Profiilit C*

Hello BOINC world, here's Cori speaking! Greetings from beautiful Germany! :)

I'm a freelance video editor and my work is my hobby... *LOL*
I love my computers and working with them. When not getting square eyes from watching screens I like reading thrillers/crime novels.
And, of course, BOINC is my hobby, too! If I could change my cobblestones into €uro I'd never have to work again... :D
The flash of lightning drew my outline, see from the left side of the photo
Moin Moin
Carlos Padilla
Soy Carlos Padilla, soy orgullosamente Mexicano, tengo 27 años y gracias al proyecto SETI el cual fue el responsable a que me uniera a los proyectos que tengo y siempre quise unirme a proyectos que sean para beneficio para todos.
China greatbird
my name is greatbird.
I'm from China...&I live in Canton City~~~
and 20 years old in DC2007
en~~~~i 'm a college student....
i 'm interesting in searching E.T.....and all scientific reaserch ... the way,,,,I want my nation can be more free and the people in our side can have a beatific living
"[...]Ein Erfolg ist SETI@home bereits heute und unabhängig davon, ob am Ende Signale fremder Zivilisationen aufgespürt werden. Denn es hat ein doppeltes Beispiel gesetzt. Zum einen für die nie zuvor mögliche Popularisierung und Demokratisierung von Spitzenforschung. Das Projekt bereitete, wie die Financial Times resümierte, `den Weg für jeden, der eine komplexe Rechenaufgabe zu lösen hat und der an die Imagination und die Rechenkraft von PC-Besitzern rund um die Welt appellieren kann´. Zukünftige Kandidaten für derlei Kollektivrechnerei sind genetische Forschungen zwecks Krankheitsbekämpfung oder ökologische Klimaberechnungen.

Darüber hinaus aber gibt SETI@home ein Beispiel für die unterschwellige Stärke spiritueller Interessen. Als kollektive Anstrengung ist das Projekt das digitale Äquivalent zu den technisch hoch entwickelten und religiös motivierten Gemeinschaftsunternehmungen anderer Hochkulturen, etwa zum Bau der Pyramiden oder zur Errichtung mittelalte
I'm an I.T. professional in SO Cal and spend all my free time with my horses unless I have to deal with a computer on the fritz.
Cannibal Corpse

SETI@home | Rosetta@Home
Sapienti sat...
I like the appearance and having all stats in one place.
I go to Michigan State University, where I have degrees in both Physics and Astrophysics. I am currently studying to be a secondary education teacher in Physics and Mathematics.
My name is Alex, and in my apprenticeship for electronics a workmate showed me the seti@home-project.

Before, I only recognized SETI because of the movie "Independence Day" and the Coca-Cola-Commercials, and I thought, the whole thing was only fiction, but he proved the opposite to me.

As the standalone-application SETI@HOME was integrated into BOINC (which was stressing to me in the beginning ), I discovered other interesting projects and participated either.

In my free-time I read much about science, technology and research (mostly in Wikipedia and P.M.), so it´s no question to me to participate in BOINC, because it´s free and so I can do something good for mankind.

Mein Name ist Alex, und während meiner Ausbildung zum Industrieelektroniker hat mich ein Ausbildungskollege auf das SETI-Projekt aufmerksam gemacht.

Ich kannte das Projekt vorher nur aus dem Film "Independence Day" und aus der Coca-Cola-Werbung, und dac
Cavalierenero [Sicily]
hello world, my name is Sal (-vatore)! I am an old boy of 35 years old, Italian of Sicily, working as a representative of alarm systems and are a lover of science and history.
Name : Rudi - Alter: 51 Jahre Geb in Deutschland - lebe jetzt auf Teneriffa
Hi! I'm Cicciograna, a Physics student at Federico II, Naples. I'm 22 and I love Science in all its aspects, from Subnuclear Physics to Astronomy, from Chemistry to Nanotechnologies. I'm aRPG player, currently playing "Exalted" but with a long story of D&D adventuring: I love RPG! My girlfriend studies Physics too, with me: she's wonderful! So what could I say? Hello world!
My Name is Sascha and come from Germany/Moenchengladbach ;
Birthday: 10.10.75 ; 1,82m ;

SETI is super!
Csatari Peter - Magyarorszag - Szolnok
Chris Wille
My name is Chris Wille. I am a recent graduate from the University of Washington Bothell. I graduated with a Major in Business Finance and a Minor in Business Management. Upon graduation I began full-time work as a Associate Financial Advisor for a leading Financial Planning firm where I make investment recommendations for the affluent.

