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Bako Peter
I am from Slovakia and I was born on 09. 03. 1980 in Prešov. I am bussines man. I am interrested in all technological news and science.
I'm a computer scientist from Glasgow, Scotland. I've been into distributed computing for several years. The beginnings of when it became an addiction were when I joined and ran the cancer project for a while, leaving my sole computer on 24/7. After a while I then discovered Find-A-Drug, which I believed to be a better project all round. What had really sold it to me was the Multiple Sclerosis work they were doing. That project shut at the beginning of this year and since then I have become a mercenary, pushing Ars Technica in just about every project.

Over the past two years my farm has grown from 633 MHz to almost 30 GHz. And it might get bigger yet ;-)

I love distributed computing because it's such a simple concept. It's almost recycling - we gather the unused cycles and put them towards a worthy aim, something that might make a bit of difference to the world. Some of us take it a bit too far and have large personal farms, but hey it's an addiction. But th
Hallo mein Name ist Martin, alias Beutlin und bin am 19.03.1959 geboren, komme aus Ganderkesee aus dem schoenen Oldenburger Land in Niedersachen Germany.
Arbeite als Betriebselektriker in Bremen, bei einem grossen Automobilkonzern wo ich neben S7- Programmierung auch alle Elektrischen-Anlagen warte und betreue. Darueber hinaus bin ich noch als Administrator fuer Anlagenserver da.
Fight for any diseases
You want to know more about me? Click here.

Around 1999 I got curious about distributed computing after having seen and installed the SETI@home client. I was so fascinated that I founded, which is a German website with very detailed information about all distributed computing projects. Shortly afterwards other distributed computing fans found their way to the message boards on the site and we crunched as a team.

Since 2005 the e.V. is a non profit association with members from all over Germany and try to support all those projects in every manner we can.

* We crunch like crazy :)
* We tell other people about DC projects, even in radio and newspaper interviews.
* A German book about distributed computing projects (and the science behind) is in preparation.
* And best of all: We have so much fun discussing the projects, their scientific background and everything. We also have a yearly party where we meet in real life.

We are open to everybody and

Bob Bowen
I was born in San Diego California, after six years on the east coast as a child, I came back to San Diego, and recently moved to Simi Valley California. I have two kids... Hilda & Christopher.

I have a Great Online Marketing Organization at:
Bober [B@P]
I come from Warsaw and I am in the greatest Polish team BOINC@Poland.
Salut !
Je suis Français, je travaille comme technicien micro/réseaux.
J'espère, avec ma petite contribution, faire évoluer la recherche médicale avec le projet Rosetta (65% des ressources) et je garde quand même la tête dans les étoile avec mon premier amour : Seti (35%)
I'm a member of BOINC Synergy!

Our Project of the Month (POTM) is an opportunity to vote and participate in various different scientific endeveours.

For our member's convience, a listing is provided to show how different projects run on different hardware.
Bruno G. Olsen & ESEA @ greenholt
Some of you already know me or know of me ;) I started in the Distributed Computing "game" back in 1999, by joining SETI@home shortly before they launched officially. When I switched to the BOINC platform in the fall of 2004, I became hooked more than ever, and have since joined every BOINC project I could find.

I spend most of my free time on BOINC in one way or the other - if it's not working on my teams web site, I'm working on BOS (BOINC Online Schedulers), and if I'm not working on that, I'm doing something other BOINC related.
I'm 32 years old from Pretoria, South Africa. I have my own business. My main line of business is Payroll deductions and Client administration, but I also do web site design, Delphi, php, javascript, html programming.

I only have two hobbies. One is anything to do with space, and the other is I'm a sci-fi fan (Mainly Star Trek)
Boogyman Munster
I am a retired and currently disabled Navy ET with a wonderful wife and two teen age children. I specialized in computer hardware installation, maintenance and repair while in the Navy.
I'm a 30something classical musician, and play the

I love all music, my better half and two boys, any hi-tech gadget, sci-fi, fine wine, german wheat beer, and am a Cricket tragic.. You can see me here!

Also a proud member of the best team on the PLANET!

