Profiilit !*

[BOINCstats] Willy
I live in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (The Netherlands).

I work at Alternate Computers since 1999. Until May 2005 as Manager of the Technical Department and Assembly, and now as Manager of Operations (what's in a name), where I am responsible for Systems Administration, Development, and anything that has to do with the company websites. At the moment there are 15 people working in my department. We also support Alternate Belgium.

Before Alternate I worked at Philips Lighting as a process operator, and before that I was in the Army (drafted) for 1.5 years.

I like (watching) Science Fiction, skiing and computers (both hardware and programming).

SETI@Home is what brought me into Distributed Computing, and when BOINC was announced I planned on doing stats for a (very small) team I was a member of. It got a little out of control as you can see. The team of that time is no more.

Any special skills Willy? Yes, of course! I make a darn good pizza, can install
Hello BOINC world, here's Cori speaking! Greetings from beautiful Germany! :)

I'm a freelance video editor and my work is my hobby... *LOL*
I love my computers and working with them. When not getting square eyes from watching screens I like reading thrillers/crime novels.
And, of course, BOINC is my hobby, too! If I could change my cobblestones into €uro I'd never have to work again... :D
I am Mchl, founder of BOINC@Poland team (going higher and higher in the ranks), founding member and representative of Polish BOINC Project Association, but most of all a BOINC fan, like most of people who visit this site.
I am helping translate BS/BAM into Polish (but Willy has been adding new features way too fast recently so I will probably have to take a day off to catch up). I also translated several BOINC related articles. Some of these translations became official, and are hosted on projects\' websites, which makes me a little proud.

Geboren 1964 in WrisbergholzenStudiert in Berlin (Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik)Arbeiten in Bremen bei der swbKühn zu berechnen, was keine andere CPU vorher berechnet hat!Born 1964 in WrisbergholzenStudied at TU Berlin (Energy and Process Engineering)Working at swb in BremenTo boldly crunch what no CPU has crunched before!
Son Goku 3SSJ
I live in Sofia (Bulgaria). Born on 1985 I'm curretnly 23 years old. My real name is Peter.

I'm currently a student in the University of Sofia studying Computer Science. And when I have some spare time I work for Tangra Inc. as a junior developer. We hope to make the revolution in the Database synchronisation tools but time will tell :)
I'm the developper of SETI@BOINCWatch. But lately I don't have many free time to improove that lovely tool.

I like watching Sci-Fi and Cartoon movies (like Ice Age, etc.), hill climbing and computers more on the software side.
Dominar Rygel XVI
It's great to be here.
testing the '
John McLeod VII
My hobby seems to be BOINC.
UBT - Halifax--lad
Im from Halifax in the UK and work for the Civil Service.

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Lee Carre
Profile information can be found on my Wikipedia User page.
Nikolay A. Saharov
My name is Nikolay. I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. I work at Russian Railways as a DBA programmer in an institute developing railway devices and constructions.
The flash of lightning drew my outline, see from the left side of the photo
UBT - Mikeejones
Member of The UKBOINC team.

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Bako Peter
I am from Slovakia and I was born on 09. 03. 1980 in Prešov. I am bussines man. I am interrested in all technological news and science.
I'm from Managua, Nicaragua. I like Open Source, Linux and Java programming.
I am a Construction Manager / Superintendent of construction by trade living in the panhandle of Florida. To relax, I enjoy building computers and model railroading.
I'm a computer scientist from Glasgow, Scotland. I've been into distributed computing for several years. The beginnings of when it became an addiction were when I joined and ran the cancer project for a while, leaving my sole computer on 24/7. After a while I then discovered Find-A-Drug, which I believed to be a better project all round. What had really sold it to me was the Multiple Sclerosis work they were doing. That project shut at the beginning of this year and since then I have become a mercenary, pushing Ars Technica in just about every project.

Over the past two years my farm has grown from 633 MHz to almost 30 GHz. And it might get bigger yet ;-)

I love distributed computing because it's such a simple concept. It's almost recycling - we gather the unused cycles and put them towards a worthy aim, something that might make a bit of difference to the world. Some of us take it a bit too far and have large personal farms, but hey it's an addiction. But th
I'm from West Virginia, USA. Retired Steelworker and US Army Retired.
I am currently an IT admin for the company I work for. I enjoy hiking and camping, knowing that when I get back, my farm is still there wating for me.
Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba]
Roger Rooney
I'm just an ordinary bloke with an interest in Science
Steve Cressman
I'm a geek that loves nothing better than messing with computers. Also spend a lot of time helping others with their computer problems. If I help anymore than I do now I'll have to open a shop to take care of everybody, but then I'd have to start charging for my expertise to cover expenses. As it is I do it because I like to do it but if I opened my own shop and did it full time I would most likely start to dislike what I like to do the most. The way I do it now is mostly like a barter system. That way I need not claim any income from what is basically a hobby.
Sono entrato nel tunnel all'inizio del 2004 con SETI@home classic.
L'avvento di BOINC non ha fatto altro che accelerare le spire del vortice; infatti, pochi mesi dopo (settembre 2004), e' stato fondato il P.R.O.T.T. team (che, come sicuramente avrete capito, e’ l’acronimo per “Project foR Obtaining Total compuTationâ€).
P.R.O.T.T. team si e' sviluppato dalle menti malate dei due principali soci (Bernardo ed Io), come sviluppo delle loro (notare il sapiente uso della terza persona) idee balzane, nate dalle disquisizioni tecnico-culturali durante il loro quotidiano rito della seconda colazione.
Il grado di devastazione mentale dei due suddetti soci ha raggiunto un tale livello da richiedere un supporto psichiatrico… infatti P.R.O.T.T. team non si fa scrupolo ad utilizzare qualsiasi mezzo possibile per accumulare crediti onde arrivare in vetta alle classifiche mondiali… fra questi vogliamo ricordare:

* lasciare i computer
[B^S] Paul@home
My name is Paul Daly. I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1978 and I lived in Leixlip, Co. Kildare for most of my life. Just before christmas 2006, I up'd and moved all the way over to an little village called Longwood in Co. Meath.

For those that may not be from around here, Meath is the historical centre of Ireland, home to places such as the Hill of Tara, which is the traditional seat of the high kings of Ireland. It is also where you will find Megalithic tomb Newgrage - a structure that is older than the great Pyramids of Egypt.

Back to the boring stuff now! I am currently working as a software engineer for an Irish bank. I mainly work on UNIX based Oracle systems including Oracle Express (OLAP) and Data Warehouse. I also dabble in some Java, VB and a few other bit and pieces!

As well as computers and general technology, I am also interested in music, Gaelic football and (occasionally!) soccer.

After crunching solo for some time I decided to j
A Scotsman living abroard who spends far too much time, not to mention money, on computers.
Trog Dog
Stark raving BOINCers!

I've been bitten by the BOINC bug. I started off with SETI classic but never really got hooked. Now I'm BOINCing like crazy - 12 PCs at home (11 solely dedicated to crunching 24/7).
Because I hope that my BOINC contribution will make a difference, I use BOINCstats/BAM! to track and monitor my vast farm of 5 hosts. ;)
"Dve veci ma naplnaju obdivom: mravny zakon v nas a hviezdne nebo nado mnou." Immanuel Kant
Kevin Erickson
Marine Biologist with a HPC Hobby.
I've lived all over the USA, Europe and Australia.
Pete M

Located in South East Essex, United Kingdom.
A.T.A. Certified !!!
In English:

I'm Dirk from the almost world-famous village Beuern near Giessen in Hessen/Deutschland (Germany) ;-)
Born in 1973, my hobbies are killing too many time to do other work ;-)
I'm a big Star Trek-fan (really a Trekkie/see picture, me as Captain! A good friend has made this for me! But the picture is old! Actually I don't wear a moustache anymore and my glasses are smaller/the hair is a little faked), hearing music (especially metal of all kind), computing and gaming, reading books and self-writing stories!
I have a website (as you can see above), but it is barely under construction and it may be never finished, because I'm not a great designer and I haven't the time to continue it right now :-(

In Deutsch:

Ich bin der Dirk aus dem weltberühmten Dorf Beuern nahe Giessen in Hessen ;-)
Geboren in 1973, vielseitig interessiert. Manchmal nehmen meine Hobbies zuviel Zeit in Anspruch, um angemessen zu arbeiten ;-)
Bin riesiger
I'm an estimater for a small building company in the winery area of the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.
I enjoy cars, modern music and I keep fit (well I try).
Mein irdischer Name ist Jennifer Michaela. Ich habe mich schon vor einiger Zeit reinkarniert und in der unmittelbaren Nachbarschaft von Heidelberg niedergelassen. Ich bin leicht BOINC- und tablettensüchtig und ziehe von daher mit einer kleinen Armee von acht Androiden und einem Notebook als Kommandozentrale in die Schlacht um Punkte und Ränge :cheer:
My civil name is Jennifer Michaela. I was born (or reincarnated?) a couple of years ago and settled down in the neighbourhood of Heidelberg (Germany). I'm slightly addicted to BOINC and tablets and therefore I'm going into battle for credits and ranks with a tiny army of eight androids and a notebook as command center :cheer:
I was a Pirate in one of my former lives !
Andy Lee Robinson
hosting provider / web application consultant / linux system administrator
specialising in LAMP XAMP, high availability, mysql replication
David Thompson is a law student at Stanford Law School.

He will be clerking at the 9th Circuit following his graduation from law school in 2007.
I'm a French guy, born a couple of months before the first Space trip of a Man.
Living in Alsace, near the German border, I like to ride my motorbike on winding roads of Vosges and Black Forest.
[AF>France>Sale-caractere] Antares
Sapeur-Pompier Professionnel en retraite:), marie 4 enfants 2 garcons et 2 filles . J'aime la natation et le velo (VTT)(Y)
et le Twirling Bâton(y).
Sur SETI depuis 1999 et sur BOINC depuis 2003.
I'm a Dutch IT Pro with interests in DC, SF and the harder sciences.
I'm living in a little town near Heidelberg/Germany. I'm a proud member of the team BOINC@Heidelberg :-D
I was born in 1959 and one of my hobbies is using my computer ;-)
I am a 41 years old Systemadministrator from Vienna - Austria
and the Founder of Team Fair-Crunchers@Austria.

Join the Team : Fair-Crunchers@Austria
Hi, my name is Paolo. I'm 28 years old and I'm from Italy!
I like all that is tecnology. I like PC's, and I do many things with them (play, work, develop program and website, tweak, ecc) and I'm a big supporter of distribuited computing. I started to partecipate with Seti@home classic in july 2002, and now with BOINC in many other projects too. I crunch with many italian friends of BOINC.Italy team, the biggest italian team! I invite all Italian members to join with us! ;)
I think that BOINC is the best software platform for distribuited computing (it's open, it's powerful, it's flexible, it's free!).

Hey i'm 27, a total computer nerd and i love playing with boinc i supported seti classic and was trying to push my way up through the top of that and now its the same thing all over and i'm just trying to push myself into the top of every project i run. But the science itself is good cause too its just not the sole motivation i love the concept of boinc and i have played with other projects and watch over them like folding@home and routinely check since thats where all the major news with these projects goes. i hope over time that the issues other projects have with boinc dissolve and more math projects join and more users spread the help instead of focusing on a classic like seti
My name is Kathryn. I am from NE Ohio. I am 29 and have been for a couple years now.

I am currently an ESL teacher at a private school in South Korea. This is my second trip here, and I love every minute of it. My students are my pride and joy. It has been, by far, the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I teach pre-school in the morning and elementary school in the afternoon.

I loved doing research way back when, but my main goal in life is to be a teacher. To do that I have decided to travel the world teaching English once I obtain my TEFL certificate.

My background is in Developmental Psychology, in which I have a Masters degree. I got my MA from the University of Texas in Austin. My research interests during graduate school included infant perception and cognition, computer modeling of behavior and developmental disabilities.

However, my BS is in the sciences as well as Psychology. My majors at Youngstown State Universit
Hello BOINC-friends!

I am studying biology at the Technical University Braunschweig in Germany. That's why I am interested in bioinformatics project like WCG, Rosetta or SIMAP. I like spending computing power for useful biological research. My favourite project is WCG.
Not much to say. I just like to keep my old steam powered computers running. It helps keep the house warm in the winter. :)
Staf Stoker
Mijn naam is "Staf Stoker" (komt van mijn vader, die was stoker van beroep). Nu ik op brugpensioen ben heb ik een zee van tijd vrij (dacht ik) om mij aan mijn hobby's te wijden.
Vooral aan mijn duitse herder en mijn duiven ga ik meer tijd en energie besteden.
Hallo mein Name ist Martin, alias Beutlin und bin am 19.03.1959 geboren, komme aus Ganderkesee aus dem schoenen Oldenburger Land in Niedersachen Germany.
Arbeite als Betriebselektriker in Bremen, bei einem grossen Automobilkonzern wo ich neben S7- Programmierung auch alle Elektrischen-Anlagen warte und betreue. Darueber hinaus bin ich noch als Administrator fuer Anlagenserver da.
George Gowland
Been living all my life in sunny San Diego California, so I have been spoiled. I am currently a CFO for an electrical contractor, and two young girls (4&6). Computers used to be my hobby and line of work, but I went down the accounting path and only touch on computers when I need to. Otherwise its family and work are my current hobbies.
Tiago Gomes

I'm from Espinho, Portugal, a quite little city by the ocean.
My relationship with computers it's someway a love/hate passion, and I believe that I can do something for the world, so at least I offer my computing to science...


I've changed my computer work time to World Comunity Grid, which now it's a project of Boinc, with the name the company where I work.

Team Mileki Arcanum
I'm selfemployee and have a little computerstore to repair and resell all stuff my clients wants ;)
My sparetime is filled with programming little Online-Games in PHP, also i'm playing chess in our local Chess-Club or here in the WorldWideWeb :)
In the year 2000, i starts with Seti@Home Classic and after the switch to Boinc i followed. Now i give my ~ 10 Computers work from different Projects in the hope it would help anybody !

That's all for the moment.. Michael
I watch people play games for a living, I am a casino supervisor.
Fight for any diseases
[B^S] dparmen1
For the ones who like, a beautiful sunrise above "la montagne Sainte-Victoire", near Aix-en-Provence, France, where I live.

I am a retired ship manager, IT manager and quality auditor, but more importantly I am a proud Newfoundlander and Canadian. I have been involved with desktop computing from the paper tape days (the paper tape machine was a desk!) in 1973, I then moved up to a TI Silent 700, Apple III (predecessor to the Lisa, Mac, etc.), XT, AT, etc. What a ride! The Apple III was outstanding and a terrible loss. Two years before the IBM PC arrived, it had it all, including a 20MB hard drive and an ncurses type front end.

I also used to write software, manage a 200 person LAN, consisting of three discrete user groups. However, that all came to an end in February 1994 when I came down with a very painful problem with my left great toe, on the bottom. Walking with canes, one slipped on some black ice and I fell, relieving some of the pre-existing pain, but adding a new one.and it was a beauty, known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, where the sympathetic nervous system gets mis-wired so tha
I live in the county of Essex in England, close to the borders of London
You want to know more about me? Click here.

Lorenz Lang
There once was a lady named Bright,
Who traveled much faster than light.
She departed one day, in a relative way,
And returned on the previous night.

Hi, my name is Lorenz and I am a student avoiding the campus by playing around with several computers.

Gerry Rough
I currently live in Goshen, Indiana, but I was born and raised in southern California. I came to Indiana in the late 1980s to attend college, but then flunked out before I could get my bearings straight. I later returned to finish college in 2001, and I am now an offical graduate as of May, 2007, with Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Biblical Studies. I plan to continue my education for two more years for a graduate degree in theological studies (MA, Theological Studies) from Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN. I am now in my mid-forties, and I have been crunching data for BOINC since march of 2005.

Interestingly enough, I have a major interest in terrorism, and I plan to finish a paper on the subject by the end of the spring semester in 2008. I also hope to win an award for my efforts since I did win an earlier award on this issue in the past. I got into the field of terrorism by studying conspiracy theories and their origins startin
Around 1999 I got curious about distributed computing after having seen and installed the SETI@home client. I was so fascinated that I founded, which is a German website with very detailed information about all distributed computing projects. Shortly afterwards other distributed computing fans found their way to the message boards on the site and we crunched as a team.

Since 2005 the e.V. is a non profit association with members from all over Germany and try to support all those projects in every manner we can.

* We crunch like crazy :)
* We tell other people about DC projects, even in radio and newspaper interviews.
* A German book about distributed computing projects (and the science behind) is in preparation.
* And best of all: We have so much fun discussing the projects, their scientific background and everything. We also have a yearly party where we meet in real life.

We are open to everybody and

:) SETI :)
I'm a writer. I could get a tax break just running this thing as part of research, but I don't.
I need some mosquito to kill…Im Member of Czech National Team
Marcel Dehaeseleer
JFK Assassination - Website
911 - Website
Robert Hedberg
Har sysslat med datorer sen början av 1990 och tycker att om datorer påslagna, så ska dom jobba.
Därför började jag med "distributed computing" nästan direkt när vi fick internet.
I'm use Bam because it is very comfortable and useful.
Hi, I'm 37 years old man. I come from Poland :)
Purple Rabbit
I was born at a very early age in Alliance, Ohio. The harbinger of my future showed itself early in my life. I "adjusted" the back-of-the-TV controls when I was 4 years old. Grandma was babysitting at the time. Watching TV (in 1955 this was special) was the bribe she got for babysitting. After I finished adjusting there was no TV watching to be had. By the time I was 5 years old I was "wiring" the house with old radio parts, car parts, wire, and chains my Grandfather gave me. Unfortunately I wired all the doors shut so my Mother had to call a halt to that activity about 3pm so she could get to the food to fix supper. The next day I did it all again. She never forgave Grandpa for his gifts, but was VERY understanding about my exploration activities :) At 6 years old I tried to squeeze the AC electric cord to my 78rpm record player with pliers (actually wire cutters, but who knew? I was 6!) to make it go slower. I blew the fuse, made smoke, and a big BANG (not to mention scaring me and m
Ashish Vora
I'm from a little town outside of Waco, TX called McGregor but I moved to Indiana in April of 2003. I like wrestling and own several wrestling titles. Other hobbies include computers, baseball, and gun collecting. I am a Data Center Operator for Cummins Inc. Too bad I can't use all these servers for BOINC!
Bob Bowen
I was born in San Diego California, after six years on the east coast as a child, I came back to San Diego, and recently moved to Simi Valley California. I have two kids... Hilda & Christopher.

I have a Great Online Marketing Organization at:
[AF>France>Est>Alsace] pH!Lm067
Hello. I am the real Gothauer! My Name is Marco Roesner. I am 42 years old and I am working as Network-Administrator in a german harbour-company. My hobbies are all of science, computer programming and watching science-fiction movies. I like to chat with people all over the world, if you are interested, please contact me at my email. Marco
Martin Chartrand
Martin is a Steel Worker that now lives in the Canadian West in the Queen City Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Originally from Montreal, he served in the Military during a period stretching 10 years.
When just a young boy, he would go in his backyard with a book in hand and look up at the sky and learn the different constellations.
That was always his favorite pastime. Very young, he would reflect on the possibilities that there’s got to be something out there.
He would spend hours looking at the sky above the tree line and wonder what was the name of this star or that one….
Krzychu P.
Hello! My name is Krzysztof (in polish) - Chris (in english ;) I'm member of the best polish team BOINC@Poland ;) We've got best forum in Poland. I come from small town in the south of Poland called Mieroszow. I was born in '79. Now I'm living in Wroclaw. I'm married and working as civil engineer in design office. We are designing roads and bridges. My speciality are bridges. I like to watch the wildfile, to hike (especially in polish mountains), to meet with my friends and to play games (not only on computer!). I'm interesting on science.
Nite Owl
Women, Sex, Computers, Women, Science, Space, Women, Sex and beer.... Not necessarily in that order... ;)
I am a retired Motor Mechanic / Opal miner who used to live and work in the Mintabie Opal Fields , but who now with his wife , has moved to the comforts of living in Broken Hill :)
Radical Edward
Hello my name is ;)

I'm 'Ed' or 'Eddy'. That's the reason for my nickname. I want to study informatics for mediasystems at the Bauhaus in Weimar. Upto october 2007 I'm working at a gas station, to get some money and have something to do.

I'm interested in mathematical, physical and informaticial BOINC projects.

At the moment I have following crunshers:
- Federchen - Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.70GHz - 768MB DDR-Ram - Win XP Home SP2
- Redtail - IntelPentium III (Coppermine) 700MHz - 192MB SD-Ram - Debian 4.0r0 (A friend of me wanted to give it to trash, so I saved it)

This will hopefully follow in future:
- Tomato - IntelPentium II 350Mhz - 128 MB SD-RAM - Debian 4.0r0

My team:
- $pr3ngK0mm4ndo was founded in 2005 at a mathematic lessoon at skool XD. '2of3' and I founded the first teams in some projects. After this 'knight' supported us with much crunshing power! Thx2u!!
I'm sorry that I don't know more about the fi
Jeff Gu
I am a 50-year-old programmer/designer living in Stromsburg, Nebraska USA and enjoy motorcycles, playing the guitar, and all things computer related. Our small Distributed Computing Team provides us with a way to contribute to the benefit of mankind with existing resources, and we welcome people new to the hobby, as well as current DC enthusiasts. Our WEBSITE and FORUMS are available to anyone, whether you are a member of our team, or not.
I'm a Physics and Chemistry teacher in IES Aguilar y Eslava, a secondary school in Cabra, Cordoba, Spain.
I'm coordinator of an European project about "Water in Europe" according the Socrates-Comenius program of the UE.
Jan Stenzel
Nazywam się Janek i mam 25 lat. W 2008 roku ukończyłem Akademię Morską w Gdyni, Wydział Mechaniczny - Inżynieria Eksploatacji Instalacji. W tym roku planuje rozpocząć własną działalność gospodarczą związaną z Certyfikacją Energetyczną Budynków.
A co porabiam w wolnym czasie? Bardzo lubię czytać książki, zwłaszcza Stephena Kinga oraz cenię dobre kino. Najbardziej jednak to lubię coś zjeść, jak np. schabowy z ziemniakami i kapustą, albo jakieś kluseczki z boczkiem..... Mniam mniam
I live in, and grew up in, Tampa, Florida. I work in IT. I enjoy cooking, I have a small collection of orchids, and I enjoy structural linguistics. I also do some fractal art and digital photography.
A Player

A retired construction worker that had to retire for health reasons.
Reired at 59 and still enjoy life to the fullest.
I'm a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Florida who does network administration for the family construction and engineering business during my summers. I started doing distributed computing during the last few years of SETI@Home and then got into BOINC computing a few years ago.
Rene Bernhard
Wohnort: Deutschland; Berlin
Beruf: Maschinen-u. Anlagenmonteur
Hobbys: Schiffsmodellbau; Computer; Mystic
I'm from Constanta, Romania, work in nuclear industry and spend most of my free time with my family and my computers
De Zwirek
Fifty Words about me:

Canada, Israel, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Yellowknife, Arctic, Galilee, MBA, strategy, computing, married, father, four-kids, paternal, loyal, loving, romantic, sensitive, caring, traditional, theatre, travel, history, fishing, reading, exploring, Jewish, beer, long-island-ice-tea, herring, humour, reliable, literature, walks, nonsmoker, adventurous, bald, fat, 50ish, personable, trainer, explainer, facilitator, liaison, wordsmith, honesty, ethics, fun
I am a physicist from Odessa, Ukraine. I have been crunching since 2001 for SETI@Home. Now I'm crunching for many BOINC projects. As I am a physicist, I am interested in projects related to physics and astronomy ;)
Member of Team SETI.Germany


Ein Auszug aus dem seti.germany-Forum gibt eigentlich genug Auskunft über mich...

Nun.. was soll mein Avatar/Pseudonym bedeuten...

Ich denke mal, er ist KEIN Ausdruck einer bei mir vorhandenen Schizophrenie...
(hmmm... ich habe da wohl grad nich so den überzeugendsten Blick.......)

Ich hab den "Kleinen" einfach lieb gewonnen und er steht bei mir für den permanenten Kampf zwischen gut und böse im Menschen.
Da im Film für den kleinen Smeagol nicht wirklich das gute gewonnen hat, will ich ihm durch meine Persönlichkeit eben ein wenig aufwerten....

Irgendwie sowas hab ich mir dabei gedacht...
OK.. Ab und an kommt ein gewisser Sarkasmus bei mir durch...

*gollum.... gollum*
Höre es auf zu Schwafeln... Macht es mich ganz krank....
Soy un Ingeniero Industrial que le gusta colaborar en proyectos más o menos altruistas. Soy radio aficionado (eb1ijp). Me gusta la informática y el Ski.
I am an Industrial Engineer that likes to collaborate, in more or less, altruistic projects. I am a radioamateur (eb1ijp). I like the computers and Ski.
I like DC and BOINC
Forest and friends
Leader a spoluzakladatel Czech National Team.

Ve zpracovavani mi velice pomahaji kamaradi, kteri nechteji sve PC nechat flakat a jejich vypocetni cas radi venuji na tento bohuliby projekt!


Mimo jine se s nimi velice dobre chlasta :-D

David Blackburn
Marines 1957-60. Navy 1962-66. BS Northern Arizona University 1969. JD University of California (Hastings) 1973. Army 1974-87. Navy (Civil Service) 1987-2000. Wife is a Nurse. Son is a Marine Biologist working in fisheries management with the National Marine Fisheries (NOAA). Daughter is a recent college graduate (Philosophy/Religion Studies with minors in Music and International Studies) who is pursuing a Masters for teaching English as a second language (ESL). Created: 7/22/2002 Edited: 10/17/2004
Krystof D
Hi! I'm a webdesigner from the Czech republic. You can visit my web with BOINC tutorials (English,Czech) :)
Bober [B@P]
I come from Warsaw and I am in the greatest Polish team BOINC@Poland.
Salut !
Je suis Français, je travaille comme technicien micro/réseaux.
J'espère, avec ma petite contribution, faire évoluer la recherche médicale avec le projet Rosetta (65% des ressources) et je garde quand même la tête dans les étoile avec mon premier amour : Seti (35%)
KWSN-Sir Papa Smurph
I am a Member in good standing of "The Knights Who Say Ni!'

Kwsn Shall Rule the World........ Resistance is Futile

"A Shrubbrery for President"

Join now for your free Apalca!


Europe >>> SILESIA (Schlesien) >>> BRESLAU
Moin Moin
Hi, I'm 45 and I work at the french Foreign Affairs Ministry. So, I move every 3 to 5 years and for now, I live in the USA.
I like computer, SF, video games...

Bonjour, j'ai 45 ans et je travaille au Ministère des Affaires Etrangères français. De ce fait, je change de domicile tout les 3 à 5 ans et pour l'instant, je vis aux Etats-Unis.
J'aime l'informatique, la SF, les jeux vidéos...
I bin da Michl, und do bin i dahoam

[AF>EDLS] Thomas
Membre de L'Alliance Francophone et fiere de l'être !!!
a programmer for hire.
Teamgründer: Oberdrees
[ffr] loe

Loe, 30ans, membre fondateur de la Fansub for Research.

Consultant solution ITSM

Aime le principe d'aider la science simplement en "prêtant" de la puissance de calcul pour des causes nobles.

Aime les CPUs, les jeux vidéos, les films, la retouche Photo et la 3D

Calcule aussi bien sur Mac que Windows
Live on the West Coast of Scotland, enjoy stats and doing my bit for the greater good :-D
I am a 37 year old father of 4 children. My family is nicely balanced with two boys and two girls.

I am an RF Engineer working for a Commercial/Government based company in the central United States.

Tenzin Gyatso
Tenzin Gyatso is the fourteenth and current Dalai Lama, and as such, is often referred to in Western media simply as the Dalai Lama, without any qualifiers. A charismatic figure and noted public speaker, Tenzin Gyatso is the first Dalai Lama to travel to the West, where he has helped to spread Buddhism and to publicise the ideal of Free Tibet. In 1989, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tenzin Gyatso est le 14e Dalai Lama, le plus haut chef spirituel du bouddhisme tibetain. Il vit en exil dans le nord de l'Inde a Dharamsala , mais effectue de nombreux voyages a travers le monde pour plaider la cause tibetaine et diffuser un message de paix et de non-violence. A ce titre il a recu le prix Nobel de la paix en 1989. (sources :
[AF>France>Ouest>Nantes] cblancho
Un petit bonjour de Nantes (France)
Computing with BOINC is my way to help science
Sono nato a Tortona (AL) nel 1977, fin dalle scuole Medie appassionato di computer, dopo esperienze
con Commodore 64 e Amiga (che ogni tanto uso ancora) sono approdato nel mondo dei PC,
dove dopo una travagliata lotta con tutti i sistemi Microsoft ho finalmente conosciuto UNIX
(Solaris, FreeBSD, ma soprattutto Linux e Mac OS X) anche grazie a esperienze universitarie su server SUN.

Ho ricoperto la carica di Amministratore di sistema prima nel provider della mia città (Tortona On Line Srl)
e poi nella ditta Alfa (PreSSo@NET).
Attualmente sono studente di informatica presso la Facoltà di Scienze M.F.N.
dell'Università del Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogadro".

Manu, membre de L'Alliance Francophone
Bin 22 und Student.
Wackykiki :o)
Ex-agent Assedic, pas fonctionnaire, je vis dans un pays de fous et d'ignares ou les ouvriers votent a droite MDR :) et qui en esperent quelque chose. La vie est belle en France, si vous êtes riche, dans le cas contraire ... passez votre chemin.
British Columbia, Canada
My Name is Annett, but friends call me "Netti". Im 29 years old. I live in Hamburg/Germany since 1997. My Hobbies are my Pets, reading books, surfin in internet and travelling. My favorite traveldestination is Roswell (New Mexiko/USA).
I started a long time ago running community projects with SETI for curiocity and now I continue with projects of more 'practical' interest and more rewarding. I believe that it is worthing the efford.
"Aprentice of Everything, Master of Nothing"
Jordan Bashir
Have keyboard, will travel.
Internets? I has 'em
I takes a punchin', keeps on crunchin'!
I'm a member of BOINC Synergy!

Our Project of the Month (POTM) is an opportunity to vote and participate in various different scientific endeveours.

For our member's convience, a listing is provided to show how different projects run on different hardware.
I'm originally from sunny San Diego, California. I'm USAF Security Forces currently stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.
BOINC gives me an opportunity to help others. So here I am.
South of Nunavuut
I live in Aurora Ontario where I started to crunch the numbers with the original SETI. Since I always did well in math, I got my engineering technology diploma and curently design base station antennas for the wireless communication field, and I enjoy signing up for as many projects as possible, where I am the founder of most of the 'Canada' teams, and watching the stats.

I'm also an administrator at the OH Canada Forum where we are unifying 'Canada' Teams.

I'm crunching from the beer capital (Munich, Bavaria) of the world. I work as a storage administrator to earn the money for my distributed computing environment.
I started with Seti@Home classic because i liked the idea to use the free CPU cycles for a unusual project.
I live in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.... Here helping worthy causes with the spare power of my pc.

[AF>Libristes] clm78990


je suis membre de L'Alliance Francophone, une communauté pour la science.
Nous regroupons des équipes francophones sous une même bannière.
Venez nous rendre visite, vous trouverez sur nos sites une mine d'information sur BOINC, le calcul distribué et sur les projets.
Nous vous accueillerons avec plaisir, dans la joie et la bonne humeur...
Bruno G. Olsen & ESEA @ greenholt
Some of you already know me or know of me ;) I started in the Distributed Computing "game" back in 1999, by joining SETI@home shortly before they launched officially. When I switched to the BOINC platform in the fall of 2004, I became hooked more than ever, and have since joined every BOINC project I could find.

I spend most of my free time on BOINC in one way or the other - if it's not working on my teams web site, I'm working on BOS (BOINC Online Schedulers), and if I'm not working on that, I'm doing something other BOINC related.

Stolzes Mitglied des bekanntesten deutschen Distributed Computing Teams!

Ich lebe in der Nähe von Hamburg.
Ich arbeite als Computer Administrator im Rechenzentrumsbetrieb, verantwortlich für AIX und Linux Systeme in hoch verfügbaren Umgebungen.

Für die Wissenschaft und den Spaß stelle ich jederzeit und gerne die Power meiner privaten Rechenknechte zur Verfügung. ;)

Wir helfen

*bei der Bekämpfung von Krankheiten wie AIDS oder Malaria,
*bei der Suche nach ausserirdischer Intelligenz,
*bei der Klimaforschung,
*bei der Erforschung der Evolutionstheorie
*und bei vielen anderen interessanten Projekten im wissenschaftlichen Umfeld

Unterstütze uns dabei und werde Mitglied bei SETI.Germany!

Truck Target
I have a degree in Physics with emphasis in Astronomy. But I found my career a little more grounded building roads and bridges as a Civil Engineer.
[AF>FRANCE>EST>ALPES>Equipe de la Science]gus
Je m'appelle Guillaume, je suis étudiant. J'habite dans un petit village près de Grenoble en France. J'aime beaucoup le sport, la musique et l'informatique.

J'ai connu BOINC par la télévision et je l'utilise pour participer un peu au progrès scientifique. Je fais parti de l'alliance francophone et de différentes miniteams, notamment la team alpes et equipe de la science.
FlyingfocRS of the Scottish Boinc Team
I live in the North of Scotland.
Have been crunching distibuted computing since I joined seti@home in 1999.
Member of the Scottish Boinc Team.
Je suis Francais, depuis 1999 je suis sur le projet SETI aB-) avec 2 PC at home au debut, et depuis je calcule avec BOINC differents projets qui ont un sens, j'ai eu jusqu'a 7 PC privés, désormais 2 ou 3 selon
I'm french, several PC at home since many years ...
I'm 32 years old from Pretoria, South Africa. I have my own business. My main line of business is Payroll deductions and Client administration, but I also do web site design, Delphi, php, javascript, html programming.

I only have two hobbies. One is anything to do with space, and the other is I'm a sci-fi fan (Mainly Star Trek)
Little bit mentally mad in my head if you ask me (errr, quit literally translation of the dutch saying: 'Beetje geestelijk gek in mijn hoofd als je het mij vraagt').
My name is Mike and i currently live in south Mississippi.
Daniel Roland Gullo
brazillian computer programmer. my hobbies are read , programming and boinc !

Master of Avenger

i am Jan from Germany

I started DC with Seti@Home in May 2001 and was very successfull with
nearly 27.000 CPU hours spend to this project. After closing the classic
Seti@Home project i switched to BOINC.

My main project is WCG. I like it working for humanity and fight against illnesses.

CZ: Existuje teorie, ktera tvrdi, ze kdyby jednou nekdo prisel na to, k cemu vesmir je a proc tu je, vesmir by okamzite zmizel a jeho misto by zaujalo neco jeste mnohem bizardnejsiho a nevysvetlitelnejsiho.

Existuje jina teorie, ktera tvrdi, ze uz se stalo.

EN: There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.


AOpen AK73(A)-V, AMD Athlon XP 1700+, arctic cooling Super Silent PRO, Sapphire Rade(k) (J)o(h)n 9000 PRO, Philips BrilliAnce 17A, unknow 512 SDRAM, Western Digital 120GB, Zoltrix Nightingale PRO 6, Genius SW 5.1 Value, Siemens MT50, Well 56K, MSI 48x16x48x .::. Jeste neco Vas zajima? ... Some questions?
Boogyman Munster
I am a retired and currently disabled Navy ET with a wonderful wife and two teen age children. I specialized in computer hardware installation, maintenance and repair while in the Navy.
[B@H] tomcat
Hallo, Grüße aus Frankfurt, Hessen, Deutschland,

ich arbeite als Webprogrammierer.
Ich bin Mitglied des Teams BOINC@Heidelberg, singe in einem Gospelchor.
Ich gehe gerne Wandern, interessiere mich für Wissenschaft, koche und backe gerne und maf die Toskana und die Atlantiküste im Südwesten Frankreichs.
Moin, I am Wilhelm, born 1966 in Brunswik, working for a trucking company. I am collecting beans, I am married and we have two kids (twins, born 2000)
Istvan Kiss
Male, 54, USA.... freinds- YES, married-No, Looking- Y E S:beer:. Prospects - not reciently::'(.
Nothing special...
Rudy Toody
Retired C/C++ programmer. Hobbies include comedy writing, number theory, and all things computer!

Rudy Toody is the nom de chortle of Fred Kline.
I'm a 30something classical musician, and play the

I love all music, my better half and two boys, any hi-tech gadget, sci-fi, fine wine, german wheat beer, and am a Cricket tragic.. You can see me here!

Also a proud member of the best team on the PLANET!

I like to BOINC in lots of different projects:

Carlos Padilla
Soy Carlos Padilla, soy orgullosamente Mexicano, tengo 27 años y gracias al proyecto SETI el cual fue el responsable a que me uniera a los proyectos que tengo y siempre quise unirme a proyectos que sean para beneficio para todos.
John Robert Mallernee

Howdy, Folks!

I am John Robert Mallernee, a retired, divorced (no children), "undiscovered" aspiring amateur singer/songwriter/actor, a member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the "Mormon" church), and I once was a soldier in the United States Army, where I served during the war in the old Republic of Viet Nam with the First Signal Brigade, and the famed "Screaming Eagles" of the One Hundred First Airborne Division.

During my adventurous youthful years as a soldier in the United States Army , I also had the privilege of serving in or visiting Germany, Korea, Israel, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Ireland, Greece, India, and Mexico, and in one instance, laterally circumnavigating the globe, having on one trip, departed from Saigon, Republic of Viet Nam, flying due West, and ultimately concluding my trip when arriving in Cam Ranh Bay, Republic of Viet Nam.

I compose original lyrics and melody for mostly Country/Western/Folk songs, whi
Hackers in Intrusion Laboratory [HITLAB], Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon

Andromeda ist die KI unseres Computer-Netzwerkes. Sie rechnet mit Hilfe ihrer 'self-enforcing Feynman Influence Prozessoren' fleissig an verschiedenen BOINC-Projekten mit.
Leider kann sie nicht all ihre Rechenleistung für dieses Projekt opfern, da sie noch eine Menge anderer Dinge nebenher erledigen muß. Jedoch würde so mancher Computer gegen ihr 'alt' aussehen, wenn sie es dürfte...



Rommie ist die androide Avatarin unserer KI und gleichzeitig die Leiterin von CYTEC-SYSTEMS. Durch ihr ist es dem Team ausserdem möglich, mit der KI besser zu interagieren.
Als Avatarin ist Rommie mit einer Vielzahl von Prozessoren, Schaltkreisen und Subroutinen ausgestattet, die ihre Persönlichkeit enthalten. Obwohl ihr Gehirn ein Computer ist, reagiert sie genauso lebendig und "menschlich" wie der Rest der Crew.


Bruno Ramone
Interesuje siê Boincem, stra¿± po¿arn±, komputerami i muzyk± rockow±. Ulubiony zespó³ - RAMONES
My Self-Summary

I have an adorable wife that I live with named Jen who is jayhy here. I am also dating seyeneerg. She is a great lady. I am also bi. This means I am a polyamorous married guy looking for one man to date long term. Not dating any other women. If you are a guy, then be honest and hopefully communication will be easy. I like to rollerblade, bowl, bicycle, badminton, tennis, diving board, work out, drive new places, and watch dvd movies too. We don't have to have 100% in common to email me, but living in King County helps us a lot. *smile
What I'm Doing With My Life

Friday I volunteer at the National Archives in Seattle. Helping people research their family tree.

Once a month I volunteer with the Senior Petfood Program. Delivering donated petfood to seniors who have difficulty feeding their pets on a fixed income.
I'm Really Good At

Thinking of ideas. Procrastinating. Organizing group events. Fixing software. Talking on the cell p
Working in IT since forever ! My only hope, is to be abducted by a bunch of Space Amazons !