This last summer in July of 2006, I married my wonderful wife Lindsey after alomst five years of dating. Lindsey and I met in college and have been going strong ever since (no hiccups as of yet :).

Also upon graduation, a fellow student and I Toby Barnett started a small consulting business called TW Resource Group. We provide small businesses with internet marketing solutions to help them achieve ulitmate success in a avenue they have yet to pursue. We have had a lot of success over our first two years and are excited to build our company to become a key player in the greater Northwest.
I'm from Paris, XIII°
Seattle, WA
Carlos Manta Oliveira
Electrical Engineer, currently working on PhD on Image Processing.

Interests are Hiking and Mountain activities, Photography, sports mainly Squash and Ultimate Frisbee
Mit Boinc / Bam nutze ich den Leerlauf meines Rechners wenigstens sinnvoll =)
I hail from Malaysia and I'm very happy to contribute my significat resources, albeit at miniscule for the benefit of mankind. If we humans can be grided as well as this, I cannot begin to imagine the amount of wonderful things that we can achieve.
Cody Tudor
I am an Electrical Engineer student out of Sacramento, CA. I have interest in Aerospace research as well as fuel resource and nano component technology. I am married with one child, my little girl is the breath of my life. I take great pride in my achievments and research, am also very determined to preserve this planet for our collective future.
Chris Craven

I'm from Hannover, married for long years ago, have 3 childs, 2 grandchilds and a dog ;-) and ... also many jokes!
My hobbies are Computer, Motorcycle.

Hannover .... the EXPO-City of 2000 in Germany.

My name is Carlos, and I am from the UK. I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve crunching! ;)(y):D
I am a law student on Masaryk's University in Brno. I'm interested in sciences of all kind especially environment studies and astronomy.
In knowing the teachings of Zerthimon I have become stronger.
Chris Sack
Carlos Henrique S. Santos
I am from Brasil (with the S) and I am almost 50 years old.
Working with Industrial Automation (Offshore).
My hobbies are collections, studying, music and more...
Proud member of eksi sozluk cpu power.

Helping science projects one package at time.
I am a large turtle.
Sex / Age / Status: Male / 24 / Single
Looking To: Meet Aliens
Build / Height: Average / 6 ft 0 in
Hair / Eyes: Black / Black
Birthday: September 24
Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Interests: Like music (Turntabalism),movies,Basketball, like to read magazines (tech stuff !) and really interested in anything related to Cosmos.
As a person on disability, its hard to say I've done much personally that would compare to most of the people crunching data for BOINC projects, in fact rather am just a person who is enthusiastic about the idea of helping out the science community and lending my extra computer time to advance progress in our world. My hobbies are playing video games, hiking outdoors, and all reading up on all things science related such as Cosmology and Physics, to Human and Animal Biology. Its all very fascinating to me.
Charles DeMarco
I'm an I.T. guy working in Prescott Arizona. I've had cancer twice and have been healthy and out of treatment almost two years. I am looking for ways to help fight this disease and support those beset by it. As Lance Armstrong says "It is the biggest killer of Americans under age 85". It's time to throw the full wieght of our culture against this plague.
FLOSS activist, physicist, CS PhD PGP 2E63 EF06 BBE9 68B4 E887 AD10 F4B4 A141 4B2F 9555
Claude G. Beaudoin
From Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Work as a Product Marketing Manager for a payment terminal manufacturer. Hobbies involve computing, smart card/RFID/NFC technologies and I'm a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor.
Technicien dans l'industrie ( électricité , automatisme , maintenance des systèmes automatisés )
Crunchers For More Power

die Crunchers For More Power, kurz CFMP, sind eine nette, kleine Gruppe von SETI.Germany-Mitgliedern, die beschlossen haben, gemeinsam auf die Suche nach E.T. zu gehen (und dabei den einen oder anderen Platz gutzumachen ;) ). Zur Zeit crunchen folgende Mitglieder auf den gemeinsamen Account: Zero2Cool, HiNuN, SirBeam, Rumburuk und last but not least, Freunde und Bekannte der genannten :). Zusammen sind wir ein starkes Team im Team und eine lustige Truppe sowieso.

