Profiilit A*

Sono entrato nel tunnel all'inizio del 2004 con SETI@home classic.
L'avvento di BOINC non ha fatto altro che accelerare le spire del vortice; infatti, pochi mesi dopo (settembre 2004), e' stato fondato il P.R.O.T.T. team (che, come sicuramente avrete capito, e’ l’acronimo per “Project foR Obtaining Total compuTationâ€).
P.R.O.T.T. team si e' sviluppato dalle menti malate dei due principali soci (Bernardo ed Io), come sviluppo delle loro (notare il sapiente uso della terza persona) idee balzane, nate dalle disquisizioni tecnico-culturali durante il loro quotidiano rito della seconda colazione.
Il grado di devastazione mentale dei due suddetti soci ha raggiunto un tale livello da richiedere un supporto psichiatrico… infatti P.R.O.T.T. team non si fa scrupolo ad utilizzare qualsiasi mezzo possibile per accumulare crediti onde arrivare in vetta alle classifiche mondiali… fra questi vogliamo ricordare:

* lasciare i computer
Andy Lee Robinson
hosting provider / web application consultant / linux system administrator
specialising in LAMP XAMP, high availability, mysql replication
Hey i'm 27, a total computer nerd and i love playing with boinc i supported seti classic and was trying to push my way up through the top of that and now its the same thing all over and i'm just trying to push myself into the top of every project i run. But the science itself is good cause too its just not the sole motivation i love the concept of boinc and i have played with other projects and watch over them like folding@home and routinely check since thats where all the major news with these projects goes. i hope over time that the issues other projects have with boinc dissolve and more math projects join and more users spread the help instead of focusing on a classic like seti
I live in the county of Essex in England, close to the borders of London
I'm use Bam because it is very comfortable and useful.
Ashish Vora
I'm a Physics and Chemistry teacher in IES Aguilar y Eslava, a secondary school in Cabra, Cordoba, Spain.
I'm coordinator of an European project about "Water in Europe" according the Socrates-Comenius program of the UE.
A Player

A retired construction worker that had to retire for health reasons.
Reired at 59 and still enjoy life to the fullest.

Andromeda ist die KI unseres Computer-Netzwerkes. Sie rechnet mit Hilfe ihrer 'self-enforcing Feynman Influence Prozessoren' fleissig an verschiedenen BOINC-Projekten mit.
Leider kann sie nicht all ihre Rechenleistung für dieses Projekt opfern, da sie noch eine Menge anderer Dinge nebenher erledigen muß. Jedoch würde so mancher Computer gegen ihr 'alt' aussehen, wenn sie es dürfte...



Rommie ist die androide Avatarin unserer KI und gleichzeitig die Leiterin von CYTEC-SYSTEMS. Durch ihr ist es dem Team ausserdem möglich, mit der KI besser zu interagieren.
Als Avatarin ist Rommie mit einer Vielzahl von Prozessoren, Schaltkreisen und Subroutinen ausgestattet, die ihre Persönlichkeit enthalten. Obwohl ihr Gehirn ein Computer ist, reagiert sie genauso lebendig und "menschlich" wie der Rest der Crew.


Games Dev Programmer.
I am from Holland and 48 years of age. I am a freelance software developer working from my house in the city of Leiden, the birthplace of the painter Rembrandt. I work for a firm specializing in image recognition- and video analysis-software in custom-build security systems.
Digital curator, archivist, researcher, polyglot, and much more.
I am a product development manager at an IT company in the agriculture industry.
Hei! ;-)

I am a Norwegian. My homeplace is a crowd of small islands out in the ocean.. Like the stars in the universe..almost :) From here you can really look at the stars, because here is no competing lights in the night. And the quietness has its own way to make a mind wonder..

This is projects that show us how important it is that we work together on this planet. Everything that make us co-operate is a worthy spending of time. It`s gratifying to know that I am able to contribute with that limited resourses I have.
Good Luck everyone..!! ;-)

I`m also very happy to be a part of Sicituradastra.
The great people in this team makes all the difference - its a joy to crunch
together with them - If you want to join us - just take contact. :)



Atanu Maulik
I am currentely pursuing P.hD. in Physics ( Cosmic Rays ) at Bose Institute, Kolkata, INDIA.
Russia. Bryansk
Allen Hardesty
Macintosh computer user since 1985. Currently have two computers supporting various projects.
Wymondham, Norfolk.
Aleksander Parkitny

I'm living in Wroclaw, Poland, working as IT Consultant. I'm counting for over 90 projects. I think that it is very importent to do something good in your life. So i try to help other people, crunching for BOINC. My computer is 24/7 up. I'm also a Honour blood donor (over 12L so far :D).
"My mom says I'm special" - Ralph Wiggum, The Simpsons :)
New goal:
Un pirao.
I am a full time student and worker, living in the Heartland of the US.
Computer geek from the Chicago area
I'm just an unordinary, random geek from Finland.
Hi there, my Name is Andy Koenigsdorf and I'm from Germany.