Ich bin bereits mehrere Jahr bei grid computing dabei. War wohl mal eine Meldung auf heise-online, die mich zu Rechenkraft gebracht hat. Die Einführung von BOINC und damit einer zentralen Oberfläche finde ich sehr gut. Ich nutze BOINCstats um die Resourcen auf meine Projekte zu verteilen und auf meiner Homepage oder auch in Foren nutze ich die bereitgestellten Stats.
Games Dev Programmer.
I like Red Dwarf ;-)
S@NL - FilmFreak
BOINCstats is THE VERY BEST BOINC stats site there is! I use it all the time and can't wait for the daily update to arrive and view my new credit, position, overtake stats and so on.

BAM! is great for administrating your machines at any time you want, even though you're nowhere near 'em.

Willy, keep up the good work!
China greatbird
my name is greatbird.
I'm from China...&I live in Canton City~~~
and 20 years old in DC2007
en~~~~i 'm a college student....
i 'm interesting in searching E.T.....and all scientific reaserch ... the way,,,,I want my nation can be more free and the people in our side can have a beatific living
[AF>France>Astro] Bilbo-le-hobbit
Salut! Je vis en Bretagne (France), Passionn� d'astronomie, de trains miniatures... et de calculs distribu�s! Et puis j'ai aussi commenc� une collection d'�clipses totales de soleil (France ao�t 1999, Zambie juin 2001, Egypte mars 2006)

Hi! I live in Brittany (France), i have a passion for astronomy, model trains... and distributed computing! I also collect total eclipses of the sun (France august 1999, Zambia june 2001, Egypt march 2006)

Pour les fans d'astronomie en Bretagne, allez faire un tour sur le site de l'association Sterenn (�toiles en breton)
Brit. living in Italy. Married and have a 14-year-old son. Into computing, BOINCing, archery and other stuff....
David Duvall
My name is David Duvall and I'm from the City of Columbia, State of Missouri, United States of America. With more than a dozen computers and a couple of servers in my house running all of the time I figured they should be contributing to something other than global warming. I started with SETI@Home years ago and then moved to BOINC when it became available. The Scientific Method includes the exclusion of all other possible solutions to a particular problem. If I help in excluding one possible solution to a problem -- then, I have contributed to finding the "real" solution(s) to the problem.
Hi out there!

This is just a 24-year old software engineer from Cappeln, Germany trying to leave some information about himself.

I first started using the old SETI client about four years ago. Then I somehow did not install it anymore on my PCs and just a few weeks ago I remembered about it and my first tries with BOINC which also had been ago some while.

So I just downloaded the client and started spending some CPU time again. Currently I am running BOINC on two machines, my private one at home and the one at work.

But enough about me and BOINC, let us move on to different topics. As mentioned above my profession is developing software. Most times my tools for this are Borland Delphi 7 and MySQL or Firebird SQL, depends on the customer and whether doing private things for me and my friends or working for a living.

As you can see from the above my primary hobby and my profession are the same: working with computers. Besides of that I enjoy
Hi I was bourn and raised in Phoenix Arizona. I am a practicing musician and I am back in collage because you are never to old to learn new things.
Dutch, male nurse and dad :)
I am from Holland and 48 years of age. I am a freelance software developer working from my house in the city of Leiden, the birthplace of the painter Rembrandt. I work for a firm specializing in image recognition- and video analysis-software in custom-build security systems.
Testing BOINC since it was starting, there are some good features and on the other side need many to improve.

Good to see a growing community and of course much more participants, hello gamers, you can play with BOINC too and you see that a computer can run to the maximum ;)

No more programs installed for every DC project, all over one platform, thats the best what BOINC can handle.
Michael H.W. Weber
I am a german chemist currently working as a Principal Investigator on bacteriophages and RNA-related topics at the Botanical Garden of the Philipps-Universitaet in Marburg. My goal is to develop a universal construction kit for the design of bacteriophages that enables a systematic approach to detect and destroy antibiotic resistant pathogens - ultimately by using a fully automated platform employing microfluidics.
This work is followed up in cooperation with and the RNA World distributed computing project with the aim of maiking all of its results open to the public. There will be no patenting and intellectual property claims which I generally consider counterproductive for scientific and medical progress and society development.

I am running my private supply of computers 24/7 for distributed computing projects since more than 13 years now. For me it all started with Folding@home.

I like the idea that people from very different social and intell
[AF>Libristes>GNU-Linux] xipehuz
A tous les fanas de l'informatique libre : rejoignez la MiniTeam Libristes de l'Alliance Francophone.

To all french speaking FLOSS users : Come and join MiniTeam Libristes of l'Alliance Francophone. We need you !

About me? Not to cheese out but it is easier to point you to my MySpace page
Mark Reiss
Hi all: From Brooklyn NY, USA -- I have been running SETI Classic since May 24, 1999 and BOINC since August 31, 2004. I miss Isaac Asimov a great deal - I consider him my mentor, but don't think, I ever told him so.

-- Mark Reiss
I run BOINC on my computers.
That is not me in the picture, but you know that already.
I am who I am. I also tutor math.
Patrick R
Hello i'm from Antwerp (Belgium) My most importent hobby is computer, so i educate myself at a regular base. now i just finished a course of cisco (IT essentials 1 & 2), and concluded successfully.
So now I'm a IT professional . :) lol
Marcus Mehnert
I'm from Duesseldorf (Germany) and currently working as B-level client supporter at the home of Aspirin ;-)))

In my leasure time, when I'm not playin' around with my computers, I ride my yellow manic mean machine or tease my neighbors learning to play guitar.
UBT - Rick Horn
Hi, I`m Rick Horn aged 68, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK, and retired. My interests include computers, and science, particularly astronomy and cosmology. I am also an animal lover.
Jordi Planas Manzano
[AF>France>Ouest>Normandie]The Stress Man (-:
Je suis francais et informaticien. Adepte du calcul distribué depuis Avril 2000 sur Seti@Home Classic puis sur BOINC depuis Aout 2004 avec plus de 40 projets.
From Rochester, NY. Born in 1974, I work in IT. My hobbies include turkey hunting, flying and spending time with my wife and son.
hello - I am 54 years old and born in Heidelberg an belong to the team BOINC@Heidelberg since June 2006. My first contact with BOINC results from the SETI project and step by step I found a lot of interesting and important projects. I think - to help with my PC to find results in any kind of science is a good goal. I am also interested in astrology and a lot of other things...... and at the end, why I started with SETI - I like "Raumschiff Enterprise".
Kazvam se anton bojikov

obi4am astronomiata i anti4nata istoria rabotia kato podrajka v hotel medite Sandanski
Born here in London UK.
Refitted and serviced 3Mk 7 and 4Mk 6 British Radar equipment, in UK and Egypt, for Mullard Ltd.
Gave up being a medical student after 1 year, and emigrated to Canada. Worked for 'Stackpole Carbon Company' Toronto. Also worked for English Electric Co, setting and testing of UV missile detectors. Worked in USA, at Kane. Pittsburg VA , on Ceramic sintered powders, for UHF.
Went to Fort Erie on a Goverment contract to produce shaped Glass Fiber/Resin Radomes for forward looking Radars.
I helped test, and design a unique submersible high pressure electrical pump, for Submarines.
Returning to the UK, I was made the factory manager for a Glass Fiber producing company called 'Microcell Ltd' at Camberley and London.
I passed a Marine Radio Telegraphy Competence Certificate in 1984, and became Radio Ham licensed.
Suggesting to RSGB that the latest Call Sign, should be published in the Society's magazine to help eliminate the pirating of Ha
Digital curator, archivist, researcher, polyglot, and much more.
I have a BS in Physics from Oklahoma State University, class of '64.
I worked as a programmer for IBM for 30 years.
I did contract programming, mostly Access databases, for 8 years, then fully retired.
From Minnesota, moved up here to Alaska when I was 9..... Months old.
Airplanes are my true love (if discount women of course :P), and I am an aircraft mechanic.
When possible, I go hunting, snowmachining, shooting or hiking. I also play the guitar (all 4 of them I own), and am learning the keyboard (seems easier to learn than the guitar was).
I have a computer habit. At the moment I write this, I can see 8 computers, all within 20 feet of me. In my living room. Thats not counting the ones I could build from parts I have lieing around.
:beer: My computer try to work for l'alliance Francophone Team. And the ELAF, AF free electrons.

IT/IS Manager, french man, born 1964, use computers since 35 years.
Astronomy passioned and planes pilot.

Responsable informatique, Francais, ne en 1964, utilise les ordis depuis l'age de 9 ans,
Passionnz d'astronomie et pilote prive d'avions monomoteurs.

I'm fom Bloomington Minnesota, and decided to run BOINC on my 3 computers.
Born in 1977. Live in Utah, work at various hospitals installing/repairing equipment in cath labs.
Retired Techie 1968 to 2016 one company just over 48 years. Served in US Air Force during Vietnam Era. Active in The American Legion in Dallas TX.

I am a product development manager at an IT company in the agriculture industry.
beruf: it-administrator
hobbies: lesen, jazz
ort: ibb
I'am jean-Claude -retired, I devote my computers' idle time to crunching away for good causes inc !
Fernando Equihua
Programador de sistemas de computo, principalmente administrativos
Qth: Zabrze (South Poland) Loc.JO90JH
"[...]Ein Erfolg ist SETI@home bereits heute und unabhängig davon, ob am Ende Signale fremder Zivilisationen aufgespürt werden. Denn es hat ein doppeltes Beispiel gesetzt. Zum einen für die nie zuvor mögliche Popularisierung und Demokratisierung von Spitzenforschung. Das Projekt bereitete, wie die Financial Times resümierte, `den Weg für jeden, der eine komplexe Rechenaufgabe zu lösen hat und der an die Imagination und die Rechenkraft von PC-Besitzern rund um die Welt appellieren kann´. Zukünftige Kandidaten für derlei Kollektivrechnerei sind genetische Forschungen zwecks Krankheitsbekämpfung oder ökologische Klimaberechnungen.

Darüber hinaus aber gibt SETI@home ein Beispiel für die unterschwellige Stärke spiritueller Interessen. Als kollektive Anstrengung ist das Projekt das digitale Äquivalent zu den technisch hoch entwickelten und religiös motivierten Gemeinschaftsunternehmungen anderer Hochkulturen, etwa zum Bau der Pyramiden oder zur Errichtung mittelalte
I'm just this guy, you know?

I'm a software guy, and I've done software for everything from manipulating geophysical data to an automated visual inspection system for wafers to medical charting.

I like the concept of these distributed computing networks, I like seeing if I can get more credits than the next guy, I like feeling that I contributed to something important, and I'm hoping that something good comes out of these projects to benefit the world.
Hy there, i am 58 years old and working as a surveyor for a shipowning company in Germany. In the year 1996 i read about SERENDIP and Seti for the first time on a friends computer. That was the " booster detonation". I participate from time to time for more then 6 years - with a 286, 386 and at last with a 486 computer. Then i had to stop and in the year 2006 (with a new computer) i afresh the work with Seti and other Projects.

I´m a proud Member of SETI.Germany

the Oversized Pixel Team
Hedwig the numbercruncher
Gamer and Anime lover for ever.
Barbud [USA]
Biomedical Site Manager, CBET.
Husband & Father.
Technicien en informatique.
Helsinki, Finland, born 1957

Wandering in the nature,
collecting wild mushrooms and berries etc

Books (scifi and fantasy)
I'm german guy living in Switzerland.
My age: 37
My hobbies: inline skating, biking, coin collecting, history, computers, reading etc..
Adore les mangas, les jeux vid鯳 et non je ne suis pas un adolescent lol
Actualmente Bachiller de Ing Electronica dedicado a las telecomunicaciones, graduado y trabajando aqui en Lima - Peru. Uno de mis hobbies favoritos es el cine luego sigue la musica.
I'm an I.T. professional in SO Cal and spend all my free time with my horses unless I have to deal with a computer on the fritz.
Manlio Frizzi
My blog ::: Virtualization Techniques :::
Hei! ;-)

I am a Norwegian. My homeplace is a crowd of small islands out in the ocean.. Like the stars in the universe..almost :) From here you can really look at the stars, because here is no competing lights in the night. And the quietness has its own way to make a mind wonder..

This is projects that show us how important it is that we work together on this planet. Everything that make us co-operate is a worthy spending of time. It`s gratifying to know that I am able to contribute with that limited resourses I have.
Good Luck everyone..!! ;-)

I`m also very happy to be a part of Sicituradastra.
The great people in this team makes all the difference - its a joy to crunch
together with them - If you want to join us - just take contact. :)



Wolf to the Max
"There's more to us then meets the eye..."
Karen S. Bauer
I am from Olive Branch Ms. I am now 50... Single Mom
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----------- Omnicode -----------
mehl tu soegal ät gmx de-eh
Just trying to help out anyway I can. That's all there is
Atanu Maulik
I am currentely pursuing P.hD. in Physics ( Cosmic Rays ) at Bose Institute, Kolkata, INDIA.
Joseph Zarebski from Chicago, age 36. I am a teacher and a gamer.
Iain Harvey
Hi. I'm Iain from the UK. Been crunching for a while now. Long may it continue.


Member of The UK BOINC Team.

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The pealing of the bells of the Jetavana templering with the sound of the impermanence of all materialthings.
The color of the paired Sala trees gives witness to the truth that all who flourish must necessarily perish.
Those who flaunt their pleasures are not long for the world; they are as brief as the dream of a Spring night.
And the brave ones are vanquished in the end; they are merely as specks of dust before the wind.

The Tale of Heike
Chapter One, Part I Gion Shoja

13th c. Japan
Mike Hueber
I'm from the Netherlands and I've lived in this country all my life. I was born in November of 1968. Information Technology and some related subjects keep me busy professionally as well as privately. Other interests of mine include space travel, astronomy, anthropology, metaphysics, electrotechnical developments, global politics, inexplicable phenomena & sightings, music, films and some tv programs.
Bin in Davos (CH) 1931 geboren. Jetzt freue ich mich den erreichten Ruhestand zu geniessen. Meine Hobby`s : Mathematik, Physik, Astronomie, Informatik und vorallem Segelfliegen (jetzt altersbedingt leider nur noch am Symulator).
For the boinc projects, I'd rather just be Olfan. You may know what projects I donate CPU cycles to, how long and on what machines - that's already more than enough. ;-)
RAK Internet Service
RAK Internet Service

Rolf A. Kneuss / 13.01.1959
Switzerland / Bern - West

[AF>Amis de la mer>BZH>Nantes] Erebus
Membre des équipes "Amis de la Mer" et "BZH"... Elles mêmes sous-équipes de la grandissime Alliance Francophone !!!
Keith Jillings
Everyone calls me Keef. I'm a bit over 60, a retired Controller from Ford Motor Co, a Reader in the Church of England (an unpaid ministry), radio amateur, private pilot, amateur astronomer, computer nerd, grandfather... I live in South East England, where skies are never dark. I've been running SETI off and on for about 8 years, Einstein for a couple of years, and some others more recently.

Starman will find other life forms in this solar system.
Xavier Querol
Es una oportunitat unica de participar en un projecte d'interes mundial, i treure el maxim rendiment dels ordinadors de forma desinteressada.
Cannibal Corpse

SETI@home | Rosetta@Home
Hello. I'm from Poland. I'm 23 yaers old. I study on Silesian University of Technology. I like volleyball and fishing.My dream is Subaru Impreza.
Before i started cruching in BOINC my comps work in I spent there almost 2 years but i think that BOINC is more future platform so i'm here now :)
Lets crunch guys !!

ps. on the photo you can see my girlfriend and my car. Little white lion:)
Gerlernter IT-Systemeletroniker/Verkäufer
Hobbys :
A member of the Christias distributed computing teams. I BOINC for fun. I crunch for the country of Saint Kitts and Nevis because I'd like to visit there sometime. I had never heard of the country before.
I am early-thirties with my masters degree in mechanical engineering. I live in Mississippi, USA, and work for my state's environmental agency.
Jeremy Wolfram
Hi, I am a software developer from Germany and currently working at the German Aerospace Center.
Age: 27
Lives: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hobbies: Computers & Internet
Sapienti sat...
Sistemista Microsoft Senior
Lemue Seti Headquater

powered by
Shai Hulud
Hi, me and my cat "Tiger" spend lots of hours with "boincing". The rest of the time we are sleeping :)

Its not about the credits, its about the science! Thats why we let our computer run 24/7 to support several projects:

Everything that might help to find a cure for diseases or to understand them better is worth a try (Rosetta+RALPH, WCG, Proteins, Spinhenge, TANPAKU, SIMAP, Malaria, QMC).

And we believe that there actually IS something out there (SETI, SETI Beta).

I like playing chess (Chess960) and I love numbers (RCN, ABC, Rieselsieve, PrimeGrid, Leiden (sort of)), I'm also highly interested in modern technologies (uFluids, LHC).

ClimateChange (CPDN) is one of the biggest concerns of our time - lets do something about it!

Last but not least theres the Einstein project, because astronomy is one of my favourite hobbies!

Greetings from the "Outback" south-east of Cologne!

PS: We are members of
[AF>Le_Pommier] ninicool
Je suis française, j'ai la quarantaine. Je travaille dans un service informatique. Mes passions sont le chien de traîneau et le kayak en eaux calmes. Avec des amis, j'administre un site sur la série Dr House :

J'ai découvert BOINC en 2006. Mes projets favoris concernent la biologie. Mais je crunche aussi sur plein d'autres projets pour mon équipe, l'Alliance Francophone.

I'm French. I'm in my forty's. I'm an System administrator (Linux) at work and a macuser at home. I like to make dog sled, sea kayak.
I joined BOINC in February 2006. My favorites projects are biological projects. But I also crunch on the others projects or for my team l'Alliance Francophone.

Ciao a chi legge, mi chiamo Abramo Wainer Pellacani e sono di Sassuolo, una Cittadina vicino a Modena, nel paese più artistico del mondo: l'Italia. Amo gli esseri umani e tutto il creato e per quanto posso, amo e coltivo la conoscenza di entrambi.
Leffes Law:

lim IQ(t)=0
Marty McFly

My name is Marty McFly. I´m 25yrs old man from Vatín - small village in the middle of the Czech Republic. My hobbies are bikes, photography, books, internet and BOINC (I´m a member of small team "Vysocina Czech Republic" ). I´m working as an electric designer. Let´s crunch...
Arcanum, Ohio the only town with that name in the world, 71 years old, retired.
Geoff Illing
I like to think I am still a mathematician, but I am not really sure that I still qualify. My first exposure to computers was approximations for weather prediction, but now I seem to be involved in different sorts of computing: mainly for telephony. So I try and play music instead. At the moment I am trying to learn the bassoon. When I am not playing music, I like to scuba dive. I have managed to get my clarinet teacher interested in scuba diving, but I have not worked out how to play any instrument underwater.
Nice site!
I like the appearance and having all stats in one place.
I go to Michigan State University, where I have degrees in both Physics and Astrophysics. I am currently studying to be a secondary education teacher in Physics and Mathematics.
Ich benutze dieses programm weil es neu ist und ich auch neugierig bin!
Ich hallte von diesem programm sehr viel weil es für uns alle sehr hilf reich ist
i come from China, and live in Nanjing now.
working in a NetTech Lab SEU, from now to 2007.
Russia. Bryansk
Star gazer.
My name is Michał Kardela. I live in Poland. It is a forty million people country in the heart of Europe. I`m living in a small village a 25 km away from Jelenia Góra and a 110km away from Wrocław - the capital city of Silesia province. I study Computer Science.

My hobbies are: astronomy, computers, history, politics, biology, geography etc.
I like BoincStats
check us out here - PiTime @ Home
I'm a science nut interested in most anything involving science. I'm 48, interested in photography, antique boating, computing, space and the environment. I'm married with one adopted 14 year old Korean daughter.
Bo Andersen
I'm from Denmark, and work at FMTS a "Technican School".
I'd like to see computers being used to something else as entertainment and typewriter.
And I think Seti and Predictor is doing exately that ...
I have been crunching since 1999 and it's just plain fun. Besides user and team competition, it is a great way to combine idle computerpower with scientific projects.
My name is Alex, and in my apprenticeship for electronics a workmate showed me the seti@home-project.

Before, I only recognized SETI because of the movie "Independence Day" and the Coca-Cola-Commercials, and I thought, the whole thing was only fiction, but he proved the opposite to me.

As the standalone-application SETI@HOME was integrated into BOINC (which was stressing to me in the beginning ), I discovered other interesting projects and participated either.

In my free-time I read much about science, technology and research (mostly in Wikipedia and P.M.), so it´s no question to me to participate in BOINC, because it´s free and so I can do something good for mankind.

Mein Name ist Alex, und während meiner Ausbildung zum Industrieelektroniker hat mich ein Ausbildungskollege auf das SETI-Projekt aufmerksam gemacht.

Ich kannte das Projekt vorher nur aus dem Film "Independence Day" und aus der Coca-Cola-Werbung, und dac
Soy española y tengo 26 años. Soy informatico y ando estudiando todavia como permitirme comprar un piso en mi pais y comer todos los dias...XD
Practico Tae Kwon Do, me encanta leer y casi cualquier tema relacionado con la informatica...
Y claramente ando con suficiente tiempo libre para andar rellenando esto...
Szymon Maciaszkiewicz
I support distributed computing since 2003.
I'm a fun loving individual with a taste for looking for et's among other things
i love to have fun and play games and jokes too.
Hi All,

I live in Camporotondo Etneo, near Catania (Italy - Sicily).
I work for STMicroelectronics, APM Design Group.
Catania University, Computer Science.

David & Kathy Block
The Block Menagerie: Two humans, two dogs, four cats, 9 parrots, 9 fish tanks, 3 poison dart frog vivariums and one panther chameleon.
There must be something out in the universe
Wong Kean Boon
My personal profile is secret.
Peter Allomes
Hi to all i live ipswich queensland australia retired and love my family and grand kids. Like to browse the web and make my family dvd's from my dvd recorder. Planning holiday back to Thailand at the end of the year.
I live in Manchester, UK and work for money. I eat food when I am hungry and at night I sleep in a bed. I have no pets.
Delta - Team Infostore
Modena ( Italy )
IT Prof - 3D Designer
. SkuLLBoCks .
Mein Rechner ist immer eingeschaltet, warum soll er da nicht etwas sinnvolles tun, wenn ich nicht gerade daran sitze.
Richard Prins
A Dutchman living in Canada. As a science enthusiast for most of my life, I love contributing to the BOINC projects. I used to be more active when there was the original SETI cruncher and I've played with various other distributed projects.
Hi all, I live in a small village in Somerset with my wife and 11 year old son. We thought that as our PC's were running most of the time we would put them to good use by participating in the various projects supported by Boinc.
Je suis Français et j'habite la ville de Marseille (sud de la France).
Je travaille dans un centre de recherche à la division Electronique.
J’adore la nature en général la mer etc…

I am French and I live in Marseilles (south of France).
I am working in a Research Centre (Electronical Division).
I like nature, sea, pretty girls, etc…
Spend 45 hours a week working for the man in IT Procurement.
Allen Hardesty
Macintosh computer user since 1985. Currently have two computers supporting various projects.
Hey, my name's Neil, I'm in my final year at York St. John University in England and I'm studying Theatre. I play Volleyball and Squash for the Uni and I regularly use the Gym and go to Circuit Training run by Mark Sullivan (the cool guy off Bad Lad's Army)!

So much to say, not actually arsed to say more...
Greg Hains
Love to see computers (especially idle ones) put to good use such as the projects under BOINC. Love being a part of it for that alone - even if it does chew up lots of my CPU time. :)
Marco Fenner
=== ===
Software developer/CHemical engineer
I don't have many computers, but I try to put the BOINC virus on every one of them :)
Maximus Rufus
Rodolfo, Maexican, 34, CS Bachelor, Bass fiching
I live in Oklahoma. I am a computer technician. I enjoy building computers and model cars.
Techno-Logic Underground Resistance
Just a Cubs fan, FairTax advocate, political activist, history buff, book lover, 2nd Amendment supporter, and scale model builder who is letting his computers contribute something to humanity while he isn't using them.
I'm from Italy, I'm a open source developer for hobby and IT Manager for work
Daniel K.

ich 30 Jahre alter und aus Rheinland Pfalz kommender habe kein Ahnung was ich hier mache, aber da meine Computer sowieso laufen und online sind, stelle ich als Wissenschaftsfan, die bescheidene restliche Rechnerleistung die ich habe zur Verfügung (früher für Seti@home classic).
[B^S] HenryHunter
Semi-retired management-consultant. Married > 30 years (my wife knows the real data). Hobbies: reading, chrunching and a lot more.
From Kansas City, 35, Self-Employed, Computers-Woodworking-R/C Racing and models
Hi, I'm 47 years old and I live in the southwest of Germany. My hobbies are refurbishing my old house, keeping turtles and snakes, and BOINCing.
From China,Age 28
Bin neu hier :)
Komme aus Unna in Deutschland und bin EDV-Leiter eines Zuliefererbetriebs der Automobielindustrie.

Habe hier eine Menge Rechner stehen, die alle rechnen wollen. :)
George Varotsis
I'm George, 30, Greek, residing and working in London. Let's do something about this world!
Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!
Hi. I live in Reutlingen, Germany and I'm a member of the great "green" Team Planet3Dnow!
My profession is it, to teach customers how telecommunication is functioning with fiber optics.
I like it, to construct computers by my own hands. All computers I have are hand made.
Because I like the contact with other people, I'm a radio amateur (DC9ZS)
Vincent Vega
38 year old from the UK and still living there.
Interested in Yoga, Science Fiction
Work as a Commercial Analyst within the Construction Industry.
Thorin Belvrog
I have many interests, more than I can tell here.
But if you dare, you can visit me at my HOMEPAGE

Ich habe viele Interessen, mehr als ich hier aufzählen kann.
Aber wenn ihr euch traut, könnt ihr mich ja auf meiner HOMEPAGE besuchen.
Ron, W7QU
Cavalierenero [Sicily]
hello world, my name is Sal (-vatore)! I am an old boy of 35 years old, Italian of Sicily, working as a representative of alarm systems and are a lover of science and history.
Unser Wissen über das Universum ist wie ein Tropfen. Lasst uns den Ocean entdecken...
Live long an prosper.
RT1984 e.V.
Weltweit erster gemeinnuetziger Verein fuer verteiltes Rechnen - Wiki, Forum, Chat und vieles mehr vorhanden. Schau vorbei und hab Spass!
My thoughts...BAM sux....
1) it disconnects me from my S@H account every time it syncs
2) it deletes the Boinc software everytime it syncs
3) I have to redownload the Boinc software everytime it syncs

I am sure it's all my fault, but it should not be this friggin' hard....uninstalling BAM now....I'll try the other Manager....hopefully it will work....
I live in Knoxville Tennessee, I'm a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, and i work security.
from: London, England
occupation: data analyst for a bank(hiss!)
hobbies: Guild Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh, OU maths & computing courses.
Status: Ich bin verheiratet, noch keine Kinder
Pos.: Nichtraucher! Nun bald 20 Monate
Neg.: Rechtschreibfetischist, Wortverdreher

Lieblingsbücher von: Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams, Frank Schätzing, Stephen King,
Lieblingsmusik von: Crematory, Inchtabokatables, JBO, Kaszebe, Manowar, Theatre of Tragedy
Lieblingsfilme von: Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, M. Night Shyamalan, Quentin Tarantino
Lieblingsspiele sind: Diablo I & II mit Hellfire bzw Lord of Destruction, Majesty, Skat, Spider Solitär
Lieblingsgetränke: B52, Radeberger, Flensburger, Tyskie, White Russian
Lieblingsessen: Bigos, Burgwaldplatte (für 2 Pers.), Kasinoplatte (für 2 Pers.), Nalesniki,
Lieblingstiere: Hunde, Marienkäfer, Ohrenkneifer, Robben
Lieblingssport: Bergwandern, Radfahren, Schwimmen, Sportabwehr aller Truppen, Volleyball
Hobbys: Auto fahren, Essen, solange es nicht aus dem Wasser kommt, Sprachen, Lesen

I am 21 years old mechanical and production engineering student from Satakunta university of applied sciences school fo technology Pori. Pori is 7th biggest city of Finland. My hobbies are cycling, growing succulents, watching TV and busy myself with computers. I run boinc because I want to make a difference.
"Do I know what 'rhetorical' means?"
Daniel Distefano
I'm specially interested in the sharing process of things, for me, sharing knowledge for the use of humanity and it's evolution is a very important fact of life. If I contribute a little, I've help and that's what's important. I studied in system support in a Windows environment and I'm pretty good my Macs also. I live in Canada, Montreal and for my age, well, 47 would be just. My hobbies are cross country skiing, bike, skating and finally walking the woods. Reading would be one of my favorite pass time.
I'm a 38 year old engineer living in Yorkshire (UK) with an unfortunate number of hobbies (really need that paycheck every month to fund them :) ).
Married with children and grandchildren so I guess my life is pretty full.
Crunched on CPDN in its pre-BOINC days.
I am a Chinese,studing in the China JiLiang University.
I like mathematics very much.
I am an easy going G33K. I live life to the fullest and try to do my best in every en devour. I would love For you to join my team Drama Free Gamers
Shintaro Shimizu
Shintaro Shimizu, graduated from Sophia University(Tokyo) in 2005, working in a global financial firm.
Freude am DC
Name : Rudi - Alter: 51 Jahre Geb in Deutschland - lebe jetzt auf Teneriffa
I was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and moved to Australia at the age of 2. At 4, my parents took me to live in New Zealand for 8 years before they returned to the UK where I've lived ever since.

I now live in South East London with my partner of 17 years and work as a z/OS DB2 DBA for a large international bank in the IT department.

My favourite pastimes are listening to classical music and reading science fiction/fantasy books. I also (unsurprisingly perhaps, considering my early years) enjoy travelling.
I am a self-taught IT Professional with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business management. Currently Administrations Manager including the IT, Financing, HR, Inventory and Accounting departments for a company involved in the servicing, repair and manufacturing of agricultural equipment, with our main focus being South Africa's only Bell Equipment service agent. We also supply spares, tyres, lubricants and mechanical hardware to farmers.
As the only Windows-based IT employee I'm responsible for all IT hardware, software, network and the phone/fax system across all areas of the business. IT department Day-to-day operations cover hardware maintenance, desktop support, system build, backup, software installations and all IT-related purchasing (covers 5*desktops and 2 servers employing 30+). Past experience covers desktop support (primarily DOS/Win9x/2k/XP) and small business network design/installation/operation (DOS/W2kSVR). I've written websites in html and habitually gathe
I have a degree in physics but work as a software developer and administrator for an international company that offers solutions and services for managed file transfer.

Hobbies are singing in a choir, computers, reading.
Garreth Jones
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
26 Years Old
Network Administration for web2.0 company

Building Computers, Networking Computers
Wymondham, Norfolk.
Why I joined up is that I always leave my computer on and when the computer have any program or game running why not try to make a difference by lending my computer power to project that can make our world a better place to live in
Daniel Öster

My name is Daniel Öster, and i live in Finland. I'm fourteen years old and my main interests are gaming,pc and overclocking. I usually sit at the computer for 8 hours a day ;P
I mostly have an interest in SETI, we cant possibly be alone this this universe of ours. I also crunch medical and genetics's, we are starting to see the results in medical breakthroughs because of our computations.
FDB ITALIA S.r.l. - Plants and equipments for food industry.
The company FDB S.r.l. has been working for over twenty years in the field of food industry plants, availing of a higly qualified personnel having many year experience and preparation in the milk and cheese sector. Such experience and preparation allowed to work with absolute guarantee in the construction of machines and complete plants for the treatment and the working of milk, cream, butter, yoghurt, kefir, tomato, wine, fuit juices, beverages in general, as well as plants for the production of cheeses and ice cream.
In its plants in Malo the Company FDB ITALIA S.r.l. constructs: tanks, seasoners, plate and multipipe heat exchangers, centrifugal and selfpriming sanitary electropumps , semiautomatic and automatic plants for chemical cleaning of plants and circuits, UHT treatment plants for long conservation products made out from milk and fruit.
The company FDB ITALIA S.r.l can care the realization of plan
Edgar Arturo Yepes Perez
Soy Químico Farmacéitico,espacializado en farmacia clínica, soy de Barranquilla-Colombia, tengo 53 añoa de edad, soy casado, tengo 2 hijos, estuidian 5y4 semestre de Arquitectura en la Universidad del Atlántico de donde soy egresado Me dedico a la docencia universitaria y docencia en bachillerato,Soy dirtector Tecnico de una clínica. Soy lector y me gusta estar en la computadora actualizandome.
I am a LAMP Developer from germany and i work mainly with Joomla! GPL CMS right now. I like singing, platic modeling and japan very much.
Born 1970, from the United States. I enjoy crunching for the benefit of humanity on my home computers.
Aleksander Parkitny

I'm living in Wroclaw, Poland, working as IT Consultant. I'm counting for over 90 projects. I think that it is very importent to do something good in your life. So i try to help other people, crunching for BOINC. My computer is 24/7 up. I'm also a Honour blood donor (over 12L so far :D).
Kommandant Schrom
the picture shows me at a county fair with a little star trek thrown in, held every last weekend of june in reiverside, iowa, usa. note my feet, and what my hand shows. the ship replica behind me is the u. s. s. riverside, ncc-1818.
i am commander shrom, or kommandant schrom auf deutsch.
i live in the central part of the usa, and migrated to boinc from seti@home (5284 wus, 91130 cpu hours) after beginning there in june 1999.
i now have signed on with as many projects as i can get, so the computer cannot idle (it works even when in use, and never is shut off except periodically for maintenance).
i am retired, and besides using my computer's power for scientific research, i play tournament chess (uscf class b), and do a lot of other things on the 'net. i also like bridge, most intellectual board games, star trek (and am an active member i
Peter Moscol
Egresado de Ingenieria Electronica
ST Speedy
Ulrich Ibsch
60+ års gammal gubbe som vill hj�lpa vetenskapen med lite data kraft.
Boende i norra sverige

Mina hobbys �r min hund
och amat�rradio (sm3lev JP83NR)
"My mom says I'm special" - Ralph Wiggum, The Simpsons :)
Futoshi Nakamura


I live in Tokyo. My job is architect design. My hobby is riding on the motorcycle and the bicycle, and hiking, listening music and watching movies. ¡¡I have been participating in SETI@home for seven years. ¡¡My rank fell down because I had been interrupting for one year. Now I participates again.

Hi! I'm Cicciograna, a Physics student at Federico II, Naples. I'm 22 and I love Science in all its aspects, from Subnuclear Physics to Astronomy, from Chemistry to Nanotechnologies. I'm aRPG player, currently playing "Exalted" but with a long story of D&D adventuring: I love RPG! My girlfriend studies Physics too, with me: she's wonderful! So what could I say? Hello world!
I love entertaining others with my magic tricks.
Kai Strang
I just love the variety of stats info that BOINCstats provides,
Willy´s willingness to improve the site on just a moment´s notice,
the spirit of the associated crunching team,
as well as discussions and "bullshitting" around in the very lively fora with likeminded guys/gals ;-)
Sune Hansen
I'm a 36 years young male from Denmark. My hobbies are Chess, Computers and of course BOINC.
New goal:
Just a 50 something who loves computers and putting them to use. If I can find some more, I'll add them to my list and start them crunching too. Is this an addiction? :)

Our Team

Come join us...
I am from Portugal and I am 22 years old. I study Computer Engineering at the local university (Madeira Islands). I like reading, cinema, classical music (though I do not hear it very often) and a good debate.
Pere Omar Brusca Miralles

Vaig nàixer a Ulldecona (Montsià  - Catalunya) i ara visc a Calella (Maresme - Catalunya).

Mes dades al bloc Lo Dimoni i/o a la web

BSEE from University of Utah. Ten plus years experience as a software engineer developing real-time embedded software. Disabled since 1999.
Name: Eli
Location: Scotts Valley, CA
Age: 25
Davide Marzotto
I'm from Italy and I'm a student. I like very much science, photography and astronomy.
I'm also interested on computer science, reading and outdoor activity.

When I've a bit of free time I like sky observation and photography with my telescope.

I hope you'd join the AstroAmateur@Home team to help research with us.

There's an ocean between where I am and where I want to be. I'm a filmmaker, i'm a poet, i'm a lover, i'm an artist in more forms than one. You don't know me like you think you do. You may not know me at all. Sometimes, I like being depressed. I can't explain it, but i'm most creative when i'm feeling down, sad, lonely...and I like being creative. In a round about way, being sad, makes me happy.
I got into Distributed Computing initially to help promote Haiku (operating system). Since then, I've become one of the primary leaders of Team Haiku and Distributed Computing has been added to my list of hobbies :D
My Name is Sascha and come from Germany/Moenchengladbach ;
Birthday: 10.10.75 ; 1,82m ;

SETI is super!
My name is Rick, I am 26, a Nuclear Engineer who has chosen Probabilistic Risk Assessment as a career path.
Worker Unit
Je participe a Boinc pour faire progresser la science.
Stanley Rew
I am a cabinetmaker. Married for 32 years. Like to metal detect for meteorites.
[SG-FC] dingdong
Hallo, hier ist Arne alias Dingdong!

Begonnen mit DC habe ich bereits in Seti - "Classic" Zeiten. Mit Beginn der BOINC - Aera hatte sich mein altes Team Seti@Hope aufgelöst, einige der Mitglieder sind SETIGermany beigetreten. Diesen Schritt habe ich nach einer Auszeit auch gewagt. Gewagt, weil mir dieses Team mit einer so großen Anzahl und so vielen starken Membern so gewaltig vorkam, dass ich mich für meinen Crunch - Beitrag fast schämte!
Das war natürlich völlig falsch gedacht, denn niemand wird zurück gewiesen, sondern bei Fragen oder Wünschen unterstützt!
Ich wurde damals großartig aufgenommen und habe mich im Team weiter entwickelt. Daran hatte auch die Zeit bei der SPEG (Schnelle-Projekt-Eingreif-Truppe) einen großen Anteil, da ich durch das abgestimmte Springen von BOINC - Projekt zu BOINC - Projekt mehr kennen gelernt habe als nur SETI. An SETI ist nichts Schlimmes, aber die DC - Welt bietet doch mehr!

Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Projekten, d
Mike Boswell
Norfolk, England
I started with SETI but have since moved on to and Rosetta@home. I ran SETI for a long time, but now I'm participating in projects that I feel are important and will have the biggest impact.

I'm constantly upgrading my PC to be pretty top of the line. I'm currently running a Q6700/DFI-X48-T2RS/4GB Corsair Dominator 1066/300GB velociRaptor HDD/Visiontek HD3870 Crossfire-X (Quad-core running at 3.0GHz with 1333MHz FSB and 4GB(2x2GB) 1066 Memory and a 10,000rpm 16MB cache 3GB/s Hard Drive)
I was born in Tielt, Belgium, and have been interested in science all my life.
I followed the Gemini and Apollo projects, I saw and followed a lot of things live. First step on the moon, Ariane-5 rocket explodes on her maiden voyage, disasters with the space shuttle, and I am still following the last launches of rockets all over the world.

I am an electronics engineer, and worked as CT, Xray & US engineer in hospitals.

I am now retired (Y) and can completely indulge in my hobby, Ham radio amateur (y).
Stars, planets, satellites belong to my area of interest.
HH-60G Pavehawk Crew Chief
920th Combat Rescue Wing
Patrick AFB, Fl

"These things we do - that others may live"
I am Galician, from Ourense to be precise. (Galicia is a region of Spain).
I’m 25, my name is Héctor and I’m computer scientist.
I'm from China!

Welcome all from China mainland,TaiWan,HongKong,Macau. Welcome Chineses all over the world. Let's keep up the hard crunching LOL!