Bis bald, die CFMP.

My personal background
Hi All..
I'm from Best, State Brabant, the Netherlands (Holland).
I'm a person!
Colorado. 59 years. Consultant to mining and security industries. Cycling, reading, geo-politics.
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About me? 36 yrs, male, non-native Texan (but still damn proud!)
I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. And I am proud to be a participant in BOINC-projects, specially those seeking new drugs and cures for various human disorders. My hobbies are but a few, most of the time you can find me behind my personal computer, the rest of the time I like to make life as comfortable as possible, by going out to my favorite restaurants or renting a movie to watch at home together with my friend.
Cavaliere Errante
Cavaliere errante ...cavaliere senza terra, pace, castello e amore ...cavaliere errante per le terre desolate senza legge ...cavaliere solo perso nel tempo senza pace nel cuore ...cavaliere fermo a guardare questo meraviglioso rosso tramonto.
Cavaliere! giurai un giorno ...cavaliere coraggioso senza terra, pace, castello e amore.
Cavaliere errante ancora una volta galoppa veloce sul suo bianco cavallo per le terre sconfinate senza legge di chi giurò di rinunciare a tutto, forse anche alla sua pace e la sua casa.
Cavaliere errante solo nella notte ma con nel cuore però sempre una fiamma accesa per ricordare a tutti che un dio c'è anche se molte volte non lo vogliamo vedere.
Cavaliere errante galoppa ancora, veloce nella notte ancor distante è l'orizzonte.
I run multiple computers as a hobby. Just thought it would be cool to try seti back in the 90's.
Me llamo Jose. Vivo y soy de Zamora (España). Nací­ un 11 de abril de 1973. Mi profesión es electromecánico de máquinas y mis aficiones son sobre todo los animales, informática y luego cosillas varias.:blush:
Help each other.
Comstock Computer lab test. organized by Jake Mueller and Derek Berger
Hi, to everyone.
I'm Lino live in Napoli, Italia. Am a teacher in a middle school, teach music and my first passion is astronomy. So I like every thing that has relations with the Space.
Obviously I like the Science Fiction, of course. Starting with all the Star Trek series, going to the Battlestar Galactica and the amazing Stargate, SG1 and Atlantis.
My preferred music style is the classic one, with the great Beethoven at head, but I like all the music that isn't copied from classic and romantic authors. Queen are one of my preferreds of modern players.
Chris S
If I told you, I'd have to shoot you afterwards.....
US male. Into just about anything sci-fi/fantasy related, horror, some war, and non-fiction as well. I like strategy games, and RPG's. Play D&D on occasion
Kayseri - Sarız ilçesindenim, yazılım ile uğraşıyorum,
Chris Marion
I am currently running SETI@, Einstein, and LHC
Cahit Lakay
I am 52 years old and I am a teacher...(music) I am playing classic violin...
From Northeast Indiana, USA. mid-level Engineering manager. When not at work, like Sci-fi, gardening, woodworking (craft size items), reading, playing with computers (have too many at home). 2 high school kids with good grades, into music including Marching Band.
Carlos Rincon
Crunching and playing metal free, ha ha!
Rien à dire, rien à faire
I am 58 years old and retired. Since 1986 I have been a Mac Freak and this has never left me. I worked for Apple for 10 years and am gratified to see the company do so well. I live in the Virginia countryside with my wife of 24 years. We have raised 3 kids and are hoping for a grand-baby soon. I enjoy working/playing with my Mac, photography and collecting stamps. I do have a telescope which I love to gaze through, not nearly often enough and I am far from an astronomer.

