Profiilit D*

Dominar Rygel XVI
It's great to be here.
In English:

I'm Dirk from the almost world-famous village Beuern near Giessen in Hessen/Deutschland (Germany) ;-)
Born in 1973, my hobbies are killing too many time to do other work ;-)
I'm a big Star Trek-fan (really a Trekkie/see picture, me as Captain! A good friend has made this for me! But the picture is old! Actually I don't wear a moustache anymore and my glasses are smaller/the hair is a little faked), hearing music (especially metal of all kind), computing and gaming, reading books and self-writing stories!
I have a website (as you can see above), but it is barely under construction and it may be never finished, because I'm not a great designer and I haven't the time to continue it right now :-(

In Deutsch:

Ich bin der Dirk aus dem weltberühmten Dorf Beuern nahe Giessen in Hessen ;-)
Geboren in 1973, vielseitig interessiert. Manchmal nehmen meine Hobbies zuviel Zeit in Anspruch, um angemessen zu arbeiten ;-)
Bin riesiger
I'm an estimater for a small building company in the winery area of the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.
I enjoy cars, modern music and I keep fit (well I try).
David Thompson is a law student at Stanford Law School.

He will be clerking at the 9th Circuit following his graduation from law school in 2007.
I am a 41 years old Systemadministrator from Vienna - Austria
and the Founder of Team Fair-Crunchers@Austria.

Join the Team : Fair-Crunchers@Austria
De Zwirek
Fifty Words about me:

Canada, Israel, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Yellowknife, Arctic, Galilee, MBA, strategy, computing, married, father, four-kids, paternal, loyal, loving, romantic, sensitive, caring, traditional, theatre, travel, history, fishing, reading, exploring, Jewish, beer, long-island-ice-tea, herring, humour, reliable, literature, walks, nonsmoker, adventurous, bald, fat, 50ish, personable, trainer, explainer, facilitator, liaison, wordsmith, honesty, ethics, fun
David Blackburn
Marines 1957-60. Navy 1962-66. BS Northern Arizona University 1969. JD University of California (Hastings) 1973. Army 1974-87. Navy (Civil Service) 1987-2000. Wife is a Nurse. Son is a Marine Biologist working in fisheries management with the National Marine Fisheries (NOAA). Daughter is a recent college graduate (Philosophy/Religion Studies with minors in Music and International Studies) who is pursuing a Masters for teaching English as a second language (ESL). Created: 7/22/2002 Edited: 10/17/2004
Daniel Roland Gullo
brazillian computer programmer. my hobbies are read , programming and boinc !

CZ: Existuje teorie, ktera tvrdi, ze kdyby jednou nekdo prisel na to, k cemu vesmir je a proc tu je, vesmir by okamzite zmizel a jeho misto by zaujalo neco jeste mnohem bizardnejsiho a nevysvetlitelnejsiho.

Existuje jina teorie, ktera tvrdi, ze uz se stalo.

EN: There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.


AOpen AK73(A)-V, AMD Athlon XP 1700+, arctic cooling Super Silent PRO, Sapphire Rade(k) (J)o(h)n 9000 PRO, Philips BrilliAnce 17A, unknow 512 SDRAM, Western Digital 120GB, Zoltrix Nightingale PRO 6, Genius SW 5.1 Value, Siemens MT50, Well 56K, MSI 48x16x48x .::. Jeste neco Vas zajima? ... Some questions?
Nothing special...
I like Red Dwarf ;-)
David Duvall
My name is David Duvall and I'm from the City of Columbia, State of Missouri, United States of America. With more than a dozen computers and a couple of servers in my house running all of the time I figured they should be contributing to something other than global warming. I started with SETI@Home years ago and then moved to BOINC when it became available. The Scientific Method includes the exclusion of all other possible solutions to a particular problem. If I help in excluding one possible solution to a problem -- then, I have contributed to finding the "real" solution(s) to the problem.
beruf: it-administrator
hobbies: lesen, jazz
ort: ibb
Just trying to help out anyway I can. That's all there is
Sistemista Microsoft Senior
Nice site!
David & Kathy Block
The Block Menagerie: Two humans, two dogs, four cats, 9 parrots, 9 fish tanks, 3 poison dart frog vivariums and one panther chameleon.
Delta - Team Infostore
Modena ( Italy )
IT Prof - 3D Designer
. SkuLLBoCks .
I live in Oklahoma. I am a computer technician. I enjoy building computers and model cars.
Just a Cubs fan, FairTax advocate, political activist, history buff, book lover, 2nd Amendment supporter, and scale model builder who is letting his computers contribute something to humanity while he isn't using them.
Daniel K.