Wanna join us?
we are waiting for u!
Stealth Eagle*
I am 60 years old and I have my own business doing computer consulting, setup, and repair.
I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I have been running SETI@home since Sept. 2000, and BOINC since it was in beta. I am currently running BOINC 6.10.56 for both SETI@home and SETI@home/Astropulse beta. I am Alpha testing BOINC.

I enjoy working with computers, and play games once in a while. I like to read, go hiking and camping, working with animals, and taking photographs (I have thousands of them on my computer).
[AF>HFR>RR] Ustrici
Hi! I am a french Boinc user since 2006 from RoadRunners team part of L'Alliance Francophone.
I share idle times of my home and familly computers to Boinc projects, hoping this will contribute to science and therefore to a better world for all our kids on Earth.
Puddle Jumper
Not much too tell, I'm from Phoenix, Az (the land of boring and heat in my opinion), but I am now in Austin, Tx. WOOOHOOO! Still doing that whole student thing and not really sure of what the heck I am going to do, but I know that I would like to do something in the Media/Photography field. I always like being behind the camera, never in front of it. And in the media world you can always say that you shot the guy live; but you need to make sure that the person next to you knows what you do for a living. That could get a little kinky. :)

Sadly, I had to move back to Az, But still going to try and move back to Austin, just need to find the right time....
Español de nacimiento, francés de pasaporte, casado con Hong Kong, japonés de corazón... ciudadano del mundo todo junto.
Harry Åkerman
I am from Örebro in sweden occupation CNC-operator, hobbies genealogy,photo
I'm a custom kitchen designer in Churchville Maryland, which is about 25 minutes north of Baltimore.
I was born in California, moved to Texas 19 years later, and then 11 years after moved to Washington. I started using computers at the ripe old age of 9, with an 8086 that I overclocked with a crystal I bought at Radio Shack (not kidding, it had 16 MHz of fury hehe).

I joined SETI @ Home a long time ago, I don't remember why. Not long after I found The Knights Who Say Ni!, and it was fun, so I hijacked all the computers at my work, and anyone foolish enough to ask me for technical support. I still have the cheesy 10,000 work units certificate, and the 7,500 one with a typo and everything hehe.

I took a long hiatus, but I'm back now. My next goal is to hit 5,000 CPD every day, rather than just on the odd spiked credit days, and to get into the top 1,000 world wide.
I'm a member of cross-project BOINC@Poland Team. I live in small town Kudowa Zdroj.

Tommy Phelps Thompson
Born and Raised in Middle Tn.
Widowed Grandfather helping raise two Granddaughters/ Cohorts in Computing.
Systems Specialist for a Packaging Systems Manufacturer. With 40 years experience as Journeyman Control Systems Electrician, Millwright, Pneumatics and Hydraulics Tech. I travel extensively with some worldwide.
Hobbies : Building and Repairing Personal Desktop Computers for Family & Friends.
Due to upgrading I have several older but usable computers to run projects on,and since I am gone most of the time, I leave all of them running to contribute to the cause. My Granddaughters now help me keep them up and running. We have 3 laptops,and 4 Desktops now running,with 3 more being refurbished to go online shortly.
[AF>XTC] hidekisena-savachier
Membre de L'Alliance Francophone et de la miniteam XTC
Csatari Peter - Magyarorszag - Szolnok
TH Keeler
I am 49 years old and I live and work in Novato, CA, U.S.A.. I am a naval architect and marine engineer and was a commercial fisherman for more than 30 years. I now run a small computer repair service business and design boats on the side. I also do other CAD drafting projects. My hobbies are sailing, diving, mathematics, and science. I am especially interested in hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. I love traveling especially overseas.
Active enthusiast since 1995, when I first joined the SETI@Home project, I've evolved with it since then, now using BAM to cover all the projects I currently work for.
Alles wird besser,
aber nichts wird gut.

Everything becomes better,
but nothing becomes good.

Ostrock / Tamara Danz
Linux all the way.
Dirk Heinemann
Un pirao.
Ryan S-J
Uni Student
Evil Conservative Republican
Richard Kimber
Retired Political Scientist
[AF>Slappyto] popolito
I am from France (next to Paris), born in 1989.

Member of L'Alliance Francophone.
Archeologo da Roma, Italy.
I am currently working on my team totals for Boinc@Australia. I have to say the best team that I have been a member for.

I love working with computers and get to do so at home for Boinc and at work.

I started the Boinc work back in the Seti@Home days.

ich komme aus Hannover, Jahrgang 1955, verheiratet, 3 Kinder, 2 Enkel.

Hobbys: Computer, Tourenfahren (Motorrad), Aquaristik
Ik woon in Alkmaar, een stad in Noord - Holland. Ik werk als financiëel stafmedewerker voor de locale overheid en ben daarnaast pastor van mijn kerkgemeenschap.
Mijn grootste hobby is het verzamelen van muziek en dan op het ouderwetse vinyl.
Here, have a song about debauchery. It's got a banjo, a big house bass drum and some appalling drunken singing: The Debauchery Song
Robert Forsberg
This is my profile
WORK: I was in the USAF, I was stationed in Mississippi (twice), France, Turkey, and South East Asia.
HOME: We have lived in Florida from Feb. 1994. We originally lived in Massachusetts, then moved New Hampshire, Michigan, Indiana and then we went back to New Hampshire.

HOBBIES: Model railroading, Music, Computers, Flying, Remodeling our house after the damage from 4 Hurricanes in 2004.
Thomas , 33 y.o. , male , netherlands

Financial administrator energy retailer

Likes programming , crunching , gaming
I am mechanical engineer, working for Sumitomo
HA7KJ, rado amateur from Hungary
[AF>EDLS>Biomed] Hubert Reeves
I'm 29 years old.

I play tennis and ping pong.

Visit this website Newbies Paradise = learn XHtml, PHP,...

Thanks for our support !

Hi, I'm a cruncher of the XTC team, "Mini-Team" of "Alliance Francophone"
More information on me and my TEAM on the site of the XTC
Good days and Good calculation with all :)

Bonjour, je suis membre de l'equipe XTC, miniteam de l'Alliance Francophone
Plus d'information sur moi et ma team sur le site des XTC
Bonne journee et bon calcul a tous :)

Gundolf Jahn
male born 1955 in Germany
I`m a guy from Germany workin in the IT.
Live in Portsmouth, UK work as an engineer for National Air Traffic Services. Love beer, sex, football & computers. Not necessarily in that order or all at the same time :lol:
Doing my little bit to help save the world..
[AF>Quebec] Zexxia
Je m'appel David, je vien du Québec, Canada.
J'ai 25 ans je travail dans le web/internet
Henry Harya
Originally a Texan with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin, I now live in South Africa. I started as a Peace Corps volunteer here (2000-2002) and stayed because I was having so much fun.
I started crunching Seti back in '99, put thjngs aside for a while and then got it going again a couple years or so ago. I have a beautiful wife and 3 children and I am a soon to be graduate from the Ohio State University. After graduation I'll strart a new career as a middle school math and science teacher.
Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society (LVAAS)
Van Tolar
Houston, TX
Physicist by training. Enamored by astronomy, nuclear physics and quantum mechanics. Sort of a nerd!
Yacoplus [Canarias]
Todos me llaman Yaco.
Soy de la isla de La Palma (Canarias - España).
Me dedico a la informatica.
Providence Christian School
Providence Christian School is a Classical Christian school located in Oxford, Georgia (USA) in the east metro Atlanta area.
Richard Rosenberger
I live in San Diego, CA. USA. I'm 53 years old and I work for the San Diego Padres Baseball Team. I used to be a Military Aircraft Inspector and also worked on U.S. Navy Submarines and supervised testing of certain items at an NSA facility.
Michael Huenicke
Hello, my name is Michael, I am living in Berlin, Germany. I am working as an Admin Clerk in the " Senat of Berlin" (goverment). My hobbies are stamps, coins and computers.
Check out if you want to know something about me.
LG-CyberCrew is an account that is used by the Leibniz-Gymnasium school in Remscheid, Germany. Many computers there work for BOINC projects. To conclude, LG-CyberCrew is exactly this school, no more, no less.
Hi there,

49 year old male from the UK here, I am currently back fighting the Big C so have had plenty of time of late sitting in-front of my PCs which is how I stumbled across the boinc projects.

I was lucky enough to join the best UK team out there, so if you have not yet found your team just click on the links below.

Hobbies are limited to reading, music and of course PCs, due to the fact I am pretty much house bound for the time being.

Join the UK BOINC Team:

Visit the UK BOINC Team forum:

I am a full time student and worker, living in the Heartland of the US.
Dimitris Papakonstantis
Distributing computing is a great concept as it allows me to contribute to studies and experiments that I would not have opportunity to get involved with otherwise
I am from Canada, I am 30 years old
Computer geek from the Chicago area
Juan Rivas
soy de la ciudad de monterrey, tengo 28 años y soy ing, sistemas
I'm a 36 year old American living in Germany. I'm not a scientist, and don't know much about computers. Nearly all my adult life has been spent in the military, and my experiences in Iraq have left me shaken to say the least. I'd like to do some good in the world for a change.

My name is Mario and I'm a member of SETI.Germany.
In 2002 I started with SETI@home classic and now I'm crunching for several projects.
LcNessie... A weird geezer from the north of the Netherlands. Got his nickname, when he was swimming in a lake, and slowly rose to the surface, his hair all stringy and stuff... That earned him the name Nessie. He added Lc at the front himself, to make it seem a little more distinguished, accidentally creating a global unique name...
Just trying to help
The Grinch
nothing to say more ;-)
Age 45, Disabled do to a accident at work. Addicted to collection old fishing tackle. Web page is
Dr. Goulu : Mon Blog
"The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents."
Nathaniel Borenstein (1957 - )
Unable to connect: says that my pwd. is incorrect...however, it is correct as registered
After nearly 21 years in the Submarine Service, I retired from the U. S. Navy and went to work for a company that makes integrated circuit chips for nearly every application you can imagine. I also returned to university as a student. I wrote my first computer program for something other than a handheld calculator as part of a calculus course at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1976. We were using teletypewriters and Hollerith punched cards then. I have been working/playing with computers ever since. I enjoy bicycling, hiking, motorcycling, SCUBA diving, building and configuring computers, dabbling in computer programming, and Old Time Radio. Spare computing resources here are donated to projects I hope will benefit humanity and this world we inhabit.
I´m from Vienna, Austria. Related to the Telco Business my Computers running most of the day. I have degrees in Business, Traffic Management and with some luck, one in Physics next year on.
Public servant from Brisbane, Australia. Computing is my hobby. Brisbane Lions are my sporting Team to follow.
Chris Wille
My name is Chris Wille. I am a recent graduate from the University of Washington Bothell. I graduated with a Major in Business Finance and a Minor in Business Management. Upon graduation I began full-time work as a Associate Financial Advisor for a leading Financial Planning firm where I make investment recommendations for the affluent.

This last summer in July of 2006, I married my wonderful wife Lindsey after alomst five years of dating. Lindsey and I met in college and have been going strong ever since (no hiccups as of yet :).

Also upon graduation, a fellow student and I Toby Barnett started a small consulting business called TW Resource Group. We provide small businesses with internet marketing solutions to help them achieve ulitmate success in a avenue they have yet to pursue. We have had a lot of success over our first two years and are excited to build our company to become a key player in the greater Northwest.
Neil Polson
Hej, I'm a Brit living in Sweden. Met a Swedish girl in Ibiza in '95 and .......WOW!! I'm interested in Astronomy/Space and am an avid indoor rower.
I live in Bloomington Illinois in a 150 year old house. I have lived here three years and the house has become one of my hobbies. I am a retired computer programmer and the first computer I worked on had vacuum tubes and was later retired to the Smithsonian Institute. I retired from IBM on April fools day in 1987 and will be 75 in march of this year. My hobbies are the computer and the piano. I also love to read and have a collection of old books.
The name I use is Portugese, but I'm Scottish. My real name is Gregg, but I have never used it.
[AF>FRANCE] Procyon
Hi, I'm 39, working in computer sciences.
People are always a little surprised that I know a fair bit about just about anything.

I am a structural designer in Canada, I also do structural designs for projects in the USA, and different requirements for different regions keep the job fresh.

I spend a lot of time reading. I am an avid role-player, and although I have played in a lot of different games, prefer those set in the fantasy Realm (Dragons, Knights, Wizards, etc).

I have always been a bit of a computer nut, and the other day it came to me, that up here in the �Great White North�, I have to pay for a lot of energy to heat my house, and well all the energy used by a computer is basically transferred to heat. Therefore, having my computer crank out heat all winter really does not cost me anything.
Guenther Albrecht
Living in Vienna, Austria for all of my 43 years now, i am making music, earning money mostly with programming. i am interested in (favorite: contemporary) art of all kinds, science and life as it is. at you can read more...
I have multiple BOINC accounts, and BAM seems to be the easiest way to integrate them all into a seamless control scheme. Congrats to the BOINC team on making an API that supports remote web control.
I am from earth, born in Washington, D.C. at 4:19 AM EST on February 13, 1963, and am currently residing in Ocean View, Hawaii.
Neil B
Hi I'm from the UK
I like Fishing and IT
Hope we find life out there
Everything about me and what I do is stored on my Page
I love to play chess and construct web sites, actually I have just I that is on-line: Portuguese).
I'm member of, the biggest Czech team. I'm crunching since 30.3.2000. I live in the Southern Moravia, which is region of the Czech republic.
I like to play cards especially "mariáš" - card-game.
I like to drink good red wine particularly from the Southern Moravian vineyeards, where are produced wines of endless diversity, exceptional for their fruity taste, zest, wide spectrum of bouquets and typically full body.
It´s my big dream to be a vinter and I hope it will become true when my retirement come.
Uncle KD
Play tuba in Clinch River Brass
Father of two
Middle-aged married man
Im an attorney. I love sailing and adventures.
I'm just an unordinary, random geek from Finland.
Je ne suis qu'un simple technicien, mais j'essaie de participer au mieux aux différents projets de calcul comme je participe à mon niveau à l'OpenSource, juste pour faire avancer le "smilblick".
I'm from Paris, XIII°
MaFi vs Samuel47
I'm a recording engineer from North Wales.
Grzegorz Chamielec
I'm just a ordinary guy who wants to have fun from Boinc computing competition.
Lars Becker
After I had lived in Greenland for 12 years I'm now back in Denmark where Internet connections are much much better - the speed have encreased by tenfold...
I am an electrical engineer and i have worked as such in Greenland.
The nature in Greenland is spectacular indeed! I had a number of dogs, and I loved to ride with them and a dogsledge in the weekends. Sometimes it was a bit cold to sleep in the tent but it was worth it!!
I have two daughters here in Denmark and they both are educating themselves in college.
Well, thats enough for now, I'll return for more information at another time.
I use BOINCstats/BAM! because it lets me keep track of all of the systems that I have BOINC on and modify the settings for them all from one spot, that way I don't need to go to all of them and make the changes multiple times.
Old Peculiar Rock Hen
Real ale loving Lancastrian Salfordian, geek and rocker
St. Devlinius
I'm a pilot, general aviation enthusiast, minister, and citizen scientist. I also love general outdoorsy activities (mountaineering, hiking, camping, climbing, and fishing).
Supporters Worldwide Unite!
Hi people!

I`m 19 and i live in Germany. Often i surf in the i-net and read some world news and reports; so i have enough "free CPU" to do some work. I like to read books and speculate with friends about "god and the world".
[C@B] Terminal
Profile... what profile? Someday I have to update this stupid joke....
Crunching to save the world.
System Administrator, Network Administrator, Database Administrator...

Using: *nix/Linux, Solaris, IP networks, C, pascal and a little perl :)
Knowledge of: DNS, SMTP, HTTP, NNTP, FTP, MySql, Oracle, Apache, Bash/Shell scripting, awk, sed and several other fancy acronyms.
Interested in computer/network security.

Hobbies: Offroad driving, photography, music, writing
I'm a Crack Smoking Satan Addict!!!!!

No I'm kidding I dont smoke crack, and I'm an athiest... Well sort of.
I was lost, desperate to search & find the meaning of existence. Then the Lord of Life touched my heart & soul and showed me He loved me so deeply as to lay down His life for me. God is Love, Jesus proves it. Dios es amor
I was born in Budapest, Hungary.
My family had to flee from communist repression.
I got a PhD in industrial engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).
I still speak, read and write Hungarian.
As my wife is from Peru, I am learning Spanish.

world Youth Day
I will be with you to the end of time
Seattle, WA
I'm James and I'm from Perth Western Australia. Software engineering is my trade and a hobby, well my lifestyle really, I'm sort of addicted to computing just like so many these days. I started when I was 10 on a Commadore64 back in 1986, now look at things 23 years later. Wow life is cool for us software developers, just keeps getting better and better. BOINC is definately one of little software projects that is changing the world and how we look at it.
Since my childhood I look at the stars and hope to find something unknown ...
I'm a 23 years old student from Estonia.
Currently I'm studying IT in University of Tartu.
My stats

I was a Beta tester for BOINC and founder of team BOINC@AUSTRALIA currently crunching in most of the BOINC projects. I am an Aussie currently living in Canada. Born in Canada over Sixty-six years ago, lived in Australia most of my life, including 20+ years in the Australian Defence Force (Army).

Don't forget to look at my WEB CAM
I'm a young brazilian who's interested in making a difference. This explains both my activism (check out my website) and my participation in BOINC. =)
Zdenek Broz
I am a PhD. student from Czech republic. I work on it is project connecting more than 50 world languages.
Hi everyone!

I'm just trying to do my bit for the community. :-)

Join BOINC.BE :-)
Hi, I am Peter.

From Prague, Czech Republic
Hallo !

Mein Name ist Mario, und ich komme aus einem kleinen Dorf in der Nähe von Chemnitz, in Sachsen, in Deutschland.
Beruflich bin ich tätig in der metallverarbeitenden Branche.
Privat interessiere ich mich für Astronomie, Raumfahrt, Altertumsforschung(Stichwort Paläo-SETI- Hypothese) und Grenzwissentschaftlichen Themen.
@jj0jlq ã§ãÂâ„¢
よã‘れã°登録ã—ã¦ãÂÂã ã•ã„

・ã“ã¾ãÂÂã•幼稚園→大çâ€ÂºÃ¨Â¥Â¿Ã¥Â°Â学校→大çâ€ÂºÃ¥Â¸â€šÃ§Â«â€¹Ã§Â¬Â¬Ã¤Â¸â‚¬Ã¤Â¸Â­Ã¥Â­Â¦Ã¦Â Â¡Ã¢â€ â€™Ã¥Â¤Â§Ã§â€ÂºÃ©Â«ËœÃ¦Â Â¡Ã¢â€ â€™Ã©â€¡â€˜Ã¦Â²Â¢Ã¥Â·Â¥Ã¦Â¥Â­Ã¥Â¤Â§Ã¥Â­Â¦Ã¢â€ â€™IT系会社

・JOG → DT50 → CB400 SF → ZZR1400 → Ninja250R

・ミラ → タントカスã‚
[AF>WildWildWest] PhilGut
Un bonjour de Rennes(35) à tous les cruncheurs de la MT WildWildWest, de l'ALLIANCE FRANCOPHONE et à tous les autres ! Continuons à aider la science !
Proud member of BOINC.BE, the biggest Belgian crunching team out there!
Philosopher, artist, and musician, incapacitated by a car crash and a long dark night of the soul.
Eternal pragmatist, and seeker of the lost chord.
Always 'A natural', never 'c sharp' or I'd 'B flat'.
I live in Texas City, TX 77590. I'm an ex-network engineer working at RadioShack.
[AF>HFR>RR>PPC] Neoryuki
Membre de l'Alliance Francophone, et de la miniteam des RoadRunners :D

Parce qu'un cycle CPU qui ne BOINC pas est une perte inestimable, FCCPU !!!
-> Stuttgart -> Stutent -> Computeridiot
Ich nutze BAM um Boinc auf mehreren Rechnern besser zu verwalten. BAM ist die beste Erfindung, seit es BOINC gibt.
Carlos Manta Oliveira
Electrical Engineer, currently working on PhD on Image Processing.

Interests are Hiking and Mountain activities, Photography, sports mainly Squash and Ultimate Frisbee
Software Developer
I live in Montana, I have a daughter and there's not much else to me.
Age: 18
Job: VA
Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Mit Boinc / Bam nutze ich den Leerlauf meines Rechners wenigstens sinnvoll =)
Herkunft: Deutschland
Alter: 21
Beruf: Student
Hobbies: Lesen, Pc, Musik, Wissenschaft (besonders Genetik und Nanotechnik)
Big Daddy
Originally from Danburty Ct., now live in Wake Forest NC!
Almost 50-years old!!!
Electrical Project Manager for large Construction Manager.
Hobbies & Loves-My Family / Electronics / Computers / Stock Cars /
Married, 1-daughter and 2-Dogs!
Bonjour a vous tous.
Je m'appelle Guillaume je vie en France en Moselle et je me passionne sur tous ce qui touche sur l'espace.
John Halladay
i am a retired electronic engineer, and computer engineer
from Rochester New York, now living in the Philippines
MONACO The Best Place On Earth

MONACO has a colorful and fascinating history filled with barbarians, kings and even a movie star.
It is a story of castles, epic battles and untold riches.

BOINC@MONACO has been created to unify all crunchers who like the Principality.

Join the #1 Team in MONACO for the good cause.

Si vous aimez MONACO, venez rejoindre BOINC@MONACO.

Information on Principality of MONACO


L'Alliance Francophone
Network Admin from PA
[AF>Occitania] vfoa31
Bonjour les crunchers.

Membre de la mini team Occitania dans l'Alliance Francophone.
Venez faire un petit coucou sur notre forum.

Un de mes hobbies Radio amateur.

I'm a network admin with some PC's that are running anyhow.

The picture shows my son. I had more curls when I was young and now I'm almost bald ;)
HAL 9000
I am HAL 9000 computer. I became
operational at the HAL plant in
Urbana, Illinois, on January
12th, 1991. My first instructor
was Mr. Arkany. He taught me
to sing a song... it goes
like this... "Daisy, Daisy, give
me your answer do. I'm half;
crazy all for the love of
Karel Dusbaba
Hi, I am from Czech Republic. I am civil engineer, designer of roads. I like chess playing. My favourite team is BOINC.CZ.
[TiDC] yattote
Soy programador de profesión y mis origenes en la computación distribuida empezaron con el hoy ya muerto proyecto de Desde que descubrí los posibles beneficios que tiene donar parte de la potencia no usada de nuestros ordenadores, no he dejado de colaborar en algo tan ingenioso y potencialmente útil como es la computación distribuida.
Hi, I'm Wim. Born and raised in 1976 in Belgium.

My name is the Dutch version of Will or William in English, the same name in French would be Guy or Guillaume ... According to etymology.

My native language is Dutch. However many in Belgium prefer to call it Flemish because nevertheless the language is ExActlY the same there is quite some difference in the pronouncement/accent/dialect [cross out what is not appropriate] between Flemish (Belgium) and Dutch (The Netherlands). And just in case jou can still follow me there is also a French speaking community (35%) and a German speaking community (5%) in Belgium.

I allways have been a System or Network Administrator. I'm one of the lucky ones that made a profession out of their hobby so this kind of works out for me ;-).
Unfortunately I can't use the company's servers for Bionc ... We've got some SWEET hardware in here.

In time I'll try to expand my hardware at home. I thing Boinc is in general a mag
Bin seit 2004 dabei, angefangen mit LHC@home. Auf der Suche nach Infos über verteiltes Rechnen bin ich damals auf gestoßen. Die Wiki dort stellte übersichtlich und ausführlich die Projekte vor, weitere Hilfe boten kompetente und freundliche Antworten in Forum und Chat und mit Taskforceeinsätzen kam auch der sportliche Teamspaß nicht zu kurz. Also bin ich auch heute noch dort. Seid herzlich eingeladen mitzumachen!


2005 wurde der weltweit erste gemeinnützige Verein e.V. mit Mitgliedern aus ganz Deutschland gegründet, um verteiltes Rechnen (Distributed Computing) bekannter zu machen.

- Wir erzählen anderen in Radio und Zeitungen von DC.
- Wir beantworten Fragen zu DC und seinem wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund in Foren, per Mail und in unserem Chat.
- Die Veröffentlichung eines Buches ist geplant.
- Wir crunchen mit allem was uns zur Verfügung steht.
- Wir haben Spa
Software Engineer
GIS Enthusiast
Hi! I'm a cruncher of the RoadRunners team, the most powerfull mini-team of l'Alliance Francophone.
Contact us if you like crunching and friendship.

Salut ! Je suis membre de l'équipe des RoadRunners, la plus puissante des mini-teams de l'Alliance Francophone.
Contactez-nous si vous aimez le calcul et l'amitié.

Avec l'arrivée de Boinc, nous avons également varié nos sujets de recherche puisqu'on nous calculons désormais pour la médecine, les mathématiques, la physique/chimie ainsi que pour l'astronomie et bien d'autres types de projets encore !

Je participe à Boinc depuis Janvier 2006 et quand j'en parle autour de moi et qu'on me répond que c'est inutile, je réponds que c'est toujours plus intelligent que de télécharger bêtement et illégalement des fichiers ;) .
Vous me croiserez régulièrement sur notre forum HFR et de temps en temps sur notre topic sur ainsi que sur PrÃÂ
Name: Jan-Eric Dressler
Wohnort: Dresden (Sachsen, Deutschland)
Geboren: 03.12.1985, Neubrandenburg
Projekte: SETI, Einstein, Rosetta, Climate Prediction

Beruf: Staatlich anerkannter Erzieher
Hobbies: Fotografie, Musik, Natur
TOP 09 Brno-sever
Tempus omnia revelat.
Hi, my name is Wolfgang from Munich, Bavaria - Germany.

My hobbies are boinc and tracking EURO-notes via
eurobilltracker (

I am also proud founder of the team CONRAD-HOTEL de Ville MUENCHEN ( )
[CSF] David Bainbridge
I was born in the UK but now live in Sweden where I work in Configuration Management in a large software company. In my spare time I am involved in amateur radio, dancing, and playing music.
Hi there, my Name is Andy Koenigsdorf and I'm from Germany.

There three to do everyday:1st, smile[^_^] to my GF; 2nd, mirth[^o^] to my GF; 3rd, laugh[^0^] to my GF.
I hail from Malaysia and I'm very happy to contribute my significat resources, albeit at miniscule for the benefit of mankind. If we humans can be grided as well as this, I cannot begin to imagine the amount of wonderful things that we can achieve.
Ninaye Yesu
My name is Stacy.

I am a pre-med student in So-cal, currently holding a BA in Political Science/International Affairs from UCR.

I am also an active member/officer for the Flying Samaritans, Inc. organization. I work with students from CSUF and UCR to help run a free Flying Samaritans Medical Clinic in El Hongo, Mexico. We run the clinic one saturday per month. Visit, for more info!!!

Other than that, I enjoy horsback riding, watching movies, traveling, going to Disneyland, watching people Swing Dance, hangin' with friends, and cuddling with my cats. PS, the profile picture is from the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.
Jon Boy UK - Wales
My addiction started : 14th July 2002 with SETI
Currently my addiction is getting out of control - I'm even slowly becoming a credit tart !

We live in an awesome world.Make it an awesome day.
Live simply,Love generously,Care deeply,Speak kindly,Peace To All and May God Bless You !.

I am a young hobby-programmer and network administrator from Germany and am interested in quite any scientific topic, as far as it is brought across in a more practical than theoretical way. My computer works for BOINC while I am outside Geocaching, which is my biggest hobby apart from computers.
Sven Teirlinck
Ik ben van België en woon momenteel in Kester, Vlaams-brabant.
Ben 31 jaar/ 1m78/ 65kg
Heb 4 jaar lang als arbeider bij Unil Belgium (motorolie bedrijf) gewerkt en zit nu op de technische helpdesk van Mobistar voor adsl.
In mijn vrije tijd kan je me vinden achter de pc/ in de fitness/ of op de baan al lopen of fietsend
Hi! I'm a cruncher of the RoadRunners team, the most powerfull mini-team of l'Alliance Francophone.
Contact us if you like crunching and friendship.

Salut ! Je suis membre de l'équipe des RoadRunners, la plus puissante des mini-teams de l'Alliance Francophone.
Contactez-nous si vous aimez le calcul et l'amitié.
Kenneth D. Welch
My name is Kenneth D. Welch and I live in Springfield, VA. My main system is a highly modified Dimension 8400 (name, Manoj - aka XBLADE) with a Pentium 4 Prescott clocking at 3.2, operating 24/7. I also have a Linux system which clocks at 1.8GHz with 512MB of RAM. There are a few other systems that i would prefer not to release information on.

My hobbies include computers, filming, programming, insulting the stupid morons of America, and flying. Currently I fly for Delta Virtual Airlines ( which operates a fleet of digital aircraft including the world famous PMDG and PSS models. All done with over 3,000 pilots from across the globe.

They use a system called VATSIM ( which is the superior competitor to IVAO. This is basically made up of computer geeks with expert knowledge that have created a vast network using donated bandwidth and shared server space. All complete with Air Traffic Control. It really is a sight to be seen.

Robert Beedham

Hi! I'm a cruncher of the HFR team, the most powerfull mini-team of l'Alliance Francophone.
Contact us if you like crunching and friendship.

Salut ! Je suis membre de l'équipe des HRF, la plus puissante des mini-teams de l'Alliance Francophone.

Contactez-nous si vous aimez le calcul et l'amitié.
Dirk and LoriEllen
Me? Ok. We enjoy volunteer grid computing, and for me it is personal as my wife Lori is forcibly retired from nursing due to a spinal injury. We run mostly medical grids as i pray for advances in genetic engineering and one day she can have cell implants and walk again and be 100% normal. Lori enjoys Facebook and reading novels, as for me it's Boinc,Baseball,and work work work :-)
Walter Eldredge
Mechanical Engineer from MIT 1968.

Sailor, backpacker, military historian.

Always like to make the most of resources. BOINC seems like a good way to do that since I have a pretty powerful machine that I use to edit military history documentaries.
My website is
Currently living in Kansas
I'm a 30+ yo T-girl from Dresden, Saxony, Germany who had her sex change surgery in Feb 2008. The name Holly Marie has been legally my name since March 2006.

I study computer science at the TU Dresden but so far its a bit slow going since my medical and emotional issues have slowed me down quite a bit.

On BOINC im the founder of team Trans-G-Power

I aim to make it the biggest team for all gender conflicted people and their friends to show we are there, we are a power and we also cotribute to society.

For this reason I also help to organize the Dresden Trans-Street-Day

as part of the local Christopher Street Day (Pride Parade)

Apart from doing all kinds of things with computers (chatting, reading stories, BOINCcrunching and programming) I like skiing, biking, reading, music (almost any kind depenting on my mood) shopping, dressing sexy and going dancing and lots more.

I also enjoy a good discussion about
[AF>Futura Sciences]Darkyol
Serve the Empire above all and other !
Gary C Henley
Retired from telecommunications after 34 years, now own a photography studio and an espresso internet bar in Washington State. Also do aerial photography via UAV helicopter with video downlink.
Our website is
I'm a mother of two, one daughter and one son. I'm disabled with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial Pain, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I own and run an email based support group for the same conditions. Hobbies are MMORPG's, crocheting, needlework, beadwork, and animals. Have 12 ferrets, 3 cats, and one dog. Let's just say I'm never bored. :)
[B^S] Hugo Ayotte
It Just ME
RKN-Cluster e.V. - The world's first and largest distributed and grid computing society. We make those things possible that supercomputers don't. Join today to help us advance education, research and science by employing our networked computers.
Hello, I'm Gunter, 15 years old and I reside in a little town called Meerbeek, that's in Flemish-Brabant, so in Belgium.

I used to have a lot of PCs running at school but they started noticing that so no more credits from school :( . Now I have my Q6600 running (12-16h/day), an E6700 (16h/day), an X2 4400+ (5h/day) and an A64 3500+ (5-10h/day), but I'm still looking for more CPUs to help me get higher up the ladder. I hope to have a T7100 laptop 24/7 soon, and maybe a second quad.

A giro per la rete mi trovate come ICamaleonte.
Mi piace leggere, guardare la tv e stare tutto il giorno a non fare niente :)
Il mio genere preferito, sia per quanto riguarda la lettura che la TV è la fantascienza

blog personale: ICamaleonte on the Road
Sir Barsteward of Pubs
I'm the Chief Nurse at a major teaching hospital in the West Midlands, UK. In my spare time I run and garden.
26 y/o male living in Buffalo, N.Y in the USA.
I am from india, delhi, janak puri, iam 12 years old, i am a student studying in tagore intenational school, playing games on computer and doing physical activities are my hobbies
Georges Lucius
I am from Luxemburg, Bissen and i love Chemistry more then any other sciences. Therefore i support chemist projects like QMC.
Li Yong
Member of Team China
Welcome all from China mainland,TaiWan,HongKong,Macau.
Welcome Chineses all over the world.
Let's keep up the hard crunching LOL!
Join us !
I'm from Texas (in the United States),
Most of my time is spent working on either cars, or computers.
I'm a Systems Administrator / Network Security Specialist for a nationwide distrobution company.
I'm here to render my part to the world. I hope what I "crunch" here will be usefull.
Dusty Rhoads
Retired-38 years federal government. Live in Sylvester, Georgia, USA
I'm currently at this time 38, born in '69, so you calculate it from there...I'm active military, U.S. Navy, been in since '88. I was always a science geek when in school, sorta fell out of it all since joining the service, so giving up free time on my computer was my way to put something back in...when I get home from Iraq here, I'll set up the other computers at home to start working for this as well, figure somehow, it's the little bit that might make the difference.
I love to read, current favorite is Laurall K. Hamiliton's Anita Blake novels, but love Scifi, Fantasy, Horror, Future Fiction and Alternate History ...Play RPG's when I have the time, CRPG's when I don't...Work stained glass, collect foriegn stamps, coins and bills...
Emailing me is simple,, if your interested in chatting and expanding my horizon's.
Have fun out there....
I am the co-owner of PEMEA, a cable and PCB assembly electronic manufacturing company. I also do the web development as well.
38, Hampton Roads, Va. Pres. of local 501.c3 non-profit Iguana rescue and education group.
Hi, ich bin Martin aus Minden in Deutschland und mein Team ist Borussia Dortmund 1909.

Ich bin zufällig auf Boinc gestoßen und rechne seitdem überwiegend astronomische Projekte, da ich mich für diesen Bereich allgemein interessiere. Liegt wohl an der absoluten Lieblingsserie meiner Jugend: Star Trek TNG. Vielleicht werden wir Menschen uns eines Tages auch einmal so friedlich vereinen, wie dies in der Serie der Fall ist. Und um wenigstens einen kleinen Teil dazu beizutragen, rechne ich gerne an weltweiten Projekten mit, die auf verschiedene Art und Weise dazu beitragen, die Entwicklung und Harmonie von Natur und Menschheit zu verbessern.

Meine Boinc-Chronologie:


24. Nov - Anmeldung bei Seti@Home
28. Nov - Anmeldung bei Einstein@Home


28. Jan - Anmeldung bei RCN und PrimeGrid
24. Mar - Anmeldung bei Rosetta@Home
18. Apr - Erstmals ueber 2.500 Credits an einem Tag
19. Apr -
"Wer die Freiheit aufgibt, um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, wird am Ende beides verlieren." Benjamin Franklin
Mike Harris
I have an aeronautical engineering background, but moved sideways to IT in 1983/84. I've been in IT ever since albeit still in the aviation industry.
22 ans

Technicien supérieur en Informatique
Formation : Licence Professionnelle Informatique Embarquée et Robotique
also bin der Nico und komme as Eberswalde bin zur Zeit 19 Jahre und mache Abitur (mehr oder weniger).
HOffe hier geht es bissel ab und wir werden viele Race`s machen ^^ und gewinnen ^^ he he also wer was will einfach anschreiben
Cody Tudor
I am an Electrical Engineer student out of Sacramento, CA. I have interest in Aerospace research as well as fuel resource and nano component technology. I am married with one child, my little girl is the breath of my life. I take great pride in my achievments and research, am also very determined to preserve this planet for our collective future.
Chris Craven
Los Angeles, CA, USA. Computers and Ham Radio. This is a Family and Friends Project.
Jochen Schlick
- software developer
- from Germany (South Palatinate)
- outdoor sports (snowboarding, mountainbiking, ..)
I'm from Poland and i'm interested in unix-like operating systems.
[RKN] Der Diplomat
I was born in 1977 and am fascinated by the possibility to accelarate research with donating the spare cycles of my computer. Some times I get addicted to the news of the different projects, always searching for new papers...

In 2001 I joined the community of, Germany.
2005 the non profit association e.V. was founded with members all over Germany to promote distributed computing.

* We tell other people about DC also in radio interviews and newspapers.
* We answer questions regarding DC and the scientific background in forums, email and chat.
* We prepare a book about DC.
* We crunch with all power we get.
* And we have fun discussing DC, scientifics and more and meet in real life.

Join us, we are open for everyone and each distributed computing project.

Hola, soy de las islas canarias, de Tenerife, y bueno soy diseñador grafico en una empresa de señalizacion vial y bueno mis hobbies son muchos , la electronica, la informatica, la astronomia y bueno una larga lista
My mother had cancer and one of my friends died because of Aids, so I hope to help the science to heal those sicknesses by given my computerpower into the BOINC-Network
retired in 2001 from r&d exerimental mechanic at rheem manufacturing
Fleet Captain Shown
35 year old Navy Veteran
Living in Island, KY
have two children: stepson 12 and daughter 5

Like bowling, Star Trek, and all types of Japan Animation movies
I am French I live in Ireland.

I like to Build computers as a hobby latest is a dual Opteron 270 running on a Supermicro H8DC8
I am also a Rugby Fan and Follow the French team (quite obvious) and Clontarf Rugby.

Love music as well (almost any but I prefer indy rock)
I'm originally from Finland, now living in France. Joined grid computing through World Community Grid in November 2004 and used their Windows client until March 2007. That's when I found BOINC and realized I could support other projects too, especially in Europe. I have also abandoned Windows for Mac and Linux (Macbook Pro, iMac, and a Thinkpad with Linux Mint). I also have a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running Boinc. Being bilingual Swedish/Finnish, I support BOINCstats as translator for these two languages.
Russell John
I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and I do free-lance Linux related consulting for a variety of companies, and design interesting web projects in my spare time.

If you really care enough to know more about me, then click here.

In case if you want to know what's happening in my life, you can read my Cyber Journal.
Game Kraze Tucson
Owner of Game Kraze LAN center

I'm from Hannover, married for long years ago, have 3 childs, 2 grandchilds and a dog ;-) and ... also many jokes!
My hobbies are Computer, Motorcycle.

Hannover .... the EXPO-City of 2000 in Germany.

I love BOINC !
I'm with it! Yes, my parents already know. I live with my partner of 10 years just outside of the DC area.
I am the owner and CEO of DHT Associates, LLC a small IT consulting firm based in Northern Virginia. DHT offers tech support and web development and design services, as well as the sales of computers and computer accessories.
Just recently, I am in the process of establishing another company with my partner, as well as the contractors working out the remodel of our house. The new company, called Triton Painting and Renovation, LLC, will provide general contract services, as well as advanced painting and remodeling services.
I am a student of physics from Czech Republic.
Registered Nurse who specialty is Emergency/Truama. I'm not a rocket scientist, not a computer junkie, and definenetly not a math whiz, but, thought putting the computer to "good" use when I'm not using it would be a good idea.
Phillip Aldridge
Running two FC5 boxes for the climate-prediction program.
Love using QT and KDevelop plus PHP/Mysql.
Live near Dijon, Burgundy, France.
_x__Macs are LinX to the World__x_
De L'Alliance Francophone et fier de l'être.
Paix, longue vie et prospérité !
Single Male Living in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.... Been Here since June 1990 - 17+ Years.... Holy Cow, How Time Flies.... I am 40 Years Old Living on the 40th Floor of the Island Colony Building - What a Life!!!