I'm from Poland and i'm interested in unix-like operating systems.
Hola, soy de las islas canarias, de Tenerife, y bueno soy diseñador grafico en una empresa de señalizacion vial y bueno mis hobbies son muchos , la electronica, la informatica, la astronomia y bueno una larga lista
Registered Nurse who specialty is Emergency/Truama. I'm not a rocket scientist, not a computer junkie, and definenetly not a math whiz, but, thought putting the computer to "good" use when I'm not using it would be a good idea.
Alaskan looking for life on other planets. Born in 1971.
I am software developer (banking systems) from Krakow, Poland
I'm a Ham Radio Operator from Orlando, FL, assist the American Red Cross and give blood.
Nick: Thief Aphrael

Skype: thief.aphrael

Live in Alaska, have my own network to put my $50k education to some use (I work construction because it pays more then computers up here) so have a lot of idle computer time.
supporting the program since way back... installed it the first time on my first computer... packerd bell PII 266 mhz with 128 ram i gues... That was the period I still knew what the heck was inside my machine... now i dont have a clue :-)

I'm still hoping that my machine will get the first hello ;-)

I'm social worker from Belgium (Ghent). Like going out for a drink and a dance. You should visit ghent... we have this 10 day festival: streetperformances, nice Belgian beer, massive street party's, chill out places, cocktailbars all over the city. google: "Gentse Feesten".

I speak: Dutch, English, French, and a little bit of German.

Student of applied geophysic
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Age: 17
Occupation: Student, mostly
Miembro de Equipo de los usuarios del foro de
I live in Belgium and i'm twenty-two years old. I'm a French speaking people. I'm BOINCing for about 2 years now :) My father is Italian.

I'm studying Electronics (going in 2d master of Ingenieur Industriel en Electronique) and i like programming like Java and Matlab but have some knowledges of other languages, especially of PHP.

I use BOINCstats and sometimes BAM! because it is very nice to use and because everyday i want to know where i am ;)
Just another computer geek from the northwest.
I'm working as an electrophysiologist in cognitive and memory neuroscience at the University of California Irvine.
Hi! I'm an ordinary man from Poland and I'm crazy about chemistry. I'm happy being able to help scientists in their researches.
I spend the majority of my free time on the computer. I love Open Source. I use Ubuntu every day. I have great skills in Photoshop, but still can't use GIMP. My Blender skills are getting better. I am well-versed in HTML, and have my own website, I am even learning programming.
Too many to say so that nothing to say
Aleh Haiko (Wacke)
Hi! I'm 34. I'm from Minsk—the capital of the Republic of Belarus (a lost country between Poland and Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Belarus is the last country in Europe with a dictatorial regime. I do hope one day Belarus will awake and the Belarusian will rediscover themselves and get the right TO BE CALLED PEOPLE ).

I'm married, we have had 2 baby boys for my time of the Search :). I have 6 computers at work to run for the Search 8—12 hours a day and 1 PC at home. Not too many but still. Just sorry that I found time only 4 years ago to set the Search at work having done that at home only and occasionally. From December 28, 2004 the Search is done at home again! :). Bought an Athlon 64 computer—it's kool!

My favorite books: ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking, ‘Discovery of the Universe—Past, Present, Future’ by Alexander S. Potupa.
My favorite authors: brothers Strugatsky, Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Sagan,
Ich benutze BOINCstats/BAM! um eine Übersicht meiner geleisteten Arbeit zu bekommen.

Wissenschaft ist der Anfang und die Zukunft

Aaron Walters
Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Aaron Walters I'm 20 and I live in Derbyshire, England. I'm currently studying Media Production at The University Of Lincoln.

My favourite music is rock, indie and electro. I'm interested in Computing, Web design, Photography and Lomography.

