to continue my education for two more years for a graduate degree in theological studies (MA, Theological Studies) from Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN. I am now in my mid-forties, and I have been crunching data for BOINC since march of 2005.

Interestingly enough, I have a major interest in terrorism, and I plan to finish a paper on the subject by the end of the spring semester in 2008. I also hope to win an award for my efforts since I did win an earlier award on this issue in the past. I got into the field of terrorism by studying conspiracy theories and their origins startin
Hello. I am the real Gothauer! My Name is Marco Roesner. I am 42 years old and I am working as Network-Administrator in a german harbour-company. My hobbies are all of science, computer programming and watching science-fiction movies. I like to chat with people all over the world, if you are interested, please contact me at my email. Marco
I live in Aurora Ontario where I started to crunch the numbers with the original SETI. Since I always did well in math, I got my engineering technology diploma and curently design base station antennas for the wireless communication field, and I enjoy signing up for as many projects as possible, where I am the founder of most of the 'Canada' teams, and watching the stats.

I'm also an administrator at the OH Canada Forum where we are unifying 'Canada' Teams.

Born here in London UK.
Refitted and serviced 3Mk 7 and 4Mk 6 British Radar equipment, in UK and Egypt, for Mullard Ltd.
Gave up being a medical student after 1 year, and emigrated to Canada. Worked for 'Stackpole Carbon Company' Toronto. Also worked for English Electric Co, setting and testing of UV missile detectors. Worked in USA, at Kane. Pittsburg VA , on Ceramic sintered powders, for UHF.
Went to Fort Erie on a Goverment contract to produce shaped Glass Fiber/Resin Radomes for forward looking Radars.
I helped test, and design a unique submersible high pressure electrical pump, for Submarines.
Returning to the UK, I was made the factory manager for a Glass Fiber producing company called 'Microcell Ltd' at Camberley and London.
I passed a Marine Radio Telegraphy Competence Certificate in 1984, and became Radio Ham licensed.
Suggesting to RSGB that the latest Call Sign, should be published in the Society's magazine to help eliminate the pirating of Ha
Technicien en informatique.
Geoff Illing
I like to think I am still a mathematician, but I am not really sure that I still qualify. My first exposure to computers was approximations for weather prediction, but now I seem to be involved in different sorts of computing: mainly for telephony. So I try and play music instead. At the moment I am trying to learn the bassoon. When I am not playing music, I like to scuba dive. I have managed to get my clarinet teacher interested in scuba diving, but I have not worked out how to play any instrument underwater.
Spend 45 hours a week working for the man in IT Procurement.
Greg Hains
Love to see computers (especially idle ones) put to good use such as the projects under BOINC. Love being a part of it for that alone - even if it does chew up lots of my CPU time. :)
George Varotsis
I'm George, 30, Greek, residing and working in London. Let's do something about this world!
Garreth Jones
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
26 Years Old
Network Administration for web2.0 company

Building Computers, Networking Computers
Gundolf Jahn
male born 1955 in Germany
Guenther Albrecht
Living in Vienna, Austria for all of my 43 years now, i am making music, earning money mostly with programming. i am interested in (favorite: contemporary) art of all kinds, science and life as it is. at you can read more...
Grzegorz Chamielec
I'm just a ordinary guy who wants to have fun from Boinc computing competition.
Supporters Worldwide Unite!
Hi everyone!

I'm just trying to do my bit for the community. :-)

Join BOINC.BE :-)
Philosopher, artist, and musician, incapacitated by a car crash and a long dark night of the soul.
Eternal pragmatist, and seeker of the lost chord.
Always 'A natural', never 'c sharp' or I'd 'B flat'.
Bonjour a vous tous.
Je m'appelle Guillaume je vie en France en Moselle et je me passionne sur tous ce qui touche sur l'espace.
Gary C Henley
Retired from telecommunications after 34 years, now own a photography studio and an espresso internet bar in Washington State. Also do aerial photography via UAV helicopter with video downlink.
Our website is
Georges Lucius
I am from Luxemburg, Bissen and i love Chemistry more then any other sciences. Therefore i support chemist projects like QMC.
Game Kraze Tucson
Owner of Game Kraze LAN center
Gerald Davison
British based Telecoms Engineer and Part-Time mountain walking instructor and guide.
Married with a beautiful wife and three boys. Work in the Higher Education sector as a project manager.
Family in north Atlanta suburbs. I do consulting, but prefer the penguin.
I'm a University graduate of TV and Film Production and is currently working freelance as a Cameraman, Editor and Photographer.
My spare time is spent working as a volunteer for a local charity who run a music studio for the local young people.
Any spare time is spent trawling YouTube, writing and playing music. (y)
"To Infinity... and Beyond"
Greg P
I'm from the hills of East Tennessee, I have been computing for science intermttingly since 2001, continously since 6/2007. I'm employed full time in the retail industry, I love model trains and the real thing too, computers are also big part of my hobbies. Totally devoted to my wife and daughter who take up the majority of my time everything else is just secondary.
Gabriel Dario Wrobel
Soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tengo 53 años (al 15/08/13), soy ingeniero en electrónica y trabajo en una importante compañía de comunicaciones.
Me gustan los libros, películas y series de ciencia ficción y cuando veo TV tambien me gusta ver Discovery y National Geographic Channels. Entre mis hobbies están internet, los juegos de estrategia, y muy especialmente volar (soy piloto comercial de avion).
Soy miembro de The Planetary Society y desde el comienzo apoye los proyectos de computacion distribuida, primero SETI@home I y luego BOINC (actualmente SETI@home II, Einstein@home, Rosetta@home, Climateprediction@home y MilkyWay@home). Me da satisfacción sentir que comparto con tantas personas del mundo que no conozco esta forma de contribuir al desarrollo de proyectos que - en mayor o en menor medida - impactan positivamente sobre toda la humanidad.
Gideon Fell
like gourmet cooking, florentine renaissance history, dislike rude people
Gayux est une association créée par des étudiants ingénieurs passionnés d'informatique. Les profits générés par nos différentes activités nous permettent d'investir dans des ordinateurs qui travaillent 24h/24 à faire des calculs à but environnemental.
Version: 3.12
GE$/IT d- s: a+ C++ UL++++S++ P L+++ E W+++ N+
o? K? w-- !O M+ V !PS !PE Y+ PGP- t++ 5 X+ R-
tv+ b DI+ D G e++ h---- r+++ y++++*
Geltops user team