ich 30 Jahre alter und aus Rheinland Pfalz kommender habe kein Ahnung was ich hier mache, aber da meine Computer sowieso laufen und online sind, stelle ich als Wissenschaftsfan, die bescheidene restliche Rechnerleistung die ich habe zur Verfügung (früher für Seti@home classic).
Status: Ich bin verheiratet, noch keine Kinder
Pos.: Nichtraucher! Nun bald 20 Monate
Neg.: Rechtschreibfetischist, Wortverdreher

Lieblingsbücher von: Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams, Frank Schätzing, Stephen King,
Lieblingsmusik von: Crematory, Inchtabokatables, JBO, Kaszebe, Manowar, Theatre of Tragedy
Lieblingsfilme von: Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, M. Night Shyamalan, Quentin Tarantino
Lieblingsspiele sind: Diablo I & II mit Hellfire bzw Lord of Destruction, Majesty, Skat, Spider Solitär
Lieblingsgetränke: B52, Radeberger, Flensburger, Tyskie, White Russian
Lieblingsessen: Bigos, Burgwaldplatte (für 2 Pers.), Kasinoplatte (für 2 Pers.), Nalesniki,
Lieblingstiere: Hunde, Marienkäfer, Ohrenkneifer, Robben
Lieblingssport: Bergwandern, Radfahren, Schwimmen, Sportabwehr aller Truppen, Volleyball
Hobbys: Auto fahren, Essen, solange es nicht aus dem Wasser kommt, Sprachen, Lesen

Daniel Distefano
I'm specially interested in the sharing process of things, for me, sharing knowledge for the use of humanity and it's evolution is a very important fact of life. If I contribute a little, I've help and that's what's important. I studied in system support in a Windows environment and I'm pretty good my Macs also. I live in Canada, Montreal and for my age, well, 47 would be just. My hobbies are cross country skiing, bike, skating and finally walking the woods. Reading would be one of my favorite pass time.
I am an easy going G33K. I live life to the fullest and try to do my best in every en devour. I would love For you to join my team Drama Free Gamers
Daniel Öster

My name is Daniel Öster, and i live in Finland. I'm fourteen years old and my main interests are gaming,pc and overclocking. I usually sit at the computer for 8 hours a day ;P
I mostly have an interest in SETI, we cant possibly be alone this this universe of ours. I also crunch medical and genetics's, we are starting to see the results in medical breakthroughs because of our computations.
Just a 50 something who loves computers and putting them to use. If I can find some more, I'll add them to my list and start them crunching too. Is this an addiction? :)

Our Team

Come join us...
I am from Portugal and I am 22 years old. I study Computer Engineering at the local university (Madeira Islands). I like reading, cinema, classical music (though I do not hear it very often) and a good debate.
Davide Marzotto
I'm from Italy and I'm a student. I like very much science, photography and astronomy.
I'm also interested on computer science, reading and outdoor activity.

When I've a bit of free time I like sky observation and photography with my telescope.

I hope you'd join the AstroAmateur@Home team to help research with us.

Dirk Heinemann
Archeologo da Roma, Italy.
Dimitris Papakonstantis
Distributing computing is a great concept as it allows me to contribute to studies and experiments that I would not have opportunity to get involved with otherwise
Dr. Goulu : Mon Blog
I live in Bloomington Illinois in a 150 year old house. I have lived here three years and the house has become one of my hobbies. I am a retired computer programmer and the first computer I worked on had vacuum tubes and was later retired to the Smithsonian Institute. I retired from IBM on April fools day in 1987 and will be 75 in march of this year. My hobbies are the computer and the piano. I also love to read and have a collection of old books.
The name I use is Portugese, but I'm Scottish. My real name is Gregg, but I have never used it.
I love to play chess and construct web sites, actually I have just I that is on-line: Portuguese).
Im an attorney. I love sailing and adventures.
Hi people!