I like to BOINC in lots of different projects:

Bruno Ramone
Interesuje siê Boincem, stra¿± po¿arn±, komputerami i muzyk± rockow±. Ulubiony zespó³ - RAMONES
Retired Techie 1968 to 2016 one company just over 48 years. Served in US Air Force during Vietnam Era. Active in The American Legion in Dallas TX.

Barbud [USA]
Biomedical Site Manager, CBET.
Husband & Father.
Hello. I'm from Poland. I'm 23 yaers old. I study on Silesian University of Technology. I like volleyball and fishing.My dream is Subaru Impreza.
Before i started cruching in BOINC my comps work in I spent there almost 2 years but i think that BOINC is more future platform so i'm here now :)
Lets crunch guys !!

ps. on the photo you can see my girlfriend and my car. Little white lion:)
A member of the Christias distributed computing teams. I BOINC for fun. I crunch for the country of Saint Kitts and Nevis because I'd like to visit there sometime. I had never heard of the country before.
check us out here - PiTime @ Home
I'm a science nut interested in most anything involving science. I'm 48, interested in photography, antique boating, computing, space and the environment. I'm married with one adopted 14 year old Korean daughter.
Bo Andersen
I'm from Denmark, and work at FMTS a "Technican School".
I'd like to see computers being used to something else as entertainment and typewriter.
And I think Seti and Predictor is doing exately that ...
I have been crunching since 1999 and it's just plain fun. Besides user and team competition, it is a great way to combine idle computerpower with scientific projects.
I live in Manchester, UK and work for money. I eat food when I am hungry and at night I sleep in a bed. I have no pets.
Software developer/CHemical engineer
I don't have many computers, but I try to put the BOINC virus on every one of them :)
From Kansas City, 35, Self-Employed, Computers-Woodworking-R/C Racing and models
My thoughts...BAM sux....
1) it disconnects me from my S@H account every time it syncs
2) it deletes the Boinc software everytime it syncs
3) I have to redownload the Boinc software everytime it syncs

I am sure it's all my fault, but it should not be this friggin' hard....uninstalling BAM now....I'll try the other Manager....hopefully it will work....
Live in Portsmouth, UK work as an engineer for National Air Traffic Services. Love beer, sex, football & computers. Not necessarily in that order or all at the same time :lol:
Doing my little bit to help save the world..
Check out if you want to know something about me.
"The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents."
Nathaniel Borenstein (1957 - )
Age: 18
Job: VA
Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Big Daddy
Originally from Danburty Ct., now live in Wake Forest NC!
Almost 50-years old!!!
Electrical Project Manager for large Construction Manager.
Hobbies & Loves-My Family / Electronics / Computers / Stock Cars /
Married, 1-daughter and 2-Dogs!
I'm currently at this time 38, born in '69, so you calculate it from there...I'm active military, U.S. Navy, been in since '88. I was always a science geek when in school, sorta fell out of it all since joining the service, so giving up free time on my computer was my way to put something back in...when I get home from Iraq here, I'll set up the other computers at home to start working for this as well, figure somehow, it's the little bit that might make the difference.
I love to read, current favorite is Laurall K. Hamiliton's Anita Blake novels, but love Scifi, Fantasy, Horror, Future Fiction and Alternate History ...Play RPG's when I have the time, CRPG's when I don't...Work stained glass, collect foriegn stamps, coins and bills...
Emailing me is simple,, if your interested in chatting and expanding my horizon's.
Have fun out there....
"Wer die Freiheit aufgibt, um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, wird am Ende beides verlieren." Benjamin Franklin
BOINC Profile Under Construction!
I have followed Seti@home for years, it's cool how computing and technology have progresses, but with super-fast machines geared towards multimedia, there is a lot of wasted space and wasted energy when computers use 1% of their capicity on people like me who don't game ;) That leaves 99% to find ET or whatever else you want.

I was in the US army for 4 years, then the national guard for 7 more, I finished college twice, did four years of graduate work that overlapped about seven years of research experience in nanotechnology which ended in 2005.