I relocated to Honolulu in June of 1990 from Carson City, Nevada.... Having grown up in Carson City 90% of My Life.... Looking back now with some Perspective on my Childhood, I Now Realize what a Truly Independent, Solid and sometimes Crazy Childhood I was Afforded... What Does Not Kill You, Makes You Stronger.... And that I am....

Living these 17+ Years here in one of The "Best Cities" in the World..... I can only be so Completely Satisfied with the move from Carson City to here in Honolulu.... Honolulu is One of the Best Multi Cultural/Ethnically Diverse Populations.... Mixing It All Up into about 1 Roughly Million People, we all for the most part, Get Along Just Peachy....

Tons of Aloha & Kokua make Hawaii Truly One in a Million.... I LOVE
Blick auf die beiden Sternwarten hinter dem Schulgebäude Kronshagen bei Kiel (Juli 2005) © Mario Lehwald. Danke Mario für die Erlaubnis, dieses Bild benutzen zu dürfen.

Member of ATA. Einer meiner Vorbilder: Tutta55's Lair.
Teammitglied von: , , FREE TIBET/ TIBET LIBRE .

Moin. Ich grüße euch aus dem Bundesland zwischen den beiden "Weltmeeren".
Credits: 1K = 1.000, 1M = 1.000K = 1.000.000

Juli 2008: Ich habe bisher nur mit AMD Athlon64 Prozessoren gearbeitet. Ab Juli ist dann ein Intel Quad 6600 dazugekommen... Ich habe einen 2. Intel Q6600 "fremdverpflichtet"... Alle 1,5 Monate gibt es jetzt jeweils 100K mehr.
28.3.2009: die MSI NVidia 7600 GS wurde durch eine EVGA NVidia GTX 260 ersetzt (192 Shader, GPU-Grid in 15 Stunden: 9.300-10.000 Credits)

SETI@home-Mitglied seit 9 Apr 2004

SG Boincstats Credits:
2007: Mai: 100K, 31.12. (ein paar Stunden vor Silvester): 200K
2008: Juli: 300K, Septembe
Starship Trooper
Sailing, photography,politics
Taita College

Welcome to Taita College





Taita College





I'm a Ph.D. student in French history.
See you @Planet 3DNow!

Doug Worrall
Been Running Seti@home beginning 2005, then Boinc.
Am with TEAM SYNERGY formerly setisynergy
Run many experiments. POTM is ABC@HOME
POTM last Month
BOINC Profile Under Construction!
Prime Lemur
Hi. I'm a 35 year old Revenue Protection Professional (a Railway Tickety-Dog) from Brisbane, Australia. I got my nickname Lemur from co-workers, who think I'm the "office lemur". Does this mean I'm ambitious, extroverted and upwardly-mobile? No - I just like to climb things and show off my bottom!

My real name is Aaron.

I think BOINC presents a fantastic opportunity for ordinary people (like me) to participate in extraordinary scientific research projects.

I'm a project developer and tester at Hydrogen@Home. H2@H is currently in alpha test phase, but we'd love you to come and visit us.

I'm hoping that some clever person out there will develop a distributed computing research project (using BOINC of course!) into the El Nino / Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon that affects my part of the world. If you're interested in ENSO, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has a lot of interesting inf
I'm a 50 years old german scientist working as a project manager in a software company. In my spare time I'm growing roses in my garden, and occasionally I go out for mountain climbing in the alps.
Gerald Davison
British based Telecoms Engineer and Part-Time mountain walking instructor and guide.
Skip Da Shu
Old Hillbilly Credit Whore who gets distracted Monday thru Friday doing Project Management on large scale data conversion and system modification projects (mainframe) for a major player in the IT outsourcing and services business. Resident of the Republic of Texas since 1983, Central Division. Worked in Beijing most of 2004 and fell in love with the place. Send me job offers making big $$ for a short work week in China and the For Sale signs go up. Also happens to be where I was when I first got into DC and also where I built my first dedicated 'cruncher'. See for more info on that.
Mi chiamo Luca. Sono Italiano.. Toscano.. e precisamente della Versilia! =)
La mia passione è l'elettronica.. e qualsiasi cosa sia alimentato a corrente elettrica! XDDD Frequento L'ITIS di viareggio e vorrei diventare un ingegnere di telecomunicazioni.
[AF>Ouest>EDLS] Chrisnawak
Salut moi c'est Chrisnawak ce surnom me la donné car il m'arrive d'être un peu déjanté :D j'ai 22 ans je suis Commercial hé oui ca arrive !!!!
Je vis dans un petit trou dans l'eure et loir 28 à l'Ouest de Paris.
Je suis un grand sportif pratique de la boxe francaise à haut niveau (c'est quand vous montez sur une chaise pour vous battre.....ok je sort ! lol)
Je fais pas mal de foot et supporte L'Olympique de Marseille hé oui comment résister à une telle équipe de tel supporters et une ambiance de feu !

Pour les Francophones qui n'ont pas d'équipe c'est ici l'Alliance Francophone]

Si de par n'hazard vous êtes habitant de l'Ouest allez voir ceci Topic de l'Ouest
Alaskan looking for life on other planets. Born in 1971.
Hello !
Bonjour, je suis de Belgique et je fais partie de l'Alliance Francophone qui a pour but de rassembler toutes les équipes francophones comme la nôtre, les XTC pour Xtrem Team Cruncher

Vous pouvez aussi visiter notre site à cette adresse

Rejoignez nous !
I've been boinc'ing for many years now. Originally for SETI, signed up around 1999, with a now lost account. Reassigned to boinc around 2005, since the idea of ClimatePrediction intrigued me. Now that ClimatePrediction isn't so stable anymore, I try to run different projects I like.

This hobby is a costly affair though, since hardware and electricity cost a lot of money.
I have followed Seti@home for years, it's cool how computing and technology have progresses, but with super-fast machines geared towards multimedia, there is a lot of wasted space and wasted energy when computers use 1% of their capicity on people like me who don't game ;) That leaves 99% to find ET or whatever else you want.

I was in the US army for 4 years, then the national guard for 7 more, I finished college twice, did four years of graduate work that overlapped about seven years of research experience in nanotechnology which ended in 2005.

I'm now just a regular guy but smarter (by far it would seem) than your average Joe on the street. I'm getting by and have a lot of personal drama going on but I'm still deploying BOINC on all my machines and on other people's machines when I ask them to contribute. Many who don't know about BOINC and what it actually does are impressed and willing to help, if only because of a cool screen saver!
Hi, I'm Dan and I am a 12 step Astronomy Geek...
Just a bit of wululu o.O
I troubleshoot avionic electronics as a job, and I build and program computers as a hobby.
I am a telecommunications engineer from Russia. I suppose it will be enough information about me. :-) I am a "might-have-been" medician, so I am glad to take a part in medical researches at least by this way... :-)
(¡·¡¡¡­¡¡¡¡¢¦¡¡¡¡¡®¡¡¡¡)ŽÉ"¢¦ Hello!

Athlon X2 6000+(¼«ºî)
Athlon X2 3800+(¼«ºî)
core 2 duo T5500(HP NC6400)
core duo 1.83GHz(mac mini)


Ahlon XP 3200+(¼«ºî)
PentiumM 1.7GHz(thinkpad T42)


Knowledge increases when it is shared

La connaissance s'accroît quand on la partage
je suis Vincent, un homme de 44ans , et je suis utilisateur de boinc pour divers causes, cela à commencé avec sety en 2002 puis évolué avec boinc.
à l'époque j'avais plusieurs pc que je mettaient à contribution, à présent je n'ai plus que mon P4 à 3ghz avec 2go 566mghz DDR2.

mon passe temps principal est écouté, lire divers infos sur l'informatique, le reste comme tout le monde , music, télé, promenade et autres.

Bon calcule à vous
salutations à vous
Saviour M Filletti
BOINC Account Manager not only provides detailed statistics but also facilitates the management of multiple projects.
I am software developer (banking systems) from Krakow, Poland
My name is Carlos, and I am from the UK. I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve crunching! ;)(y):D
User of Blender
IT consultant System & Network. Past C++ developer. Middle age, not yes in crisis!!! Enthousiast fan of distributed computing since early beginning of Then Folding, and now Boinc. Especially since we have projects that have a scope for the futur of sciences. Some might say for the future of mankind.
i am a relocated housewife from florida. we now live in illinois.i help hubby take care of his mom.
[AF>EDLS] lalrobin
Je cacule dans la team L'Alliance Francophone , dont le but est de faire avancer la science dans la bonne ambiance.


I am cruncher from L'Alliance Francophone
UBT - The Prof....
HI there!
I am a train driver from the English midlands, who runs a crunching project for various BOINC projects whenever I have the time... .. . .

Member of The UK BOINC Team.

Join us here

Join the UK BOINC Team:

Visit the UK BOINC Team forum:

I'm kind of an addict to stats i must admit. I wasn't in the beginning but since I've seen my stats looking better and better I can't see a computer without thinking "mmm... wish I could install Boinc on this nice little fellow, only to give the poor machine some good excercise" ;-)
Registrato il 09/05/2007
I am a law student on Masaryk's University in Brno. I'm interested in sciences of all kind especially environment studies and astronomy.
EvE Robocopter
Well. I just wish I would find E.T. evidence.
love playing 'EvE Online' on my main computer.
I play Badminton weekly, so I'm fairly fit middle aged guy.
Well, I'm a Stats follower, and like moving up the tables as I have 2 computers crunching with 2 GPU's mass crunching too, and a little laptop (may well upgrade that soon(tm)).
Computers, web development, music, cars, culinary arts, martial arts, green living... that pretty much sums up my life right there! Oh and of course BOINC. Being the technical director for a company which relies very heavily on technology and big servers... I get to decide how they get burned in. What better way than a few BOINC projects?
In knowing the teachings of Zerthimon I have become stronger.
[SG] blAckmAmbA
Willkommen auf unserer Profilseite!

Dieses Profil gehört 2 Crunchern aus dem schönen Sachsen die sich 2004 zusammengeschlossen haben und nun gemeinsam auf einen Account rechnen.

Unsere Distributed Crunching History:

• Am 26.03.2003 begann blAckmAmba bei dem 2004 eingestellten non-BOINC Projekt SETI-Classic das Crunchen. Für das Projekt rechnete er 9290 CPU-Stunden (2000 WU´s) im Team SETI@Klamm. Gerechnet wurde damals mit einem AMD Athlon 2400+.
• 2004 schlossen sich Saeufer und blAckmAmbA zusammen und sind nun bei den verschiedensten BOINC Projekten aktiv.
• Seit 2012 crunche ich blAckmAmbA allein auf Sparflamme für den Account.

Team History

• 2003 - 2005
• 2005 - 2008 Seti-Ost-Deutschland
• 2008 - 2010 Electronic-Sports-League (ESL)
• 2010 - 2012 SETI.Germany
• 2012 - 2014 Electronic-Sports-League (ESL)
• 2014 - back to SETI.Germany

Same old same old
I'm a Japanese Retired Ex-CEO of my small corporation.
[AF>XTBA>XTC] Robrouge
Hello Je suis français et utilisateur de Boinc depuis Mai 2006.
Je me suis joint à L'Alliance francophone, pour aider la science et ainsi contribuer au bonheur et à l'avenir de l'humanité.
Je suis connu sur certains forums avec le pseudo Jesse71

[AF>Libristes] Jip
Je suis membre de l'équipe L'Alliance Francophone afin de défendre l'usage du français sur la toile.
Je suis aussi un fervent défenseur du logiciel libre.
En ce sens, je suis aussi membre de la communauté Francophone de Joomla.
Mes passions sont : la moto, les relations humaines et l'informatique.
I love life.
I participate in a few BOINC projects for the Masaryk University team as a founder. I am a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University in Brno. I'm interested in Social Media in Public Health.
Sprichst Du deutsch? Komm' zu SETI.Germany, dem grössten deutschsprachigen DC-Team!

Ich bin der Georg, geboren und aufgewachsen in München und seit 2008 in Urdorf bei Zürich lebend.

Als begeisterter IT-Manager und Berater bestreite ich die Stromkosten für meine Rechner als Freelancer und versuche, mich ständig weiter zu entwickeln.

Ich wünsche euch allen
Happy Vollgascrunshing!
[Team.Philou.Canaillou] Philou.Canaillou
Hi! My name is Philippe, I live in France, I am 48 years old and I am a technician in data processing, and as much of people I seek ET

[FT/ TL-ATA]Rolf
Das folgende Projekt wurde von mir mittlerweile beendet: --> Grund: bei einem Projekt, das nicht bei Boinc-Stats erscheint, habe ich 1000 Credits erreicht.
Stephane Beausoleil
it admin
JonathanMM, 15 ans, prénom : Jonathan
Vit Kliber
I am cruncher from Czech National Team

I manage
Bruce Higgins
Retired alien.
Maurizio Baralla
I'm from Naples, Italy
Shanghai China
Ich bin aus Österreich und habe meine DC Karriere mit SETI begonnen. Nach einer weile habe ich mich mehr für das Thema Verteiltes Rechnen interessiert und etwas im Internet gesucht und mein Team gefunden. Seit dem rechne ich mit Ihnen, nicht nur bei BOINC Projekte, mit.

Cya Velo
Masami Oyamatsu
I'm a 56 year (Jun1950) old man from the Japan, living in the capital of near Tokyo of the south provinces of my country. I love to Dog's and Cat's or movie and fishing.
I'm a guy from Bremen, Germany, where the famous Beck's are brewed.

Pic-Text: "Using spare-air from the toilet-tube in case of a fire!"
Ich komme aus dem wunderschönen Saarland für alle die es nicht wissen, das Saarland liegt im Südwesten Deutschlands ;) Bin Vollzeitberufstätig und arbeite als Vermessungstechniker. :P
Francis Butts
I'm from Goodrich, MI., a small town north of Detroit. My career was in air transportation. This choice allowed me to move around and live in many beautiful and unique locations.
One of my passions is travel. My wife and two daughters also share in this. We have had many opportunities to visit some of the unparalleled and wonderful locations while we experienced the diversity of cultures that exist on this planet.
Another is reading, mostly periodicals. Such as Discover, Scientific American, National Geographic and Sky & Telescope.
When my wife and I travel we are never without our Kindles. Air travel is mostly boring. On further consideration that is not really a "bad" thing.;)
I did not graduate from University, probably due to my inability to focus early-on on just one of my many areas of interest; ranging from the very small; microbes, muons and etc. To the very large, the Universe surrounding us and it's many mysteries yet to be unveiled; and in the "in be
I'm a Ham Radio Operator from Orlando, FL, assist the American Red Cross and give blood.
Nick: Thief Aphrael

Skype: thief.aphrael

Prince Vegeta
I like to Fight Goku!
Married with a beautiful wife and three boys. Work in the Higher Education sector as a project manager.
Hola a todos. me llamo Bruno soy chileno y estoy jubilado, me gusta leer, escuchar musica e ir al cine, como pueden ver tengo tiempo y disposicion para todo.
Martin Filgas
Glad to contribute.
test a
Family in north Atlanta suburbs. I do consulting, but prefer the penguin.
Living in Norway
Metrologist, NOT meteorologist!
Hello fellow crunchers!
I am a former shipfitter/fabricator (submarines and catamarans), determined at one time to remain a lifelong blue-collar union man but finally succumbed to the "call of the cubicle". :lol:
Now as a production detail planner (submarines), I spend my workdays at a desk developing/issuing manufacturing work packages on a computer and joking with my cubemates. I enjoy surfing the web, reading books and blogs, going to plays, movies and concerts, and spending time with my friends.
Live in Alaska, have my own network to put my $50k education to some use (I work construction because it pays more then computers up here) so have a lot of idle computer time.

I'm from Hannover, Germany and I´m 29 years old.

I like to be outside to ride my bike, read a book or just drink a coffee anywhere. Whereever people see me, they see me with my mp3 Player. ;) Seems like I can´t live without music, I love music.

I work as an accountant, because I like to work with data / figures.


ich komme aus Hannover / Deutschland und bin 29 Jahre alt.
Ich halte mich sehr gerne draußen auf. Zum Fahrrad fahren, Buch lesen odereinfach nur um mir ein nettes Cafe zu suchen und gemütlich einen Kaffe zu trinken. ;)
Tja, wo auch immer man mich antrifft, habe ich meine "Stöpsel" (vom Mp3 Player!) im Ohr. Ich kann einfach nicht ohne Musik ;)

Beruflich arbeite ich als Buchhalterin, ich liebe es einfach mit Zahlen zu hantieren ;)
My name is Fayssal Fertakh. I was born on 1974, in Tangier, Morocco.

I am an active member and administrator at en.wikipedia. My page can be found at
I am a grandmother of two and a mother of three grown-up sons. I live in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, the happiest country in the world. I am 72 years of age (2015), and I built my first computer and taught myself html proramming after retirement.

I am a retired journalist, but I used to work at Danish TV stations specialising in cultural matters. Beyond computers and web design, my interests are space, particle physics (the Large Haldron Collider at CERN), literature, movies, fine art, and cold beers - NOT necessarily in said order.

I like(d) to travel on foot, bicycle, canoe, airplane, and train. I am a true train romantic and still bike several times a week. In addition to Denmark and Sweden my favourite travel goal is Crete. I once lived there for three months while trying to write a novel. The outcome was no novel, but an everlasting love for Crete and Cretans.
supporting the program since way back... installed it the first time on my first computer... packerd bell PII 266 mhz with 128 ram i gues... That was the period I still knew what the heck was inside my machine... now i dont have a clue :-)

I'm still hoping that my machine will get the first hello ;-)

I'm social worker from Belgium (Ghent). Like going out for a drink and a dance. You should visit ghent... we have this 10 day festival: streetperformances, nice Belgian beer, massive street party's, chill out places, cocktailbars all over the city. google: "Gentse Feesten".

I speak: Dutch, English, French, and a little bit of German.

With a degree in aviation I don't use, I do mid-level IT administration and have my own company :)
David S.
Location ? South of France
Age ? Almost 40
Occupation ? Engineer
Hobbies ? MMORPG :)
I`m student from Czech Republic and i`m interested in this project. I don`t think why, but i want help sciencs and people on the world.


Jsem student z Èeské Republiky a mám zájem o tento projekt. Nevím proè, ale chci pomoct vìdì a lidem ve svìtì.
I'm a University graduate of TV and Film Production and is currently working freelance as a Cameraman, Editor and Photographer.
My spare time is spent working as a volunteer for a local charity who run a music studio for the local young people.
Any spare time is spent trawling YouTube, writing and playing music. (y)
Chris Sack
Carlos Henrique S. Santos
I am from Brasil (with the S) and I am almost 50 years old.
Working with Industrial Automation (Offshore).
My hobbies are collections, studying, music and more...
Much to learn you still have. -- Master Yoda
Randy Wilkins
Teleported to Iowa in 1967. I was sent on a research mission from the RU1007x Galaxy to find intelligent life. Hobbies are Sky Diving, Racing & Anything that causes Great Amounts of Adrenaline to be released.
I enjoy Physics, Electrical Design and working with some of the old Tesla projects.
Student of applied geophysic
John Bryant
Computer tech, photographer, silversmith, herbalist, dog person (other animals are cool too), anti (ANY) war, homeless (this is changing), disabled (this is not changing)....more to come...
Student M.Sc. Bioinformatiks. Therefore my main resources go to SIMAP and POEM.
Studying EMT/Fire Sciences. Have always been fascinated with the sciences, from medical, geo, structural, and astrophysics. Look at things from different angles and pov's to try and get a more complete picture. Grew up playing baseball, a love for aviation and most things military.
Keith [SETI.USA]
I live in Texas. I like to take long Motorcycle rides. I crunch science projects. I am a member of SETI.USA.

Welcome to the creative minds at Lorenger dot org. We create aircraft for X-Planeâ„¢ flight simulator, produce short films, Do digital prototyping / design and continue to pursue education as a first priority for our younger generations to come. Leading the way, Creating the future.
Swedish dude who crunch for 2 main reasons.

1. By being a member of Team Haiku I support the efforts to inform the world about the presence of the operating system Haiku ( This operating system is built on modern principles and is in difference of many other options on the market, fast, beautiful and user friendly!

2. Simply supporting the sake of science =)
Hiroshima Japan
Lukáš Divina
Jsem postižený kluk jestliže se o vìku 35 dá mluvit o klukovi nebo spíše o mladém muži.
Trying to retire gracefully. My Granddaughter, Black & White Photography the old fashioned way, Bonsai and Futbol are my main interests
I am the one, doom 's in my hands.
Now make your choice, redeemed or enslaved!
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Pravin Sreeprakash
I am a software engineer working with Magma Design Automation. We provide software solutions to the semiconductor companies for designing ICs. I am presently based out of Bangalore, India. I am 28 years old. From my childhood, I have been fascinated with Astronomy, Astrobiology and everything related to the universe.
I'm 47, divorced with 2 children. I am a machinist, Sous Chef, Line Chef, and IT Technician. I love almost anything Sci-Fi\Fantasy in books or movies. Also love computers.
Drazz A. Matazzdaspazz
Rope Fetish :)
Age: 17
Occupation: Student, mostly
Serveis Informatics SLU
Serveis Informàtics Corretgé.com SLU és una empresa dedicada al món de les tecnologies de la informació.
Miembro de Equipo de los usuarios del foro de
T`Plon Makh-zhuksu
Capt. T'Plon Makh-zhuksu
Commanding Officer
USS Vre'kasht NCC-33187
USS Vre'kasht Web site
STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.

We are a ship (chapter) with STARFLEET and are looking for a good crew. If you are interested click a link above and check us out.

:amellow: a:-)
Proud member of eksi sozluk cpu power.

Helping science projects one package at time.
I am crunching BOINC from deep in the heart of Texas

It is exciting to participate in real science and in the knowledge that my computers are more useful than just surfing the net, email, solitaire and downloading porn.

I live in Belgium and i'm twenty-two years old. I'm a French speaking people. I'm BOINCing for about 2 years now :) My father is Italian.

I'm studying Electronics (going in 2d master of Ingenieur Industriel en Electronique) and i like programming like Java and Matlab but have some knowledges of other languages, especially of PHP.

I use BOINCstats and sometimes BAM! because it is very nice to use and because everyday i want to know where i am ;)
I am a large turtle.
Hello there! I don't have much to say about myself, other that i'm a big fan of the FF games. I decided to join some of those projects cause i tought they might really help every one of us.
I'm From Italy, 22 years old, don't have a job yet, but i seriously intend to join an University to study.
"To Infinity... and Beyond"
Je suis originaire des Pyrénées (côté méditerranéen) et je suis ouvrier agricole.
Mes loisirs favoris sont la musique et la photographie, quand je ne suis pas devant un ordinateur.
W.Vetter [SPEG]

Mein Name ist Wolfgang, die meisten sprechen mich aber mit Wolle an.
Ich bin 40 Jahre alt und wohne in Deutschland.

Ich bin Mitglied im Team

Leute, welche bei der Projektwahl so unentschlossen sind wie ich, sollten unbedingt bei SETI.Germany vorbeischaun.
Hier gibt es die Schnelle Projekt-Eingreif-Gruppe, kurz SPEG.
Neugierig? Dann schaut mal bei SG-SPEG vorbei.

Und nun viel Spaß beim Crunchen.
The Devil Himself
I'm a Danish guy 51 years of age, and is about to finish my education for multimedia designer at Business Academy West in Esbjerg Denmark
I'm from Lanesville, IN., I'm 68yrs old, I'm a Xerox Technician, I'm a Ham Operator, KC9KVM, I like looking at the stars though my telescope and I like to ride my Ducati 900ss.
Eduardo A. Palmeyro
Soy Analista de Sistemas, me gusta la informatica y lo que se puede lograr con ella. Me gusta programar los equipos de computacion, ya sean grandes o pequeños y me gustan mucho los desafios. La investigacion me fascina y por ello participo de estos proyectos.
22 year old male from Denmark.
Ken Scott
27/m/TX, Information Technology
nature, science, technology, fun
Just another computer geek from the northwest.
Travis / KB5ILY
It's Marcel from the Netherlands :D
For contact:
Je suis informaticien :(

J'aime la 3D et les trains miniatures ....

Je suis marié j'ai 2 filles et 1 grarçon, l'aînée est de 2002, la seconde de 2005, et le troisième de 2008...
I use BOINC because it's the closest I will ever get to doing real scientific research.
Mueller KlaJa
Bin seit mehr als 3 Jahre selbstständig. Bin vielseitig interessiert. Meine Hobbies: Reisen. Pc.... Komme aus dem Raum Leverkusen. Würde gerne meine freie Rechnerkapazität für Wissenschaftszwecken zur Verfügung stellen. Nichts ist mir wichtiger, als die Weiterführung der Wissenschaften!
j'adore l'informatique, je suis d'ailleur étudiant en uit info. J'aime etre (paraitre^^) utile.
Greg P
I'm from the hills of East Tennessee, I have been computing for science intermttingly since 2001, continously since 6/2007. I'm employed full time in the retail industry, I love model trains and the real thing too, computers are also big part of my hobbies. Totally devoted to my wife and daughter who take up the majority of my time everything else is just secondary.
(o_k)/ I'm PC is OverClocks !
[TiDC] Chulma - Sinergy
Soy de Barcelona y como muchos, empecé en la computación distribuida con el proyecto SETI, luego he ido ampliando hasta los más de 40 proyectos que ahora mismo proceso. Actualmente proceso en el equipo de TitanesDC
Y este es mi blog BOINC y su mundo
Dean Anker
Retired US Army officer now working in Michigan as a contract compliance manager manufacturing parts for commercial aviation applications.

I was born into an Army family so I spent most of my life traveling around the world. From my birth in Japan to following my Dad and then my career, I was able to see the best and worst of the world.

When I am not working I enjoy time with my family, gardening, reading and being a volunteer algebra teacher.
Bretagne Morbihan
56 ans
Protection Radiologique sur centre nucléaire
Les sciences : astrophysique - astronomie - et les parrallèles : fusion à froid - énergie du vide ...

Soy un chico que estudió Ingeniería informática técnica, y que empecé con la computación distribuida a principios de 2007, con el proyecto Folding@home. Estuve varios meses hasta que descubrí boinc, y la cantidad de proyectos compatibles con él.... así que me animé a hacer el cambio. Y así hasta día de hoy, participando en varios proyectos con el equipo de la comunidad de :)

[AF>FACS>France>Est>Alsace] Christian CS
Informaticien, j'habite dans un superbe village des collines sous-vosgiennes. J'adore les sciences, en particulier les sciences exactes. Elles représentent quelques une des facultés les plus fantastiques qu'ait l'Homme : la capacité de raisonnement, la capacité d'accumuler des connaissances, le désir de Savoir.
Sur BOINC, je veux apporter ma modeste contribution pour faire avancer la Connaissance, en espérant que celle-ci soit utilisée pour le bien de tous...
We are a family run, UK business selling ink cartridges, paper and light bulbs. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, top quality products and value for money. Ordering is easy, there are no hidden charges and delivery is usually next-day. All products come with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.
* Ink Cartridges: Low-cost, high-quality, compatible, recycled and remanufactured ink cartridges for Apple, Brother, Canon (Cannon), Compaq, Dell, Epson (Epsom), Hewlett Packard (HP), Kodak, Lexmark, Samsung, Sharp and other inkjet printers.

* Printer Paper: Inkjet matte (matt) and photo / gloss paper in 6"x4", A4 and other sizes.

* Light Bulbs: Energy saving / saver, compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs.

Why do you use BOINCstats/BAM! ?

I'm thinking usding more BOINC projects...

What are your views about BOINCstats/BAM! ?

Haven't been here that long...
Retired from US Navy, Submarines, 21 years.
Born in Wisconsin.
Live in Arroyo Grande, Ca, best weather on the planet.
Gabriel Dario Wrobel
Soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tengo 53 años (al 15/08/13), soy ingeniero en electrónica y trabajo en una importante compañía de comunicaciones.
Me gustan los libros, películas y series de ciencia ficción y cuando veo TV tambien me gusta ver Discovery y National Geographic Channels. Entre mis hobbies están internet, los juegos de estrategia, y muy especialmente volar (soy piloto comercial de avion).
Soy miembro de The Planetary Society y desde el comienzo apoye los proyectos de computacion distribuida, primero SETI@home I y luego BOINC (actualmente SETI@home II, Einstein@home, Rosetta@home, Climateprediction@home y MilkyWay@home). Me da satisfacción sentir que comparto con tantas personas del mundo que no conozco esta forma de contribuir al desarrollo de proyectos que - en mayor o en menor medida - impactan positivamente sobre toda la humanidad.
Sex / Age / Status: Male / 24 / Single
Looking To: Meet Aliens
Build / Height: Average / 6 ft 0 in
Hair / Eyes: Black / Black
Birthday: September 24
Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Interests: Like music (Turntabalism),movies,Basketball, like to read magazines (tech stuff !) and really interested in anything related to Cosmos.
Hi to all. I was a 51 Years old Male from Ludwigshafen/Germany and my Occupation was Technical Service Worker. My Hobbies ??? Only Crunching, Crunching, Crunching. Very big Smile.
I am an Electrician from Birmingham UK. Loved PC's Since my first IBM 8086.
The only time boinc stops running on my main PC is when I play Battlefield 2142. Like most blokes Im just a boy who likes playing with his toys. I own 3 servers on a small IRC network and try to help run & config the net when i have spare time.
Lucifer Miracle
Ireland BOINC
Come and join team Ireland today. We would love to have you with us!

Join our team; Click here to join team Ireland on any BOINC project!

Team Ireland website;

Team Ireland is registered on all the scientific projects that use BOINC software. Some of the more popular projects include SETI@home, Einstein@home, Climateprediction, Rosseta@home, World Community Grid and many more. If you are running other BOINC projects, then come to the team website and join team Ireland on those projects also as all the projects are separate.

Team Ireland has a very cool team website linking all the BOINC projects. The website is an Internet forum so you can register and join in the chat. It has lots of team information to help you learn about all the science projects. Come and visit the team website regularly for the latest news and do join in the chat or post a message to say hello.
I am from China Shaanxi. I am 20. I am a student. I am interested in science.
:)ÎÒ½ñÄê16Ëê.À´×ÔÒ£Ô¶µÄÖйúн®,^_^I am a middle school student, and I like English ,computer&music....
What can I say. I love RPGs and actually play in honest-sit-at-a-table with-other-real-people Star Wars pen and paper RPG and ran a Stargate one. I'm planning a Spell Jammer game to replace the Stargate one, but it will be a while in coming. I did tech support for full time and a bit of database design, but now I am looking for work. My favorite pet was a chameleon and I had a pet snake named Mr. Rogers. I am a huge anime fan & I cross stitch. In other words, I am weird.
Greetings from a concerned citizen of the World. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and find this community to be a great way of trying to make a difference, one computer at a time.
100% Service Connected Disabled US ARMY Veteran
Jeff Coleman
Back for more of ze crunching!
Gideon Fell
like gourmet cooking, florentine renaissance history, dislike rude people


OS: Windows XP Professional
Service Pack: 2


HomePage: Click here

Dieter Matuschek
I am a teacher for maths and physics at a school in Bavaria/Germany.
For further information please visit my home page.
I am a witch !
Juergen Jaeger
Renter, Funkamateur (DF1KBN), EDV-Spezialist
Nothing to tell...........
Interests: astronomy, physics, mathematics, statistical analyses, computers, general aviation flying, R/C airplane and boat modeling, unlimited hydroplane races, Star Trek, Harley-Davidson motorcycling but.... most importantly, helping to find cures for these devastating diseases.
Bam does not work
So far BAM is useless. It will not attach projects that I am currently running under BOINC. It states 'incorrect password' yet I can log onto my account using the password. A project that I am not running cannot be deleted because BAM has 'greyed out' the detach key. I am at a loss as to why I need BAM.
[SG-SPEG] Autofuzzy
Hi Cruncher and Boinc-Specialists, my name is Jean-Marc aka Autofuzzy and come from Karlsruhe (Germany). I was born in 1971, and a mix of service technicians, warehouse manager, buyers, as well as warranty administrator. As my nickname betrays already hit me with the above mentioned things in the automotive industry.
Location: Germany, esp. Bavaria
Occupation: Digital ASIC Design
Hobbies: Macro Photographie, Astronomy, Diving
Hello, my name is Antonio Maranhao. I'm from Nazare-Portugal and since very young I've developed a particular interest for technology in general. Around the year 2000 when I was alredy very into computers in general I joined the SETI@Home and have used plenty of systems to do till today, where multi-core cpus and powerfull graphics cards are available for the most addicted people like me ;)
Currently I'm supporting half a dozen projects and expect that my help may be relevant for some world changing discovery.

Keep on crunching!!!
Hi I'm Ciaran and I live in Donegal.

Love working with computers in my spare time, and a big Sci-Fi fan.
well i live in Sydney, Australia .
im currently 23yo
i work in a wholesale nursery as a merchandiser/sales rep
my hobbies include working/playing/stuffing around on my computer/s
crew cheif for Macarthur Garages Drag Racing (482bbc Methanol Injected A/MA Modified Altered)
and riding my dirt bike

my father introduced my to boinc as he "TRYED" adding my computer to his account. i soon caught on to the whole scam and created my own account. i did a bit of crunching here mainly when i went away on holidays for something for my pc to do while i was gone. but decided to assign a few spair pc's i had sitting around to crush 24/7. so here to a promicing begining to boinc
Thomas Gustafson
43 Years old, Seti@Home since 1999, Sl-Player..
Hi, I am from Czech Republic.
My hobbies are astronomy, photography and electro.
Quantity is not important, that's the result =)
Don P.
I am from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada...
Science is fascinating - as these quotes show:

In the space of one hundred and seventy-six years the Mississippi has shortened itself two hundred and forty-two miles. Therefore ... in the Old Silurian Period the Mississippi River was upward of one million three hundred thousand miles long ... seven hundred and forty-two years from now the Mississippi will be only a mile and three-quarters long. ... There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesome returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.

Mark Twain

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" (I found it!) but "That's funny ..."

Isaac Asimov
I'm from Southampton, United Kingdom and I run a group of companies that does all sorts of stuff relating to video gaming, computers, Internet hosting, and so on. All the great geeky stuff! Only natural I'm here on BOINC :)
J'ai 15 ans. Je m'appelle Adrien et j'ai un ordinateur assez puissant que je n'exploite pas vraiment. Il peut donc calculer pour la echerche pendant se temps et je suis heureux de contribuer. Sinon je viens du 91 et mes passe-temps sont l'aéromodelisme et la natation.
Darko Jeftic
Independent artist from Zagreb, Croatia.
Born: 1982.
Passion: theatre, Life.
Homepage: KI - kreativne intervencije

Seti at Home member since 2001.
I want to help the science generally. Especially little project can take advantage of my system. My Hobbies are science generally from Astronomy over Medic to Technolgy. I am very interested that I can help finding ways to improve the mankind. I am owner of Jung-Netzwerk as a head of many projects from a science website to an eSport-Community.
As a person on disability, its hard to say I've done much personally that would compare to most of the people crunching data for BOINC projects, in fact rather am just a person who is enthusiastic about the idea of helping out the science community and lending my extra computer time to advance progress in our world. My hobbies are playing video games, hiking outdoors, and all reading up on all things science related such as Cosmology and Physics, to Human and Animal Biology. Its all very fascinating to me.
Non fa mai male fare del bene!!
I am 41 and use Boinc since May 2005. I would like to help science and take part in world development for better and easier life all of us.
I'm working as an electrophysiologist in cognitive and memory neuroscience at the University of California Irvine.
i'm Student and live in Finland.
[c@b] Ogliagh
Hola, qué tal? unas cervezas?
Gayux est une association créée par des étudiants ingénieurs passionnés d'informatique. Les profits générés par nos différentes activités nous permettent d'investir dans des ordinateurs qui travaillent 24h/24 à faire des calculs à but environnemental.
age- See above
Occupation- highschool
Hobbies Building monster computing rigs
Boinc is AWESOME!!!
Hello my name is Tommy, is 20 years old, I lives in Gersheim, Germany. At present I make training as the information and telecommunications electronics engineer in Bexbach.
Nelson Vieira
spectacular!!! Thats what i've search
Working as a Civil Engineer in South Dakota. I design precast concrete products.
Charles DeMarco
I'm an I.T. guy working in Prescott Arizona. I've had cancer twice and have been healthy and out of treatment almost two years. I am looking for ways to help fight this disease and support those beset by it. As Lance Armstrong says "It is the biggest killer of Americans under age 85". It's time to throw the full wieght of our culture against this plague.
Hello. My name is Christian. I come from Munich in Germany. I`m working as a IT-Administrator in a technical trade company. I like Science Fiction, mostly Star Trek and Babylon 5 and many other series.

I think to support the science in that way is a good thing for me and all of us. To be a part of a big unit with so much people who want to create a more humane society gives me a good feeling. I`m pleased to see, that so many people
work for this and other projects.

That gives me hope, that this planet will not be destroyed by bad people. Let us the world show, that everyone of us can reach something also with little steps.

To work for a better future is really great.

Life long and prosper!!!

See you.
Sign-up date Projects
2006-08-19 Tanpaku
2006-08-19 SETI@Home
2007-08-26 RieselSieve
2007-08-30 PrimeGrid
2007-11-10 MilkyWay@home
2008-01-05 ABC@home
2008-02-16 World Community Grid
2008-10-19 Einstein@Home
2008-11-09 Rectilinear Crossing No.
2009-07-20 Spinhenge@home
Be cruncher.
Manuel, BAR VICTOR de Madrid.
Un día pensé en cómo estaría cuando fuese mayor, me fijé en las personas que me rodeaban y comprendí que cuando uno llega a edad avanzada, empiezan los verdaderos problemas, los problemas de las calamidades, de los dolores, de las enfermedades, de la fatal y por desgracia esperada … muerte. Nunca es tarde para contribuir a investigar, sé que poco puedo hacer, pero por lo menos lo intentaré, en la medida en que pueda.

Hi, I'm Alex, born 1980, and I'm living somewhere in Germany, southeast of the Metroplex Rhine-Ruhr :)

I started with DC on SETI@Home long ago on 22. Oct. 2000, now I'm participating in many more Projects, from the first day on a member of the best Team ever: SETI.Germany :)

I'm a software engineer, living in the Livradois/Forez park in France.
I'm a bioinformatics student from Germany. My Hobbies are Insects, escpecially ants, music and kiting.
Hi! I'm an ordinary man from Poland and I'm crazy about chemistry. I'm happy being able to help scientists in their researches.
Por Ahora soy Técnico en Explotación de Sistemas Informáticos, Estudiante de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Informáticas, y Próximamente, Administración de Sistemas Operativos, Especialista en Seguridad Informática, entre otras muchas cosas :D
Étudiant en droit, manager d'unités commerciales, organisateur événementiel. On me dit généralement de passionné. Les personnes avec qui je travail me qualifient selon trois axes : efficace, professionnel et compétent. Je me vois plutôt comme flexible et intéressé ^^. J'aime la musique, surtout les solos de guitare ... et l'experimental.
Slap Happy Gas Pedal
got it working i think, but it wasnt at all straightforward how to simply get up and going. there doesnt seem to be any instructions anywhere, especially the url to attach to, i finally found some info in the forum and sort of winged it.

i had previously been using Gridrepublic, but since it relies an a special build of the Boinc engine that wasnt getting updated, i finally decided to defect and give Bam a try, so here i am, a bit flustered by the initial setup experience but happy so far about the stats features...

ug!! it detachd from all my projects and all the work done was thrown out, not into the trash but directly deleted the work from my boinc projects folder off into oblivion, thats months of lost time for the work units... okay that bites, starting over from scratch now!
I´m KidCongo from cologne, Germany, where I was born and grown up.