You can visit my website at:
Anastasia Tarin
I'm a registered nurse, formerly a UNIX system administrator. I love the idea of merging my two great loves - medicine and computers, and that is why I participate in distributed computing. I get to have fun, compete, and help people all at the same time! I live in the Chicago area. My hobbies include reading and traveling. Someday I hope to do some travel nursing. There should always be more than one benefit to everything you do!
Al Thomson
Hobbies: computers, motorcycles, gaming.
I am a dispossessed Graphic Artist and small business owner from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, USoA
Willst du die Welt veraendern, so veraendere dein Selbst.
Ali Kemal Bingül
:amellow: Selam SETI projesinde olmaktan mutluyum...Herkese Kolay Gelsin...Umarim Dunyaya faydali isler yapariz...
Hey :)

ich heiße Markus, bin 30 Jahre und komme aus Bochum.

Beruflich bin ich als Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik bei der Firma Picard in Witten tätig.

Meine Hobbies: Familie , Counterstrike , Fussbal und Kegeln
Every Breaking Atom Living A3lyphe...
Peace, hope, love.

Love is most easily accomplished when you have reasonable hope of getting a piece :)
From Dixon, Illinois USA
I am a Corrections Officer
I am a student at columbia prep
Albert Einstein
I'm a bit of a science and computer geek. I have always been interested in physics, anatomy, biology, programming, and computers. My hobbies are anything to do with computers, reading about any science topic, and programming.
I have a passion for physics, hence the name Albert Einstein. I enjoy reading the various theories in physics and working the mathematics out for myself to see what the results are and to increase my knowledge of mathematical concepts.
[color=red]The UFO Files. I encourage you to come visit our website here.
I'm from Surprise Arizona USA, I like Microsoft, programming, websites, and gaming. LOL, the last one almost everyone says... Plus I've got a sense of humor.
Born in Huis ter Heide (Zeist, Utrecht, the Netherlands)
Occupation: IT-Architect
Hobbies: Internet, gaming, soccer, movies
Ahmed Badr
Ahmed Badr. Founder of Future Media - a Cairo, Egypt based software and multimedia development firm.
Hi. I'm a trained IT guy from germany, nearly 29 years old, currently working in a small software company, currently developing Businesssoftware, ERP and CRM Systems.
It's mostly boring stuff. If i get the chance to go back to the computer games industry, i'll gladly take it.
I life near of one of Germanys nicest cities, Lübeck. If you like medieval towncenters with small roads and old churches and buildings, then you should pay a visit.
Well, my hobbies.. I'm a passionate gamer of roleplaying games (online and offline), and try to go into the cinema as often as possible ( and when good movies come along ). I used to read a lot, but there is no much time left to read very much this days.
Albert Van Cutsem
Hello, my name is Albert Van Cutsem. I was born in Belgium, on September 27 1959. Ever since I was a kid, astronomy was my favourite science. The first thing I always do when I go out in the evening or at night is look up to the sky. My other interest is everything about computers. So the SETI project is perfect for me. My favourite scientist is Dr. Carl Sagan and his book "Cosmos" is my favourite reading.