I'm now just a regular guy but smarter (by far it would seem) than your average Joe on the street. I'm getting by and have a lot of personal drama going on but I'm still deploying BOINC on all my machines and on other people's machines when I ask them to contribute. Many who don't know about BOINC and what it actually does are impressed and willing to help, if only because of a cool screen saver!
Registrato il 09/05/2007
I participate in a few BOINC projects for the Masaryk University team as a founder. I am a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University in Brno. I'm interested in Social Media in Public Health.
Bruce Higgins
Retired alien.
Hola a todos. me llamo Bruno soy chileno y estoy jubilado, me gusta leer, escuchar musica e ir al cine, como pueden ver tengo tiempo y disposicion para todo.

I'm from Hannover, Germany and I´m 29 years old.

I like to be outside to ride my bike, read a book or just drink a coffee anywhere. Whereever people see me, they see me with my mp3 Player. ;) Seems like I can´t live without music, I love music.

I work as an accountant, because I like to work with data / figures.


ich komme aus Hannover / Deutschland und bin 29 Jahre alt.
Ich halte mich sehr gerne draußen auf. Zum Fahrrad fahren, Buch lesen odereinfach nur um mir ein nettes Cafe zu suchen und gemütlich einen Kaffe zu trinken. ;)
Tja, wo auch immer man mich antrifft, habe ich meine "Stöpsel" (vom Mp3 Player!) im Ohr. Ich kann einfach nicht ohne Musik ;)

Beruflich arbeite ich als Buchhalterin, ich liebe es einfach mit Zahlen zu hantieren ;)
Bretagne Morbihan
56 ans
Protection Radiologique sur centre nucléaire
Les sciences : astrophysique - astronomie - et les parrallèles : fusion à froid - énergie du vide ...
We are a family run, UK business selling ink cartridges, paper and light bulbs. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, top quality products and value for money. Ordering is easy, there are no hidden charges and delivery is usually next-day. All products come with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.
* Ink Cartridges: Low-cost, high-quality, compatible, recycled and remanufactured ink cartridges for Apple, Brother, Canon (Cannon), Compaq, Dell, Epson (Epsom), Hewlett Packard (HP), Kodak, Lexmark, Samsung, Sharp and other inkjet printers.

* Printer Paper: Inkjet matte (matt) and photo / gloss paper in 6"x4", A4 and other sizes.

* Light Bulbs: Energy saving / saver, compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs.

Why do you use BOINCstats/BAM! ?

I'm thinking usding more BOINC projects...

What are your views about BOINCstats/BAM! ?

Haven't been here that long...
Bam does not work
So far BAM is useless. It will not attach projects that I am currently running under BOINC. It states 'incorrect password' yet I can log onto my account using the password. A project that I am not running cannot be deleted because BAM has 'greyed out' the detach key. I am at a loss as to why I need BAM.
well i live in Sydney, Australia .
im currently 23yo
i work in a wholesale nursery as a merchandiser/sales rep
my hobbies include working/playing/stuffing around on my computer/s
crew cheif for Macarthur Garages Drag Racing (482bbc Methanol Injected A/MA Modified Altered)
and riding my dirt bike

my father introduced my to boinc as he "TRYED" adding my computer to his account. i soon caught on to the whole scam and created my own account. i did a bit of crunching here mainly when i went away on holidays for something for my pc to do while i was gone. but decided to assign a few spair pc's i had sitting around to crush 24/7. so here to a promicing begining to boinc
informatico compulsivo xDDD
33 y/o, in Largo FL
Bill Cooke
I was born in New Jersey in '51 and grew up glued to the TV watching and cheering the US space efforts. I remained fascinated to this day with man's endeavors in space and realize the eventuality of our successful move into, and through, this medium. As our human species grows in size and cultural sophistication, we need an insurance policy against our growing Earth-bound-only investment. Colonizing other livable areas, off Earth, is something that must ultimately happen for our species long-range success. The possibility of ETI greeting us in our future travels, in a few millennia may be remote, but a possibility that needs to be explored and understood. "Monkey" curiosity may be the reason for my fascination with space, but self-preservation, albeit long term, may be the underlying reason for that. We need to know "who is there?", "where are they?", "is cultural/commercial exchange possible?", and out of necessity: "are they a threat?". We will need to continually probe for these ans
All informations about my person -> (German)
Brett Morris