Soy de Valencia y empezè hace unos años en el tema de la Computacion Distribuida. Me parece muy bien ayudar con nuestros ordenadores a estas causas. Cada vez voy incorporando mas proyectos.
Estoy en uno de los mejores equipos que hay en Computaciòn Distribuida: TITANESDC.

Mis estadisticas de los proyectos en los que proceso son:

Estadísticas de los proyectos del equipo TITANESDC:

I got blanks more than one year  and I came back! !

There is not the big aim;, however, want to do contribution to society with "the PC which assembled with oneself"



I am retired now but was an accountant by trade.
Did audit work for two public accounting firms.
Sold mini-computer systems from $50,000 to $500,000 to Credit Unions and car dealerships (Rexon and MAI)
Secretary-Treasurer of a GM dealership 1976-1981.
Taught computer systems, accounting and Business Math at a local community college over a 5 year period to women that wanted to upgrade their skills to reenter the work force.

:amellow: seems like less of a waste of time than most of the things I use my PC for :-)
Guzzi G.
I have 7 cats.
Weegie-born & bred.
CZ, Prag
Currently in NZ, only started crunching numbers again once I had broadband. I work within the insurance industry.
Hobbies are golf, reading, wine collecting and travelling
Garry Aernouts
From the West Michigan area in the United States, the 'other' west coast!
I am currently a Team Support Coordinator and function as an internal consultant for General Motors.
Journeyman skilled tradesman and military background.
Married with three sons.
When I am not at work I enjoy painting lighthouses on driftwood and fishing/boating.
white text
Sono Gianmarco Brocchi, 17enne, studente del liceo scientifico “Ulisse Dini” di Pisa.
Collaboro a Wikipedia, sostengo il GNU/Linux e software libero; sono appassionato di Matematica ed Informatica.
Per sapere di più potete consultare la mia pagina su wikipedia italia ->
O il mio Blog ->
I was born in Houston, TX, but I've worked/ lived in Dallas and Melbourne, FL for a bit. I've just moved back from Melbourne to Houston.

Cars (road racing)
and a video/computer game now and then!
- Ich komme aus Berlin (Germany)
- Bin Veranstalltungstechniker
G Benedito
Tengo 44 años, soy divorciado, padre de una hija de 16 años, jubilado por enfermedad, apasionado
de todo lo que implique un avance del antes. Me gusta estar informado de temas de ciencia y
investigación,que luego,con paciencia lo escribo en mis blogs para su divulgación. Me considero
"Buena gente", "Aplico el lema-Vive y deja vivir-". Me gustaría tener experiencia que como decia
edisón es la hija de la sabiduría.Pero no es así,simplemente soy entusiasta de crear,pero solo sé
que no se nada,como decia Socrates.
Mike, home - Living just outside Glasgow, Scotland.
Work - Newport, South Wales.
Age - 62
Electronic engineer.
Hobbies:- Amateur radio, GM3EIY & VP8DIA
Astronomy, Skywatcher Pro 150 Mak-Cas on HEQ5 mount.
Lapidary, Graves Mk iv 8" faceting machine, 6" diamond wheels, 10" and 4" diamond saws.

Complexity in an unusually way

That's a thing I have no thousands of friends and I don't spend my freetime outdoors in pubs. It's more exact if I say I have an unusual mental skeleton. Illustrative example is my favorite music. One is the hungarian folk rock (primary Kormorán). Other one is the classics. And the third one is the massive repetitive techno. (Not that where singing in. Only whole beat drums and some other effects. Almost all intelligent people find this absolutely nerve-racking.)
Is there anybody out there?
I am a Norwegian engineer that has kept my childish ability to wonder.
Gabriele Draghetti
Nothing to say, for now
Ich wohne in Deutschland, ca. 70 km südlich von Berlin. Mein Beruf war Elektronikingenieur. Durch eine neurologische Erkrankung bin ich jetzt arbeitsunfähig und Rentner. Meine Hobbys sind Computer und Science-Fiction. Meine Interessen beim "Distributed Computing" liegen vor allem bei der medizinischen Forschung und der Forschung über Astrophysik, Teilchenphysik und Umwelt.