Thanks for reading and let's find SETI!
Im just an user
AKJ Olechow
To pierwszy serwer ze statystykami jaki znalazłem i tak już tu zostałem.
Alexandr Burnashev
Hi! I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
One of my interests is to build information models of the human psyche.
And of course, I take part in many projects of distributed computing. :)
Hi.I am a guy,21 years old.I live in Russia in Samara city.I am learn in Samara State Airospase University.My speciality is connected with computers. I like computers. My hobby are overcloking and distributed calculations. My friends and I have team "We wanna HELP". In the beginning we crunch WCG but now we search a new project.
Started on SETI June 1999. Now do Boinc for mainly medical projects.
I was born in Germany many years ago... Meahnwhile I'm located in Taiwan and work for an European computer company. My hobbies are motorcycling, chess, dancing... and playing around with computers and torture them with BOINC applications ;-)
Kimi vardır rüzgarın ağaç dalında çıkardığı sesle irkilir,kimi de vardır ki dünya yıkılsa farketmez neler olduğunu etrafında...Sen ağaç dalındaki rüzgar olursun eleştirirken,ben veya bir başkası patlayan bomba olur ayaklarının dibinde..Sen benim doğruları dile getirmemdeki üslubumu çirkin bulursun,bir başkası sırf sert cevaplarım var diye benim üslubumu beğenmeyen senin üslubunu çirkin bulur...Şimdi İSTER TEBRİK ET BENİ...İSTERSEN KIR KALEMİMİ!!!
A ja brzeg nienazwany... nazwę! Rzekłem.
Perchè è semplice e basta andare su internet per gestire i progetti di BOINC auf Instagram auf YouTube
Hardware / electronics engineer, father, supporter of sciences and making
I live in Florida, but I was born and raised in Ohio. I began this boincs project around 2008. I'm 54 now and retired from the military. I like to read nonfictional books in my spare time. I’m bored with technology and games. I’m interested in enhancing my talents and skills. I am still a celibate single and I used to live with Mom until she went to Heaven in October 2016, God rest her soul. Rest in Peace Mom.
Hola, soy Astur creador del equipo Asturias-Team el mejor equipo Asturiano de la red Boinc, aqui esperamos a todos nuestra gente Asturiana!
En nuestro blog encontraras todos los datos sobre nuestro equipo, puntuacion, nombres de nuestros miembros, proyectos en los cuales participamos y muchos mas datos...
Hello all, I'm Ann. I live in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia. I'm 57, a retired pathology technician and have been an amatuer astronomer since I was a teenager but have always been interested in the sky and stars ever since my dad showed them to me as a small girl in outback Australia at my grandparent's property.. I have my own C8 telescope with computer system and now do astro-photography whenever I get the chance.. When I am not looking at the skies with my scope or wondering who or what is "Out There" I am either painting landscapes or training at my chosen sport of athletics.
I am also field assistant to an Archaeologist in Australia's Blue Mountains and am also interested in Egyptology.
I read, write short stories, paint in watercolours and acrylics, do tapestry, cross stitch and calligraphy. I also enjoy bushwalking and hiking.
Now that I have moved to the mountains over 3300 ft up I do a lot more astronomy as the skies are just so crystal clear, especially now
>Why do you use BOINCstats/BAM! ?
I use it to organize and manage the BOINC projects.

>What are your views about BOINCstats/BAM! ?
Yes, it does it's work well.
Ich heisse Dirk,bin in Castrop-Rauxel,Deutschland,geboren.Ich habe einen Handwerksberuf erlernt und bin nun in der Tourismusbranche tätig.Ich bin sehr technikinteressiert und neugierig auf alles neue.Ich habe vor mehr als 20 Jahren Jahren das Buch Contakt von Carl Sagan gelesen und da zum ersten Mal etwas von SETI mitbekommen.Als ich nun SETI@home im Internet entdeckt habe,war mein Interesse geweckt.Und nun bin ich dabei.Meine anderen Hobbys sind japanische Kampfsportarten (Kendo und Kenjutsu),die ich schon seit fast 20 Jahren betreibe.Ich besitze mittlerweile 10 sehr schöne Katanas (keine Dekorationswaffen,sondern echte).
Andrei Butoi
Hi to all.
I'm an IT administrator running SETI and other projects at Home for some time now. My Hobbies ?? Computer programming, syfy stuff and Crunching...
Andree Jacobson
I had some extra cycles available and figured why not use them for a good cause?
Enxeñeiro Aeronáutico.
I'm from Chengdu, China and now working in Hangzhou. I'm interested in almost everything, especially IT and astronomy. Maybe Physics is also one of the preferences, mathematics is fun but I'm not good at it. The reason I join BONIC is that I'd like to make some contribution to science, and to all the human beings, which, will someday be back to benefit myself or at least my children and grandchildren.
One-time high school dropout, two-time college dropout. All I really want out of life is to be able do the things I want, with the people I care about.
I am from Lithuania, from small city Zarasai with many many lakes and woods. I am engineer of computer sciense and it is my duty to donate free time of computer for scientists like me :)
Andreas Dorn
Willy did a great job, as he set up BOINCstats.
And he is still doing.
Женат, двое детей, 37 лет.
Andrew Cook
I am from California, i am a Commercial Fisherman, I enjoy Astronomy, Flying, and fishing
IT Support Officer for a Marine Safety company. Born in the UK and relocated to Sydney Australia about seven years ago.
Biologist, programmer
Ace Rimmer
Any questions about Team Carl Sagan or just want to chat with someone about BOINC, feel free to send me a message.
It's tied into my facebook account, so hopefully I can encourage others to help out (by showing my totals in their feeds).
My blogs should suffice for descriptions in this area.
25, IT and Car Buff. professional and entrepreneur.:$^:
Alex Lemert
Voilà, donc J'ai au moment d'écrire ce message, 24ans. Je suis Chaudronnier soudeur. (Iam Welderman)

Mon passe temps est de comprendre les choses, la vie, l'histoire, les sciences, les civilisations...