Batelle Lab
I am a computer lab at American University
Boinc Projekt aus langweilie gestartet
I live in a country called Isle of Man. We are an island in the Irish sea between England and Ireland.
we arenot part of the united kingdom.
I have a rather varied list of hobbies from reading and writing to walking.
I have always had a fasination in trying to find out if there is life on other planets.
Brian B.
Still yhe same as allways, i belive ;o)
Boinc Moers
Hi, i´m Marc from Moers, germany. I work for a big telecommunications company, besides that i´m a Boinc-a-holic.
Just a guy from Redding, CA. Work in the public transit industry, but also work in IT, programming, etc.
An average Canadian guy, I like the outdoors, fishing,walking etc.
Mi pice l'idea di tenere la mia CPU in costante sforzo!
Brad Benson
I am a judge from southwest Oklahoma who is interested in the advancement of science.
Living in Vienna, I'm Student of Informatics - Software & Information Engineering - at the University of Technology, Vienna. You can find me - if not in front of my computer ;) - at most of the metal concerts/festivals, or meet me in the woods, on trekking-tours, on a mountain standing on my snowboard.
Bob Swift
I am a mechanical engineer that has spent the majority of my career in the electrical power industry. A few years ago I started my own consulting business, and currently contract services to one of the major engineering firms in North America.

As a hobby, I do some database application development work, and operate an electronic bulletin board in FidoNet. I'm also a long time fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League.
Retired US ARMY
i use bam too give stats for all my projects at a glance
TEST Alliance Best Alliance.
I'm from Barberton,Ohio-USA,I'm retired from a Tire maker & a airlines maint.
Fraternal Order Of Eagle Member.
Lives In Colorado, USA.
Cooks Your Food.
Off Road Racing,
Cruncher, Tactical.
I live in and am from the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

My varied interests include computing, photography, astronomy, fish keeping, hiking, and music.
I listen to all sorts of music from Classic Rock, Reggae, Metal, Happy Hardcore, Techno, Folk, but my absolute all time favourite artist has to be, with out a doubt Frank Zappa. I spent many a long night smoking weed and drinking during my late teens and early 20's listening to Frank. If you are unenlightened I suggest getting hold of a copy of You Are What You Is or Joe's Garage.

I recently became a father, and the one and only single piece of wisdom/advice that anybody told me before he was born that has been true is 'Nothing can prepare you for parenthood!'

Having learned about distributed computing several years ago, I've since participated in Seventeen or Bust, GIMPS, and am now crunching primarily for PrimeGrid.
Bruce Kennedy
My home is located in central Ohio, USA.

The wife and I have 7 children and 19 grandchildren at last count.

I manage a small team of analysts supporting 10 mainframe applications at JPMorgan Chase.
I am the developer of the Mac OS X program BOINCMenubar 2.
Bif74 [Lombardia]
Hi to all!
I'm Marco, 43 yo. I like sci-fi also read books.
I'm a member of BOINC.Italy.
Medically retired after a stroke. Originally from the environs of Kingston upon thames in Surrey, England(UK), which is on the edge of greater London. Now 60 yrs old. I have a continuing interest in all things science, especially biology, and related subjects; and also Astronomy, Cosmology, and related subjects; plus fundamental sciences; Physics, Quantum Mechanics etc, etc, which has some link to cosmology.
Bernard 64250
Electronic engineer, 5 children, retired in the Basque Country (extreme South-West of France).