I live in Germany, approx. 70 km to the south of Berlin. My occupation was an electronics engineer. Now by a neurological illness I am incapable of working and pensioner. My hobbies are computers and science fiction. My interests in "Distributed Computing" lie at all with the medical research and the research about astrophysics, particle physics and environment.
Bonjour mon nom est Gilles Fournier j'ai 62 ans je suis né dans une petite villes du Québec du Nom de Montmagny, J'ai fait beaucoup de travaille de toute sorte, maintenant à  la retraite, j'aime beaucoup la nature, la chasse,la pêche.
Hi! My name is Albert, I'm from Spain and I like a lot playing videogames, programming, repairing, .. in general words, everything that contains microchips, resistors, capacitors, .. I think you got it what I mean. I'm studying Engineering and I like science.. I think it's very interesting, so here I am. Helping science so far than I can today. Maybe in a future I would help more than I can now.
Hej besökare!

Swedish geek born in 1980 who likes the idea of resource sharing. Started out some years ago when I first heard about the SETI@Home.

My biggest hobbies is photography with fishing and general outdoorsiness as a close second. I am a huge fan of HDR-photo, if you are too you are more than welcome to check out my site at

When I am not running around playing Ingress you will find me in front of my computer.

I dwell on all the usual social networks, just find me there if you need me for something.

Make it so!
Руководитель Вяземского обьединения ВНИО ,, Космопоиск" , Дракон. Увлекаюсь паранормальными явлениями , уфологией , криптозоологией , драконами.
I'm just your average Aussie bloke, sports mad, computer enthusiast, like to think I am fun to know. Been doing SETI@Home for ages... althought I had a long break in the middle, and recently signed up for some other projects too.
Computers, Photography, Motorcycles and the OSU Buckeyes
An enthusiast person that just realized that is a great world out there of other people who are really working hard for the progress of the world.
I just want to give away some time from my hardware in order to help those researchers to create some valuable work for the entire humanity.
Hobbies: Disney, Nintendo, Amateurfunk
Grant Atkins
BOINC STATS/BAM - Curiousity
Grimbert Jerome
J'aime bien Povray.
Retired Master Sergeant of United States Marine Corps. Also retired Information Technology Director from the State of Georgia.
Currently making commercials, documentaries, and other video related projects.
Retired Graduate Engineer - Active Wizard
Software Engineer for Australian Science company that produces tests that measure cognitive decline / improvement.
We are used in Clinical trials and by sport leagues and associations for assisting in diagnosis of concussion / player return to game timings.
I'm an analyst for the federal government.

Galaxy Eyes
I'm just a college student. Neuroscience major, but can't say I know much about computers. I like cats and drawing pictures.
Ich bin am 28.08.1957 in Deutschalnd geboren.
Von Beruf bin ich Diplom-Informatiker.
IT professional and university adjunct faculty.
Guido Muldoon
BSEE UIUC, ET2 USN 8 years, USGS 2 years, Marathon Oil Company 9 years, DL Engineering 2 years, semi retired
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I develop websites and i do a lot of web projects.
I love boinc and I have another account associated with another team that had contributed to the projects.
This time I want to associate the computers of grazieweb to help research :)

Ho già un account su boinc associato con un altro profilo che aiuta con un proprio team la ricerca offrendo spazio virtuale e di calcolo ai vostri elaboratori; questa volta ho voluto associare anche il computer che utilizzo per per vedere se può anche questo aiutare a contribuire in qualche modo.
A breve installerò boinc :) Ciao!(y)
I believe in shared crunching power
Griza Lupo
Maths and Physics teacher
Michael Grissom, Morrisville, NC, prolific electro-mechanical inventor (current), retired WW2 Spitfire replica pilot (owner), published new/mag cartoonist (retired), ham radio op KW4IQ (love CW), restoring modernizing my 1977 Cougar XR7, home brewing spicy hot beer, motorcycle, computer graphic artist/cartoonist/animator, and always looking for new ways to find ET in my lifetime. In 1985 I collided mid-air with a crystals sphere UFO a little smaller in diameter than the length of a football field - illustrated story: That's when I became a believer and started searching for ET.
Rechnen im Verbund aus dem Ursprung der Idee, ohne sich von Plätzen in Leistungsdruck versetzen zu lassen.:beer:
Fifties child who followed Mercury, Gemini and Apollo and watched the Moon Landing. Will I see a landing on Mars?
George Bradshaw
Environmental Remediation Supervisor
I was a mainframe IT software programmer/analyst consultant. Would love to work with REXX on my MAC but I have no idea how to get started, or even if it's possible.