Profiilit F*

I am a Construction Engineer that graduated in 1983 from Iowa State University and have been everything from a laborer, carpenter, foreman, superintendent and now an Estimator of construction by trade currently living just outside the DC area in Maryland. To relax, I enjoy building computers and model railroading.
Forest and friends
Leader a spoluzakladatel Czech National Team.

Ve zpracovavani mi velice pomahaji kamaradi, kteri nechteji sve PC nechat flakat a jejich vypocetni cas radi venuji na tento bohuliby projekt!


Mimo jine se s nimi velice dobre chlasta :-D

FlyingfocRS of the Scottish Boinc Team
I live in the North of Scotland.
Have been crunching distibuted computing since I joined seti@home in 1999.
Member of the Scottish Boinc Team.
Fernando Equihua
Programador de sistemas de computo, principalmente administrativos
FDB ITALIA S.r.l. - Plants and equipments for food industry.
The company FDB S.r.l. has been working for over twenty years in the field of food industry plants, availing of a higly qualified personnel having many year experience and preparation in the milk and cheese sector. Such experience and preparation allowed to work with absolute guarantee in the construction of machines and complete plants for the treatment and the working of milk, cream, butter, yoghurt, kefir, tomato, wine, fuit juices, beverages in general, as well as plants for the production of cheeses and ice cream.
In its plants in Malo the Company FDB ITALIA S.r.l. constructs: tanks, seasoners, plate and multipipe heat exchangers, centrifugal and selfpriming sanitary electropumps , semiautomatic and automatic plants for chemical cleaning of plants and circuits, UHT treatment plants for long conservation products made out from milk and fruit.
The company FDB ITALIA S.r.l can care the realization of plan
Futoshi Nakamura


I live in Tokyo. My job is architect design. My hobby is riding on the motorcycle and the bicycle, and hiking, listening music and watching movies. ¡¡I have been participating in SETI@home for seven years. ¡¡My rank fell down because I had been interrupting for one year. Now I participates again.

I live in Montana, I have a daughter and there's not much else to me.
Fleet Captain Shown
35 year old Navy Veteran
Living in Island, KY
have two children: stepson 12 and daughter 5

Like bowling, Star Trek, and all types of Japan Animation movies
Francis Butts
I'm from Goodrich, MI., a small town north of Detroit. My career was in air transportation. This choice allowed me to move around and live in many beautiful and unique locations.
One of my passions is travel. My wife and two daughters also share in this. We have had many opportunities to visit some of the unparalleled and wonderful locations while we experienced the diversity of cultures that exist on this planet.
Another is reading, mostly periodicals. Such as Discover, Scientific American, National Geographic and Sky & Telescope.
When my wife and I travel we are never without our Kindles. Air travel is mostly boring. On further consideration that is not really a "bad" thing.;)
I did not graduate from University, probably due to my inability to focus early-on on just one of my many areas of interest; ranging from the very small; microbes, muons and etc. To the very large, the Universe surrounding us and it's many mysteries yet to be unveiled; and in the "in be
My name is Fayssal Fertakh. I was born on 1974, in Tangier, Morocco.

I am an active member and administrator at en.wikipedia. My page can be found at
With a degree in aviation I don't use, I do mid-level IT administration and have my own company :)
:)ÎÒ½ñÄê16Ëê.À´×ÔÒ£Ô¶µÄÖйúн®,^_^I am a middle school student, and I like English ,computer&music....
Seti at Home member since 2001.
I'm living in the southeast of Munich, a fan of SciFi (since I was 5) and X-Files (there is a lot of conspiration out there - AND - We are not alone). I've a lot of other interests
Born-again Christian. Nothing else matters.
Fallen Angel
Hi all! I am a Mechanical Engineer and I just want to help the sicience with all my possibilities!!
I manage a Cricket Store [franchised] but have a history of working with computers, namely IT.
Hi !

Computer Programmer from Wales, UK
Fabian Schoelzel

ich komme seit kurzem aus Bremerhaven, bin 29 Jahre alt, erstelle Tag ein, Tag aus technische Zeichungen für Windenergieanlagen und rechne schon eine Weile für SETI@home, und nun für diverse BOINC-Projekte - unter anderem fürs LHC und für SpinHenge
Ingénieur de formation, je dirige une association de développement économique , et m'implique à divers titre dans le développement de la recherche et des pme.
Fernando D. Rolim
Hi, my name is Fernando from Itapeva, São Paulo - Brasil.

sonst würd ich net BOINCen
zu viel arbeit sonst/zu unübersichtlich.
Frank Schiller
Frank Schiller
Deutschland, Stralsund
Servicetechniker Deutsche Telekom / T-Com
Hobbys: Elektronik, Computer, Amateurfunk (DG0GA) .....
Sergente Maggiore - Aeronautica Militare Italiana - Controllo Traffico Aereo

Master Sergeant - Italian Air Force - Air Traffic Controller
Ich will den Menschen helfen und hoffe das ich dies hiermit tue.
Blubb =)
Look on my Blog, there are information about upgrade your Computers!
Far Star
Physicist and nature photographer living in north eastern Ontario just a hundred kilometers or so past the middle of nowhere.
Folding@home Team ID: 176591
My name is Forrest
I was born May 29th 1970 in Provo Utah, and raised in Orem. When I graduated from High School in 1988, I moved to Salt Lake City; a year later in August of 1989 I tested positive for the HIV virus, I was 19.
In 1996 I moved to Las Vegas and lived there for two years until they closed the office and transfered me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a youngster I was licensed in Utah to propagate and raise wildfowl such as pheasants and quail. I enjoy the outdoors and was in boy scouts were I learned to love to repel off mountains; I also enjoy camping though I haven't been in year. Some things I enjoy in life are walks, mountain hiking, water coloring and my two cats and being with my partner Garee.