Career :
- 1971 : Engineer's degree from Institut Superieur d'Electronique de Paris (ISEP).
- 1971-1973 : 22th French Polar Expedition in Antarctica for Paris Astrophysical Intitute (CNRS).
- 1973-1978 : Merlin-Gerin (automatic control systems).
- 1978-1986 : Digital Equipment Corporation (computer design).
- 1986-1988 : European Space Agency (telecom network management).
- 1989-1990 : ASCOM HPF Telephonie (product manager).
- 1990-1997 : Landis & Gyr Communications (product manager).
- 1998 : France Telecom Transpac (Sales Support).
- 1999-2005 : Philips Semiconductors (project manager).
Hi! I'm from Armenia.
BnL Research
Buy n Large Research Department
Retired Systems Engineer :beer:
From the not so white north



Hobbies are anything from astronomy to woodworking and anything else that comes along
I like to dream of the Cosmos.
Brian Simmons
I am a Software Engineer in Southern California.
Bobi Chips
Dreamer and Funster
Spending spare time for Health, Knowledge and Happiness on energy saving mode for our Home World.
Also at his fullest for challenges.
Just a gathering of people sharing their extra processing power and computers for the benefit of science.
Blue Alien

Pax hospes! Ego sum vagus inter mundos, hyacintho mutant de Proxima Centauri et non senex. Interrete BOINC mundo fuere maximae et luna non expectans ipsum. Lunae fiunt, vitulum non vulgaris. Iustus accipere title et nos non ad dementia - claudi aeternum. Plus vult quam omnibus habitantibus in terra. Sed non profundo bene praedicebant futura. Sit vis nobiscum. Memini bene vivere et bene.

ΕιÏήνη σε σας, ξένος! Είμαι ένας πεÏιπλανώμενος ανάμεσα στους δÏο κόσμους, ένα μπλε μετάλλαξη του Proxima Centauri και όχι παλιά. Διαδίκτυο, BOINC και τα παγκόσμια γεγονότα είναι Ï€Î¿Î»Ï ÏƒÎ·Î¼Î±Î½Ï„Î¹ÎºÎ¬ και το φεγγάÏι δεν θα πεÏιμένει για τις ειδήσεις. Τα Ï€Ïάγματα συμβαίνουν στο φεγγάÏι, που δεν είναι το μοσχάÏι χÏησιμοποιείται για να. ΑκÏιβώ
Hello !
Je suis administrateur d'un petit réseau dans un lycée en Seine-et-Marne. J'utilise BOINC pour "maltraiter" une série d'ordinateurs susceptibles de tomber en panne, en espérant que cela se produise avant la fin de la garantie. Et tant qu'à  faire bosser des ordis, autant que ce soit utile pour la science, non?
I come from Zhejiang PRC.
I'm a CAE Engineer.:rolleyes:
I love assemble language for its clean.
I have a handsome & clever son.(Y)
JE vie en Suisse, dans la Ville la plus enclavee dans la France

j'assiste en informatique, des chomeur vers un retours à leur travail
France,Lyon,19ans,menuisier,ESLplayer,ou toutes autres choses sur vous
A proud member of
Barnaby Green
I'm an 18 year old student from surrey and enjoy playing my guitars and working with computers.
Born in Knoxville, TN., I am DNS Admin. Retired from US Army, 20 years service. Hobbies: computers, family history. and anything to do with Space Technology, Rockets or NASA.
I am a senior software engineer. I currently build mobile apps. I work in:

Objective C


I previously worked as a .NET developer building web services and database structures.

My web and data technologies include:




I live in England (South East) and I built a new computer around my birthday and thought I'd try out the seti@home project (at the time it was all I knew), really kind of hooked now after seeing all that science!

I've got a soft spot for science in general and in particular physics/astronomy side and this is all for the greater good isn't it?... Guess we'll see :-)

I think grid computing is a really great concept allowing lesser funded or well known projects to get some serious run time and hopefully gather interesting data. Obviously there's the big boys like LHC doing some huge work but imagine being able to say to your grandkids 'I was there when...' (not literally :-p)

I may not have the intellect of the people creating, running and maintaining these projects but I'm full of the enthusiasm and my hearts in the right place! Essentially to all you peeps actually on the 'front line' and no doubt volunteering too whilst studying

Currently a student at Glendale Community College in Phoenix, AZ. I look forward to using science to promote ways to advance the human race physically and mentally. Perhaps the forced evolution of humankind will happen before the next turn of the century. Perhaps deep space travel will cease to be off limits to humankind sooner rather than later. I believe artificial intelligence research holds the promise of these advancements. I believe an entity or true, sentient being, will be produced within a lifetime. I believe this must happen to propel human adaptation. Co-evolution is a standard that will quite likely fly from most banner heads both for and against AI. The truth is - it is not a matter of if, but when, this entity will come into existence and how prepared for it humankind is.
UK Technician
Bluna Luna