I`m 19 and i live in Germany. Often i surf in the i-net and read some world news and reports; so i have enough "free CPU" to do some work. I like to read books and speculate with friends about "god and the world".
I was a Beta tester for BOINC and founder of team BOINC@AUSTRALIA currently crunching in most of the BOINC projects. I am an Aussie currently living in Canada. Born in Canada over Sixty-six years ago, lived in Australia most of my life, including 20+ years in the Australian Defence Force (Army).

Don't forget to look at my WEB CAM
-> Stuttgart -> Stutent -> Computeridiot
Ich nutze BAM um Boinc auf mehreren Rechnern besser zu verwalten. BAM ist die beste Erfindung, seit es BOINC gibt.
Dirk and LoriEllen
Me? Ok. We enjoy volunteer grid computing, and for me it is personal as my wife Lori is forcibly retired from nursing due to a spinal injury. We run mostly medical grids as i pray for advances in genetic engineering and one day she can have cell implants and walk again and be 100% normal. Lori enjoys Facebook and reading novels, as for me it's Boinc,Baseball,and work work work :-)
26 y/o male living in Buffalo, N.Y in the USA.
Dusty Rhoads
Retired-38 years federal government. Live in Sylvester, Georgia, USA
Hi, ich bin Martin aus Minden in Deutschland und mein Team ist Borussia Dortmund 1909.

Ich bin zufällig auf Boinc gestoßen und rechne seitdem überwiegend astronomische Projekte, da ich mich für diesen Bereich allgemein interessiere. Liegt wohl an der absoluten Lieblingsserie meiner Jugend: Star Trek TNG. Vielleicht werden wir Menschen uns eines Tages auch einmal so friedlich vereinen, wie dies in der Serie der Fall ist. Und um wenigstens einen kleinen Teil dazu beizutragen, rechne ich gerne an weltweiten Projekten mit, die auf verschiedene Art und Weise dazu beitragen, die Entwicklung und Harmonie von Natur und Menschheit zu verbessern.

Meine Boinc-Chronologie:


24. Nov - Anmeldung bei Seti@Home
28. Nov - Anmeldung bei Einstein@Home


28. Jan - Anmeldung bei RCN und PrimeGrid
24. Mar - Anmeldung bei Rosetta@Home
18. Apr - Erstmals ueber 2.500 Credits an einem Tag
19. Apr -
Doug Worrall
Been Running Seti@home beginning 2005, then Boinc.
Am with TEAM SYNERGY formerly setisynergy
Run many experiments. POTM is ABC@HOME
POTM last Month
(¡·¡¡¡­¡¡¡¡¢¦¡¡¡¡¡®¡¡¡¡)ŽÉ"¢¦ Hello!
i am a relocated housewife from florida. we now live in illinois.i help hubby take care of his mom.
Hello fellow crunchers!
I am a former shipfitter/fabricator (submarines and catamarans), determined at one time to remain a lifelong blue-collar union man but finally succumbed to the "call of the cubicle". :lol:
Now as a production detail planner (submarines), I spend my workdays at a desk developing/issuing manufacturing work packages on a computer and joking with my cubemates. I enjoy surfing the web, reading books and blogs, going to plays, movies and concerts, and spending time with my friends.
David S.
Location ? South of France
Age ? Almost 40
Occupation ? Engineer
Hobbies ? MMORPG :)
Much to learn you still have. -- Master Yoda
Drazz A. Matazzdaspazz
Rope Fetish :)
I'm from Lanesville, IN., I'm 68yrs old, I'm a Xerox Technician, I'm a Ham Operator, KC9KVM, I like looking at the stars though my telescope and I like to ride my Ducati 900ss.
Dean Anker
Retired US Army officer now working in Michigan as a contract compliance manager manufacturing parts for commercial aviation applications.

I was born into an Army family so I spent most of my life traveling around the world. From my birth in Japan to following my Dad and then my career, I was able to see the best and worst of the world.