Pozdrowienia dla ludzi PG!
CJ in Seattle [BlackOps]
I'm an IT Tech working in Seattle. I love the thought of using idle computers for scientific research.
My name is Sean Reilly, I live in Bixby Knolls, CA a section of North Long Beach. I am currently working for Starbuck's as a Barista after 28 years in the Banking/Mortgage Industry. I am an avid SciFi fan, love Music in almost all forms but rap, I am a Chef and owner of a gourmet specialty food company called Gourmet-2-Go.
Crystal Pellet
My interests are: Weather, Computing, Cycling, Nature and News.
My nickname and avatar have a relation with my 41 years duty in Meteorological Information:
Weather observing, analyzing, sensoring, weather data communication, implementing radar and satellite images, testing meteorological equipment and software and managing Meteorological systems.

I like numbers, stats and competition.
That's why I'm a proud member of the BOINCstats team.
I live in Sikeston Missouri. I"m into UFO's, paranormal, politics, and to many other things to mention.
The Collegio Timpano is a residence for students of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.
Hi, I'm Alex, Russian student,live near Moscow and want help science. Also I'd like to make wold better with my computer))

I like the idea to help, with a bunch of good people, science to progress without being a scientist myself. I hope we can find something that can help humanity. The BOINC idea is really great.

I crunch for Russia, the best team in the galaxy!
City of Elgin
i am a compulsive viewer of Boinc stats/Bam........This unfortunately doesnt increase my crunching

power .) I do however realise, i am one seriously big lottery win away from being the greatest cruncher

this planet has ever seen .) we can but dream...........Big thanks to Willy @ Boinc Stats/ BAM for turning me into a

stats addict........
Age:20 a student
Interested in Computer and art
or any friendship.

Da Pistoia
Technology Twister and modifier,
Hi, there.. I'm from little Denmark.

Retired emergency responder
Wir betreiben hier in Dortmund einen amb. Pflegedienst. Ich selbst komme ursprünglich aus dem Bereich IT-Consulting. Das ist auch der Grund, warum ich hier hobbymäßig mitmache.
Über mich gibt es nichts zu erzählen
Chris cdw
... just another Swiss guy crunching for fun...
Hi! is proud to be involved in BOINC!

Hej! jest dumne z tego, że bierze udział w BOINC!
Christopher Herr [TeaM]
Hi everyone,
I am a 30+ year old business information scientist and come from a small village in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, around 30 km away from its capital Stuttgart.
Due to a remark of one of my favourite information science professors about gridcomputing and BOINC during one of his lectures at university, I surfed the web in the afternoon back in 2005 looking for BOINC and I got hooked up easily with SETI, since we all together can by using BOINC help make this small blue planet a better place for all living beings, and perhaps solve some of the most important mysteries of mankind and science. I joined a lot of other projects with the time and since March 2010 I am quite "active" again, crunching workunits from projects I find fascinating or scientifically interesting.
I'm an IT Security consultant working on long time projects for large governmental organisations. I'm interested in physics, but also photography, and many other things.
I live in Brussels, Belgium.
I'm 29 from New York but I live in Atlanta,GA , right now I'm studying in astrophysics and cosmology. I love to help out and support projects like those listed on this site with my free cpu/gpu time. I'm a huge video gamer , love PC games and consoles alike.

I love to travel (when I can) but I also like to meet new people and do things around town (go out for drinks , concerts and socializing).
I'm an engineering student in Oulu Finland. I specialize in Software Development.
Christian Hildebrandt
Cristian Videla
"...some men see things as they are and say: why? I dreams things that never were, and say: why not?..."
Capn John
Retired, living in Canada. Processing malaria control and C4CW tasks as well as CEP 2 tasks intermittently.
ClimEEC; The Eco Expert Cluster