Life is good Live it every day like its your last.
Make tons of money.
Stay out of trouble.
Retired: Verizon, DC Air National Guard. Always have been interested in Space and computers. Four grown children, raising four grandchildren. Believe in God. Lean conservative. Grateful for America, wish my countrymen were as well. We need to move out into space to save our species, moon mars, anywhere; just get moving. :rolleyes:

I'm a selfemployed, electronic engineer from Denmark a:-)
IT; Filmmaking; Activist/Outreach
Baron von Crunchenstein
Howdy all I'm a member of the Noble Knights Who Say Ni ~:beer:. And my hobbies are Astronomy and Astrophotoghaphy.
Bruce C. Lakeriver
Hi there, i am just a casual cruncher. Sometimes I've to test other systems or just for fun.

Best wishes,

Bruce C.L. (Y)
BOINCN_in_the_Night [Gridcoin]
I have been a long term BOINC supporter, but began to mine Bitcoin in 2011 with my GPUs instead of contributing to BOINC projects on them. I was thinking about the real world impact that could happen if the blockchain technology was integrated with BOINC work rather than SHA-256 hashing. Now, that idea is a reality. Over the past year Gridcoin has been fine tuned by a passionate community and devoted developer. If you are a member of the Gridcoin BOINC team, you can receive Gridcoin as a reward for your BOINC contribution. These coins are exchangeable for Bitcoin on several coin exchanges. The blockchain is secured by both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Research algorithms rather than wasteful Proof-of-Work hashing.

If you are interested in earning Cryptocurrency for running BOINC, please reference these links or visit us on IRC at #gridcoin - (Web IRC):
*Coin Announcement Thread
*Proof of Research Algorithm
*Whitelisted Projects
I live in Russia. Studying for robotics. I am transhumanist: prefer project which gets closier the technologies which are able to increase human's life-time. AI, genetics, nanotechnologies, robotics and so on.
Трансгуманист: предпочитаю проекты, развивающие технологии, способные увеличить продолжительность жизни человека: ИИ, генетика, нанотехнологии, робототехнику и т.п.
I'm from the Boston MA area and consider myself an amateur astronomer.
Barantsevich Anton
I'm a doctor
I have a background in social sciences as well as undergraduate studies in Space Systems Operations / Astronautics. Have been passionate about science all my life. My untapped PCs and access bandwidth are well worth the few extra dollars it costs to run them for distributive programs.

ET is OUT THERE!:beer: :amellow::beer:

IWU, CCC, UW-Milwaukee, Communications, Creative
BitLoadR is an alias I've been using since 2000 for various websites and online communities. It kinda stuck with me through the years.
Originally it wasn't suppose to be permanent, and would only be used for a one-time event. But like many things in life, it didn't go as planned.
I'm a computer guy at WPAFB and have been BOINC'ing since '06
Blake Herttua
I have a degree in Pyhsics and Astronomy but not work in a scientific discipline, so I participate in BOINC projects. I believe in science and advancement through this research and believe the BOINC platform is a key to humanity's success.
Ben Newton
Disabled and retired USAF linguist, painter, gardener, reader, web surfer.
It wouldn't be an alien abduction... it's a rescue ship.

I live in Belarus, my city of Minsk. I am 45 years old. I am a gourmet and love to cook. I drive a car, I work at the computer, I am engaged in legal activity and charity. I help families with children and orphanages. My Hobbies are chess and swimming.I live in Belarus, my city of Minsk. I am 45 years old. I am a gourmet and love to cook. I drive a car, I work at the computer, I am engaged in legal activity and charity. I help families with children and orphanages. My Hobbies are chess and swimming. I participate in gridcoin mining projects.

just a violinist
Medical Lab Scientist (ASCP)
58 years old, live in Central NY and have been an RN for 26 years