When I am not working I enjoy time with my family, gardening, reading and being a volunteer algebra teacher.
I am from China Shaanxi. I am 20. I am a student. I am interested in science.
What can I say. I love RPGs and actually play in honest-sit-at-a-table with-other-real-people Star Wars pen and paper RPG and ran a Stargate one. I'm planning a Spell Jammer game to replace the Stargate one, but it will be a while in coming. I did tech support for full time and a bit of database design, but now I am looking for work. My favorite pet was a chameleon and I had a pet snake named Mr. Rogers. I am a huge anime fan & I cross stitch. In other words, I am weird.
Dieter Matuschek
I am a teacher for maths and physics at a school in Bavaria/Germany.
For further information please visit my home page.
Don P.
I am from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada...
Darko Jeftic
Independent artist from Zagreb, Croatia.
Born: 1982.
Passion: theatre, Life.
Homepage: KI - kreativne intervencije

Hello. My name is Christian. I come from Munich in Germany. I`m working as a IT-Administrator in a technical trade company. I like Science Fiction, mostly Star Trek and Babylon 5 and many other series.

I think to support the science in that way is a good thing for me and all of us. To be a part of a big unit with so much people who want to create a more humane society gives me a good feeling. I`m pleased to see, that so many people
work for this and other projects.

That gives me hope, that this planet will not be destroyed by bad people. Let us the world show, that everyone of us can reach something also with little steps.

To work for a better future is really great.

Life long and prosper!!!

See you.

Jestem z Polski, i mieszkam w Michowie. Mam 16 lat. Mój wolny czas kocham spêdzac z moj± dziewczyn± (nazywa siê Patrycja... :wub: [KOCHAM CIÊ!!!]) i lubiê graæ na komputerze, graæ w siatkówkê i graæ w gry komputerowe... :) Kocham Green Day'a, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nickelback, Nirvana, Nightwish, Queen, Rammstein and Within Temptation. :)


I'm from Poland, and i live in Michów. I'm 16 years old. I love spend my free time with my girlfriend (her name is Patrycja... :wub: [I LOVE YOU!!!]) and I like play guitar, play volleyball and play computer games... :) I Love Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nickelback, Nirvana, Nightwish, Queen, Rammstein and Within Temptation. :)
I am into DJing and programming...

Languages learned since 1998
-> Pascal/Delphi
-> Visual Basic
-> Visual C#
-> Java
-> C++ - newbie

Platforms learned

- Desktop

-> Win32/.NET - Windows
-> Java SE - Windows, Linux, Solaris

- Mobile
-> Java ME
-> Windows Mobile
-> Windows Phone
-> Android

And i love to test my custom computer capabilities.
Not only for gaming.
And helping science, is helping yourself...
Darth KomoSan Kenobi


********************LightSabre Service warning! You have now reached 25.000 Deadly or Fatal Cuts.
********(Luke Skywalker didn't and we all know what happend to him,right....NO? Right hand, dude...right hand!)******************

Calibrate, Change Nuclear Batt, Set Mode to "Q8 - JODA Green lightsabre beam" (On Models After '63 Set Mode
DJ Wolf
I am From California USA, 30 years old, Unemployed right now, I play an host MMPOL Games.

I'm from Norway and I work as an HTC service technician at a service center for mobile phones.
Do somethings which could useful to the scinece and technology
Dillon Nicholson
My name is Dillon, and even though I am very young, I enjoy supporting educational orgizations like Boinc or Seti. I play the electric guitar VERY well. I can play almost every AC/DC song and some of eruption. I think this whole ordeal is really interesting and fun.
Dr. Shmurge
Happy crunching to all you out there.
May your goals be achieved!
Dr. C.E.T.I.

Leonardo's Arts Journal . . .

My Public Art Gallery . . .

My MySpace

My Facebook
Dan T. Morris
Hi ! I'm a french student who's want to be a scientist :D
Dr Iggy
Retired from US Federal goverment were I work as System Manager
Work for Hilton International for 7 yrs as Casino Operation Vice-President
Work as IT manager for Florida Hospital
Work for Navieras de Puerto Rico as Terminal Supervisor

Reliance Universal Inc.
Pedma Coatings
US Navy
US Army

Inter- American University, San Juan, Puerto Rico
BA - Concentration Administration
Minor History
Washington State University, Tacoma, Wa
Texas State University, El Paso, Tx

Master in Finance
Minor History

University of Broadwater, Eugene

Gullas University

Honorary PhD
David West
North Carolina
Computer Concepts
I´m from Alicante (Spain). My occupation is economist but always i´m very interested in science and in particular in the astronomy. I´m happy to help with my computer. Many little thigs, makes a big thing.
I work as a data center manager for a small company near Charlotte, NC, USA
VMWare/Windows consultant.
I have a daugther with a genetic disorder, which spured my interest in contributing in humanitarian scientific research.
I'm addicted to series and computers!!!
I am an avid researcher into Astronomy, Quantum particle and mechanical physics as well as the science of Yoga, particularly Kriya Yoga. I am patiently waiting for the LHC, to come on line. This will usher in a Golden Age of Physics.
Decem Technology Team
Group of hardware engineers in Bangkok, Thailand who love bringing technologies to improve quality of living. We are designer of RFID (Mifare) readers for access control, parking and public road toll collection system.