We offer environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Passive and Low Energy Houses, Energy Saving Insulation and Renovation, Green Electricity, Use of Natural Products...
These are only a few of our services and products we offer. Bringing good quality work back to daily business.
Currently resident of Nikolayev, Ukraine. (Y)
Investment banker turned missionary. Normally working in Southern Africa, but now back in Cornwall, UK for medical reasons. Love God, love family and friends and love helping people I don't know.
Born in Chadron, Nebraska. Have lived in Omaha, Nebraska most of this life, with a brief stint in Medford, Oregon during late 1979/early 1980. My great loves are the richness of space and awareness, bicycles/bicycling, reading and learning to allow my true SELF to emerge. Basically, learning to let life live me more than trying to live life.
french IT
Ex-jogador de basquete, trabalhando com cosméticos hoje em dia, querendo fazer parte dessa familia pra mudar a coisa mais bela que nos foi dado como presente, que é nosso planeta.
Acredito muito em força superior do bem, que chamamos de "Deus".
Teacher, Mentor and Writer
A former Gypsy chef, turned networking professional, with an interest in both datacenter networking and celliar data networking (lte,umts, etc). Obsessive about food, books (the real kind, ink on dead tree, covered with dead cow)
I live in NC. I love movies and reading. I'm married and we have 6 cats (our children).
Ph.D student who majors organic chemistry at University of Tokyo
Hey All, My name is Neil and I am from Toronto, Canada.
Clyde Bain
I am from Florida, 72 years old, retired, interested in culture and sciences. I enjoy camping, hiking, swimming.
Carlos R. Moreira
Born Nov/74, Living in Gramado/RS - Brazil

I've started with Seti@Home back in 1999/2000 and kept till 2004, after couple years away i'd the opportunity to join again crunching data and helping out. Now i'm building a small farm as hobbie, so far i've 4 PC's crunching dataz in my farm ^^, soon as i get some spare time i'll setup a site with my farm info, pics, etc. @ domain: DigitalStorm BOINC Farm
Chris Wiseman
Dedicated to serving business owners and executives find the Fun, Profit and Unique Company Culture in their business.

Every year Americans start 600,000 new businesses, 70% of new business survive for at least two years. Roughly half go on for five years and within 10 years, approximately 66% closed. In other words, if you want a business that lasts, you have a 33% probability of success, however that is much lower in particular industries that near 90%+ failure rates.

Three of the most common reasons for business failure are lack of planning, poor management and lack of alignment where the company is not focused on what it is passionate about doing, what purpose it serves in the marketplace, and what it can be profitable at.

One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching is having a client who reaches the point where his or her "busyness" is transformed into a true business; a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without them, allowing them to have
Christian B.
A Cantonese from China
Cesar Sanchez
CM Computerservice is a 2012 founded little company. We would like to help the research with our compute power. BOINC is used for our stability tests and it works fine.
Carmina Iguana
Biology measurements by day,
Astronomy photometry & related statistics by night.

Deeply ensconced into Kansas. Quiet. Really old.