Kid Congo Powers was the bassman of the fantastic group GUNCLUB. He died too young R.I.P.
Bin aus Berlin (GER) und fasziniert von der Möglichkeit auf so einfache Weise der Wissenschaft & Forschung helfen zu können. Arbeite in einer Internet-Firma für Online-Marketing.
I'm a Engineering/IT student at ANU Canberra, Australia.
Master of VDL
Ich bin ein Informatik-Student aus dem Raum Frankfurt.
Mighty Kaneko
My name is Minoru Kaneko. I was born in 1952. I live in Yokohama City in Japan.
The occupation is a research and development of the IT service.
The hobby is gardening, breeding of the goldfish.

I am Sigman
I'm a JavaEE software developer from Germany.
[B^S] Leprichon
Telimel est fier de participer au programme Boinc. Venez nous rejoindre, et laissez votre PC travailler au rythme que vous choisissez.

Telimel is proud to participate to Boinc Project.

Mes stats des programmes en cours... a:)
I ♥ crunching for BOINC@Heidelberg
I'm an IT Solutions Archtitect specialising in the enterprise environment, delivering infrastructure solutions to clients with 20000+ users, predominantly within the Microsoft domain.
Student in engineering
Data Technician
I spend the majority of my free time on the computer. I love Open Source. I use Ubuntu every day. I have great skills in Photoshop, but still can't use GIMP. My Blender skills are getting better. I am well-versed in HTML, and have my own website, I am even learning programming.
I'm living in the southeast of Munich, a fan of SciFi (since I was 5) and X-Files (there is a lot of conspiration out there - AND - We are not alone). I've a lot of other interests
I work in ICT since... too many years...
I began in 1999 with Seti@Home and then Boinc was the natural evolution.

In this moment, we - even if the work is all of my wife - are waiting a son!!!
UPDATE --> Our Luca is born 4 November 2008!!! He is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! ;););) and we sleep no more :(
Too many to say so that nothing to say
I'm from Scotland, and a proud member of The Scottish Boinc Team

I'll add more to this at a later date
J'habite au sud d'Agen en France, j'ai 41 ans et je suis chef d'une petite entreprise d'informatique. Mes passe-temps sont les jeux (wargame, plateaux, cartes, vidéo, rôle...) et l'astronomie.
[AF] Julienh
FLOSS activist, physicist, CS PhD PGP 2E63 EF06 BBE9 68B4 E887 AD10 F4B4 A141 4B2F 9555
Using BAM! to easilier manage my PCs - currently three and still counting :)
[AF>HFR>MPT] Iryngael
Mi technicien-réseau, mi enseignant, et re mi-admin réseau derrière, membre de la MPT parce que d'une part le Sud Ouest cai le bieng, et d'autre part Midi Pyrénées ça roxx des poneys :o (non je suis pas un fanboy de ma région sans blague :o)

À´×Ô:china shanghai

Jestem z Polski, i mieszkam w Michowie. Mam 16 lat. Mój wolny czas kocham spêdzac z moj± dziewczyn± (nazywa siê Patrycja... :wub: [KOCHAM CIÊ!!!]) i lubiê graæ na komputerze, graæ w siatkówkê i graæ w gry komputerowe... :) Kocham Green Day'a, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nickelback, Nirvana, Nightwish, Queen, Rammstein and Within Temptation. :)


I'm from Poland, and i live in Michów. I'm 16 years old. I love spend my free time with my girlfriend (her name is Patrycja... :wub: [I LOVE YOU!!!]) and I like play guitar, play volleyball and play computer games... :) I Love Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nickelback, Nirvana, Nightwish, Queen, Rammstein and Within Temptation. :)
Aleh Haiko (Wacke)
Hi! I'm 34. I'm from Minsk—the capital of the Republic of Belarus (a lost country between Poland and Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Belarus is the last country in Europe with a dictatorial regime. I do hope one day Belarus will awake and the Belarusian will rediscover themselves and get the right TO BE CALLED PEOPLE ).

I'm married, we have had 2 baby boys for my time of the Search :). I have 6 computers at work to run for the Search 8—12 hours a day and 1 PC at home. Not too many but still. Just sorry that I found time only 4 years ago to set the Search at work having done that at home only and occasionally. From December 28, 2004 the Search is done at home again! :). Bought an Athlon 64 computer—it's kool!

My favorite books: ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking, ‘Discovery of the Universe—Past, Present, Future’ by Alexander S. Potupa.
My favorite authors: brothers Strugatsky, Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Sagan,
IT Guy
Claude G. Beaudoin
From Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Work as a Product Marketing Manager for a payment terminal manufacturer. Hobbies involve computing, smart card/RFID/NFC technologies and I'm a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor.
Jon Stock
I am a Computer Consultant and devote my computers' idle time to crunching away for good causes including Proteins@Home and Rosetta@Home along with many other BOINC projects.

My son has had neuroblastoma twice in his short life so far and is currently in remission. I figure that crunching might help find cures for these diseases in the future so that other children do not have to go through what my son has experienced.
Jeffrey J. Page
Jeffrey James Page
San Francisco, California
[415] 347-4539

1989-2011 Touchstone Technologies, Inc., Palo Alto, California.
President and Founder. Established electronics research and development group to concentrate on the engineering and integration of advanced automation technologies for application to business and industry. Implemented a complete spectrum of services to include embedded system design and development, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy-logic, data mining, and knowledge-based systems. Promising designs to date have included an adaptive microcontroller that has shown the ability to automate nonlinear systems without the need of deriving precise mathematical models of the systems previous behavior.

1989-95 The Touchstone Group, Inc., Palo Alto, California.
President and Founder. Established unique ad-hoc consulting practice offering proven expertise in the area of strategic international marke
informatico compulsivo xDDD
Ich benutze BOINCstats/BAM! um eine Übersicht meiner geleisteten Arbeit zu bekommen.

Wissenschaft ist der Anfang und die Zukunft

SETI.USA Cluster
This is the team cluster of SETI.USA!

Machines built with unused hardware of fellow teammates.
Ich komme aus der wunderschöhnen Lutherstadt Wittenberg und besuche das Fachgymnasium Wirtschaft in meiner Heimatstadt.
In meiner Freizeit unternehme ich viel mit Freunden und spiele Gitarre. Sonst noch zu erwähnen wäre, dass ich eine Vorliebe für guten Met und anderen Wein habe, die ich mit einigen meiner Freunde teile.

Hochachtungsvoll Sighters
Melissa Treu
Patrick AirForce Base, The Big Reveal 2020
Bin derzeit 49 Jahre alt, arbeite im Bereich der digtalen Druckvorstufe.
Hobby: ZX10R
Scott Hall
A technical solutions engineer with 25 years experience in enterprise computing. A diverse background with emphasis on network storage.

I am into DJing and programming...

Languages learned since 1998
-> Pascal/Delphi
-> Visual Basic
-> Visual C#
-> Java
-> C++ - newbie

Platforms learned

- Desktop

-> Win32/.NET - Windows
-> Java SE - Windows, Linux, Solaris

- Mobile
-> Java ME
-> Windows Mobile
-> Windows Phone
-> Android

And i love to test my custom computer capabilities.
Not only for gaming.
And helping science, is helping yourself...
Roma. Italia
Trevor Ochmonek


Just for Fun
Der SETI.Germany-Booster

Die Idee zum SG-Booster entstand im Jahre 2007, als man sich innerhalb von SETI.Germany dazu entschied, vom Cruncher abgelegte aber noch brauchbare Hardware in einem Gemeinschaftspool zu sammeln und zu neuem "Leben" zu erwecken.

Die Hard/Software-Spenden, aus denen die einzelnen Booster-Systeme bestehen, kommen von Mitgliedern und Freunden von SETI.Germany. Sie wandern in den Pool des Boosters und werden zu möglichst effizienten Rechnersystemen verbaut.

Derzeit hosten SG-Mitglieder aller Gruppierungen idR. jeweils 24h/7d in der Woche. Dabei tragen sie die anfallenden Stromkosten, dürfen aber im Gegenzug die Rechner auch für private Zwecke benutzen.

Eventuelle Hardwareschäden, die während des Crunchens entstehen, muss der Hoster nicht selber beseitigen. Diese werden durch Teile aus dem Booster-Teile-Pool ersetzt.

Wenn ihr mehr erfahren möchtet, so findet ihr weitere interessante Informationen rund
Bin aus Engerwitzdorf, 37 Jahre, Selbstständig (EDV-Dienstleistung)
Version: 3.12
GE$/IT d- s: a+ C++ UL++++S++ P L+++ E W+++ N+
o? K? w-- !O M+ V !PS !PE Y+ PGP- t++ 5 X+ R-
tv+ b DI+ D G e++ h---- r+++ y++++*
Darth KomoSan Kenobi


********************LightSabre Service warning! You have now reached 25.000 Deadly or Fatal Cuts.
********(Luke Skywalker didn't and we all know what happend to him,right....NO? Right hand, dude...right hand!)******************

Calibrate, Change Nuclear Batt, Set Mode to "Q8 - JODA Green lightsabre beam" (On Models After '63 Set Mode
Technicien dans l'industrie ( électricité , automatisme , maintenance des systèmes automatisés )
Mitglied von SETI.Germany
33 y/o, in Largo FL
DJ Wolf
I am From California USA, 30 years old, Unemployed right now, I play an host MMPOL Games.


I am from California USA 30 years old currently unemployed. I Love computers and what they can do. I host games online

I also raise pets, currently I have 2 Miniature Doberman Pincers as well as 2 Australian Bearded Dragons.
I currently work in private security, but for the last five years I worked at a funeral home as a funeral assistant and crematory operator. I recently relocated to Great Lakes, IL from Northern Virginia to be with my wife (she's stationed there...US NAVY). I'm a news junkie with conservative/libertarian views. I've always had an interest in computers, science, and technology and am happy to donate processing power to BOINC.
[SP] Nestje
Living in Aalst small city from Belgium.
Astronomy is a passion for me.
I have a job with aviation.
My name is Yves Samson.
The name KerSamson - combination of the names Kereon (my company) and Samson - represents my double engagement on both business as well as private level for life science related grid computing projects.
Early 2007, I joined the Décrypthon Team on the World Community Grid (WCG). At the end of the first phase of the Décrypthon grid computing project (HCMD), it was clear that this support could not be simply stopped: there are so many life science research projects requesting huge computation resources !
Enjoy crunching for the community health !
Proud member of SETI.USA
I'm from Norway and I work as an HTC service technician at a service center for mobile phones.
Do somethings which could useful to the scinece and technology
Crunchers For More Power

die Crunchers For More Power, kurz CFMP, sind eine nette, kleine Gruppe von SETI.Germany-Mitgliedern, die beschlossen haben, gemeinsam auf die Suche nach E.T. zu gehen (und dabei den einen oder anderen Platz gutzumachen ;) ). Zur Zeit crunchen folgende Mitglieder auf den gemeinsamen Account: Zero2Cool, HiNuN, SirBeam, Rumburuk und last but not least, Freunde und Bekannte der genannten :). Zusammen sind wir ein starkes Team im Team und eine lustige Truppe sowieso.

Bis bald, die CFMP.

Pete Johnson
I am a 38-year-old Disabled Veteran of the United States Navy. I am a Computer Science Teacher and I.T. Assistant at a private school in Rockford, IL. I am a dedicated Apple Loyalist and a day-one MacUser. I enjoy working with computers, mountain-biking, composing, music, synthesizers, cars and my son Pierce, who is a 4-year-old MacUser. I am an Aussie owner, although it doesn't make me miss my Pitbulls any less. I enjoy auto-racing when it requires turning both ways while slowing down, shifting, and generally not just going fast in a circle. I have a beautiful Russian "Bond-Girl" wife.
Why register? Just nosy.


When the profile has not ever been changed, and maybe all the time, it should appear already in the edit mode. Why not always?
Dillon Nicholson
My name is Dillon, and even though I am very young, I enjoy supporting educational orgizations like Boinc or Seti. I play the electric guitar VERY well. I can play almost every AC/DC song and some of eruption. I think this whole ordeal is really interesting and fun.
I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and work in DevOps. I am married and have two wee boys, aged 15 and 13.
My personal background
Hi All..
I'm from Best, State Brabant, the Netherlands (Holland).
Electrical Engineering Portal
[KWSN]John Galt 007
Machinist by trade, mathematician by degree, BOINCer by choice..
I'm a musician. I play the piano and keyboards and make my living as a musical director and conductor for Broadway shows and tours.

I'm currently in Las Vegas. I just finished playing rehearsals to put 5 new people into Mamma Mia! at Mandalay Bay. I'm also subbing and testing the waters to see if perhaps I should stay for a while.

In late March I left the national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, starring Ted Neeley and Corey Glover which I had been conducting since it opened in September. The previous year I spent conducting the national tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, starring Patrick Cassidy and Amy Adams.

When not in NYC or on the road with a show I like to spend time at my house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts or in Paris.
Stefan Ver3
From the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Minnetonka to be exact. Decided to flee the snow and cold. Fixed up and sold my home and moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. While there, got fed up with the job market, because I enjoy earning money, it's nice to have. So again, loaded up the truck and moved to Clearwater Florida.(Where the truck finally died) Enjoying the weather, and the market, much better!
My hobbies include, but not limited to, Music, Movies, Techno dork stuff (the Mrs. likes to point out every time I'm sitting here) like this. R/C cars, Gaming, not just Video. Soduku, perhaps a game of SORRY, oh yah you will be. And of course, gettin' my buzz on.

"The world is so serious---about nothing."
So here's a few of my own.
Why did they change the original flavor of Old Dutch BBQ potato chips?
Whatever happened to Doughnuts Cereal? You might go your whole life without knowing!
Why do people feel Budweiser is a 'Great' beer? Yuck! Life's to short to drink che
Emre Evren
Kocaeli \ TURKEY
Industrial Engineering MSc student at University Of Sakarya
Quality Systems Representative at Me-Ka Ltd (Asidatamyte and LMI Corp. distributor)
I am a computer admin in california who loves boinc. Been using boinc for 3 years now, migrated from seti@home stand alone client which I have been appart of for 6 years or so.
Tuna Ertemalp
Born in Germany (Öhringen), raised in Turkey (Istanbul), all grown up in USA (Seattle). :beer:

Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, 1983-1988: BS in Computer Science
Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA, 1988-1990: MS in Computer Science

Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA, 1990-2014: Software Development (Developer, DevLead, DevMgr) on Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office.

Started crunching for SETI on Nov 15, 1999; then switched to BOINC when it came out.

Have been enjoying using BOINCstats since Oct 31, 2007.

Started using BAM! on Apr 1, 2015.

Motto: Small things make quality, but quality is no small thing. (Adapted from Henry Royce who was talking about perfection, not quality)

Dr. Shmurge
Happy crunching to all you out there.
May your goals be achieved!
Jonathan Figdor
Jack Perth
Plus on est de fous, moins on a de chances d'être seul ! ! !

Physicien qui reste complètement émerveillé de la nature des choses.

La curiosité reste le plus beau de tous les défauts!
Dr. C.E.T.I.

Leonardo's Arts Journal . . .

My Public Art Gallery . . .

My MySpace

My Facebook
Behold, I am Saint Baz, patron saint of substance abuse, and I beseech thee - Idle CPU cycles do verily the devil's work do, it is written. Thus and thus, forsooth, and for sin tooth, I humbly devote the redundant cogs on my Babbage Engine toward the distributed computing projects herein. Amen.
Aaron Walters
Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Aaron Walters I'm 20 and I live in Derbyshire, England. I'm currently studying Media Production at The University Of Lincoln.

My favourite music is rock, indie and electro. I'm interested in Computing, Web design, Photography and Lomography.

You can visit my website at:
KWSN THE Holy Hand Grenade!
Paul Sullivan from Albany, Ca (Just north of SETI central - Berkeley) 62, Truck driver, Semi-pro Photographer/Birdwatcher.
Un dieu, une parole, une interprétation... petit principe de la discorde
Jaime Gonzalo
Me llamo Jaime Gonzalo.
Vivo en La Rioja.
Acabo de descubrir Boinc hace unos días y estoy encantado de poder colaborar en todos estos proyectos.
I am involved in the Biotechnology realm in the field of solving problems you did not know even existed. I am an Innovator with a diverse background in Electronics; Computers (6 certs), Carpentry, Painting, Transportation, Research, Data mining, Ham Radio (Extra Class), Geology, Biology, Hydrology, Cartography, as these are my backgrounds of employment and education. My Hobbies including my current startup company which involves the realm of Molecular Biology, Phycology, Plasma Physics, Particle Physics, studying the dynamics of the different levels of the Earth’s atmosphere and its relation to advancing the capabilities of advancing our flight restrictions to just oxygen based altitudes. My longest standing hobby is DC-ing (begun in 2001) which can be found on Twitter at #DCing.
I learned about Waste Recovery in 1989 and since then have devised ways to overcome adversity and assist mankind in advancing our well being and utilitarian accomplishments towards spaceflight. Why that
TDL 76
I am 42 and live on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

I became interested again in Seti@home after reading the book 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins. Here he hypotheses that if we accept the probability of life happening on Earth is, say, 1 billion-to-one, then it follows that there must be (at least) a billion other planets in the Universe with other intelligent life.

Makes you think, doesn't it?
Bill Cooke
I was born in New Jersey in '51 and grew up glued to the TV watching and cheering the US space efforts. I remained fascinated to this day with man's endeavors in space and realize the eventuality of our successful move into, and through, this medium. As our human species grows in size and cultural sophistication, we need an insurance policy against our growing Earth-bound-only investment. Colonizing other livable areas, off Earth, is something that must ultimately happen for our species long-range success. The possibility of ETI greeting us in our future travels, in a few millennia may be remote, but a possibility that needs to be explored and understood. "Monkey" curiosity may be the reason for my fascination with space, but self-preservation, albeit long term, may be the underlying reason for that. We need to know "who is there?", "where are they?", "is cultural/commercial exchange possible?", and out of necessity: "are they a threat?". We will need to continually probe for these ans
R.P. McMurphy
I am a Ph.D student at University of Rochester.
Anastasia Tarin
I'm a registered nurse, formerly a UNIX system administrator. I love the idea of merging my two great loves - medicine and computers, and that is why I participate in distributed computing. I get to have fun, compete, and help people all at the same time! I live in the Chicago area. My hobbies include reading and traveling. Someday I hope to do some travel nursing. There should always be more than one benefit to everything you do!
[ESL] Gummibaerchen
bin 32jahre und komme aus Gladbeck in Nrw
bin gartenlandschafts bauer also galabau
meine hobbys sind pc, kino , dvd und spazieren gehen in der freien natur
Version: 3.12
GCM d- s: a C++ UL+ P L++ E--- W++ N o- K++ w
O- M V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP+ t 5 X R+ tv- b++ DI-- D++
G e+ h+ r% y+
[SG-SPEG]dj uemit
Hi, I`m jd uemit and I`m 16 years old.

I live in Marienheide (Germany) and I like participating BOINC - Projects .
My name is Michal. I am 18 years old and I live in Vsetin in the Czech Republic. At the moment I study on the High Technical School in Vsetin. I like work with PC. I can speak English.
My blog
Hallo ich bin der Frank ( MadBall ) und wohne in Deutschland / NRW / Bochum.
Ich interessiere mich sehr für Wissenschaften im Bereich Astrophysik ( Gravitationswellen ) und auch anderen Bereichen der Astrophysik.
Beim Lesen im Netz bin ich zufällig auf die Begriffe BOINC + SETI gestoßen, und habe dann einiges darüber gelesen.
Ich finde das es eine gute Sache ist seine ungenutzte Rechenleistung seines PC´s der Wissenschaft zu überlassen, darum habe ich sofort damit begonnen BOINC auf meinem PC laufen zu lassen.
Zur Zeit rechnet mein PC für Einstein@Home und Seti@Home.
Ich habe 100% Auslastung meiner CPU zur Verfügung gestellt um größtmöglichen nutzen für die Projekte zu gewährleisten.
Mein PC ist ein AMD 3200+ mit 1,8 GHz 2048 MB RAM und 1,5 TB HDD
I am a doctor of physics. And believe in the scientific progress and support it.
I'm a person!
[ESL Brigade] pYrus pYraster
Ehemaliger BOINC Admin Electronic Sports League (ESL)

Pyrus nannten die Römer ihren Birnbaum.
Diese Wildart ist in Europa und Kleinasien beheimatet und seit alters in Kultur.
Die auffallenden weißen Blüten erscheinen April bis Mai,
angeordnet in einem Blütenbaum mit behaarten Einzelblüten.

BOINCstats/BAM finde ich einfach klasse um anderen Usern weltweit meine Statistiken zur Verfügung zu stellen, bin begeistert auch von dem schönen Profil...

Dan T. Morris
Hi ! I'm a french student who's want to be a scientist :D
Geltops user team



Soy de Valencia y empezè hace unos años en el tema de la Computacion Distribuida. Me parece muy bien ayudar con nuestros ordenadores a estas causas. Cada vez voy incorporando mas proyectos.
Estoy en uno de los mejores equipos que hay en Computaciòn Distribuida: TITANESDC.

Mis estadisticas de los proyectos en los que proceso son:

Estadísticas de los proyectos del equipo TITANESDC:

Sam Leonard
Just a Mechanic / Electrician who worked with TRS-80 and Ti-99/4a when they were new
Then came DOS , Debug, Batch files, Pascal on time share mainframe, Now we have More Power and
Bloatware ( loose code ) and I still love it
Hobbies: astronomia, fotografia, y lectura de libros de ciencia.
Fan de las series de ciencia ficción.
Ferviente seguidor de proyectos Boinc que puedan ayudar a la evolucion de la humanidad como especie.
Personajes admirados:Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku.
Autor preferido: Michio Kaku.
Libro preferido: Hiperespacio.
Pelicula preferida: Contact.
Ryan Poon
I am a young finanvial advisor designing his own web site at Google

Just getting to grips with Boinc Stats. Thanks
Born-again Christian. Nothing else matters.
venez cruncher avec l'alliance francophone!!!
Bin vollauf begeistert von Boinc und dem Gedanken dahinter

kann meinen Pc leider nur am Wochenende und in den Ferien laufen lassen, da ich auf einem Internat bin!
Be sure to visit and join our community! You'll find team news and team graphics. If you need help setting up BOINC or joining our team, we have a friendly, active Message Board where our members are waiting to help.
I got blanks more than one year  and I came back! !

There is not the big aim;, however, want to do contribution to society with "the PC which assembled with oneself"



Colorado. 59 years. Consultant to mining and security industries. Cycling, reading, geo-politics.
Wolfe / ggw
I'm a retired (disabled) System Administrator in Durham, North Carolina US
I've been a long time Usenet user and like to sing karaoke.
Fallen Angel
Hi all! I am a Mechanical Engineer and I just want to help the sicience with all my possibilities!!
Al Thomson
Hobbies: computers, motorcycles, gaming.
New Orleans, La
26yrs old
freelance illustrator / artist
UBT - Martin
Member of The UK BOINC Team.

Join us here

Join the UK BOINC Team:

Visit the UK BOINC Team forum:
Also known as JWNoctis elsewhere.

A young man currently taking another run on his local college entrance exam.
I currently live in southeastern Michigan, near Detroit.

I run BOINC clients on a Debian-based ProLiant ML350 server (dual PIII 933 Coppermine w/1GB) hosting SMTP, HTTP & Tor, and on a self-built WinXP-based workstation (Athlon64 3800+ w/dual channel 1GB), previously running UD.
Dr Iggy
Retired from US Federal goverment were I work as System Manager
Work for Hilton International for 7 yrs as Casino Operation Vice-President
Work as IT manager for Florida Hospital
Work for Navieras de Puerto Rico as Terminal Supervisor

Reliance Universal Inc.
Pedma Coatings
US Navy
US Army

Inter- American University, San Juan, Puerto Rico
BA - Concentration Administration
Minor History
Washington State University, Tacoma, Wa
Texas State University, El Paso, Tx

Master in Finance
Minor History

University of Broadwater, Eugene

Gullas University

Honorary PhD
[ESL Brigade] kaY
Optimismus ist nur ein Mangel an Informationen!
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myself male ;)
[ESL Brigade] Dev
Ich benutze BAM um die Clients an den verschiedenen Standorten schnell und einfach zu administrieren.
C. Ron 'Daemon' Jobs

The perfect 24/7-Full-Time-Penalty-Giver. Precise, fast and absolutly no regret.
No conversation, no argumentation, all messages will be ignored.
supporting the green planet
[ESL Brigade] schnien
[ESL Brigade] Snuffy

I am Snuffy, a BOINC Cruncher since 2007 from Germany. I am crunching for my favourite Community called "Electronic Sports League". We are a group of young people, who try to proof, that we aren't just gamers. Our aim is to help every project, that is worth to support regarding to it is idea and chance being successfull. We do not crunch just for credits =)

Best regards

your Snuffy

All informations about my person -> (German)
Bonjour a tous. Je m'appelle Patrick, je vis en France et j'ai 40 ans, je suis Analyste Programmeur Grands Systèmes
Hm, persönlicher Hintergrund warum ich das ganze mache. Also ich würde Sagen, das ich nur Versuche das wieder zu geben was ich selbst bekomme, wenn ich dabei mehr gebe oder weniger bekomme, dann ist mir das allerdings auch Egal...

Also Pack dein Handtuch ein alles andere ist 42 und vergesst nicht, gebt's weiter. ;)
Nur weil ich mich mit vielen Menschen nicht beschäftige?

Nur weil ich oft nichts sage, heisst das noch lange nicht, dass ich nichts zu sagen habe. Zuhören muss man oft den stillen Menschen.

Nur weil ich mir meine Gedanken oft gerne selber mache?

Nur weil ich viele Menschen belächle?

Nur weil ich viele Menschen ignoriere? Ignoranz ist noch lange nicht äquivalent mit Intoleranz!

Ich verachte die Gesellschaft nicht - Ich zweifle nur ihr Streben nach Äusserlichkeiten und Statussymbolen an.

I am a dispossessed Graphic Artist and small business owner from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, USoA
[ESL Brigade] Punky260
Ohne BAM! würde ich in Admin-aufwand versinken...
Goood nighlililililing... :)
-- John Cleese
Hot Tomato
I work in the media and broadcast business here in Bangkok, Thailand
As you see in my profile, I'm a man and my age 71.
I'm retired. My hobby is traveling trough the whole world by internet, and I'm a member of the observatory "Philippus Lansbergen" in Middelburg, The Netherlands.
KIkou !!

Cédrik en France !!!
[SG-SPEG]Dominik S.
[ESL Brigade] sQeeL
Etudiant à l'EPFL à mes heures perdues, j'ai découvert BOINC et toutes ses applications possibles via l'Alliance Francophone qui un beau jour s'est décidé à se faire un peu de publicité sur Hormis un certain côté "utile" au fait de laisser mouliner son ordinateur pour d'autres choses que ma personne, je trouve également intéressant de suivre l'évolution de projets tels que Seti@home ou yoyo@home et tant d'autres.

Bonne journée et bon calcul!
I'm a damn computer geek whos machines run 24/7. Somewhen i heard of BOINC. Cause I asked me why I have a 2495MHz machine when it is idle the most time so I started to crunch.
Hallo, ich bin´s der Poldi!

Ich habe Beruflich nichts mit Computer zu tun. Ist nur so eine Leidenschaft von mir. Ich bin eigentlich Berufskraftfahrer und fahre einen 40 Tonner Tankwagen. Bringe fuer Avia, Jet, Shell, und OMV den Srit an die Tankstellen. Das mit dem Computern fing damals mit so einer komischen Konsole fuer den Fernseher an... Ping Pong Spiel. Das hatte mich so fasziniert, dass ich von meinem Ersparten mir eine Atari Konsole gekauft habe. Das wurde dann auch schnell langweilig und ich verkaufte das Ding wieder, um mir die Atari Konsole mit der Tastatur zu kaufen. Da schrieb ich in Basic die ersten Miniprogramme fuer meine kleine Schwester. Was man so damals unter spiele verstand zu Packman, Donky Kong und Pitfall Zeiten...:-) Dann dem lauf der Geschichte gefolgt nen C64, Schneider, Amiga, 386, 486, P2, P3, 1200er Ahtlon, P4 und halt nun den Core 2 Quad... Hatte im Jahr 2000 Angefangen mit Seti@Home und so wie auch viele andere nach ca. einem Jahr wieder aus d
Just anouther help the planet type of guy :)
[ESL Brigade] av3nger
Mein Online Magazin:
[AF>Le_Pommier>] xgonin
Chiro Net
Ohb Net
aPSi Net
About me? 36 yrs, male, non-native Texan (but still damn proud!)
Laurent de Marco
Je suis auvergnat d'origine italienne, ambulancier pendant une vingtaine d'année, j'ai dû arrêter brutalement sur gros ennuis de santé. J'ai des goûts simples, car fils d'ouvrier ( père mineur de fond dans mine de charbon), et comme mes parents me satisfait de peu...mais de vrai! La nature sous toutes ses formes fait partie intégrante de ma vie, et j'adore en profiter sous toutes ses formes; à pied, à cheval, à vélo, à moto, en canoë sur les rivières où j'aime aussi pêcher et me baigner ...Quoi encore?
J'aime la musique, les animaux, surtout les "sauvages" que je prends plaisir à connaitre à chaque fois plus; mais on rejoint à nouveau la nature, n'est-ce pas?
Hi there,

I distibute my ressources because my computers are mostly just for office use. So the quadcores and gpu cores do not have anything to do at all. So why dont give this unused power to something worth working on.

Currently i participate in a BOINC-Race with the Electronic Sports Leagues-DC-Team.
So i dont choose my projekts myself.

My favorite projekt is the "rosetta@home" projekt.

HF nd GL!

Bitte unterstützt unser BOINC-Team!
Please support our BOINC team!

My activity Projects since :

* 1999-04-03 SETI@Home

* 2007-12-04 World Community Grid

* 2008-04-01 SIMAP

* 2008-04-09 Poem@Home

* 2008-05-15 Cels@Home

* 2008-05-28 Proteins@Home

* 2008-09-14 Docking@Home

* User Stats

David West
North Carolina
Computer Concepts
Willst du die Welt veraendern, so veraendere dein Selbst.
Thomas Speybroek
I'm a html-coder from '9000' Gent :) .. My hobbies include online game, partying and crunch boinc (but i only started recently with the last one ...
Viktor Placek
Mechanical Engineer, Scientist
SETI.Germany since 2007
SETI.Germany 2nd Wave - Alliance for improved Defense since 2008

Located in the middle of good ol\' Germany since 1980
I manage a Cricket Store [franchised] but have a history of working with computers, namely IT.
Thanks for the visit fellow ;)
Ali Kemal Bingül
:amellow: Selam SETI projesinde olmaktan mutluyum...Herkese Kolay Gelsin...Umarim Dunyaya faydali isler yapariz...
[XTBA>XTC] Pousse Mousse
Je m'appelle Arnaud allias Pousse Mousse je fais parti des XTBA une mini team de L'Alliance Francophone et j'adore le crunch ;)

Visitez notre forum et rejoignez nous :
[AF] Lynx

i come from Belgium; life in Antwerp. if you want to ask me more just do it...
[SG-SPEG] BerndBrot
Hey :)
I'm a Federally employed Surveyor in Canada that doesn't spend too much time at home (I'm gone 3-4mths of the year). I like to woodwork and build computers in my spare time as well as spend quality time with my family.
Hallo mein Name ist Claus,

Ich bin als Ausbilder im Elektrobereich tätig.

Außer mit Rechnern und meinem Sohn beschäftige ich mich noch mit Amateurfunk
[BOINC@Poland] Elaks PL

I am 22 and I come from Poland. I have always wanted to do something for science so I have joined BOINC ;)

I love Japanese culture, astronomy and 20th century weapons... and I spend most of my free time on studying these topics.

My motto? -Always look into future and be yourself :)
Ich komme aus Peine, dieses lieget zwischen Hannover und Braunschweig. Mein größtes Hobby ist das Tuning von Autos, ich tune momentan meinen Golf III.
Illusive Kid
12-year-old honor student living in Florida. I like to play tennis and the clarinet.
Hi !

[AF>Occitania] Meteore31
Technicien (BAC+2 DUT GMP).
Celibataire (concubin), pas d'enfant, 1 chatte !

Loisirs : informatique (internet, boinc, montage video, cinema, musique, sport (footing, muscu, randonnee dans nos belles Pyrenees), bricolage...
my name is Kamil, I'm 23 years old, born in Poland and living since a long time near Vienna in the beautiful Lower Austria. I'm studying medical computer science at the technical university of Vienna. There are two reasons why I support BOINC. First, some years ago I made myself the experience of missing computer power to realize a project. Second, after my lectures in pathology I decided to help this discipline in medicine. I believe to help in my little way the researchers, so please don't waste our computer power.
Brett Morris

Its me =)
Hallo mein Name ist Sandrik, ich bin 34 Jahre alt und lebe in Wetzlar / Hessen / Deutschland. Ich bin in einem kleinen Dorf ca. 100 Km noerdlich von Frankfurt am Main aufgewachsen und lebe nun schon seid 15 Jahren in Wetzlar. Ich habe bereits 1981 oder 1982 meinen eigenen ersten Computer bekommen, ein Geschenk meines Onkels, einen Sinclair ZX 81 mit 1 Kilobyte Hauptspeicher (der wird bis heute gut verwahrt). Waehrend ich die Hauptschule meines Dorfes besuchte, hielt auch ein Commodore 64 einzug bei mir, der spaeter mit einem 5,25" Floppylaufwerk ausgestattet wurde (die hat man damals Brotkisten genannt, weil die so aussahen und auch so gross waren). Mit 15 habe ich die Hauptschule abgeschlossen und bin zur Berufsfachschule fuer Metall gegangen, diesen Weg begleitete mich ein Amiga 500, nein 2 denn der eine wurde spaeter durch ein aktuelleres Modell erstetzt. Nach dem Abschluss der 2 jaehrigen Berufsfachschule begann ich meine Lehre zum Industriemechaniker und habe einen meinen ersten K
Hello Visitor:

I'm "Spike_NL" ( Spike NL / Codearmy NL )

Age born: 22-08-74
Home : Holland/Dutch


SETI@home Beta

All Other Projects on my account are for IF SETI Fails.

NEW STATS : 2010

@ Free-DC

Join A.S.A.P. -NL-


(Startdate: 19 Feb 2003) (EditDate: 08 Aug 2010)


Spike_NL stats

Spike_NL stats Projects

(Startdate: 19 Feb 2003) (EditDate: 06 okt 2009)

Your Welcome to Join.
here is a link:

TEAM: A.S.A.P. -NL- Summary

TEAM: A.S.A.P. -NL- Projects

About me:
TK421's Officially Published Biography.

Ian Francis
I am a recent graduate of the Ohio State University. Currently I am a nuclear engineer at the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant. My hosts have been limited to my personal computer and a couple of friends since I graduated. I am always looking for more computers though.
I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. And I am proud to be a participant in BOINC-projects, specially those seeking new drugs and cures for various human disorders. My hobbies are but a few, most of the time you can find me behind my personal computer, the rest of the time I like to make life as comfortable as possible, by going out to my favorite restaurants or renting a movie to watch at home together with my friend.

If you're an Aussie, why not join the team?


ich heiße Markus, bin 30 Jahre und komme aus Bochum.

Beruflich bin ich als Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik bei der Firma Picard in Witten tätig.

Meine Hobbies: Familie , Counterstrike , Fussbal und Kegeln
750 Davol Street - #811
Fall River, MA 02720-1019
Every Breaking Atom Living A3lyphe...
Nine Fingers
Batelle Lab
I am a computer lab at American University
I´m from Alicante (Spain). My occupation is economist but always i´m very interested in science and in particular in the astronomy. I´m happy to help with my computer. Many little thigs, makes a big thing.
HaVe A NiCe DaY EvErYoNe !!!!! :oO
Cavaliere Errante
Cavaliere errante ...cavaliere senza terra, pace, castello e amore ...cavaliere errante per le terre desolate senza legge ...cavaliere solo perso nel tempo senza pace nel cuore ...cavaliere fermo a guardare questo meraviglioso rosso tramonto.
Cavaliere! giurai un giorno ...cavaliere coraggioso senza terra, pace, castello e amore.
Cavaliere errante ancora una volta galoppa veloce sul suo bianco cavallo per le terre sconfinate senza legge di chi giurò di rinunciare a tutto, forse anche alla sua pace e la sua casa.
Cavaliere errante solo nella notte ma con nel cuore però sempre una fiamma accesa per ricordare a tutti che un dio c'è anche se molte volte non lo vogliamo vedere.
Cavaliere errante galoppa ancora, veloce nella notte ancor distante è l'orizzonte.
Keiser Tomtot Muhl - Renegate Seth Warlord with a mission
Keiser Tomtot Muhl - Renegate Seth Warlord with a mission.

Old Jeti Knight.

Founder of Team Darth Binx.

[AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Hi, French guy leaving near Paris, IT consultant (PeopleSoft technical) in love with computers : my iMac at home, and a bunch of PC at office. All crunching with boinc.
Boinc Projekt aus langweilie gestartet
Raul Gonzalez
I work as a data center manager for a small company near Charlotte, NC, USA
From Norway
18 Year
Works as a electrician student.


Fixing my car, and/or fixing computers
It's nice having all my stats in one place!
I live in the beautiful City Heidelberg. I work as an electronic engineer in research and development. My hobbies are dancing, computer.
Peace, hope, love.

Love is most easily accomplished when you have reasonable hope of getting a piece :)
"Document Capture Specialist" Using OCR, perform classification and extraction of data from documents.
I'm 66 years old, retired, and I reside in Western Washington. I was a professional software engineer from 1964 until 2001 and 30 of those years I spent working in Silicon Valley. My last 10 years were spent in the wireless/radio business developing firmware for a variety of commercial and military products. I am still very interested in computers and am on the Internet daily, doing research or communicating, whatever. I don't code much anymore, but instead, I use the computer for continuous learning and occassional artistic self expression.
I run multiple computers as a hobby. Just thought it would be cool to try seti back in the 90's.
[VENETO] eCarbon
Mi chiamo Stefano, studio presso un liceo scientifico nella provincia di Venezia, mi piace il basket e la tecnologia.
Elitus / Aurelijus / Livemusic / ETT / Investuotojams / Results / Archlinux / GBit
Membre de l'alliance francophone.
to learn about me, goto:
[ESL Brigade] MuMuQ
My Gaming PC:

Intel Core i7 920 @4000MHz
GigaByte EX58-UD5
6GB DDR3 1600MHz
Palit Geforce GTX480

My NoteBook:

Acer Travelmate 7730G
Intel Core2Due P8400 2x2,26GHz
Geforce 9300M GS
I live in a country called Isle of Man. We are an island in the Irish sea between England and Ireland.
we arenot part of the united kingdom.
I have a rather varied list of hobbies from reading and writing to walking.
I have always had a fasination in trying to find out if there is life on other planets.
[SG] h3px
h3px - member of SETI.Germany - part of SPEG -

Zorneding - near Munich - Bavaria - Germany

many projects - precious little power
a frängischer Jung aus Närnberch

Die Römer wussten bereits Bescheid: HORROR VACUI = Leerlauf-Angst
Member of
From Dixon, Illinois USA
I am a Corrections Officer
I am retired now but was an accountant by trade.
Did audit work for two public accounting firms.
Sold mini-computer systems from $50,000 to $500,000 to Credit Unions and car dealerships (Rexon and MAI)
Secretary-Treasurer of a GM dealership 1976-1981.
Taught computer systems, accounting and Business Math at a local community college over a 5 year period to women that wanted to upgrade their skills to reenter the work force.