HND Social Sciences at Teesside University.

I like a lot of stuff.
I.T. Expert, Philosopher, Writer/Comedian
Dan Church
Just another Perl hacker.
DynV homepage
Dr. Vvedensky
Kill all humans!
Let's replace the atomic power station with bioreactors on processings humans in the electric power!!!
Hellow i'm DyoGo from Portugal 17 years old

Ich komme aus Wien und möchte ein tolles Team aufbauen.
Bin kein PC Profi und auch kein Wissenschaftler, aber es macht Spaß die Statistiken zu beobachten. Der Wettbewerbsgedanke zählt.
Und ganz nebenbei ist es auch noch sinnvoll.
Dominic Ottaviano
Hello, I am Dominic Ottaviano! I love computers and science. I got into crunching in May of 2008, and I found it very fun. I crunch mostly for space sciences at the moment but i plan to do some medical sciences as well. I live in Georgia, and I am 16 years old, I don't have a job at the moment but i used to do some freelance web design. I love working with computers and playing video games. (λHalf-Lifeλ is my #1)
I am a graphic designer [2d/3d] and programmer/web developer [flash/php/etc.] interested in music [psychedelic, ambient, ethnic, jazz, experimental, uhm... actually too much to count all] computing and sci-fi [mainly 60's russian, polish and US]. Wellll. That's it for now :)
Dees Gerrits
Kamperen in een sportieve tent is mijn manier om de natuur zo close mogelijk te beleven.
Ik houd dan ook van alle weerselementen.
I am 35 years old and I am currently in school, i have three wonderful kids, and I am divorced. There are a lot of things I could say about myself, but I will limit it :) . I wanted to do this now that I have a PC that can help, I want to do my part for science, and I think this is a great way to give back to a cause I believe in.

Dr Caruso
Ich bin der Matthias, 36 Jahre alt und komme aus dem schönen Nordhessen. Bin verheiratet und habe 4 Kinder. Ich bin selbstständig
Meine Hoppy´s sind : Fahrrad fahren, Pc´s, meine Kinder und Boinc.
Me gusta ayudar a la ciencia con BONIC
Pracuję jako operator DTP w agencji reklamowej. Interesuje się fantastyka.
David Black
I'm from Vancouver BC (Canada)
A semi-retired, self employed consultant to small business. At present, I'm just reviewing, editing, formatting and tidying up business plans; financial modelling of companies and monitoring compliance with previously enacted business plans.
I also do photography - vocation and avocation.
I run, work out, play tennis, read trashy novels, like movies (especially sci-fi, myseties and some action films).
I've been doing BOINC projects for several years.
From: Moscow, Russia | AQUA,DrugDiscovery,Milkyway/Collatz at E7300 3.2Ghz, Radeon 3850 HIS turbo GHz | Team: Russia
David C!
Have two PCs running BOINC.
Dave Robbins
Just a fat old geezer in Phoenix, AZ with a lot of CPU time available! Cheers! ;)
Well I'm a computer tech and tractor trailer driver from the North Eastern United States. I know what a combination....a IT tech and a truck driver in one...I have a bunch of obsolete computers just sitting around so I thought it proper to put them to good use instead of just tossing them into the rubbish pile. I Run primarily AMD CPU based systems but have no quarrel putting INTEL, Cyrix, and Motorola CPU cycles to use.
I hale from Kansas City, but travel a lot for work. I'm an IT Consultant, though am lucky in that I love what I do. Technology is a part of both my professional and personal life.
Thibault, 19 ans, Etudiant en Bac Pro SEN.
Living in Oklahoma. I work on alarm systems for a living. Love my job.
Served in the United States Marine Corps
I love to play World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Warcraft, EVE online, Star Wars The Old Republic, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, Stellaris, Masters of Orion, and Sins of a Solar Empire.
I am also a beekeeper.
I'm a Canadian ex-pat, currently living/working in Seattle WA. Technically, I'm a Geotechnical Engineer for a consulting/design company, at least that's what my business cards say. I like rocks, dirt, and making BIG holes in both. Unfortunately, not everyone in Seattle wants big holes in their rocks/dirt, so I travel a lot to job sites all over North America. Most of what I do is field work relating to hydro/wind power production - clean stuff that I don't feel as guilty about so i can sleep at night.