Halloween is my favorite holiday even though they say Halloween isn't a holiday.
Hello, I live in Norway... Was more interested in running Seti@Home, but are unable to because my computer randomly freezes when Boinc uses CPU. I'm now running the ATI work around for Milkyway and have had no problems with it.

I'll probaply build a new machine when I get some cash for it...
FYI: For your Inspiration
A gathering of Science and Technology enthusiast in the Philippines who passionately believes in time and knowledge sharing.
Truck Driver. Minnesota. Computers.
Fernando Maranho
I'm a webdesigner in Bragança Paulista - Brazil and a huge fan of Carl Sagan. That's how I heard about SETI and, then, BOINC.
I'm also a guitar player.
uhm it's nice.
Fair Weather Cruncher
I live in the southern U.S. where hot summers preclude crunching without a huge A/C bill. Though I've run projects as far back as pre-Boinc Seti, it never ceases to amaze me how much can be learned through Distributed Computing where even seemingly out-dated computers can contribute to a common goal.
Mein Name ist Florian ... Ich wohne in Deutschland/Niedersachsen/Braunschweig .
Fachschaft Maschinenbau an der TU München
I'm 21 and I'm studying computer science in Constance Germany
I'am participating Seti@home since 1999 and LigandFit by UnitedDevices, and using BOINC since 18th July 2004. I was born as a son of german emigrants in Herisau, a big village in the backlands of Appenzell in Eastern Switzerland, the 25. of July 1959 . I went here six years to the primary school, then three years to the secondary school and visited afterwards the upper secuondary school, which I finished with graduation C (science), in St. Gallen, the city nearby, in 1979. Later I was employed in industry for several years, then I got through a period of practical training at a school for therapeutic pedagogy, thinking of passing a school to become a welfare worker. But finishing the practical training, I went back working in industry. In this period I attended several courses in computing (MS-DOS, Windows 3.0, Word for Windows). After a few years my company let me learn the profession of a storekeeper. I finished this education in july 1996 and worked on that profession for one more y
Franck Dernoncourt
Research Assistant in Artificial Intelligence (PhD) at MIT
Membre d'AstroSaône, Astronomie en Mâconnais Val de Saône.
I am a 38 year old living in New Jersey. I like computers and science. BOINC is a fun and useful way to combine the two!
FS Data is one of Swedens oldest and largest hosting providers. We offer domain names, web hosting, server hosting and VPS. Our hosting services provides high-speed resources to mainly northern Europe, with a focus on Sweden. Stability, speed a great customer support are our main focus.
Fletuitus Maximus
Super Genius.
Rail and computer enthusiast from Cambridge, UK.
I was born in Yorkshire and as most people from there would say am proud of that. Moved to Australia in Dec 97 for what was supposed to be 3 months of work, have strangely enough remained here ever since. Became an Australian citizen in 2003.

I've always loved science, especially anything to do with astronomy, 2011 was an absolutely cr@p year health wise, am hoping this year will be so much better!

Am single, interested in the female variety of person, would love to get to know more women interested in science.

I work in IT, have worked in a wide spectrum of industries, currently working in employment trying to build/maintain IT systems to help people find the right job for them.
Freelancer photographer, London based
:ph34r: Nothing to say...
FILHIN es un equipo de apasionados por la fotografía y el cine. Y además, estamos comprometidos con el medio ambiente y con la sociedad, por lo que dedicamos parte de nuestro tiempo y recursos a proyectos filantrópicos.

Puedes visitar nuestra web haciendo clic aquí.
Family Marquis
I'm a people person and since people are at the heart of most problems, I'm also something of a problem solver!

I'm still a design/consulting engineer at heart, spent 30 years in IT/comms after a mech eng start, worked in virtually every industry, now retired to run a pub in the UKs NE Wales mountains. That pub is now the first pub in Wales to sport a Post Office Local over a bar!

Having bought product to market I'm using my marketing skills and IT abilities to promote the business via our website and social media. I'm a Google+ early adopter and keen to develop it's use for small business and share that experience with the wider community.

I've been reflecting on the above and it occurs to me that these days I am more of a conduit rather than a creative for original thinking, however, I do sometimes have my moments!

Bragging rights
I've been a hands-on Mechanical, Design, IT & Comms Consulting Engineer that when I've had the opportunity, projec
Frank Peiffer
Police Officer retiring after 43 years service with the Victoria Police. Travelling international at first then touring Australia by caravan. It is a tough gig but someone has got to do it.:)
US Navy (Retired)
As a software/hardware developer I have become slightly addicted to building computers and watching my scores increase. I have built 12 intel i7 & i5 computers added to the 3 I already owned for a total of 15 CPU's and 9 GPU's (3-Windows 7 and 12 Ubuntu Linux). Electricity and cooling cost have stopped me. Electricity is $208 per month to run them. Most contributions are to biology and disease research (World Community Grid, POEM@home, GPUGRID) with some to astrophysics like milkyway@home.

I am a widower - 5 adult children and 10 grandchildren.

I am a radio control flyer and private pilot. I've added the 3DR Pixhawk autopilot to the radio control airplane shown in the photo. It can fly itself with inputs from GPS, 3 axis magnetometer, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis rate gyros, barometer (altitude), and pitotube (airspeed). Wingspan is 9 feet, weight 18.5 lbs, electric power, flight time 15 minutes, stall speed 28 mph, cruising speed 45-60 mph.
I use computers in office Familoop to make this world better
Just a 18 year old nerd who stopped mining and started BOINC :)
Biomedical Engineer BSc
Student, hobbyist, maker, programmer
Fikri Hakim
I am an University Student in Indonesia, right now on Surabaya City
freelancer it