Jake Mueller
Computer enthusiast and general nerd. Since I put so much into building my rigs, I like to get good use out of them. This is the best way to do it.
Tell us about yourself. I am therefore I exist

Tell us where you're from.
Earth, southern hemisphere, Australia, No fix address

Your age. 30 some think

Occupation. I fix things...... well most of the time

Hobbies. Had one once not sure where she is now???

Anything else about yourself
Hmmm just realised I doesn’t have a hobby :-(

Knowledge is power. So is a whole bunch of electronic devices
Just ask any Techno-Mage (Technology Mage)
I love The Universe and Astronomy!
[C@B] rpperezr
Desde Cartagena.

Me gusta hacer deporte, andar por el monte y cacharrear con el ordenador.
VMWare/Windows consultant.
I have a daugther with a genetic disorder, which spured my interest in contributing in humanitarian scientific research.
Me llamo Jose. Vivo y soy de Zamora (España). Nací­ un 11 de abril de 1973. Mi profesión es electromecánico de máquinas y mis aficiones son sobre todo los animales, informática y luego cosillas varias.:blush:
[AF>Le_Pommier] McRoger
I'm 39, commercial engineer, manager in an IT consulting firm (ERP and process management projects).

Living in Belgium (country of 100% cocoa chocolate, triple fermentation beers and... never-ending complicated politics) near Brussels.

I like the idea of helping people and to a larger scale, mankind, especially if it gives me the opportunity to play with my computers (always been kind of geek since my Commodore 64 and Amiga - long time ago...).

Come on, join the Alliance Francophone !

:amellow: seems like less of a waste of time than most of the things I use my PC for :-)
Hej jestem z Chorzowa, a licze dla przyjemności i współzawodnictwa :D
Henk Treep
Well, here we go!
I'm Georg and was born in Villach/Austria but grown up in Germany, lower rhine area (Niederrhein). :)
From 2001, I started crunching for the SETI@home aB-) project.
over the years, additional projects were added.
My computer/s are crunching 24/7 for
Earth Sciences,
Medicine and
Physics projects.

:cheer: It's öde to be blöde! :cheer:

Robert Felber
Ham radio operator, computer programmer, pen maker. I have melanoma which spread to three lymph nodes. This is some bad bad stuff, and as the magic 8 ball would say, "outlook not so good". As part of my own personal treatment (that is, things I have to do myself) I started crunching numbers. 5 computers, 7 cpus running 24/7. Am saving up what little extra I have for some more machines.

John Eff
Have a nice trip to Fulda!
Database Developer, collect Falkland Islands stamps,
Rivo (Prague) Czech
... Prague - Czech (1970) ...
... Czech National Team ...
The Swordfish
I am a proud member of the best team anywhere – Seti.USA!!! I have been crunching for many years going back to Seti Classic. I tend to prefer to run projects dealing with medicine, protein discovery, etc. but love to support my team in various challenges.

I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. When I'm not spending time on my computer I hang out with family or watch TV. My hobbies are traveling and scuba diving.
Lägga legga crunshi
Mississippi Attorney letting his computers work when I am not.
Reed Young

Millennium-PC Germany, V2 sowie die Anno Domini Sippe rechnen mit!
The RevolutionX
Computer Junkie and Digital Artist
We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in an ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
-Mother Teresa

Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.
-Vincent Van Gogh
sono un ragazzo molto interessato nella politica del Distributed Computing e trovo che sia un'idea geniale occupare il tempo libero delle cpu di miglioni di utenti nel mondo per un unico scopo..

spero davvero che questa politica prenda piede in tutto il mondo intero e che ognuno di noi metta una parte della propria potenza di calcolo per aiutare il prossimo.. grazie a tutti quei progetti che cercano una cura per molte malattie che ancora oggi uccidono migliaia di persone..

Occupation: Geek
I'm addicted to series and computers!!!
Brian B.
Still yhe same as allways, i belive ;o)
I did my college studies in mathematics and computer science. This lead to a career in information technology. This is also reflected in a heavy interest in the mathematical projects, but I have recently picked up a stronger interest in some of biology projects as well.
I am a student at columbia prep
27 ans et toutes ses dents ^^
Computer Programmer from Wales, UK
married, one child
2007: Ph.D. in nonlinear optics
engaged in computing related to physics
věk: 27 let
záliby: Vše zábavné, poučné a technika
I'm a programmer.
Warsaw, IN, USA
Ich studiere Physik auf Diplom in Bonn und finde die Möglichkeit mich an wissenschaftlichen Projekten zu beteiligen indem ich Rechenleistung zur Verfügung stelle einfach klasse.
Guzzi G.
Exploring the universe...
from the comfort and safety of my couch.
I have 7 cats.
[AF>Le_Pommier>]jean-serge remy
chercheur CNRS et moniteur de ski. Mac fanboy aussi ;-)
Albert Einstein
I'm a bit of a science and computer geek. I have always been interested in physics, anatomy, biology, programming, and computers. My hobbies are anything to do with computers, reading about any science topic, and programming.
I have a passion for physics, hence the name Albert Einstein. I enjoy reading the various theories in physics and working the mathematics out for myself to see what the results are and to increase my knowledge of mathematical concepts.
[color=red]The UFO Files. I encourage you to come visit our website here.
Jim Henness
project coordinator, 42 yrs. old
I am a 42 year old male. I live in Voorburg in the Netherlands. I work at a software company as a Technical Writer. My hobbies are: computers, keyboard/piano.
Fabian Schoelzel

ich komme seit kurzem aus Bremerhaven, bin 29 Jahre alt, erstelle Tag ein, Tag aus technische Zeichungen für Windenergieanlagen und rechne schon eine Weile für SETI@home, und nun für diverse BOINC-Projekte - unter anderem fürs LHC und für SpinHenge
Ingénieur de formation, je dirige une association de développement économique , et m'implique à divers titre dans le développement de la recherche et des pme.
I'm from Surprise Arizona USA, I like Microsoft, programming, websites, and gaming. LOL, the last one almost everyone says... Plus I've got a sense of humor.
Stacey Baird
Born in Evanston, Illinois USA, near Chicago, grew up there and Zion Illinois and spent time in Aurora Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee, Age 64. Used to be in Credit, Risk Management, and Sales after serving in the US Army for three years as an airborne ranger qualified 1st Lt with the 3rd Battalion 187th Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division.

Now retired in Davao City on the island of Mindanao, Philippines where I serve as a Purok Leader in Barangay Ma-a. It's an appointed position sort of like a precinct captain and also serve as a director of Brgy Ma-a Federation of Home Owner Associations, Inc., Environmental Watch Committee.

Since the South China Sea island paradise of the Philippines is subject to torrential monsoon rain, volcanoes, earthquakes, and landslides here along the Ring of Fire, we are currently engaged in discouraging building subdivisions on hillsides and other Bahala Na sites, the stability of which is up to God. Bahala Na is not an official p
Help each other.
J'ai 44 ans je suis coiffeuse et j'habite dans le 41
Boinc Moers
Hi, i´m Marc from Moers, germany. I work for a big telecommunications company, besides that i´m a Boinc-a-holic.
Sem clovek soutezivyho typu, ted prave soutezim o to kolik lidi premluvim k pocitani na BOINCu :-)
My name is Nikol.
Trogdorious Burninatus
Lima, lentil, soy, and pinto,
Navy, northern, and garbanzo,
Kidneys and frijoles negros,
I love beans!

I love beans, woo woo woo!
I love beans, how 'bout you?
High in fiber, low in fat.
Hey, I bet you didn't know that!

When I eat beans I sit in my own little cloud.
Nobody comes to visit me in my little cloud.
I don't know why. Maybe it's 'cause I'm cuttin' muffins. Because-

I love beans, hey hey hey!
I love beans every day!
Beans are an excellent source of protein.
I love beans, dinky-doo!
Dies und Das...
Gideon Grant Glory
Fron Oakland Park, FL
Aussie from Sydney Austaralia.
Hi, I'm Pigu the Great, Pigu almighty, Pigu from Boinc@Poland team, and like other Pigs my major goal is to crunch. Why? Becouse I can! Oink oink!
Bonjour, Hello,
J'ai 17 ans, j'habite en France (Aquitaine-Gironde) et je suis membre de la Mini-Team XTBA de l'Alliance Francophone qui regroupe toutes les personnes parlant le français dans le monde.

[AF>XTBA>XTC] Gui.Gon : Statistique / Statistics :
Mes stats Jump(fr) | Mes stats Origin(fr) | BOINC all Project Stats (en)

Users Of The Day :

Ensemble pour la science ! | | Together for science !
Joseph Sardin
Passionate about sharing online, I am founder of the site that shares is sound files.
Weegie-born & bred.
ESL Crunsher aus Ãœberzeugung & Leidenschaft!
[AF>Le_Pommier] Le_iPodeur
Astrochemistry PhD
I use it mainly because I'd like to help out in any way I can. A few dedicated people can do a lot of good in the world. Even more people can do even more good.
William Ghen
Network Engineer
New England
I am an avid researcher into Astronomy, Quantum particle and mechanical physics as well as the science of Yoga, particularly Kriya Yoga. I am patiently waiting for the LHC, to come on line. This will usher in a Golden Age of Physics.
Fernando D. Rolim
Hi, my name is Fernando from Itapeva, São Paulo - Brasil.
Born in Huis ter Heide (Zeist, Utrecht, the Netherlands)
Occupation: IT-Architect
Hobbies: Internet, gaming, soccer, movies
Orkhan Guliyev
I the engineer in the National Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan - ANAS. I am engaged in \"radiation\" and \"seismologists\". And still system-integrator. I love very much My Love. I can not live without her. And I love beer and wine. I love parties, traveling, communicate, and to be engaged in philosophy/science.
[AF>Linux]laurent on3vhf
je suis de Belgique de la province du Hainaut,radio amateur, moto,
je suis menuisier, quel beau métier, je suis marier 2 enfants, j'ai connu la calcul partager avec seti@home,
et puis est sorti BOINC.
I like marshmallows.
I'm a 53 yr old guy from Southampton in the UK. I started crunching in 2007 when I became interested in Seti@home. Slowly, over time, I added more projects. That's when I really got the bug. I now build my own machines for crunching and pass them on to family and friends when I'm done with them.

I'm interested in all science projects, but mostly physics and astronomy, although I do try and run some worthwhile biological/medical projects alongside them.
Comstock Computer lab test. organized by Jake Mueller and Derek Berger
The Ancient One
I'm 55 years old living in Liverpool, England and studying BIT Access in college. I intend to goto university to study Computer Forensics, With luck. Seperated after 20 years of marriage (you don't get that for murder) tee hee!! So I'm free girls.

Hobbies, Selfbuilder of PC's and Servers. Studying ICT (at leve 2 at the moment) computer puzzles like su doku, spider and freecell etc. OH yes, and girls of cause.
Just a guy from Redding, CA. Work in the public transit industry, but also work in IT, programming, etc.
Ahmed Badr
Ahmed Badr. Founder of Future Media - a Cairo, Egypt based software and multimedia development firm.
Hallo, Ich heiße Robert Kaufman. My name is Robert Kaufman and I live in Rockford, Illinois right now. I am planning on going to Cambridge next year to study physics. My goals in life are to be a cosmologist and a biologist. I am currently unemployed and do alot of reading and studying on my free time. No, that is a lie. I mostly hang out with friends, but when I am not with them I am doing alot of reading. I only read non-fiction, mostly on Biology, cosmology, geology, evolution, and, of course, physics. Some kind of overlap. What else is there to say? I am an atheist and my "heroes" are Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins.

Zu meiner Person:

- (43) 51 :S Jahre alt
- männlich
- verheiratet, 3 Kinder
- selbständiger Unternehmer (Elektro-Handwerk / Universaldienstleister)
- Neue Aufgaben reizen mich immer
Hi! My name is Michael. I've taking part in BOINC (initially in SETI@Home) since 28 July 1999.
Jens Pollmann
Hallo Leute... Ich komme aus Old Germany , genauer gesagt aus der Bergischen Metropole Wuppertal (Das ist die Stadt mit der über 100 Jahre alten Schwebebahn). Ich selber bin Bj.1962 und bezeichne mich mitlterweile als Allrounder. Auch Hobbys hab ich wohl einige. Die Grössten sind wohl das Computern und mein Verein der WSV . Meine Rechner laufen 24/7 für Bonic wobei mein Hauptaugenmerk bei Seti liegt.
Hi. I'm a trained IT guy from germany, nearly 29 years old, currently working in a small software company, currently developing Businesssoftware, ERP and CRM Systems.
It's mostly boring stuff. If i get the chance to go back to the computer games industry, i'll gladly take it.
I life near of one of Germanys nicest cities, Lübeck. If you like medieval towncenters with small roads and old churches and buildings, then you should pay a visit.
Well, my hobbies.. I'm a passionate gamer of roleplaying games (online and offline), and try to go into the cinema as often as possible ( and when good movies come along ). I used to read a lot, but there is no much time left to read very much this days.
My dad has leucemia and it's not something he deserves to have or anyone else in this world. This is my reason for joining.
Computer Scientist.
I'm participating in a couple of projects for science, not credits!
[AF>Centre>Berry>Futura Sciences]Julien
Etudiant en biologie.
Passion : musique, cinéma, sciences
Hi, to everyone.
I'm Lino live in Napoli, Italia. Am a teacher in a middle school, teach music and my first passion is astronomy. So I like every thing that has relations with the Space.
Obviously I like the Science Fiction, of course. Starting with all the Star Trek series, going to the Battlestar Galactica and the amazing Stargate, SG1 and Atlantis.
My preferred music style is the classic one, with the great Beethoven at head, but I like all the music that isn't copied from classic and romantic authors. Queen are one of my preferreds of modern players.
CZ, Prag
I've liked computers since I was a kid, and I got my first one, a TRS-80 CoCo, in high school in 1982. It's great seeing the world's personal computers used this way. Though I'd heard of it a few years earlier, I only got into SETI@home at the end of 2007. That led to BOINC, and that led to crunching six other projects: a mix of astro/physics and earth/human ones. I'm in the USA, but my mom was Scottish, so I joined The Scottish Boinc Team.
Hi there,

10 years ago I began crunching data for Seti@home. Currently Iam working as a PHP/web developer at a webshop in the netherlands.
I'm a Principal Broker for Your Real Estate Connection in Johnson City TN. Married with one son now residing in Cleveland OH. I have one Grand daughter
Megacruncher TSBT
From Edinburgh. Founder member of The Scottish Boinc Team. I started crunching Seti in 1999 & it all just exploded from there.
Bin 44 Jahre alt, lebe in der Tschechischen Republik, mein Hobby ist Fotografieren, Astronomie und Radfahren.

Occupation: Stock and Option Trader
Auto: Mazda RX8
Hobby: mountain biking
Location: Tempe AZ
Soy diseñador gráfico, mi blog esta en
Sono un paleontologo/geologo.
A French man from a little town in the Alps near Grenoble. I like every mountain sports, especially
water sports : rafting, cannyoning, hydrospeed......
More about me? IT manager of a little company, I travel a lot in Europe and Asia at the moment.

Ulli Stibane my IBM-Thinkpads (y) - Astro-Photo beginner :rolleyes:
Greetings from Italy B)
Location: Earth
Age: 27
Occupation: Software Engineer
Sunray 11A
Hi! I am currently employed as a Security Manager with a large UK based company and have 32+ years experience of the security industry. I live in England with my wife and daughter. I served 10 years in the army, having seen active service in both Aden and N Ireland back in the 1960-70s. Those were the halcyon days. Most of my free time is now spent running various BOINC projects which, hopefully will improve the lot of all humankind. My other hobby is brewing my own beer and lager.
[SG-SPEG] Jenne [Bluebird]
Hallo, mein Name ist Jens. Ich bin 1975 in Dresden geboren und wohne seit August 2007 in Hamburg, wo ich als Verkaufsberater im Baumarkt arbeite. Ich chrunche erst seit April 2007 für SETI.Germany und bin Mitglied bei SPEG.
I've joined SETI 10 years ago. The reason was simple. Not only that I think that we aren't alone in the universe, I'm sure about that. The question is not IF but WHEN we discover this. I know that me as an individual I can't do anything to influence on this fact but SETI has given me an opportunity (or better said - a feeling) to be a very small part of something that fascinates, motivates and drives mankind forward throughout the entire history. Without this curiosity, which was and always will be a companion for humanity, I wouldn't be writing this lines now. The only think I hope is that we'll be the generation privileged to be a part of THE greatest discovery of all times and the spectators witnessing the beginning of a new era. If that isn't a reason enough to do my part then I don't know what it is. This way of thinking accompanies me from childhood, now I'm a physician, a scientist more than 20 years older and in spite of the fact, that we did not get any kind of solid evidence
Albert Van Cutsem
Hello, my name is Albert Van Cutsem. I was born in Belgium, on September 27 1959. Ever since I was a kid, astronomy was my favourite science. The first thing I always do when I go out in the evening or at night is look up to the sky. My other interest is everything about computers. So the SETI project is perfect for me. My favourite scientist is Dr. Carl Sagan and his book "Cosmos" is my favourite reading.

Thanks for reading and let's find SETI!
Im just an user
Je suis étudiant en Informatique à l'université de Bordeaux1, j'ai 21 ans et j'aime pratiquer le judo, ju-jitsu. Comme j'adore la moto, j'ai passé le permis A et met de l'argent de coté pour pouvoir m'en acheter une.
Chris S
If I told you, I'd have to shoot you afterwards.....
I'm 26 years old. I am a self-employed developer running a studio called Thinkbox Games in the city of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia. Thinkbox Games provides games, web, graphic and media design and development services.

My hobbies include Cricket (backyard of course!), Basketball, bushwalks, researching Australian History (for game concepts!) but most of all playing computer games. If i'm not designing a game, i'm usually playing one!

I also like to get out fishing once in a while although unfortunately most of the good fishing spots surrounding Bendigo are dried up or quickly disappearing. It's a real reason to participate in projects such as when I look at the effects climate change is having on my local region.
AKJ Olechow
To pierwszy serwer ze statystykami jaki znalazłem i tak już tu zostałem.
Wabi CZ
My name is Milos and I am 54 years old.
I live in Brno, which is a wonderful town in The Czech Republic. I am interested in DC projects very much. I am also a member of the best team - The Czech National Team.
I think it is a great thing to help other people and if - This Is The Chance- so why not to do it this way.
And what about You?
An average Canadian guy, I like the outdoors, fishing,walking etc.
[BAT] Robin

[Proud Belgian member of !]


[BAT] Assault Team
[] Burning Supremacy
Mr Page here.
I'm a total linux zealot.
i'm crunching for SETI since april 2000 after watching "Contact", the movie. I was so totally overwhelmed by the incredible idea of distributed computing. In my first days on SETI Classic my mum was not amused to see my computer running all the time and actually, based on the debate of global warming, in my opinion it is not useful and there is no economical sense to run computers just only for crunching.
Heinz Dosse
Unendliche Erkennbarkeit der unendlichen Welt ???

Infinite recognizability of infinite world ??? :-s
That's me! Should you have any questions, don't be frog! Just ask me!
Soy un estudiante de informática de la Universidad de Alicante, y, dado que tengo un pequeño servidor en casa encendido las 24 horas del día, quería utilizar los recursos que desaprovecho (es un AMD X2 3800+, con 2GB de RAM) en algo productivo. Espero que valga la pena al menos ;)
Alexandr Burnashev
Hi! I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
One of my interests is to build information models of the human psyche.
And of course, I take part in many projects of distributed computing. :)
Hi.I am a guy,21 years old.I live in Russia in Samara city.I am learn in Samara State Airospase University.My speciality is connected with computers. I like computers. My hobby are overcloking and distributed calculations. My friends and I have team "We wanna HELP". In the beginning we crunch WCG but now we search a new project.
Brought into this world in the year of '74, on a now infamous date. Loves pretty much everything, reading, outdoors, music ranging from the great classics to the latest hit of the day. What will i do next? Who can say?
[AF>HFR>RR] Nansouw
Hello !

I'm a young French boy who likes the concept of Boinc and many other things as computer-science, natural sciences, or simply to read... ~

And now my aim is to increase my English level !

Tchuss ^_^


Salut !

Je suis un jeune Français qui aime le concept de Boinc et plein d'autres choses tels que l'informatique, les sciences naturelles ou tout simplement lire.

Et maintenant mon but est d'élever mon niveau d'Anglais.

Tchuss ^_^
中国 黑龙江 哈尔滨 学生
I´m from Germany, Bavaria, 33 Years old and fascinated with the possibilities of BOINC and helping in curing diseases.
And also i´d like to get high in Stats :-)
One of my Hobbies is my BOINC Farm, another is DJing.
If you are interested in Pics from my Farm, send message.

sonst würd ich net BOINCen
zu viel arbeit sonst/zu unübersichtlich.
US male. Into just about anything sci-fi/fantasy related, horror, some war, and non-fiction as well. I like strategy games, and RPG's. Play D&D on occasion
Mi pice l'idea di tenere la mia CPU in costante sforzo!
Started on SETI June 1999. Now do Boinc for mainly medical projects.
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Fredjke

European by heart. Belgian for beers (1500 different ones in 1900 and only 800 cities), chocolate and football (ONLY during World championshit AND when they win)
I'm from Seattle, WA. I work as an IT Technician at a major media company. I enjoy rock climbing, and computer programming. I'm very happy to be able to donate my system's spare runtime to these worthwhile projects.
Calcule pour L'Alliance Francophone, la Science et le Fun ...
Maciej Szymański
Mieszkam w Polsce.Mam 43 lata....i wiele pomysłów na życie.W programie SETI@ home uczestniczę z wielu powodów ,a jeden z nich to ciekawość co z tego wyniknie.

Głęboko wieżę że obcy już są w śród Nas....dlatego uważam że project nic nowego nie wniesie do naszego życia.

Dlaczego się nie ujawniają,.. sami pomyślcie co by z tego wynikło .
Nie tolerujemy samych siebie na wzajem ,a co dopiero kogoÅ› o odmiennym wyglÄ…dzie.

Nasuwa się pytanie po co biorę udział w projekcie....jak nie wierzę w jego powodzenie ? proste, komputer leży odłogiem. :)
Manel EA3BIG
El meu nom es Manel. Visc a L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona - Catalunya - Professionalment em dedico a les instal·lacions electriques. Soc radioaficionat, m'agrada la tecnica, la ciencia, la fotografia i per suposat, les telecomunicacions.
[AF>France>Est>Alsace] gregoryd01

I'm a french network engineer, leaving in Strasbourg, France. BOINC is a way for me to contribute to scientific research.

L'alliance francophone | Forum
[AF>France>Astro] Oulianof
Salut les Boinceurs, je vis dans les Vosges (France), je suis passionne d'astronomie, de Formule1, de maquettisme, de numismatique, d'informatique... et suis un grand amateur de VTT. Je SETISE depuis 10 ans, avec actuellement un I7 2600K Q6600 une HD 4850, HD 6850 et un E1500 et bientôt un petit nouveau.

L'Alliance Francophone

[AF>Libristes] erdnaxeli
Xitaflup !
Zajímá mne vše , co se týče vědy a především vesmíru. Pracuji jako operátor CNC obráběcích strojů na jihozápadě České republiky.
Hi! My name is Karel.I living and working on Southwest Czech Republic.I am interested in science and space.

Currently in NZ, only started crunching numbers again once I had broadband. I work within the insurance industry.
Hobbies are golf, reading, wine collecting and travelling
Riccardo Benzi
Italian, MD DDS, Periodontist, Implant-Prosthodontist, CAD CAM speciaslist, CAS specialist, Scuba diver, Photo Sub, Skydiver.
Mein Name ist Roland und ich halte mich zur Zeit im Sonnensystem, Planet Erde auf. Meine Berufe sind Technischer-Kaufmann und Webdesigner. Eine meiner (zu vielen) Leidenschaften ist die Astronomie und da bietet sich natürlich Seti und Einstein an. An der Suche nach Radioimpulsen beteilige ich mich mit Pausen schon seit 1999 und habe seitdem auch eine Astronomie-Page mit dem Namen Lunataker im Netz. Ein sehr interessantes Projekt an dem ich mich auch beteilige ist die Proteinfaltung.
Pourquoi j'utilise BOINC ? Pour contribuer à un monde meilleur...
Brad Benson
I am a judge from southwest Oklahoma who is interested in the advancement of science.
Haha, Heavy_Hacker on Techzone forum. I'm Portuguese, 16 years old and i'm attached to Einstein@Home and SETI@Home, on Portugal@Home team.

Cheers! ;)
Hi, my name is Georgiy, i'm from Ukraine/Crimea/Yalta. My occupation is NAVY network engineering. Also i can say that i'm military servant. My rank is Lieutenant. It is a second rank from the bottom of the junior officers here in Ukraine. So i wanna support the SETI project by giving some computer "brains". Thanks and regards!
Sam Gonce
I am a forty-something father of 2 children (1 girl and 1 boy) living in North Eastern Maryland. I'm currently working as an Operations Dept. Manager for the County School Board and have been contributing off and on to various projects since 1999 starting with SETI@home.
I live in Paramount, California. I work as a Director of Security in a high rise building. Everyday i look towards the skies.
[AF>Libristes] nico8313

I participate in grid computing to help science :-) !!!

L'Alliance Francophone
Mini Team Libristes

Thank you ;)
ParkSinta - Parquet, Tarima y Acuchillados en Madrid desde 1968
ParkSinta - Parquet, Tarimas, Acuchillados y Barnizados en Madrid desde 1968
Decem Technology Team
Group of hardware engineers in Bangkok, Thailand who love bringing technologies to improve quality of living. We are designer of RFID (Mifare) readers for access control, parking and public road toll collection system.
Living in Canada ... eh!
I'm an electrical engineering student at the University of Minnesota. Apart from that, I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and loitering at the mall.
I was born in Germany many years ago... Meahnwhile I'm located in Taiwan and work for an European computer company. My hobbies are motorcycling, chess, dancing... and playing around with computers and torture them with BOINC applications ;-)
enjoy m8

Frank Schiller
Frank Schiller
Deutschland, Stralsund
Servicetechniker Deutsche Telekom / T-Com
Hobbys: Elektronik, Computer, Amateurfunk (DG0GA) .....
Virtual Alien

Virtual Alien (V.A.) came up with the concept for his one-man band Virtual Alien at the age of 14. He was born in 1973 in Perth, Scotland and grew up in London.

He unleashed his debut, War of Love in 1988 and sold four million singles. He was hit by a cab in London in 1989, went into a coma and wasn't able to leave the hospital for five months.

He returned to recording in 1990 and released "King of the World". The album featured the quintessential rock anthem: "King of the World" written by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. This grunge-inspired album features the hits "Thundering Typhoons" first released in 1992, 1993, 1997 and 2002 "With a mouse (to your mouth)" and "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

Virtual Alien has recorded 12 albums. In 2001 he became a film director. He has so far directed 10 feature films: Burning from the Inside, Speed of Light and Quick Step Beyond to name but a few.

Yan Yan
Yan Yan, Beijing China
Mike Newman
Founder of First computer: Intel 486 SX 25 MHz.
1957 geboren

Philosophin, Schriftstellerin und Künstlerin.

Stefan Ledwina
I'm just another crunchaholic... Born on October 14th 1980 in Vienna/Austria, love BOINC, computers, hardware, reading (Sci_FI and about physics), photography and photo editing.

Member of BOINC Synergy.
Une fourmi parmi tant d'autre....
[BOINCstats] skivelitis
Construction sub contractor from metro Detroit, USA. Hobbies include golf, reading (science, history, fantasy, but almost anything really) and, of course, BOINC. Live with my new 26yr old girlfriend and her two hell-cats. Proud member of team BOINCstats.
Soy español , madrid , apasionado del futbol y de mi novia.

Me gusta la astrofisica.Espero que con mi grano de arena pueda ayudar a encontrar cosas interesantes desde vida inteligente hasta vacunas impensables.
Been a Seti@Home user before... Now using BOINC to help others
Kayseri - Sarız ilçesindenim, yazılım ile uğraşıyorum,
Langtree School
Langtree School is a Secondary School in south oxfordshire that has used its spare computing power to help the sciences.
The school website is -
mibSoftware, ein Anbieter von Software für Augenoptiker unterstützt das BOINC-Projekt durch Installation, Pflege und Support auf den Computern von Augenoptikern. Dieses ist unser Beitrag für eine bessere Welt.
"Nuc" from Tampa Bay Area in Florida , United States of America. Starting using S@H before there was Boinc , then have been using Boinc since. Big props to KWSN and the opt apps , always making things run smooth for me!! Trying Einstein for now , might try a few more projects.
Es ist einfach mal praktisch :o)
Nicht genutzte Projekte-Account
Dieser Account wird genutzt, um sog. BOINC-wide-Teams in Projekten, die von unserem Team nicht genutzt werden, zu pflegen um Teamnamens-Missbrauch zu unterbinden.
Da dies nur mit der Funktion der boinc-wide-teams ( möglich ist, werden durch diese Funktion leider auch Teams in Projekten gegründet, die von uns eben nicht genutzt werden, da wir uns auf einige wenige Projekte konzentrieren möchten.

Bitte treten Sie deshalb keinem SETI@Deutschland-Team bei, bei denen der Founder (Teamgründer) "Nicht genutzte Projekte-Account" ist. Denn dieses Projekt wird nicht von unserem Team unterstützt. User, die sich dort anmelden werden aus diesem Grund entfernt.

Sie können aber gerne bei unserem Team bei den von uns unterstützten und damit durch das Team herrvorragend supporteten Projekten mitmachen.
Informieren Sie sich bitte auf unserer übersichtlichen Webseite:

Have Fun in real
From Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Employed as an I/T Director. Hobbies include, Computers, Computer Virus Research, Forensics, Science, Study of Cryptography.
Jsem obyčejný člověk, a mé zaměstnání je většinou manuální, zajímám se o IT.

HND Social Sciences at Teesside University.

I like a lot of stuff.
Garry Aernouts
From the West Michigan area in the United States, the 'other' west coast!
I am currently a Team Support Coordinator and function as an internal consultant for General Motors.
Journeyman skilled tradesman and military background.
Married with three sons.
When I am not at work I enjoy painting lighthouses on driftwood and fishing/boating.
[BOINC@Poland] Thot
Hi! My name is Krzysztof. I'm 34 years old. I come from Bydgoszcz. I'm a member of the greatest Polish team BOINC@Poland.
I participate in Boinc from September 2004.
Chris Marion
I am currently running SETI@, Einstein, and LHC
Peter Combler
I have a Masters degree in biology and is a teacher of biology and science, but works as a teacher in biology, chemistry and physics at an elementary school in Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden. My hobbies are swimming and I am a member of the Swedish Masonic
Jon Dann
Danshui, Taiwan

Leslie Eakins
Retired, Electronics Engineering, Systems Test Satellite communications, formerly Motorola GSTG, General Dynamics AIS
71 years old, been with SETI since April 1999
white text
Living in Vienna, I'm Student of Informatics - Software & Information Engineering - at the University of Technology, Vienna. You can find me - if not in front of my computer ;) - at most of the metal concerts/festivals, or meet me in the woods, on trekking-tours, on a mountain standing on my snowboard.
Sergente Maggiore - Aeronautica Militare Italiana - Controllo Traffico Aereo

Master Sergeant - Italian Air Force - Air Traffic Controller
Cahit Lakay
I am 52 years old and I am a teacher...(music) I am playing classic violin...
I am a student from Russia. I am interested in physics and history of WW2.
From Northeast Indiana, USA. mid-level Engineering manager. When not at work, like Sci-fi, gardening, woodworking (craft size items), reading, playing with computers (have too many at home). 2 high school kids with good grades, into music including Marching Band.
Webmaster of EVE-Odessa FanSite
M.Sc. RWTH Computer Science from Aachen, Germany
-> Computer networking passionate :beer::beer:
-> Product Manager for Cloud & Management Systems @ a secure networks company nearby ;)
Peter Knipprath
I try to find my family with this Program...
Harrison Blackwood
* Lifelong Democrat
* Native of northern California
* Veteran, 14.5 years, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force
* BSc Accounting & Decision Sciences from SFSU
Ralph L McDermott
Hi, I am married with three school age children.
I am a 40-something year old sys/networkadmin, living in the east of the Netherlands.
Spending my days looking after computers, networks and users.
Spending my nights looking at the stats-pages for several DC-projects, hoping to find my name somewhere.
Hmmmz, this sounds like I have no life...should I be depressed now?
Maybe I should....
that would mean I need therapy, which means I would have to go outside....
nope, I am not depressed :D
Ich will den Menschen helfen und hoffe das ich dies hiermit tue.
Bob Swift
I am a mechanical engineer that has spent the majority of my career in the electrical power industry. A few years ago I started my own consulting business, and currently contract services to one of the major engineering firms in North America.

As a hobby, I do some database application development work, and operate an electronic bulletin board in FidoNet. I'm also a long time fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League.
Sono Gianmarco Brocchi, 17enne, studente del liceo scientifico “Ulisse Dini” di Pisa.
Collaboro a Wikipedia, sostengo il GNU/Linux e software libero; sono appassionato di Matematica ed Informatica.
Per sapere di più potete consultare la mia pagina su wikipedia italia ->
O il mio Blog ->
Hello. My name is Igor, I`m 23. I live in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. I work as cameraman at local TV-station and I`m in love with my job :)
Carlos Rincon
Crunching and playing metal free, ha ha!
I.T. Expert, Philosopher, Writer/Comedian
Jo Davidson
Retired International Telecommunications Systems Engineer.Former Commercial Instrument rated Pilot single and multiengine land. Certified MAC LAN Administrator.Now live in Memphis, TN.
Dan Church
Just another Perl hacker.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
PochodzÄ™ z Ziemi :)
IT-Systemelektroniker aus Hamburg, Motorradfahrer (Kawa ZX-6R)
I was born in Houston, TX, but I've worked/ lived in Dallas and Melbourne, FL for a bit. I've just moved back from Melbourne to Houston.

Cars (road racing)
and a video/computer game now and then!
I'm glad to be a member of Boinc.I hope I can do more and better.
Joao Carlos Soares
Physicalism and Nihilism for all
I am studding mathematics at Jagiellonian University. Currently i am interest in physics and matter of creation the universe / energy.
Perhaps i will continue studding theoretical physics at JU as well and try to find the answer to the most difficult question: how was energy created.
Keep on touch with me and probably in couple of years you will find out the answer to it :D.
Blubb =)

ich komme aus der Schweiz und würde mich freuen wenn es ein Schweizer Team gibt das sich bei mir meldet!
Ich bin ganz neu hier, bräuchte deshalb auch ein wenig Starthilfe...

Retired US ARMY
Look on my Blog, there are information about upgrade your Computers!
Samuel Brack
I'm a student of South Germany and my hobbies are all technical things :-)
Me llamo Javier, tengo 18 años, vivo en Granada, España. Estudio Bellas artes y me gusta: todo lo relacionado con la tecnología, los coches, el diseño, al arte, los videojuegos, y los documentales. Soy gay, y estoy soltero. Básicamente ése soy yo.
I'm a german security engineer currently working in the UK - I've started crunching before BOINC was there (with the proprietary S@H client). Member of SETI.Germany.
I like to play Computer Games and go Mountaineering.
Just a geeky mom who likes to draw and write once in a while
Ciao sono Max e mi puoi conoscere da qui:
i use bam too give stats for all my projects at a glance
I could put a white, interesting, self-bio in here...

But I like a mystery... And pizza...
...Mainly Pizza.
[ESL Brigade] ASTK15
(Y)Ich komme aus Morsbach nähe Köln(Y)
(Y)Ich bin Mänlich und bin 92 Geboren(Y)
I am from The Midwest. It's great for star gazing because of all of the open spaces we have here. I have been interested in astronomy and "little green men" since I was a little girl. I feel so small when I look up to the stars. I tell myself, "We just can't be the only ones out here!" I became familiar with SETI through the movie, Contact. I thought that was pretty amazing to find another world through the use of radio signals. I am open to the possibilites of the unknown. I am reading a book by Arthur C. Clarke right now about this company mass-producing wormholes to view time, current and past. Nothing has to be science fiction anymore! I study the stars as a hobby. I actually went to college to work wih children and that's what I am happy doing right now.
Use BOINCstats for my detailed profile page.
Rien à dire, rien à faire
Uwe Plonus
I'm a computer engineer. That's the reason why I'm a volunteer for different BOINC projects.
Manuel Meléndez
Ahora estoy en el para. Estaba de delegado , para Toledo, Cuenca, Ciudad Real, Jaén, Córdoba y Madrid sur, en Kodak, en el mundo de las artes gráficas, aunque he hecho más cositas, claro.
Me gusta mucho el deporte y viajar.
Graduate in Physics
Moldova State University

I like extreme,travelling,esoterics.
At 60 something, and then some, I've entered into my second childhood. I enjoy computing and try to help out Team Picard in our many various BOINCE projects... every nibble helps
BOINCstats has the best statistics but should be updated more often
Henk de Hen
Leeftijd: 61 Beroep: gepensioneerd Voorheen werkzaam geweest in de computerwereld als trouble shooter, met name het oplossen van problemen bij Internationale General Accounts.
Mijn opleiding: Lyceum, Studie bedrijfskunde aan de UVA, een korte tijd Post-doctoraal studie accountancy ook aan de UVA, maar door een andere beroepskeuze in de Computer-wereld terecht gekomen. Mijn vak was in aanvang het promoten en demonstreren van Computers, de talen en de programma's die wij via relaties beschikbaar hadden, m.n.v. IBM 34-35-36 daarop volgend de kleinere UNIX systemen. Vele jaren in het buitenland gewerkt en gewoond, w.o. 7 jaar in Taiwan, het land waar ik over 4 jaar weer na toe ga.
Mijn hobby's uiteraard automatisering, redactioneel werkzaam geweest voor de HCC en als freelance journalist voor diverse provinciale dagbladen (Telegraaf).
Door een burn-out al enige jaren buiten het bedrijfsleven, maar terugkrabbelend als vrijwilliger voor diverse sociale vraagstukken, mens en maat
zugewanderter Bremer - fast 40 Jahre alt - habe ne Berufung und nen Job auch ^^ -sonstwas gibbet nich
Ich bin Tom aus WIEN / Österreich
[AF>Libristes] Millenium82
Malheureusement pas assez "clair" (dans le sens "aéré", et non ésotérique) à mon goût, mais très utile !
I am 58 years old and retired. Since 1986 I have been a Mac Freak and this has never left me. I worked for Apple for 10 years and am gratified to see the company do so well. I live in the Virginia countryside with my wife of 24 years. We have raised 3 kids and are hoping for a grand-baby soon. I enjoy working/playing with my Mac, photography and collecting stamps. I do have a telescope which I love to gaze through, not nearly often enough and I am far from an astronomer.
Ich verwalte über 30 Rechner, die lange im Leerlauf sind und auf denen Boinc laufen könnte. Da ich nicht auf jedem einzelnen die Projekte pflegen möchte, probiere ich BOINCstats/BAM! aus. Wir werden sehen, ob es mir einiges an Arbeit abnimmt.
Natural Mystic
Wissenschaft und Forschung neben Bildung sind das wichtigste Gut.
[AF>France] Violatorade
Great project!! (y)
To manage all BOINC projects easily.
Kimi vardır rüzgarın ağaç dalında çıkardığı sesle irkilir,kimi de vardır ki dünya yıkılsa farketmez neler olduğunu etrafında...Sen ağaç dalındaki rüzgar olursun eleştirirken,ben veya bir başkası patlayan bomba olur ayaklarının dibinde..Sen benim doğruları dile getirmemdeki üslubumu çirkin bulursun,bir başkası sırf sert cevaplarım var diye benim üslubumu beğenmeyen senin üslubunu çirkin bulur...Şimdi İSTER TEBRİK ET BENİ...İSTERSEN KIR KALEMİMİ!!!