I'm a big fan of QuakeCatcher and ClimatePrediction, but I also do Spinhenge, SETI (since 2003-ish), and a few others.
Doc Burns
I am--
An Anachronist.
A Beat Edwardian Futurist; Noetic Wiccan Buddhist; University Autodidact; Civil Liberties Advocate.
A Writer; Editor; Pain and Pain Control Counsellor/Consultant; Musician; Photographer; Designer, Occasional Teacher/Lecturer/Workshop Leader; Pipe Tobacco and Tea Blender.
BA-Psychology/English; MA-Abnormal Psych; MFA-Creative Writing; PhD-Psycho-Linguistics; Post Grad-Forensic Psychology and various other subjects.
Interests and Passions, Vocations and Avocations include:
Music: (Bass, Guitars, Keys, MIDI, Percussion, Engineering and Production, Instrument Design and Construction, Listening and Enjoying); Book, Pipe, Antique and Multiple Other Collections; Electronics; Particle Physics; Cosmology; Fly Fishing; Cooking and other disparate pursuits.

Due to disability, retired from, but still involved with Global Travelling; Rock, Ice, Alpine and High Altitude Climbing; Cruising and Deep Sea Sa
Bin halt wissenschaftlich ambtioniert.
I believe that over the past century regular consumers got an overwhelming computing power in their hands that is mostly idle or used for entertainment.

By contribunting to BOINC projects we can do better than distribute cat videos worldwide...
Ich finde es wichtig sich frühzeitig Gedanken um die Erde und das Weltall und das Leben zu machen.

Deswegen möchte ich Forschungen unterstützen.
Just a woman with an interest in computers, science and possibilities. Nothing special...

Er ist
Wir sind wir
Jeder ist ein Idividuum

Ich glaube das ist eine gute nöglichkeit personen zu beshcreiben den es ist nunmal jeder ein Individuum und verschieden und wie jemand ist kann man nur durch persönlichen Kontakt erfahren demnach

wenn ihr was über mich wissen wollt fragt und wenn ihr mich kennt wisst ihr es in der Regel sowieso.
Also keine Scheu einfach fragen

P.S.: gleiche gilt meiner Meinung nach auch für Hobby, Beruf etc.
Dick und Doof
my name is paul, 49 years old and i live in germany close to the baltic sea. i think, DC is a great idea and will help scientist all around the world to rise the knowlege of mankind.
The science will Win!
Duke of Buckingham [TeaM]
54 years old, work with sound and edition. A cruncher on most of the time.
Working at the Technical University of Munich as a researcher for gearing systems
Dominik Matus
I am from Czech republic. I am member of Czech national team. My website:
Currently studying for a PhD in English Poetry at Bristol University. Long term plans include getting a job (eventually) though probably will involve some kind of benefit claim. I Surf whenever I can (not often enough) and play wargames whenever I can't. My other loves are PC Gaming, Blues Harmonica, Reading (Sci-Fi) and Writing (both Fiction and Poetry).
Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh, and cruel. But it doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world is as it should be, to show it what it can be.