English more or less competently when sober,
français d’une certaine façon, quoi.
University student who also is a brony. Just letting others use my gaming PC for a good cause.
`My name is Courtney and I am from Dunedin, Florida. I am 27 years old and recently am the proud new mommy of my beautiful son Jaxon. I graduated this December from the University of South Florida with my Bachelors in Marketing. I really have grown to distain my degree. My interest in science has been incredibly immense since I was little. Everyone in my family seems to be a doctor. Unfortunately, trying to set myself apart from my family, I pursued a business degree. I regret that decision more and more each day. However, I am going back to school for a certification program to become an elementary school teacher. This way, I can share my love of science with children and hope I can inspire them to be the people they are meant to be,
`My hobbies include; music,my longboard skateboard, surfing, drawing, going to the beach, keeping in shape and reading. Currently, I am a stay-at-home, single mom until I finish my certification. My son keeps me busy, so I am unable to pursue many
Cryptologic Technician in U.S. Navy. Senior Technical Writer.
WKU Student
Grew up in eastern PA and lived for years in NYC and suburbs. Attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Worked as a solid state chemist and crystal grower. Interested in chemical applications of symmetry in electronic and spectroscopic properties of materials.
Love classical music--especially baroque and particularly works by Bach (no one has ever done it better!! Always in awe of his compositional genius. Enjoy playing my keyboard and cello. Interested in music of the lute by SL Weiss, and other 17th century german composers--so beautiful.
Also, I like tropical plants especially varieties of aralia and I have a few too many orchids (my varigated vanilla vine is fast becoming the plant from Little Shop
of horrors.
Engineering Technician in semiconductor technology development, living in Oregon. I am a performance enthusiast when it comes to computing, automotive, and sports. I like building PCs, mining crypto, tuning car engines, playing shred metal on guitar, and playing basketball.
Cosmin Stanescu
Student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Automatic Control,
Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.
Passionate with genetics, physics, but especially astrophysics and aerospace.
Love science and just feel as doing my probably insignificant part towards the improvement of humanity.
Currently in software automation on high performance linux clusters and large remote (cloud) data sets. Previously enlisted US Navy Corpsman. Based out of American Fork, Utah, USA.
Member of US Navy
Husband, father, coder, Brony.
Aeronautical Engineering Student
Barcelona, Spain
I personally research the Internet. The Internet must be used for the ultimate survival of life. We need the Internet to communicate with superior beings & intelligent life on earth. Then the power of true peace & intelligence. Will guide us to ultimate survival in other worlds in space. The true good shall reign the internet for ultimate control for this to all happen.


Formerly the second assistant scribe to the Chief Brainic of The High Council of Gallifrey, I am now stranded in Grimsby, England after a fatuous egotist calling himself "The Doctor" kicked me out of his TARDIS after discovering that I was hitchhiking around Spacetime disguised as an Englishman.
I am currently working on a new multi-dimensional phase transition manipulator, that I am fashioning from a Type 1a supernova and a packet of custard cream biscuits. aB-)
Charles Walbeck
Retired. U.S. Army

Computer enthousiast from Leuven!

System specs: Intel 4790K@4.0GHz & MSI GeForce GTX 960.

I love to help science with all the power I have!

When I'm not contributing to science I'm producing some EDM, check it out here!
Mining@EVGA Mining Team for BOINC Coin or (Indirect) money generating
Crunching@EVGA The Number One Team in the BOINC Community.
Folding@EVGA The Number One Team in the Folding@Home Community.
I'm from Phoenix Arizona. I'm 45 and work as a NOC manager for a medium sized data center. I'm a casual gamer, and when I'm not gaming my pc is crunching BOINC projects. I enjoy modeling, mostly planes, sailing ships, and military models.

CptCranky's Projects
CptCranky's Mega Milestones

Retired integrated circuit design engineer
I run a small business in rural South Australia. I enjoy PC gaming and have always had a number of PCs running something like World Community Grid since first installing Seti@home sometime in 99.
I'm working for Comindware® is a fast-growing, global enterprise software company delivering innovative Business Operations Management solutions enabling performance and efficiency optimization.
I love Happy Tree Friends :)
BS Biology, with minors in Math and Chemistry -- LSU-Shreveport
Chem technician Shell Chemicals - catalytic reforming and polymer synthesis - 2 patents for long-chain polymer termination group.

:-s...OK, My wife and I met in a hospital trauma bay one afternoon, and we have not been apart since. It's a little more interesting than that but who has 20 plus years to sit around and listen to our life story when there are so many other stories out there to listen to. Suffice it to say we were born, had way different views of the world and paths we were on until some power greater than ourselves brought us to each other. She was the nice girl down the street that wanted world peace, I was the kid down the block the scared the parents to death with all the things that any kid with imagination and the will does, dose. I went into the Marine Corps, she went into being a mother. While being a wife and mother she had a husband that was "Oh, really? A teacher?" that caused her to loose the ability to walk. That's all she lost. But he dumped her bout the time I launched college career an became a licensed nurse which seems quite a stretch from Marine-Its not. Our paths connected 9 years l
Amateur artist.
I am a Digital Media Specialist for a medical publication company. I enjoy technology and science.
Charitos Chrysovalantis
Carsten Voges
IT and physics
Information Systems student