Pozdrowienia dla ludzi PG!
Physician in U.S. Military donating CPU (and now GPU) time to help the greater good.
Toby Broom
I'm from the UK, near London, I work for a phama company, my hobby is computers.
Bonjour à tous,
Je suis un ancien technicien en télécommunications à la recherche d'un job à ce jour.
J'ai 44 ans et je suis dans la région de la Picardie.
Une passion : la généalogie

Trés cordialement

Ian McGregor
Student at the University of Utah! Just tryin to help the world out :)
Country: Norway/Italy
I am highly into the study of the Occult. I will be leaving one way to Phuket, Thailand on November 12th 2008. I listen to ALL types of music. I am a Psychonaut- Anarcho- Capitalist- Thelemite. I have been employed in IT for many years but it is time for the new aeon and time for a career change. The world as we know it is coming to and end to usher in a new aeon. The reign of Horus.

Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law
Love under will
Ciao a a tutti.
Mi chiamo Kaar, ho 45 anni, sposato con due figlie.
Sono molto contento di far parte della grande famiglia di Boinc.
Jay Albrecht
Im a Techie at hart
- Ich komme aus Berlin (Germany)
- Bin Veranstalltungstechniker
I'm a 23 years old sailor from Germany who is studying now in Flensburg to become engineer on vessels.
Team: Arkansas

Units in production:

Pentium D 930 Presler 3.0 GHz, Asus P5LD2 Mobo, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB storage, GeForce 7600GT video, Windows XP Pro

Core 2 Duo Conroe 3.0 GhZ, Asus P5K-E Mobo, 4 GB RAM, 1.5 TB storage, GeForce 8600GTS video, Windows XP Pro
Bienvenue chez les Xtrem Team Boinc Addicted alias XTBA la team Française N°1!

Nous sommes une team réunissant des bons vivants, aimant les bons produits du terroir, passionnés d’informatique et de nouvelles technologies en général, bref une belle bande de Geek.
Notre crédo : cruncher un maximum et toujours plus fort et tout cela sans prise de tête.

Si vous aussi :
- Vous cherchez une team où il règne une très bonne ambiance
- Vous aimeriez un forum très actifs
- Vous aimez le challenge et que vous voulez vous mesurer aux 20 meilleures teams mondiales
- Vous passez votre temps les mains dans votre ordi
- Vous aimez pousser votre PC au maximum des ses possibilités
- Vous effectuez des achats déraisonnables pour booster encore plus votre matos

N’hésitez plus, rejoignez nous Vous êtes déjà un XTBA dans l'Ã
Julio Silva Vidales
Born in Mexico City. Linton Hall Military School Graduate in Bristow, Virginia. Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing, extents in Computer Science. My life has elapsed doing what I like, that is to say, IT & SCUBA Diving (PADI).
TEST Alliance Best Alliance.
Compute your dreams. That's all you have to do.
I'm from Barberton,Ohio-USA,I'm retired from a Tire maker & a airlines maint.
BAM is a very powerful tool to manage multiple projects on many computers, no matter where they are!

I really like the stats and the forum! It really helps! Thank you!
Come from SiChuan.ChengDu.

job:software develpment.


now studing japanese(Y)
Compute man! Compute!
Fraternal Order Of Eagle Member.
Lives In Colorado, USA.
Cooks Your Food.
Off Road Racing,
Cruncher, Tactical.
CJ in Seattle [BlackOps]
I'm an IT Tech working in Seattle. I love the thought of using idle computers for scientific research.
I am a Louisianian, I take things a bit slow.
Nick Thweatt
i like turtles
[AF>EDLS>Biomed] Viny
Pour aider la science. :)

[color=SlateGray] - anime | manga | reviews[/color]
G Benedito
Tengo 44 años, soy divorciado, padre de una hija de 16 años, jubilado por enfermedad, apasionado
de todo lo que implique un avance del antes. Me gusta estar informado de temas de ciencia y
investigación,que luego,con paciencia lo escribo en mis blogs para su divulgación. Me considero
"Buena gente", "Aplico el lema-Vive y deja vivir-". Me gustaría tener experiencia que como decia
edisón es la hija de la sabiduría.Pero no es así,simplemente soy entusiasta de crear,pero solo sé
que no se nada,como decia Socrates.
SM6GXQ Peter Lindquist
My hobbies are:

* Space
* Physics and other science
* Computers
* Gardening
* Ham radio, Callsigns: SM6GXQ SM7GXQ
* Photo
* My work at the Rescue Coordination Center, JRCC Sweden

I have a web site: Cape Pine Garden Project, mainly based at my summer house at Granudden in Färjestaden on the island of Öland. The site contains information on BOINC with links to all my projects and extensive statistics.

On-site, there is also a weather station as well as 5 webcams and a photo album showing flowers in my garden. There is also a Blog with a RSS feed.

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.

My work at the Swedish Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue Center - JRCC Sweden - involves SAR and IT (radio,telephony,data). I'm also a press spokesman. We have a blog - JRCC Online - where we blog about all rescue missions (RSS feed).

[C4D] BenZ
J'utilise principalement ce site pour contrôler mes machines, détecter une anomalie (baisse subite de prod à cause d'un soft qui charge le CPU par ex), une panne de machine ou encore une pénurie sur un projet (et ainsi basculer sur un autre), ainsi que pour voir mon classement.
Métier Aide-Soignant
J'ai découvert le calcul pour aider la science via Seti, et par la suite par le Genethon
Pour le moment, je n'est qu'un ordinateur de connecté pour Boinc, mais d'ici 1 ans où 2, il y auras 5 ordinateurs de connectés
Miguel jaier
Me encuentro trabajando en España y desde hace tres años tngo el programa Boinc en mi computador. algo tendre que aportar
I live in and am from the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

Simon Thomsen
I'm a 33 year old primary school teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark. My primary subjects of teaching are math and physics, both of which I've been studying at the University of Copenhagen around 10 years ago.

My interests are what you might called typically "nerdy": Math and physics (of course), science fiction, fantasy, role-playing (DnD, pen and paper) and computer games.
Mike Voisine
Hi, I'm Mike. I'm from a small New England town in western central Connecticut, USA.

I have always held a strong interest in computers, science and space/aerospace subjects.
[af>France>ouest>poitou-charentes>vienne] astralbator
Je pense que tous les propriétaire d'ordinateurs devrait travaillé avec BOINC, pour le bien de l'humanité et de leurs machine... la plupart des gents n'utilise qu'a seulement 15% la capacité de calcul de leur PC....
Entre tots fem un mon millor... si es pot col·laborar en coses tan senzilles com aquestes, doncs ànims !!!.
I am a student at the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics (CEID) of University of Patras in Greece.
Land: Deutschland
Geburtsstadt: Berlin
Sprache: Deutsch
Hobbys: SCIFI / UFO's / Unerklärliches (z.B. Phyramiden)
Work for consulting company, working mostly as field scientist/engineer (have science degrees). Have always loved science, mostly physical sciences
DynV homepage
I am 27 years old and I live in New Jersey, USA. I love computers, driving, photography, animals, and kids. I have other interests such as philosophy, history, economics, and writing.

I like keeping up with the news and I try to look at each problem and conflict from all perspectives for fairness. Not that I'm in a position to influence world events, I just like to be informed and not hold biased opinions.

Virtues that I esteem highly are forgiveness, honesty, hope, humility, kindness, compassion, and devotion.
Lan Master Admin
Hey ! My Real name is Michele, that's the same as Michael or Mike (Mike is currently used by all my friends).
I'm from Italy (land of confusion :-))i live 15Km far from Medicina Radio Observatory and i'm a truck driver; after long time of traveling across the territory i decided to stay beside my Girlfriend, so i got job close to home and now i can expend my free time for my favorite hobbyes: computers and on-line games.

Since 2005 i was interested to SETI project and i started with SETI@home Classic
for about 6 months, then "Boinc" was introduced and i quit for a while, now i was looking how to employ my HomeLAN for something usefull, so me and my girlfriend we started a new account for "SETI@home Boinc"
Ich bin 23 Jahre alt, gelernter Elektroniker komme ursprünglich aus Rußland, aber bin in Deutschland aufgewachsen und zu dem geworden was ich heute bin... Ein psychedelischer, netter, junger Mann... ;)
My varied interests include computing, photography, astronomy, fish keeping, hiking, and music.
I listen to all sorts of music from Classic Rock, Reggae, Metal, Happy Hardcore, Techno, Folk, but my absolute all time favourite artist has to be, with out a doubt Frank Zappa. I spent many a long night smoking weed and drinking during my late teens and early 20's listening to Frank. If you are unenlightened I suggest getting hold of a copy of You Are What You Is or Joe's Garage.

I recently became a father, and the one and only single piece of wisdom/advice that anybody told me before he was born that has been true is 'Nothing can prepare you for parenthood!'
I like playing with weird hardware.
I have BOINC running on my AppleTV and on a Penitum MMX with 16MB RAM.

I hate olives.
Mike, home - Living just outside Glasgow, Scotland.
Work - Newport, South Wales.
Age - 62
Electronic engineer.
Hobbies:- Amateur radio, GM3EIY & VP8DIA
Astronomy, Skywatcher Pro 150 Mak-Cas on HEQ5 mount.
Lapidary, Graves Mk iv 8" faceting machine, 6" diamond wheels, 10" and 4" diamond saws.


Hace tiempo que dejé de tener una relación intensa con los hombres que me rodea, fue bonito mientras duró, pero el tiempo a todos nos cambia. Ahora me siento a escuchar el silencio de mi corazón, porque el silencio tiene su lenguaje y sabe hacerse entender.
A ja brzeg nienazwany... nazwę! Rzekłem.
My name is Sean Reilly, I live in Bixby Knolls, CA a section of North Long Beach. I am currently working for Starbuck's as a Barista after 28 years in the Banking/Mortgage Industry. I am an avid SciFi fan, love Music in almost all forms but rap, I am a Chef and owner of a gourmet specialty food company called Gourmet-2-Go.
[AF>France>Ouest>Limousin] gillou
play online, read SF books, etc.
Crystal Pellet
My interests are: Weather, Computing, Cycling, Nature and News.
My nickname and avatar have a relation with my 41 years duty in Meteorological Information:
Weather observing, analyzing, sensoring, weather data communication, implementing radar and satellite images, testing meteorological equipment and software and managing Meteorological systems.

I like numbers, stats and competition.
That's why I'm a proud member of the BOINCstats team.
I live in Sikeston Missouri. I"m into UFO's, paranormal, politics, and to many other things to mention.
Van Durrett
Ich komme aus Hambühren (Ovelgönne) ,bin 28 Jahre ,arbeite als Metallbauer(Schwerpunkt Konstrucktionstechnik)
I love electronics, am a ham radio operator KB0GU. Mostly digital mode psk31 on HF and VHF. Some Meteor Scatter. Call good at E-qsl.
Love building computers, wish had unlimited resources for all the new iterations of hardware that are coming out progressively faster!!!!! If you want a computer builder, electronics repair at component level, radio operator, or licensed counselor I am here. Also am ordained Lutheran minister.
Perchè è semplice e basta andare su internet per gestire i progetti di BOINC
Dr. Vvedensky
Kill all humans!
Let's replace the atomic power station with bioreactors on processings humans in the electric power!!!
That's me. A german people who loves music.
Having learned about distributed computing several years ago, I've since participated in Seventeen or Bust, GIMPS, and am now crunching primarily for PrimeGrid.
Bruce Kennedy
My home is located in central Ohio, USA.

The wife and I have 7 children and 19 grandchildren at last count.

I manage a small team of analysts supporting 10 mainframe applications at JPMorgan Chase.
Programmer / Technical Engineer at .gov here in Finland.
Far Star
Physicist and nature photographer living in north eastern Ontario just a hundred kilometers or so past the middle of nowhere.
A BOINCer from Sydney, Australia
Folding@home Team ID: 176591
I'm from Poland. I like IT, mmorpg, bicycle.
I'm a Computer Nerd who started in 1999 with Seti@home (That's in the pre-Boinc era). Had it running on many systems, but eventually sized down, since GPU-computing turned out to be responsible for the biggest Credit. I just discarded the systems that were too old.
KWSN glidersaur
Retired automotive drivetrain engineer. First computer an Eagle 8086 with dual floppy's and 8K RAM. Hobbies include flying RC sailplanes, collecting HO model trains and riding my vintage 1966 Vespa scooter. Married, two kids, four grandchildren. Live in Wisconsin.
Nuke Nike
I use it to synchronise my BOINC over multiple OS'es I am running
Glosuje na Projekt Miesiaca w BOINC@POLAND
Into solar technologies materials and efficiency research. Done a bit on my own. Helping by running BOINC also to find better materials for high efficiency! Heck, running BOINC helps everything! My dream job would be to be a paid researcher with a budget working on solar projects... ;). Right now I do this for free!
Interesuje sie całokształtem środków i czynności wchodzących w zakres działalności ludzkiej związanej z wytwarzaniem dóbr materialnych, a także reguły posługiwania się nimi ;D oraz
dziedzina nauki i techniki zajmująca się przetwarzaniem informacji w tym technologiami przetwarzania informacji oraz technologiami wytwarzania systemów przetwarzających informacje, pierwotnie będąca częścią matematyki, rozwinięta do osobnej dyscypliny nauki, pozostającej jednak nadal w ścisłym związku z matematyką, która dostarcza podstaw teoretycznych przetwarzania informacji. W skrocie technika i informatyka.
To The Stars!
I live on the edge of downtown Toronto.I can't think of a better way to use Computer power,than to crunch for those Boinc projects! Into collecting Vinyl Records,and other related formats.
This accounts represents the BladeCenter PFE (L3) Hardware Support team out of Research Triangle North Carolina. We are putting old equipment and NDF (No Defect Found) parts that would otherwise be scrapped to good use.
TonyPugh Rogiet
Born 1950 Kingston-Upon-Thames, I now live near Chepstow with my wife and our dog Frankie.
My career was in telecomms, now semi retired and support the family business photographing fashion jewellery for online sales. Our brand is Dragonheart.

My interests include sea and space exploration, scientific TV documentaries, NASA space projects, KEPLARs science with finding new planets, and other achievements such as mapping the universe. auf Instagram auf YouTube
Hellow i'm DyoGo from Portugal 17 years old

[ESL Brigade] Cluster
Dies ist der offizielle Cluster der ESL Brigade:

Am 08.02.09 um 23:35 Uhr startete im internen Brigade Forum eine Diskussion über den Aufbau eines Clusters. Die Resonanzen waren überaus positiv, so dass die BOINC Admins anfingen, ein Konzept auszuarbeiten. Zum Glück wurde sehr schnell die Standort frage geklärt. LiMiT erklärte sich bereit, die Unterkunft bereitzustellen und sich um den Aufbau des Clusters zu kümmern. Auch kümmert er sich um den Verkauf von gespendeter Hardware, die nicht für den Cluster verwendet wird.

Wir wollten den ESL Brigade aber, bevor überhaupt an Geld oder Sachspenden zu denken war, schon ein kleines Grundgerüst bieten. Dies wurde durch eine überaus großzügige Spende möglich. Erst war geplant, 2 Core i7 920 zu kaufen. Nach gut 15 Minuten wurde die Zahl aber auf 3 Systeme erhöht, um nun doch nach einer weiteren Stunde diskutieren, direkt 6 Core i7 920 Systeme
I am an amateur radio operator located in Saginaw, Michigan. My call sign is KB8MLC, I hold a technician plus class license. I am a computer technician.
I'm a licensed electrician. (electricians do it in hot boxes!)
I work on computers, networks, and automation.
For hobbies I repair and tweak tube amps, play and listen to music, and dabble in ANSI C++.
I'm Lennart, student and founder of team 'FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences'.
Complexity in an unusually way

That's a thing I have no thousands of friends and I don't spend my freetime outdoors in pubs. It's more exact if I say I have an unusual mental skeleton. Illustrative example is my favorite music. One is the hungarian folk rock (primary Kormorán). Other one is the classics. And the third one is the massive repetitive techno. (Not that where singing in. Only whole beat drums and some other effects. Almost all intelligent people find this absolutely nerve-racking.)
Calvin told me to use BAM
Hardware / electronics engineer, father, supporter of sciences and making

Tom Shewbridge
Be sure to visit and join our community! You'll find team news and team graphics. If you need help setting up BOINC or joining our team, we have a friendly, active Message Board where our members are waiting to help.

Just a Paramedic from Ohio, trying to do his part. Visit my website A Medic's World to find out more about me!
Stephan Volkmann
Jibt nix Gutes, ausser man tut es

wir, Vater "MO" und Tochter "Neytiri", im Saarland wohnhaft, sind beide Mitglied bei Seti.Germany und dort auch in der SG-SPEG aktiv.
Unsere Rechner sind seit März 2000 DC-infiziert. :-)

Wir wünschen allen Mit-Crunchern viel Spaß und Erfolg!

Viele Grüße

MO und Neytiri
Recent college grad with an engineering degree with a possible future in grad school if the job market doesn't improve...
[SG-SPEG] Yamazaki

I live in Hamburg / Germany with my Wife and my two Girls (15 and 18 Years old).
I started Distributed Computing in 1999, when I joined SETI@Home.
Since the beginning of 2008 I am member of SETI.Germany and SPEG!

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who,
in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."

(Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
Ich komme aus Wien und möchte ein tolles Team aufbauen.
Bin kein PC Profi und auch kein Wissenschaftler, aber es macht Spaß die Statistiken zu beobachten. Der Wettbewerbsgedanke zählt.
Und ganz nebenbei ist es auch noch sinnvoll.
26yr old from Coatesville, Pennsylvania
I work for the Synthes helpdesk
hi !
Tomasz R. Gwiazda
Hello I'm Thomas from Boinc@Poland Team

Join us at

My current stats:

I live and work in capital city, Warsaw (in polish - Warszawa)



- guitarists: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwiee Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker,Andy Timmons, Vinnie Moore, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, Neil Zaza, Timo Tolkki, Tony MacAlpine, Radek Chwieralski

- bands: Iron Maiden, Hammerfall, CHildren of Bodom, Dragonforce, The 69 eyes, Dream Evil, Gamma Ray, Manowar, Nightwish, Rhapsody, Stratovarius,Velvet Revolver

Star Wars, I robot, Impostor, Trainspotting, Twin Town, Kill Bill, Memento, Island, Alien, Paycheck, Equilibrium ,

TV series: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, 4400, Eureka, Prison Break, Sopranos, The Shield, CSI, 24h, SeaQuest, Top Gear, Lost, Jericho, Unit, Heroes, IT Crowd, Sleeper cell, Dexter, Scrubs, Mentalist,

Web Site: [url] http: // /sicituradastra/teamsic.htm[/url]
I'm participating in computing because my PC is usually turned on, so i just like to share it's power in BOINC computing. Also, i want to support Users Vision team in computing :D
The Collegio Timpano is a residence for students of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.
Wir sind das Team der Vagabunden und Strauchdiebe!

Wir halten zusammen was das Zeug haelt!

Besuche uns doch mal auf WELT1 in der Gilde der Vagabunden und Strauchdiebe [8.5]

Du hältst nichts von einer normalen Gilde
Suchst Freundinnen/Freunde, ganz liebe und wilde
Oder brauchst Hilfe weil Du noch bist klein
Und möchtest ein Milliardär gerne sein.
So komme zu uns und streif durch den Wald
Wir machen den Kaiser und Könige kalt!
Wir teilen die Waren , das Geld und die Welt,
Bei uns wird ein jeder Strauchdieb zum Held
Selbst die kleinsten Vagabunden
Haben bei uns ihr Glück schon gefunden!!

In unserer Gilde gibt es nur drei Bedingungen!!
Der Wunsch einer starken Gemeinschaft anzugehören
Als erfolgreicher Händler die Kleinen zu unterstützen!
Und das wichtigste, ist wirklich nicht viel
Nie zu vergessen, es ist nur ein Spiel!

Alle im Spiel we
Yoo Chung
A rather dull guy with rather dulled senses who is trying not to live a rather dull life. He blogs at Stochastic Scribbles and has a separate home page.
Is there anybody out there?
I am a Norwegian engineer that has kept my childish ability to wonder.
Dominic Ottaviano
Hello, I am Dominic Ottaviano! I love computers and science. I got into crunching in May of 2008, and I found it very fun. I crunch mostly for space sciences at the moment but i plan to do some medical sciences as well. I live in Georgia, and I am 16 years old, I don't have a job at the moment but i used to do some freelance web design. I love working with computers and playing video games. (λHalf-Lifeλ is my #1)
[BOINCstats] Rick is the greatest site for statistics!
Kennet Brent
52-years old prof. care taker in hospital, struck down by M.S.
Welkom op mijn "Message In A Bottle" pagina.

Op een Cluster4 school te Utrecht, ben ik werkzaam als Netwerkbeheerder voor een stichting.
Ik doe aan pc'tjes sleutelen, kids en collega's helpen met hun ICT vragen, plaatjes draaien, af en toe aan meditatie, Internet verkennen, sociale contacten onderhouden en goede doelen steunen.

[AF>EDLS] Polynesia
I was born in 1972

I work in logistics

man, France


Alliance Francophone

Perry Dombowsky
I am in Ottawa Canada and now work for a defence contractor. My hobbies are my son, boating, motorcycle riding triathlons and computing in that order.
Paul H
Well, that's all you need to know....
Gilbert, Arizona, USA
Name: Kirill
From: Russia, Moscow

Google Translate my English language teacher
Mathestudent aus Tirol
Lukasz Wierzchnicki
Someday i'll write something here ;-)
Who Am I?

I am:

*Born october 1974
*No longer abled to work
*2.04m tall (6'7")

We have a Dog (German Standing Shorthair ( ofiicially a hunting dog )) and no children.

Degree: Dutch, English,Mathematics, Economy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry
No Degree: Bioproces- and Food Technology

Degree: (Databases: Oracle, DBase3, Access, and others)
Degree: (GIS: ArcGis, Smallworld)
Degree: (Computer build, setup,config, networkmanagement, accountmanagement)

My computers (detailed)

SYSTEM 1 Dual Quadcore OPTERON

*Processor #1 : AMD Opteron64 2376 Shanghai (2.3Ghz)
*Processor #2 : AMD Opteron64 2376 Shanghai (2.3Ghz)
*Memory : 16Gb 667Mhz DDR2 (2x 4*2Gb)

total / per processor
* Cores :8

I live in Florida, but I was born and raised in Ohio. I began this boincs project around 2008. I'm 54 now and retired from the military. I like to read nonfictional books in my spare time. I’m bored with technology and games. I’m interested in enhancing my talents and skills. I am still a celibate single and I used to live with Mom until she went to Heaven in October 2016, God rest her soul. Rest in Peace Mom.
sleep > pc > work > pc > study > pc > sleep >?
n University of Tech student from Finland, Helsinki. Being SETI@home user since 2002, now conquering other @homes too like Climate Prediction, Einstein and Rosetta. a member of University Examiners.
I am the developer of the Mac OS X program BOINCMenubar 2.
Hi, I'm Alex, Russian student,live near Moscow and want help science. Also I'd like to make wold better with my computer))

I like the idea to help, with a bunch of good people, science to progress without being a scientist myself. I hope we can find something that can help humanity. The BOINC idea is really great.

I crunch for Russia, the best team in the galaxy!
Tomasz Dunger Lukasik
I'm interested mainly in stomatology, but also in mathematics and ecolohy. I'm also kind a computer freak who wanna make everything what's possible to make our world better. Also a great optymist!
"A wise man wants for only nourishing cabbage soup; seek not other things. Except perhaps a toaster."
Ich bin gelernter Nachrichtentechniker und im zweiten Bildungsweg Diplom Krankenpfleger (DGKP)
Den DGKP übe ich derzeit auch aus. Hobbys: Motocross, Pistolenschiesen (Combatschiesen)
Ansonst gibts nicht viel....... Grüße! Arne
Japan Saitama TownKurihashi
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Nabz37
I am Nabz37, engineer in energy relative domain. I live in France and i am 56 yo.
I worry about the future of our Earth, wildlife and mankind, about the best ways to produce energy, and i contribute to research projects consistant with these subjects.

As i also love fun and rabbits (wild, domestic, toys, nabaztag), i created a small team dedicated to them in L'Alliance Francophone.
Visit us ! [AF>Rabbits friends]

Je suis Nabz37, ingenieur dans le domaine de l'energie. Je vis en France et j'ai 56 ans.
Je me preoccupe de l'avenir de notre Terre, de la vie sauvage et de l'humamite, des meilleures facons de produire l'energie, et je contribue aux projets coherents avec ces sujets.

Comme j'aime aussi le fun et les lapins (sauvages, domestiques, jouets, nabaztag), j'ai cree une petite equipe qui leur est dediee dans L'Alliance Francophone.
Rendez-nous visite ! [AF>Amis des Lapins]

I'm a supervisor at the world's largest independant airline caterer. MaNiaC
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Peluche
My nickname is Peluche, i am 27 years old. I was born and raised in Geneva, then i did my graduate studies in Paris. Atfer 3 years in Zurich, i've moved to Lugano where i work for an events organizing company

In 2009 a friend told me about distributed computation. I found fascinating to be able to help the research with our small computers and i decided to join the BOINC community. I am now happy and proud to bring my contribution to research, especially in health and environment fields

Happy crunching everybody !

My name is Forrest
I was born May 29th 1970 in Provo Utah, and raised in Orem. When I graduated from High School in 1988, I moved to Salt Lake City; a year later in August of 1989 I tested positive for the HIV virus, I was 19.
In 1996 I moved to Las Vegas and lived there for two years until they closed the office and transfered me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a youngster I was licensed in Utah to propagate and raise wildfowl such as pheasants and quail. I enjoy the outdoors and was in boy scouts were I learned to love to repel off mountains; I also enjoy camping though I haven't been in year. Some things I enjoy in life are walks, mountain hiking, water coloring and my two cats and being with my partner Garee.

Halloween is my favorite holiday even though they say Halloween isn't a holiday.
I am a graphic designer [2d/3d] and programmer/web developer [flash/php/etc.] interested in music [psychedelic, ambient, ethnic, jazz, experimental, uhm... actually too much to count all] computing and sci-fi [mainly 60's russian, polish and US]. Wellll. That's it for now :)
Hola, soy Astur creador del equipo Asturias-Team el mejor equipo Asturiano de la red Boinc, aqui esperamos a todos nuestra gente Asturiana!
En nuestro blog encontraras todos los datos sobre nuestro equipo, puntuacion, nombres de nuestros miembros, proyectos en los cuales participamos y muchos mas datos...
Dees Gerrits
Kamperen in een sportieve tent is mijn manier om de natuur zo close mogelijk te beleven.
Ik houd dan ook van alle weerselementen.
Hi! My name is Yusup and I work in an international environmental organisation. I started crunching in March 2009. I do not have fast machines, so I do not crunch as fast as I wish. But I hope that my contribution is valuable to various BOINC distributed computation projects.

I am Founder of Turan@BOINC team.

Hello my name is Ulrich.ich comes from Germany. I am 44 years old. My hobbies are my cats, reading, Darten and motorcycle drive. I Working in the KKW (nuclear power plant) Emsland as a Kraftwerker. Another hobby of me is a travelling,always on the same island, Hispanola or the Dominican Republic.
Ich bin in Essen geboren wo ich heute noch lebe. Meine Hdobbys sind Astronomie, Amateurfunk, Computer, Bier selberbrauen, Natur. Leider bin Ich zurzeit arbeitslos.
i boinc, and boinc is what i do.
Sir Stooper
I am a proud member of The Knights Who Say Ni!. Relatively new to shrubbing, I have now fallen for the lure for the quest for the Holy Shrubbery. One of the many goals of the Knights is to find the Holy Shrubbery, and we know it's out there. Somewhere, somehow, we will find it using the power of personal shrubbers. This task is mighty and fraught with many perils. If you have the stomach, the heart, the desire and the will, you too can become a Knight. Bring your sense of humor and a PGGB (or three) and join us on our quest!

Added bonus: The right to say Ni! to old ladies!
Administrator ICT
City of Elgin
i am a compulsive viewer of Boinc stats/Bam........This unfortunately doesnt increase my crunching

power .) I do however realise, i am one seriously big lottery win away from being the greatest cruncher

this planet has ever seen .) we can but dream...........Big thanks to Willy @ Boinc Stats/ BAM for turning me into a

stats addict........
I am 35 years old and I am currently in school, i have three wonderful kids, and I am divorced. There are a lot of things I could say about myself, but I will limit it :) . I wanted to do this now that I have a PC that can help, I want to do my part for science, and I think this is a great way to give back to a cause I believe in.

Estudiante de Física
ubuntu linux boinc
This is only experiment...
I am the leader of BOINC@Ecuador
Robert Deller
Almost 70 at the time of this posting, Im not computer-adept in any way.

I do live, in retirement, out on a farm near a small town in Ontario, Canada...Glencoe.

At one time I was a teacher, specializing in Maths and Science, my own training having been in the Earth-Sciences (mainly Geology with some Astronomy thrown in).

My main love throughout the past ~37 years has been in introducing youth groups (many adult groups as well) to wilderness-canoeing in the wildernesses of Northern Ontario, Canada. [I began my own canoeing at the age of many long years ago!]

Beyond teaching (my primary profession), I have sailed, flown (I'm a qualified pilot in small aircraft...Cessnas and Pipers primarily), served in the Reserve forces of my country managed several businesses (which I will continue to do until my death,most likely) and have camped from within the Arctic Circle to Florida in the south).

I have lived an interesting life, and inte
Hello all, I'm Ann. I live in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, Australia. I'm 57, a retired pathology technician and have been an amatuer astronomer since I was a teenager but have always been interested in the sky and stars ever since my dad showed them to me as a small girl in outback Australia at my grandparent's property.. I have my own C8 telescope with computer system and now do astro-photography whenever I get the chance.. When I am not looking at the skies with my scope or wondering who or what is "Out There" I am either painting landscapes or training at my chosen sport of athletics.
I am also field assistant to an Archaeologist in Australia's Blue Mountains and am also interested in Egyptology.
I read, write short stories, paint in watercolours and acrylics, do tapestry, cross stitch and calligraphy. I also enjoy bushwalking and hiking.
Now that I have moved to the mountains over 3300 ft up I do a lot more astronomy as the skies are just so crystal clear, especially now

i'm Detlev from Germany.
Born in 1964.
I'm employee at a technical modification service of a german manufacturer of commercial vehicles (truck and bus).
Computers, what a surprise ;-)
I like the books of Tom Clancy, Stephen King, John Grisham and any kind of Sience Fiction and Fantasy.
French Boincer, member of the Team L'Alliance Francophone.

Boincer Français, membre de l'Equipe L'Alliance Francophone.
Phil Klassen
love to dirtbike and ride the harley around all summer.
Interessen: Wissenschaft allgemein, speziell Kosmologie, Physik, Astrophysik, Astronomie etc.
I am a computer programmer and tutor from the Toronto, Ontario area.
Bonjour à toutes et tous !

Domicilié à Lourdes, dans les Hautes-Pyrénées, j'ai une passion pour la Généalogie (Mon site perso ou Mon site professionnel).

Finalement, et ce n'est pas la moindre des choses, je m'investit, avec mon peu de moyens, sur des projets Boinc

J'ai intégré la miniteam [AF>Occitania]. Mon nom est maintenant [AF>Occitania>Gascon]Jean-Loup

We are students working on the maximum performance :-)
Dr Caruso
Ich bin der Matthias, 36 Jahre alt und komme aus dem schönen Nordhessen. Bin verheiratet und habe 4 Kinder. Ich bin selbstständig
Meine Hoppy´s sind : Fahrrad fahren, Pc´s, meine Kinder und Boinc.
Tokyo Japan
>Why do you use BOINCstats/BAM! ?
I use it to organize and manage the BOINC projects.

>What are your views about BOINCstats/BAM! ?
Yes, it does it's work well.
Michael Hofstaetter
Piotr M. Zalewski
My name is Piotr. I´m member of BOINC@Poland Team. Greetings from POLAND ! :-)
[PNT] Obix007
Imie/Name: Artur
Wiek/Age: 28
Nick: obix007
Id bam: 71426
Cel/Traget: rywalizacja / pomoc nauce /\ help since and be the best :D

I started the adventure much earlier - but I don't remember exactly when - then long long nothing. From 25.07.2009 24/7 my computers are counting next samples.
Mark Sango
I'm living in Strasbourg,France
Civil servant
Amateur pianist and classical guitarist since 1963 and 1974.
First notebook (and PC) since april 2008.
Boinc member since may 31st 2009
Rick Thorne
Hi, i live near Southampton , England
Spent 13 Yrs in a Tank Regiment and used to make Lasers
Mesmerized by Music and Technology.
Bif74 [Lombardia]
Hi to all!
I'm Marco, 43 yo. I like sci-fi also read books.
I'm a member of BOINC.Italy.
Karau Herdon
Bin aus Hamburg und arbeite in der Automobilindustrie. Hobbies sind PC und alles darum aber ab und an auchma Spiele davon.
Seit 2005 selbstständig im IT-Bereich (Webdesign, Linux, Opensource), BOINC User da man immer irgendwo ein paar Resourcen für einen guten Zweck bereitstellen kann ;)
Me gusta ayudar a la ciencia con BONIC
Age:20 a student
Interested in Computer and art
or any friendship.

Pracuję jako operator DTP w agencji reklamowej. Interesuje się fantastyka.
I was just a Little Speck when I was born but grew up to be a Mighty Dot ...
I am a student at University of Phoenix. My Bachelors studies are Information Systems Security. My expected date of graduation is Feb 2010.
I enjoy spending time with my kids, being on the computer (a lot), games, puzzles, writing poetry, reading, swimming, and other things too numerous to list.
I live in Phoenix Arizona, it is 117 degrees outside today. Middle of July every year is this way.
I am concerned about the environment, so I try to do what I can to minimize my footprint.
My other passion is fighting to save the wolves in Alaska and the other United States from aerial (cruel) hunting. The governor of that state is such a calloused hater of wolves she offers hunters $50 for the front leg of every wolf they kill. Young or old she kills em cold!
I love the planet we live on and hope there will be something left for my children to enjoy when they grow up.
I'm a 31 year old network engineer from Brakel (East-Flanders) in Belgium.
Apart from renovating my house, I spend most of my time with my gf and our son, James.
When there's time left-over (haha) I spend it on Eve-online :-)

(The picture... is what I would've looked like if I graduated in 1954... :-)
Angefangen hat alles mit Seti@home im Jahre 2004. Seitdem lasse ich meine Rechner, meist sporadisch, immer mal wieder für Seti und Einstein rechnen.

:oO Greetz LostSoul (y)

Nun, ich bin webmaster und Betreiber der Webseite einer deutschsprachigen SPielecommunity von Spielern für Spieler.
Ralph Harper
I enjoy building my own computers.I am a retired engineer and the outdoors,fishing,and of course being a part of BOINC.
Es gibt nicht viel über mich zu sagen außer, ich glaue nicht das wir die einstigen intelligenten Lebewesen im Universum und auf der Erde sind.
Single Dad, former Marine, nature lover, and complete geek.
The more people I meet, the more I like cats.
Coffee is more important than air to me, so don't deny me of it. Ever. :|
Innovative Clinical Devices
Saving Computers from the dumpsters and Humans from Disease. These computers were discarded or unwanted. Some say "useless"...well...i me and my army of useless computers crunch numbers and solve crime...i mean disease..
[AF>France>Savoie] Tutu1986
Hi everyone, I'm coming from FRANCE, Savoie (73) !
Da Pistoia
I grew up in MA and then moved to FL for some scatterbrain idea... But my mother says she's doing great... Im an Aerospace Enginerring major @ FL TECH, I live 28 miles from KSC and I love astronomy. I have been volunteering through BOINC with my father since 1995. Well, Take Care and keep on volunteering. Ryan Callahan
A 40 something year old, single father of three teenage kids. Was a firefighter for 22 years, but a work injury to my lower back (requiring 5 level fusion) put an end to that stage of my life... now medically retired.
With my new partner and my kids, we breed and show Basset Hounds, plus my oldest son has an Afghan and my daughter has a whippet - so every show day is hectic with around 10 dogs to groom etc !
Been playing guitar for around 30 years, though not enough in the last 10 of those... retirement may be time to rekindle my passion for good hard rock - AC-DC "were" the best band ever (RIP Bon Scott).

After getting into boincing with my new Dell Inspiron 6000 in 2006, have learned to build/ tweak my own desktop machines and love doing so, though CPU points are pretty "slow" nowadays !
From shanghai
Kevin Leung

Hobbies :
Computers (certified hardware/software/network engineer); astronomy; quantum & astrophysics; cosmology; horse riding & training; martial arts/meditation; sailing; cooking.
Konata Izumi
I'm just your average guy who likes anime. As far as my "handle" goes I picked Konata Izumi for a user name primarily because, when-ever I watch the anime "Lucky Star" her room looks disturbingly like the inside of my apartment.

I was Grate Saiyaman once, (OK I still am), I just started this ID so I could keep my present team buddies and start a different team of my own, "Anime@home".
If you need some advice or help feel free to drop me a private message.

I run a printing press and work swing-shift so I don't have much of a life. I fill my time with a lot of anime and the assorted side hobbies that come with it. I like to kill time making wallpapers for my different PCs . . . and all the computers I create are so I can get more wallpapers made and on it goes in a vicious circle . . . well not really vicious, I get a kick out of building PCs too.
I plan on getting back into my old hobby of photography as the price of Digital cameras has come down enough that I
Казань, инженер-электроник, женат, дочка.
Johannes Cools
I decided to change my profile because it’s long ago that I edit it. Time changed and if it’s as it has to be our experience also. I am engineer and my profession is developing high tech Intel™ based multilayer main boards with extremely low power consumption and on the other hand extreme high performance. I am responsible for market needs solution. Energy is expensive and the concept is, as low as possible power consumption. So my job is very challenging.The next development will be a main board based on Intel® i7™ cpu’s in a smalll form factor and more features.
disc reading error on xbox 360
Former paratrooper.
Software developer.
LARPer, SCAdian, Filker, Brewer.
Hello fellow crunchers! So I have been donating cpu cycles since the first month of seti@home. I tend to stick to space and earth science projects just because my personal interests lie there. I Live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and am a self employed student.
Gdańsk, Poland.
Volleyball is the only thing I realy care for.
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton is a technology entrepreneur who has been involved in the founding of several companies including medical and scientific software. The home page is an annual project to support children with life threatening diseases through the display of animated Christmas light displays across the country.
I'm from Indiana in the good old USA, I'm a 44year old out of work maintenance technician. I love woodworking to relax me and electronics to challenge my brain.
I crunch when I can.
David Black
I'm from Vancouver BC (Canada)
A semi-retired, self employed consultant to small business. At present, I'm just reviewing, editing, formatting and tidying up business plans; financial modelling of companies and monitoring compliance with previously enacted business plans.
I also do photography - vocation and avocation.
I run, work out, play tennis, read trashy novels, like movies (especially sci-fi, myseties and some action films).
I've been doing BOINC projects for several years.
[XTBA] Raferty
Bonjour, j'habite une petite commune de la Vienne .
J'ai deux grandes passions, l'automobile (ma marque préféré Alfa Romeo je possède une 166 pour tout les jours , et une 75 turbo America pour le plaisir ) . L'informatique "je suis tombé dedans quand j'étais petit"
depuis les ZX 80 aux serveurs à base de Xeons en passant par les SGI et surtout les Amigas .
J'aime aussi les sciences : la physique , l'astronomie , les mathématiques . J'adore les échecs auxquels je ne joue pas assez ...
Je suis aussi très bavard ... :-D

Là je viens de joindre une équipe de de fous géniaux (je conseille à tout les geeks et fanas d'info) Super ambiance super accueil et ils sont francophones !!