Je vie et suis né en France, sur Angers.

J'ai découvert cette action d'utilisateur, qui m'a beaucoup enchanté. Pouvoir contribuer à des recherches, même si ce n'est que mon ordinateur qui y contribue, est pour moi une des solutions à porter au public.
i am engg. 3rd year student with Elect. & comm. branch, nd i like the inventions....
Gemeinnütziger Verein AUGE e. V., der wohl älteste überregionale, private u. unabhängige Computer-Club in Deutschland/Germany
I think there is life out there.
Andrej Korsikov
I'm from Omsk, Russia. I'm systems and network engineer.
Husband, Father, Network Engineer, Geocacher - Geek!
AF> Dharma
Salut. Mon prénom est Jesse, je suis de Bretagne, péninsule de l'ouest de la France.

Hi. My firstname is Jesse, I'm from Brittany, peninsula of the west of France, Europe.
Aane Saeter
Master of Science in Hydro Power Technology - NTNU 2007
Ali Baghchehsara
Ali Baghchehsara
Mechanical MEng , Honors awarded , International and National Awards as well.
I am 68 years old Retired for the US Air Force, The Citadel College (State of South Carolina). I have been involved in Computers since they were released to the public in the 1970's. I love playing P. C. games both stand alone and on-line. Currently I am playing Eve On-Line, Star Trek on-line and many of the games presently released.
It's great that we are able to make this simple donation of CPU/ GPU time to help progress human knowledge. New pcs should be sold with BOINC-like s/w installed - Imagine all the good work that could be done with just an hour a day from every pc!
Geek et Responsable Datacenter !
Polska Warszawa
Ausbildungszentrum Zürcher Oberland
azo Ausbildungszentrum Zürcher Oberland

Wir schaffen Zukunft! Mit einem innovativen Ausbildungskonzept bilden wir Jugendliche in
industriell-gewerblichen Lehrberufen aus. Auch für Erwachsene bieten wir moderne Aus-
und Weiterbildungskurse an und führen zusätzlich für unsere Kunden Auftragsarbeiten in
den Bereichen mechanische Fertigung, Anlagen- und Apparatebau sowie Montage aus.

Unsere modular aufgebaute Ausbildung vermittelt den Lernenden das notwendige Wissen praxisnah und ganzheitlich: Auf Sozial- und Methodenkompetenz legen wir ebensoviel Wert wie auf die Fachausbildung unter Einsatz von konkreten Auftragsarbeiten für Kunden. Der Verein azw
betreibt in Winterthur und Uster zwei Ausbildungszentren.
A Doctoral student in Mathematics, also interested in Tea, Ceramics, and supporting science through technology such as Boinc.
Alien-Signal-Searcher~Looking for the Strawberryplanet = Thomas Huettinger @ [SG]
Wer glaubt ein Teamleiter leitet ein Team, der muss auch glauben ein Zitronenfalter faltet Zitronen ...
Alexander Usov
Hi, my name is Alexander, I'm from Russia. I'm interested in hi-tech, computers and everything connected with them.
I'm taking part in the project Einstein@Home to support the russian team TSC! Russia.
Andrew McFarland
Semi-retired computer programmer (mostly Java) Amateur radio operator. Enjoy my vegetable garden too.
Ashley James
I have always had a passion for astronomy and have recently gotten into astrophotographing.

I am using a DSLR Sony alpha65 mounted on a Celestron 130EQ. I live in a rather bad area for viewing the sky, as it's got constant cloud cover for most of the year. I am yet to get some visually appealing photographs for several months now.
Tech Support Specialist.