"For I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. "
- Thomas Jefferson
Softwareentwickler aus Koblenz
1. computer
OS: Windows 7 x64
CPU: QuadCore Intel Core i5-2500K, 3400 MHz
RAM: 8 Gb
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 - 1280MB
LAN: 50Mb/s
Dirk Broer
I'm a 56-year old 2nd line helpdesk engineer from the Netherlands,
specialized in Lotus Notes application and user support.
Currently in-between jobs, which leaves time for my hobbies:
Building PC's, Distributed Computing, reading Science Fiction, WW2 Aviation and Speed Skating Statistics.
Dave Medlin
I am retired from the USAF. I enjoy hiking with my dalmatian and finding geocaches.
I'm currently a student at New Mexico Tech. Been using Boinc since I was in middle school and I plan on using it till the day I die!
DSA dsa04
Como são múltiplas as ocasiões para o mal-entendido e para a ruptura hostil!
My e-mail:
DJ GrumpyPants
Teir 1 IT support guy.
Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti
I am a Ph. D. student in Artificial Intelligence with a background in software development. In my golden years of volunteer computing, I was responsible for the upkeep of a small lab whose machines were configured to run BOINC on their free time. Nowadays, I own a workstation which I use to run CPU and GPU intensive algorithms and whose idle time I am also trying to donate to BOINC.
I'm a selfemployed, eletronical engineer from Denmark
I joined seti@home back in the early 90's but lost my account information after a break in being connected to the seti network. But I'm back with new and larger machines, hoping to make a difference:unsure
Kind Regards,
Dan/Denmark a:-)
I am a complete novice at this!:blush: I am Chief Operating Officer at a not-for-profit in NYC that offers services to those individuals with disabilities who are homeless and/or who have experienced domestic violence.
I'm in love with LISA, The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. LISA is a collaborative ESA/NASA mission to detect and observe gravitational waves. LISA will interferometrically measure the changes in distance between free-falling proof masses that are due to gravitational waves.
I am Dario666 and I caculate only on CPU. I'm not sick :)

Deputy Dutch
I am A DJ !!
Hi! I'm an Astronomy student from Italy! I really like science, and I'd like to be a researcher, but for the moment I hope I'll help research with BOINC projects :)
I'm a Star Trek fan (power to the blue shirts :D ), but I love science fiction in general, and I also appreciate fantasy books and adventure games, the Myst saga in particular (as you can see from my profile image, taken from Uru Live).
I love martial arts, particularly Jujitsu, that I actually practise (so don't make me angry, ok? :elol: )
i'm from a distant galaxy and i come i peace :D
My 2 dogs allow me to live with them in house which I am repaying. They are nice to me :lol:

I want to trust, that old hardware which is not used for business anymore can still help to others via BOINC
Dave gpu SETI.USA
antistatic flooring consultant
Network Admin, Computer Tech, Gamer, Blogger..
Dan McKay
Used to have a Starwood acct. where I'd got most of the folks in my dept to set up a very out-of-the-way installation on these really powerful (for the time) mac graphics workstations. I think that's why I've got as much credit as I do, but maybe it's all from my own machine and home. I don't recall, but I have been at this a while. If there's still a Starwood account*, then I guess not, but you can still blame me for that one too I guess.

Anyhow, finally got this working properly on my linux box. A lot has changed in the project world. This BAM thing seems convenient. Interesting to see things like the radioactivity mapping project which involve sensors and local input beyond number crunching.

* thought I remembered it at a couple million, right up there w/ a couple universities
Dale Cavanaugh
Live in N.E. Ohio :amellow:
Dirk Mende (Child of planet earth)
Wissen und Verständnis für die positive Zukunft unserer Welt, und unserer Position im Kosmos aufbauen. Auf eine Art & Weise, wie sie mir im "normalen" Leben nicht möglich wäre!:)
Daniel Seichter
software engineer for business applications and interested in physics and my world is full of logic.

One goal in my life is to visit the CERN :)
Physicist and computer enthusiast
I'm retired after 34 years as a scientist and research lab manager with Xerox. I'm living in Colorado, enjoying building fast computers, leading hikes with Colorado Mountain Club, leading trail-building crews with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, and singing with the Boulder Bach Festival.
Didier Bouiges
Spanish studient. I hope Computer Engineering & Mathematics :D
I spent more than six years in the USAF overseas. I've worked for some of the largest top 100 companies but am now disabled due to an injury in the service.. So I'm semi-retired...(y)(y)
CAD System Administrator
US Navy
18.5+ Years of Service
CPU: Intel i5 3570K @ 4.2GHz
RAM: 16GB @ 2400MHz
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 @ 1500MHz

CPU: Intel i5 2500 @ 3.3GHz

CPU: Intel C2Q Q6600 @ 3.6GHz
Software Engineer, CTO and fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Bleach, and lots more
Dave Attebery
I have come here to chew bubblegum and crunch numbers...and I'm all out of bubblegum