I devote the power of many sleeping machines to a greater good.
Computer Specialist living in the south of Germany
Ashley Russell
Ashley Russell - Student on the Isle of Wight who is very interested in computer science. Avid programmer and experienced scout.
Globe trotting pirate.
Arron Kluck
My advice........stay alive!
I am from Uzbekistan,interested in history,stars,observatories, will be useful for SETI.:)

Pseudo: Sloan
54 Ans
Lieu: Annecy/Haute Savoie/France
Membre de L'alliance Francophone

Alexandria TheGreat
I'm mildly awesome.
J'adore l'efficacité des proc ARM.
Là je suis sur 2 coeurs Cortex A-15 à 1,7GHz.
Arlin Bryant
I am a 68 yr old male army veteran and retired plaster. Raised in Bakersfield CA. Worked 33 yrs in Las Vegas NV. Now live in Checotah OK. I have never as long as I can remember thought we were alone in this universe.

Affable Gent
A Degree In Awesomeness
Austin Rodolfo
Living the good life in Los Angeles with too much free time.

... teh Shadow or or call me Sssss Snake,yes, ahhh that is good,Ssssnake ^^

for real: Iam a 32 year old HW-Developer/Lab engineer in microelectronics working for a big automotive Company in the sensors & safety unit. Iam not supporting Boinc for long yet, but it´s a lot of fun and so i created a Boinc-wide Group called TITANS for some other friends of astronomy (my hobby) and science. Everyone is welcome to join us and crunch for a better future!

Best regards,

Akash Sarkar
Studying Microbiology Honors :)
Transhumanist, geek, software engineer, good guy.
My name is Andrew Cody, I build and operate PC's for personal use, including donation of time and processor power for the Bonic projects and various other technical projects in, and around, my home located in Michigan.

I welcome you to my little page on the BONIC site and thank you for participating and allowing my participation in the efforts combined within the pool of volunteers provide to the BONIC projects work to process and resolve.

I've been fascinated with the sciences, especially in; Astronomy, Meteorology and Physics - and have gone onto college, but due to monetary means, never graduated and took a job elsewhere in order to live.

I have worked in many areas of employment - including Financial, Printing, Video Production, Assembly and Manufacturing.

I have taken some time off from the employment field to take on the matters of the heart in dealing with; health care, nursing and home care for the elderly.

I've take
IT, Medical, Business
Computer science and medicine
Austin, a biochemistry student at UChicago, passed away while watching a thunderstorm pass over Chicago on the evening of June 12, 2013. This account is in his honor.
Allan J
I´m a student of civil engineering of USAC (Universidad de San Carlos, de Guatemala) and currently working in my graduate project (thesis).

My job is geographical. I am a surveyor.
My hobby is photography.
My name is Adam Brinded, I am 21 y/o currently studying Physics at the University of York, UK.
Andres Anibal
Soy dominicnano, tengo 22 ahora, bueno me gusta la naturaleza, soy scout, lic ne contabilidad, me gusta la musica y disfrutar de la buena comina.
Alessandro Gentile
Linkedin page
Is from the Ruhr area in Germany. Scattered village structure with 9 million people. Is batshit insane and feels up with computers. Is not ambitious as this is exactly composed from envy and resentment. Is socially intelligent leading to protective loneliness in order to avoid harassment. Does the double clicks at a driving school where he's been led by the power of girls. Believes life is about good speakers and the powers of girls. Is responsible for coffee shortage in stores around.
Alexander Knerlein
Hello, My Name is Alexander Knerlein and i'm from Germany. I live near Nuremberg and i was born there in February 1992. I'm on BOINC since July 5th, 2014.


A Starful of Moons
I'm a high school student with an interest in IT and computer-related stuff. Boinc rocks!:lol::elol:
Visual Person - Art, Cinema, Photography
a:-)Not your boring average 44 year old, I'm a very open minded dreamer, Most people accuse us dreamers of being lazy. I say look around you, everything you see, hear, touch & enjoy all came from people that DARED to DREAMa:-).
Antonio Cerrato [CAMP]
Sono di Salerno
Aspiring Aerospace Engineer currently working in IT. Got a physics degree at The Evergreen State College where I first learned of BOINC and met my wife. We now have a daughter and live in Duvall, Washington state, USA.
:beer: (y) (Y) :lol:
Andrew C. Vranko
My name is Andrew Christian Vranko:oO(Y)

I'm a spanish student that wants to colaborate.:beer:
IT Contractor and all around geek.
Hi.This is Anushree. My nick name is Anu.After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Animation & Multimedia from Arena Animation, I joined as a gaming artist. My inclination towards artistic things has brought me to the creative industry.
work as seller at:

Oh ask me if you really want to know...
Arctic Jager