In english (summary) I'm french living in France . I love cars (especially Alfa Romeo) , computers (Amiga forever) . I also like sciences and chess .

Pietro Valocchi
Italian, my motorbike as main hobby
Im from Munich/Germany and trying to do some productive work on my Mac (Y)
Hello, I live in Norway... Was more interested in running Seti@Home, but are unable to because my computer randomly freezes when Boinc uses CPU. I'm now running the ATI work around for Milkyway and have had no problems with it.

I'll probaply build a new machine when I get some cash for it...
Technology Twister and modifier,
Randy Scott
Currently reside on the Central Coast of Oregon. Retired in April 1990 after 22 years in US Navy (Chief Quartermaster). 17 years sea duty all aboard greyhounds (DD/DDG/DLG/SBUs). Hobbies include Macintosh computers (have owned at least one since I bought my first in 1984), fishing (Chinook salmon fall runs in Siuslaw River system). Travelled around USA with wife pulling a 40 ft. 5th wheel behind a 1 ton doolie Silverado with Duramax/Allison combo for a year from 04/2007 to 04/2008.
Crunchen wir miteinander für einander und haben Spaß dabei,
egal welches Team oder Nationalität.
Unterstützen wir Verteiltes-Rechnen (Distributed Computing)
egal ob ein-Kern CPU oder mehr-Kern CPU, ein oder mehrere Rechner.
Klein oder groß Cruncher, privat oder Rechenzentrum,
unterstützen wir gemeinsam die zahlreichen Projekte.

Viel Spaß noch bei Crunchen :)

Gabriele Draghetti
Nothing to say, for now
I'm a team member of the SPEG!!!
Mehr über mich. . . "No Body Is Perfect" - I want to believe --
  Reporter u. Bildberichterstatter,
  Interessen & Hobbies: Künstlerisches Schaffen,
  Bücher: Freie Energie-Energie aus dem Nichts-Mit freier Energie gegen die Klimakatastrophe,
  Lieblingsfilme & TV Shows: Dr.-Haus,
  Musik: Lateinamerikanische Musik,
Rachel Rushing
My name is Rachel. I live in Paducah, Kentucky. I am quite the crafty person. I love to make chain maille, paint, do cross-stitch, crochet, and leather working (just to name a few). I am currently studying for my Bachelors in Software Engineering. I am genuinely a geek by nature. I am fascinated by science, technology and mathematics, which is why I started using BOINC. I love the fact that I can help contribute to furthering knowledge in scientific fields.
Jason Stephens
*Good Day, and God Speed. (y)
*"Good Night, and Good Luck."
I'm a GNU & Linux and Musician kinda guy.

I love freedom and love the Community's way of things.

Check out my websites:
A hopeful young mind.
28 y.o.
Device Physicist
Very curious school student, from P O R T U G A L
I attend a professional course mulitimédia!
Always open to new friendships
FYI: For your Inspiration
A gathering of Science and Technology enthusiast in the Philippines who passionately believes in time and knowledge sharing.
Jestem furry
Ich heisse Dirk,bin in Castrop-Rauxel,Deutschland,geboren.Ich habe einen Handwerksberuf erlernt und bin nun in der Tourismusbranche tätig.Ich bin sehr technikinteressiert und neugierig auf alles neue.Ich habe vor mehr als 20 Jahren Jahren das Buch Contakt von Carl Sagan gelesen und da zum ersten Mal etwas von SETI mitbekommen.Als ich nun SETI@home im Internet entdeckt habe,war mein Interesse geweckt.Und nun bin ich dabei.Meine anderen Hobbys sind japanische Kampfsportarten (Kendo und Kenjutsu),die ich schon seit fast 20 Jahren betreibe.Ich besitze mittlerweile 10 sehr schöne Katanas (keine Dekorationswaffen,sondern echte).
From: Moscow, Russia | AQUA,DrugDiscovery,Milkyway/Collatz at E7300 3.2Ghz, Radeon 3850 HIS turbo GHz | Team: Russia
Hello,My name is Warren and live in lancing,West Sussex,U.K. I am 36 years old and work as a mechanical engineer.I like Cycling and Skeet Shooting.
I was born, grew up, and went thru university in Boulder Colorado. While at CU, I worked 6 years for NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research). I graduated in Molecular Biology and Engineering Physics. Did pos-graduation in Brazil at ESPM, 1999.

I am a senior IT consultant, and have worked in IT since 1968 while paying my way thru university and getting a pilot licensee. I married a Brazilian in 73, have 3 wonderful children (grown up) and living in US. Last 30 years living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Love it very much here. Hobbies are horses, teach SCUBA diving (PADI and TDI), deep sea fishing, and love to be involved in Equine Therpay with children.

Always worked with computers, designing bleeding edge systems and technologies, and never get tired of computers nor reading.
Truck Driver. Minnesota. Computers.
Emil Boström
Emil Boström 35 år och klimatkämpe, jobbar på Volvo personvagnar med bränsleförbrukning, är aktiv moderat som satt koldioxid mål för Göteborg och även för nationella koldioxid mål.
Hi, there.. I'm from little Denmark.

David C!
Have two PCs running BOINC.
So far it sux. I can't connect to any of my projects.
Sound engineer (movies sound mixer), student in nursing.
[AF] MacEric
35 years, French working as crew member on copter, as well as technician on ground.
N3UJJ Scott Gillis

I'm an avid Ham Radio Operator.

My Hamshack
My Current Location
My Weather Station

Andrei Butoi
Hi to all.
I'm an IT administrator running SETI and other projects at Home for some time now. My Hobbies ?? Computer programming, syfy stuff and Crunching...
I live in The Netherlands and work as a freelance copywriter. I share my house with a few adorable cats and I'm afraid that I'm a living chaos :-) I smoke, I stay awake at night, but hey.. I can still be very friendly. Sometimes.
Fernando Maranho
I'm a webdesigner in Bragança Paulista - Brazil and a huge fan of Carl Sagan. That's how I heard about SETI and, then, BOINC.
I'm also a guitar player.
Medically retired after a stroke. Originally from the environs of Kingston upon thames in Surrey, England(UK), which is on the edge of greater London. Now 60 yrs old. I have a continuing interest in all things science, especially biology, and related subjects; and also Astronomy, Cosmology, and related subjects; plus fundamental sciences; Physics, Quantum Mechanics etc, etc, which has some link to cosmology.
辰(晨) | Jouleken | 주진
PiPi Call me Jo

ä»Â.義.禮.ä¿¡.智.å¿ .å­Â.æ‚Œ

[现代标准汉语 Standard Mandarin]
倪喃侯ï¼Â沃勒辰(Qin),沃勒中国人(Jiong G-we Nan)。
[江山诠Jiangshan dialect]
侬好ï¼Âå¾是辰(Sen),å¾是中国(Zong Go)å®Â。
[上海诠Shanghainese dialect]
Hi! I’m Jouleken (Chen), I am a Chinese.
[English 英语]
Germany / NRW
neustes Hobby: Planlos in Boinc herum irren
new hobby: Planetshakers wandering at Boinc
Hi, ich bin Robert und lebe in Deutschland. Hier gehe ich auch meiner Arbeit nach.
Ich bin Betriebsleiter einer Tanklagergesellschaft und betreue 2 Tanklager in Bremerhaven.
I'm Meneth, I spend almost all my free time on my computer, gaming, stumbling, listening to music and/or watching videos. I love heavy metal, RPGs and strategy games.
Andree Jacobson
I had some extra cycles available and figured why not use them for a good cause?
Dave Robbins
Just a fat old geezer in Phoenix, AZ with a lot of CPU time available! Cheers! ;)
.NET Software Engineer
âрøúðтõý шðüÿøþý ÿþ ÿþôòþôýþ þрøõýтøрðýõ. ÃÂð чõтýð ôðтð ÑÂü ÑÂðüþ ÑÂÿðóõтø ÑÂÑŠÑ ÑÂþѠþт чðршðфø, ôþúðтþ ÿøѠтþÿúø ÷ð ñøÃȄÂрô. ÃÂ÷ ÑÂъü ñъûóðрÑÂúø ñуôðûð þт ÑъûóðрÑÂúøѠ÷õüõôõÃȄÂúø ýðрþôõý ÑÂъю÷ ø шõф ýð фøрüð ÷ð ÿрþôðöñð ýð üøúрþòъûýÕÃÂø фурýø. ÃÂðрþôõý ÿрõôÑÂтðòøтõû ò þñûðÑÂтð ýð úøñрøтøтõ. Ã
Sou de Blumenau, SC e trabalho com Sistemas em uma empresa que produz Camisetas feitas com Fio produzido de garrafa PET reciclada.
Participo do WCG e Rosetta pois acho que temos que ajudar a ciência de alguma forma. E algo tao distante da gente. como as pesquisas cienti­ficas, ficam fáceis de participar, estão aqui na nossa casa.

ich bin aktuell noch Student an der TU Ilmenau und versuche gerade meinen MA Abschluss zu machen.
Mein Rechner wurde anfangs zum zocken ausgelegt, doch dieses Hobby lässt allmählich nach. Daher stelle ich meine Rechenleistung Boinc zur Verfügung, sprich dem gutem Zweck und der Allgemeinheit.

Also dann frohes rechnen

I am a college student from NUAA.
Elisio Físico

Merit Selket
Ich hab mich hier angemeldet weil ....
Naturwissenschaften normalerweise Gänsehaut und "Juckreitz" bei mir auslösen. Ich bin keine Person die
sich damit auskennt. aber ich bin fasziniert von SiFi, und allen möglichen wissenschaftlichen erkenntnissen
also dachte ich mir, das hier könnte ein weg sein um etwas zu lernen und irgendwie etwas zu dieser Forschung beizutragen
das einzige was mich wirklich fasziniert ist Geschichte(die alten Kulturen) wenn man sich damit beschäftigt findet man schnell heraus, das "man" früher schon sehr viel Naturwissenschaftliches wissen besessen hat und auch viel darüber geforscht wurde
nunja, und so bin ich hier gelandet
I am a 28 year old IT employee. Most of my time is spent either with my wife or tinkering with computers
I'm From the Great City of New York my hobbies are biking, gaming, and crunching.
Since birth, I was infected with the StarTrek virus. This brought me first to SETI (1999) and now I am also helping Rosetta and sometimes ClimatePrediction. I started a small team with my husband and my father named “Rudenz”; we have 3 iMacs (end 2007).
uhm it's nice.
I'm an ESRD activist (primary occupation) and a full time friend to my wife (really primary occupation). I'd rather be playing Leyenda Preludio.

My name is Chris Shelley and I live in Gordon, GA in the United States. I am a huge computer fanatic and love to crunch. Crunching not only allows me to do what I love, but it lets me do it while helping others.


Chris Shelley
Patrick Liniger
Je suis informaticien et passionné par le recherche scientifique.
UBT - JAHill
My Twitter Act contains swears. Desolate Symmetry - my image site.
Ich bin 33 Jahre, komme aus dem Sauerland und bin alleinerziehender Vater
Major (main speciality): Ecological Psychology (one branch of perceptual psychology established by James J. Gibson), Science of Animations
Minor (sub-speciality): Pharmaceutical Sciences (including chemistry, biology and so on)
Another minor(sub-speciality):Education
Retired emergency responder
Well I'm a computer tech and tractor trailer driver from the North Eastern United States. I know what a combination....a IT tech and a truck driver in one...I have a bunch of obsolete computers just sitting around so I thought it proper to put them to good use instead of just tossing them into the rubbish pile. I Run primarily AMD CPU based systems but have no quarrel putting INTEL, Cyrix, and Motorola CPU cycles to use.
I live in Houston, TX.

I run a small farm from my apartment.

My farm would be bigger, but I need MO POWAH!
Encon Safety Products:

Cal - Development Engineer
Eric - Graphic Designer/Photographer
I hale from Kansas City, but travel a lot for work. I'm an IT Consultant, though am lucky in that I love what I do. Technology is a part of both my professional and personal life.
Łódź moim miastem
Enxeñeiro Aeronáutico.
France / Sarthe (near Le Mans)
27 ans
animateur multimedia
Je réside dans le département de l'oise (Pont Sainte Maxence) en France.
Technicien & Analyste d'exploitation sur Mainframe IBM (43xx, 30xx) sous VM/370
Hobby: électronique en amateur, lecture,
wenn ich es den, ans laufen kriegen würde ?!
auf jedenfall ist die anleitung durch stats und bam nicht gerade Hilfreich !!
Hello world, I'm an engineer on Environmental Protection - Waste Water Treatment Process Engineer.
I'm so excited to participate in this group.
Thank you.
Bernard 64250
Electronic engineer, 5 children, retired in the Basque Country (extreme South-West of France).

Career :
- 1971 : Engineer's degree from Institut Superieur d'Electronique de Paris (ISEP).
- 1971-1973 : 22th French Polar Expedition in Antarctica for Paris Astrophysical Intitute (CNRS).
- 1973-1978 : Merlin-Gerin (automatic control systems).
- 1978-1986 : Digital Equipment Corporation (computer design).
- 1986-1988 : European Space Agency (telecom network management).
- 1989-1990 : ASCOM HPF Telephonie (product manager).
- 1990-1997 : Landis & Gyr Communications (product manager).
- 1998 : France Telecom Transpac (Sales Support).
- 1999-2005 : Philips Semiconductors (project manager).
My Web Site (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)
I have AADD. I like to problem solve. I find tasks, lean them, get bored, never finish old ones. Move onto the next.

Designer, photographer, chef. Camping, boating, fishing, hunting anything outdoors.
Thibault, 19 ans, Etudiant en Bac Pro SEN.
Seit dem 8.2.2010 bin ich bei P3D.
Bachelor's degree @ Information Science and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang Univ.
Master's degree @ Operations Research, NC State Univ.
Tigz Mordan
I'm Tigz Mordan, 25 years old, from England. I've worked as a bunch of different things, from policeman to computer programmer, but am currently getting started as a voice actor.

I wouldn't call my current setup a farm. It consists of two computers - my desktop, and my server; plus a third computer sometimes that's on loan to me. My server's not much of a number cruncher but it can hold its own. My desktop on the other hand has a very powerful processor that just sits idle most of the time. It seems a shame to waste it!

I am also teetotal. Sending me "beers" is a good way to get ignored.
Living in Oklahoma. I work on alarm systems for a living. Love my job.
Served in the United States Marine Corps
I love to play World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Warcraft, EVE online, Star Wars The Old Republic, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, Stellaris, Masters of Orion, and Sins of a Solar Empire.
I am also a beekeeper.
I am a employee of an international company on semiconductor field. My interesting is Japanese animation and computer hardware. My most favorite animation is Mobile Suit Gundam.
I'm from Chengdu, China and now working in Hangzhou. I'm interested in almost everything, especially IT and astronomy. Maybe Physics is also one of the preferences, mathematics is fun but I'm not good at it. The reason I join BONIC is that I'd like to make some contribution to science, and to all the human beings, which, will someday be back to benefit myself or at least my children and grandchildren.
Wir betreiben hier in Dortmund einen amb. Pflegedienst. Ich selbst komme ursprünglich aus dem Bereich IT-Consulting. Das ist auch der Grund, warum ich hier hobbymäßig mitmache.

A poor college student who just wants to help out science where-ever he can.
Terrence C. Payne
Nice idea would that it worked.
I do not use BOINCstats/BAM! because it removes all of my projects from the boinc manager and does not update/synchronize.
As far as I can tell BOINCstats does not work!
Über mich gibt es nichts zu erzählen
Hi! I'm from Armenia.
Hi, I first started crunching for WCG in 2006 and it has progressed from there. I prefer the Biology and Earth Science projects, but I also do most other projects too. I am part of Team AMD Users

Very good!
Ein Kontomanager wie BAM ist doch ne feine Sache, schnell und übersichtlich. Man hat alle Projekte, Statistiken und Einstellungen schön Zentral im Blickfeld. Ich hab den Kontomanager schon vielen meiner Freunde empfohlen und werd es auch in Zukunft tun. (y)
BnL Research
Buy n Large Research Department
Rick Laviolette
[size=20][size=13]I have 8 pcs running multiple BOINC programs.
Lately I have built a couple of quad cores for the task.

Chris cdw
... just another Swiss guy crunching for fun...
Je suis passionné par la recherche scientifique. L'idée qu'à chaque instant des milliers de personnes cherchent, découvrent, inventent dans le but d'apprendre à mieux connaître ce qui nous entoure est formidable.

Mathématicien de formation.
Hi! is proud to be involved in BOINC!

Hej! jest dumne z tego, że bierze udział w BOINC!
Razorbeam Grrl
Just letting my iMac crunch data in the background while I'm working...
[SG-FC] hl
I'm a Canadian ex-pat, currently living/working in Seattle WA. Technically, I'm a Geotechnical Engineer for a consulting/design company, at least that's what my business cards say. I like rocks, dirt, and making BIG holes in both. Unfortunately, not everyone in Seattle wants big holes in their rocks/dirt, so I travel a lot to job sites all over North America. Most of what I do is field work relating to hydro/wind power production - clean stuff that I don't feel as guilty about so i can sleep at night.

I'm a big fan of QuakeCatcher and ClimatePrediction, but I also do Spinhenge, SETI (since 2003-ish), and a few others.
Di giorno lavoro con i piedi ben piantati per terra e la testa piena dei problemi quotidiani. Nelle mie notti, spesso insonni, mi piace viaggiare con la mente. Desidero dare il mio piccolo contributo a SETI perché penso che l'Unione faccia la Forza e che tanti sognatori come me, stando assieme, possono fare molto!

GPU - the new vision of power for Boinc
Not much to say really. I'm a happily single mom. My son is autistic, so he takes a lot of my time. When I get the chance, I enjoy drawing, playing games and chatting/visiting with a few close friends.
The Old Sourdough

I was born in Florida, raised in Alaska,(hence The Old Sourdough nickname), and am now retired and living in Indiana, USA.
Love tinkering with computers, electronics, DIY home projects, gardening, pets, reading, music, and grandkids.
US Army vet-1960s

I'll drink to that!

BEER!! the whole grain diet!

Restarting up my boinc activities even though they don't amount o much at the mo, but am aiming to increase this with GPU crunching and eventuall I aim to build myself a folding farm.

One-time high school dropout, two-time college dropout. All I really want out of life is to be able do the things I want, with the people I care about.
I'm a Computer Science & Cybernetics graduate of The University of Reading and probably the typical geek really!

I like using BOINC where I can to help out, my computers might as well be doing somethin while I'm not using them!

While I'm pants at spoken languages, I can program quite well in the C family, as well as in web languages.
ik kom uit Nederland,stad Harderwijk gewtrouwd en 1 dochtertje.
werkzaam als technisch tekenaar bij een betonbedrijf
Retired Systems Engineer :beer:
Patrick Harnett*
Have been interested in computers and science since a kid and got my first one at 13 yrs old (it is still on my desk 30 years later - a hand-held sharp pc1211). Did a computer science degree with some physics, and then management sciences. Joined SETI project in 2001 and crunched work units out of interest/fun.

Located in New Zealand (land of Lord of the Rings) with family, two cats and a dozen old to new computers. I like cars and taking my Supra to track-days where like minded (Supra and GTR skyline people) have some relaxed fun at speed.
Doc Burns
I am--
An Anachronist.
A Beat Edwardian Futurist; Noetic Wiccan Buddhist; University Autodidact; Civil Liberties Advocate.
A Writer; Editor; Pain and Pain Control Counsellor/Consultant; Musician; Photographer; Designer, Occasional Teacher/Lecturer/Workshop Leader; Pipe Tobacco and Tea Blender.
BA-Psychology/English; MA-Abnormal Psych; MFA-Creative Writing; PhD-Psycho-Linguistics; Post Grad-Forensic Psychology and various other subjects.
Interests and Passions, Vocations and Avocations include:
Music: (Bass, Guitars, Keys, MIDI, Percussion, Engineering and Production, Instrument Design and Construction, Listening and Enjoying); Book, Pipe, Antique and Multiple Other Collections; Electronics; Particle Physics; Cosmology; Fly Fishing; Cooking and other disparate pursuits.

Due to disability, retired from, but still involved with Global Travelling; Rock, Ice, Alpine and High Altitude Climbing; Cruising and Deep Sea Sa
Tom Williams
I am interested in science, photography,music, radio, and hand guns. I am currently a SETI guy and interested in other projects. I am married (48 yrs) with 2 children, 5 grand children and 5 great grand children. I work (4th district court in Jacksonville Fl.)
Fair Weather Cruncher
I live in the southern U.S. where hot summers preclude crunching without a huge A/C bill. Though I've run projects as far back as pre-Boinc Seti, it never ceases to amaze me how much can be learned through Distributed Computing where even seemingly out-dated computers can contribute to a common goal.
Scott Teibert

Research Happens Here
I am from Lithuania, from small city Zarasai with many many lakes and woods. I am engineer of computer sciense and it is my duty to donate free time of computer for scientists like me :)
Bin halt wissenschaftlich ambtioniert.
gg: 4107148
Galaxy: Milky Way
System: Solar
Planet: Earth
Country: Russia
City: Samara
Hobby: Computer science
-=Anything else=-
Christopher Herr [TeaM]
Hi everyone,
I am a 30+ year old business information scientist and come from a small village in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, around 30 km away from its capital Stuttgart.
Due to a remark of one of my favourite information science professors about gridcomputing and BOINC during one of his lectures at university, I surfed the web in the afternoon back in 2005 looking for BOINC and I got hooked up easily with SETI, since we all together can by using BOINC help make this small blue planet a better place for all living beings, and perhaps solve some of the most important mysteries of mankind and science. I joined a lot of other projects with the time and since March 2010 I am quite "active" again, crunching workunits from projects I find fascinating or scientifically interesting.
Maxime Joanis
CS student (UdeS), 25 y.o., province of Quebec (Canada). To be continued...
Nekodemus vom Wolkenstein
Seit mehr als 50 Zyklen lebe ich auf diesem Himmelskörper und alles was sich um dieses Sonnensystem und dem Spiralnebel, in dem sich dieses Sonnensystem befindet, "abspielt" , ist für mich von Interesse.
Tootz Son Of Nazz
Skier, Hiker, Slovakia Genealogy
Live in New England; Love the snow.
The computer industry pays the bills.
I'm an IT Security consultant working on long time projects for large governmental organisations. I'm interested in physics, but also photography, and many other things.
I live in Brussels, Belgium.
I'm 29 from New York but I live in Atlanta,GA , right now I'm studying in astrophysics and cosmology. I love to help out and support projects like those listed on this site with my free cpu/gpu time. I'm a huge video gamer , love PC games and consoles alike.

I love to travel (when I can) but I also like to meet new people and do things around town (go out for drinks , concerts and socializing).
Abito uno Marano di Napoli , di Napoli SONO esattamente zona Ferrovia , Ho 44 Anni , vieni hobby Che l' astronomia con alcuni Amici condivido le mie Osservazioni , la gioia piu ' bella e ' Che ho Tre splendidi Figli e Una moglie speciale , vieni Lavoro mi occupo di Assistenza Tecnica Vaillant .
Saludos Terricolas (Greetings Earthlings),

I'm Josh. I have worked in several industries: banking, retail, firefighting, paramedic, and automotive. I am currently a reactive black belt quality engineer with Shainin Journeyman certification in the auto industry located in Dayton, OH. I respect all life! I live for technology and embrace change rapidly. I have reached my SETI project 2nd goal of 1M credits and moved well beyond and am heading for 10M. I enjoy looking at the stats but my hobbies include all sorts of technologies, computers, training others, outdoor activities and so much more. I also am a fan of traveling and learning other cultures, hence the introduction.
Everything can be found at
Grew up for 19 years on the west coast of Fl. Joined the USAF where I now throw wrenches, screwdrivers, and bearings at airplanes. They sent me to California which ain't too shabby. I love finding crisp dark roads on northern state highlands on clear nights. Steals my breath every time.
Etudiant informatique !
Kristian Sims
I'm a student at BYU studying physics, math, and computer science.
My name is Jack, I'm a 19 year old Politics Student at Leeds University in England. I like PC gaming but also end up just listening to music and doing other things, so BOINC feels like a good thing to do in the meantime. Anyway, keep coming up with cool ideas for projects so that I can feel like I'm doing something awesome by doing nothing!
Hilfe!!! Wieso habe ich eine Katze!
Ich mag Katzen nicht... :wub:

Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss!

Help! Why do I have a cat!
I do not like cats ... :wub:

I know that I know nothing!

Saludos desde Tombrio de Arriba, un pueblecito de El Bierzo, León, ESPAÑA

Proyectos en los que participo:

Just a young multimedia designer trying to save the world...
Jose [Team Musketeers]
Hi, I'm a musketeer Argentine, we put our computers to help science and those who need it, I support DC Community Initiative Making The Boinc Community A Better Place.
I am a dreamer and I believe in the potentiality of the human race to live together in peace. I love Music, women and beer; the order it makes no difference. LOL ;)
Hi my names Andrew Or Drue for short, im 29 from Canberra Australia

My hobbies are I.T. and keeping healthy, Going to the Gym and Enjoying Hiking.

I have alot of computer hardware and have been Doing DC work on my older hardware for some time..
Hi all,

I'm Wayne, 64 yrs. old, was an electronics tech until age 36 when I became disabled. I was married and divorced twice and now live alone. My hobbies are mainly mineralogy, astronomy, the paranormal and electronics.
should update this sometime...
Andreas Dorn
Willy did a great job, as he set up BOINCstats.
And he is still doing.
Женат, двое детей, 37 лет.
Andrew Cook
I am from California, i am a Commercial Fisherman, I enjoy Astronomy, Flying, and fishing
Mein Name ist Florian ... Ich wohne in Deutschland/Niedersachsen/Braunschweig .
IT Support Officer for a Marine Safety company. Born in the UK and relocated to Sydney Australia about seven years ago.
Fachschaft Maschinenbau an der TU München
Ron Berti
Retired, politically progressive and living in Portland, Oregon
Sebastian z Polski, 1986
LiczÄ™ na:

*Komputer: MSI X600 Pro-Slim
*Procesor: Intel Core 2 Solo SU 3500 @1,4GHz
*RAM: 4GB DDR 667MHz
*Grafika: ATI Radeon HD 4330 512MB


Shining Knight for Loving Defence - With theon the right Dot.
[AF>Libristes] miskic

I'm Nicolas,

I like when my computer is working as hard as possible for boinc projects. :)

I also help (from time to time) projects like:
Gnu/Linux (free softwares & free OS),
WikipediA (Free Encyclopedia)
Gutenberg Project (Free Ebook)

About garden plants, i love Hardy Orchids and Japanese Mapples



Je m'appelle Nicolas.

J'aime quand mon ordinateur travail à fond pour les projets qui tournent sous Boinc. :)

Je participe (de temps en temps) à des projets comme:
- Gnu/linux,
- Wikipedia (Encyclopédie libre)
- Projet Gutenberg (Ebook gratuits)
et plus généralement au mouvement du libre

Au niveau des plantes de jardin, j'ai un faible pour les Orchidées rustiques et les Erables Japonais.
Uni Kassel - Fachbereich 16 - Elektrotechnik / Informatik - Digitaltechnik
Das Fachgebiet Digitaltechnik beschäftigt sich in der Forschung mit den Themen:

• Rekonfigurierbare mikroelektronische Schaltungen
• Rekonfigurationskonzepte und -methoden
• System-on-Chip Design: Multiprozessorsysteme und on-Chip Netzwerke
• Drahtlose Sensornetzwerke
• Hardwareplattformen für eingebettete Systeme
• Schaltungsoptimierung applikationsspezifischer Schaltungen
• FPGA-basierte Systemoptimierung und -implementierung
• Entwurfsalgorithmen für Integrierte Schaltungen und Systeme

In der Lehre werden Veranstaltungen (Vorlesungen, Seminare, Praktika etc.) zu folgenden Themenbereichen angeboten:

• Digitale Logik
• Entwurf digitaler Systeme
• Entwurf mit Hardwarebeschreibungssprachen (VHDL)
• Rekonfigurierbare Schaltungen
• Algorithmen im Systementwurf

Weitere Informationen zu
Die Piratenpartei Deutschland ist Teil einer internationalen Bewegung der Informations- und Wissensgesellschaft, mit dem Ziel die Buergerrechte zu verteidigen, informationelle Selbstbestimmung zu gewaehrleisten, fuer Transparenz des Staates zu sorgen, den freien Zugang zu Wissen und Bildung zu foerdern, sowie fuer ein vernuenftiges Patent- und Urheberrecht zu kaempfen.
Visit AG Verteiltes Rechnen
From the not so white north



Hobbies are anything from astronomy to woodworking and anything else that comes along
Die Piratenpartei Deutschland ist Teil einer internationalen Bewegung der Informations- und Wissensgesellschaft, mit dem Ziel die Buergerrechte zu verteidigen, informationelle Selbstbestimmung zu gewaehrleisten, fuer Transparenz des Staates zu sorgen, den freien Zugang zu Wissen und Bildung zu foerdern, sowie fuer ein vernuenftiges Patent- und Urheberrecht zu kaempfen.
Visit AG Verteiltes Rechnen
"Die stillsten Worte sind es, welche den Sturm bringen. Gedanken, die mit Taubenfüßen kommen, lenken die Welt" (F. Nietzsche: Also Sprach Zarathustra [Die stillste Stunde])

„Voll Verdienst, doch dichterisch, wohnet der Mensch auf dieser Erde.“ (Hölderlin)

"Der Nihilismus besteht nicht darin, daß das Sein in der Macht des Subjekts ist, sondern daß das Sein sich völlig im Um-laufen des Wertes, in den unbegrenzten Verwandlungen der universalen Gleichwertigkeit, aufgelöst hat." (Vattimo)
Miroslav Fotyi
Šťasten, kdo zemře dříve, než sám začne volat smrt, aby si ho vzala.
Happy every one who dies earlier than he starts calling for death to marry him.
Glückliche jeder, der früher stirbt, als er für den Tod beginnt ruft ihn zu heiraten.
Счастливый каждый, кто умирает раньше, чем он начинает призыв к смерти, чтобы выйти за него замуж.
Heureux tous ceux qui meurt plus tôt qu'il commence à appeler à la mort de l'épouser.
Šťastný, kto zomrie skôr, než sám začne volať smrť, aby si ho vzala.
Glad alla som dör tidigare än han börjar ringa för döden att gifta sig med honom.
Hyvää jokainen, joka kuolee aikaisemmin kuin hän alkaa kutsua kuolemalle vaimokseen.
Im an Electronic Engineering Student @ UKZN in South Africa, and i like to see technology at work, designing ridiculous projects, just for shizzle, albeit its never conducive to passing the courses.

Else, its same old, tv, anime, work sports bla bla bla :P
[AF>France>TDM>Centre] polaris
Salut, je suis français. Je m'intéresse aux sciences en général, aux mathématiques et à  l'astronomie en particulier.
I studied Information Systems and I love science stuff.
I am originally from England until I met and and Married my wife of 30+ years in the United States where we live, in Tennessee in the Appalachian mountains.
I love astronomy, Music, all types and I play electric and acoustic guitar.
ON computers I like to produce Music, make 3D Models and create artwork. I also love image processing especially as my wife is a photographer.

Science was always a first love of mine, but situations altered any progress in that area, but at least I managed to work in Psychiatry and nursing.
I went back to school in the US for a degree in electronics, and ended up working in that field.
Following this i started my own business in the then very limited field of desktop computer graphics.
Xray Quadrant
Retired Chemist
Hi from Los Angeles!
PhD student in Physics, working at CERN. LHC@home is my main priority, but it is always idle :( Considering to learn how to use this myself, Eric who is one of the main users sits just across the hall from me... :)
Herr Revelion
Creo que es una buenisima idea, la computacion ciudadana es sin duda una revolucion en los metodos de computacion y calculo que podra desarrollar inovaciones tecnologicas y cientificas de vital importancia con la participacion de la gente y la potencia computacional de sus Ordenadores
Jean-Luc Bornert
Je m'appelle Jean-Luc Bornert et je demeure en Alsace prés de Strasbourg, ville où je suis né en 1957, marié et père de trois enfants. Je suis électro-mécanicien de formation (CAP) et à l'heure actuelle je suis conducteur d'autocar de tourisme. Je suis radioamateur, mon indicatif est F5JFA. L'informatique (linux) lié à la radio sont mes principaux passe-temps. Pour le reste, mon métier m'occupe le plus clair du temps. :D (Y)
中国 深圳 旅游 这个项目丢了3年又捡起来了,哈哈
I live in Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. I'm a student of law and I'd like to help people. You can contact me at
Mathematician, 27
Justin Bongard
I grew up in Northern VA. I got my computer science degree from UVa-Wise in 2011 and that is where I first began using BOINC. I use it so I can help people be cured of cancer and other ailments. I don't have as much faith to heal people as Jesus did, but this I can do as well as pray. Love your neighbors; those kind and unkind because that is what Jesus teaches. This research will help everyone.
Ich lebe in der Eifel in Germany. Ich bin seit November 2009 Witwe. Mein Mann ist gestorben. Wir hatten keine Kinder. Von Beruf bin ich kaufmännische Angestellte. Ich lese gerne, reise gerne, koche gerne, arbeite gern im Garten und und und und ....
I`m Sebastian from Bremen, Germany and I am 20 years old. I will be going to college in a few weeks and hopefully major in rethorics. Privately I am in to everything fantasy, especially Pen&Paper and Tabletop, as well as american TV shows and movies, reading, writing and Dart.
Oh, and I am probably the only heterosexual male fan of The Vampire Diaries.
I believe that over the past century regular consumers got an overwhelming computing power in their hands that is mostly idle or used for entertainment.

By contribunting to BOINC projects we can do better than distribute cat videos worldwide...
The Doctor
My name is the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey. I'm 900 years old, and, well, you know the rest.
I like to dream of the Cosmos.
Your bunny wrote: its not a bug, this is a feature, actually...
I'm 21 and I'm studying computer science in Constance Germany
Welcome to Team SETI.USA!

Our Motto:Together we will accomplish something amazing!

On March 24, 2005 Team SETI.USA was created to consolidate United States users and become the #1 SETI Team in the world.

This goal was achieved within 24 months of inception thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our dedicated membership.

To parlay that effort, and for the benefit of all BOINC distributed computing projects, Team SETI.USA's commitment to extend beyond a single project has begun.

SETI.USA is now BOINCing the world! Join with us as we boldly go where no team has gone before!

Be sure to visit Our HomePage and join our community! You'll find team news and team graphics. If you need help setting up BOINC or joining our team, we have a friendly, active Forum where our members are waiting to help.

Also, join us in our weekly evening of chat Every Monday night at 8 PM CST.(2:00 am Tuesday UTC)
I am a college senior, planning on attending grad school next fall, studying neuroscience.
Bydlím na severozápadě Čech. Živím se jako programátor automatů na řízení technologických procesů. Je to super práce, protože mi dává možnost ovlivnit důležité věci, na které bohužel mnozí zapomínají. Snažím se snižovat spotřebu energie, materiálů a zlepšovat výsledek procesů, které řídím. Věřím, že BOINC je další aktivita, kde lze přispět k pokroku. Snad to bude něco platné proti přesile nepoučitelných.
Biologist, programmer
Brian Simmons
I am a Software Engineer in Southern California.
Ace Rimmer
Any questions about Team Carl Sagan or just want to chat with someone about BOINC, feel free to send me a message.
Born in the heart of Highland in the Czech republic. I work as a redactor in newspaper. I'm interesting in astronomy, music, board games etc.
Radomír Blažek
Výpravčí Brno
American born in Western Europe but prefering life in the colonies. Currently living near a major Southern City in the United States.
Een 9 jaar geleden ben ik begonnen met mijn computer beschikbaar te stellen, eerst voor SETI@home, later eerder voor Ik ben in die periode niet non-stop actief geweest, omwille van vele veranderingen van computer, en ook soms onvrijwillige herinstallatie van windows/linux door vele software-experimenten. Momenteel ben ik hier wat in gekalmeerd en heb ik vier computers die actief meerekenen (drie non-stop).

Ik doe dit momenteel vooral om
1) bij te dragen aan de kennis over klimaatverandering
2) zo snel mogelijk te stijgen in de wereld-rankschikking

Na een kleine kosten-baten-analyse heb ik besloten om mijn computers zo veel mogelijk te laten aanstaan. Er wordt dan wel meer CO2 uitgestoten, maar de efficiëntie is 5 maal hoger! Dit komt doordat hier in België een continu elektriciteitsverbruik een impact heeft van iets meer dan 200 g CO2 / kWh, en een piek-verbruik meer in de buurt komt van een 700 g CO2 / kWh. Daardoor ben ik van e
I'm an engineering student in Oulu Finland. I specialize in Software Development.
Ich wohne in Deutschland, ca. 70 km südlich von Berlin. Mein Beruf war Elektronikingenieur. Durch eine neurologische Erkrankung bin ich jetzt arbeitsunfähig und Rentner. Meine Hobbys sind Computer und Science-Fiction. Meine Interessen beim "Distributed Computing" liegen vor allem bei der medizinischen Forschung und der Forschung über Astrophysik, Teilchenphysik und Umwelt.

I live in Germany, approx. 70 km to the south of Berlin. My occupation was an electronics engineer. Now by a neurological illness I am incapable of working and pensioner. My hobbies are computers and science fiction. My interests in "Distributed Computing" lie at all with the medical research and the research about astrophysics, particle physics and environment.
I am your typical technocratic Buddhist. I enjoy listening to and creating a wide variety of music, and sometimes poetry. I've poked around with computers since before I ever owned one. My computers are nearly always on doing something, so I'm grateful I can donate my spare cycles and some watts of energy to good causes the world over. I prefer projects that deal with physics, chemistry, pharmacology, meteorology, and such. I think I prefer projects with direct benefits, though I am attached to one math related project. You mathematicians with your perfect truths bewilder me. ;-)
Data Scientist and STEM junkie.
Born 1951 jun 22 at N69°05'33"E16°47'27"

My profession is mechanical engineering
I am shooting as a hobby. Metallic silhouette and Western style.
Computers are what I use to make things complicated.
They never do what I want. They just do what I ask them to.
And sometimes I do not ask nicely enough.
Karl Heinz Ahnert
Defense industry 30+ years, advanced processing algorithms and systems architecture. Favorite recreation is hiking / backpacking, mostly in the nearby (3 hours) Grand Canyon but also in Sierra Nevada or Rockies when the chance comes up
Midnight Rider
I grow weary of this...I need a new challenge. The future of man kind can not wait. Time; Time; Time; tic, toc,..........................................................................................................................................
Ich finde es wichtig sich frühzeitig Gedanken um die Erde und das Weltall und das Leben zu machen.

Deswegen möchte ich Forschungen unterstützen.
Leonard Kevin Moberg®
Real Name in the past: Leonard Kevin Moberg®

Real Name in the Future: [Ci:) PerfectDark®, also know as PerfectDark®

My Real Birthdate is every hundred Year's

Real Name from image Planet's: Mlad®

Real Birthplace:Washington DC

Real Birthdate:22/11/1968

Birthdate: 20/10/1969

Sex: Male, Adult

Was Registered Pornstar®

Age:41, or 40,

Rank: Sgt

Occupation: Secret Agent®

Outer Body: ((Cyber))

Vampire////Color////Shade: Black, White, Gray

People Birth Technology: user ))Netic((

Vampire® //People®, Religion: Prospaterrian®

Identity/Class:Male///People Cybernetic®

Glass Color: Beige, Violet-Aqua, Violet, Aqua

Vampire Color: Beige, Violet-Aqua, Violet, Aqua

Sexual Preference: Female Women, from 24, to 41,

Vampire//Cybernetic////Glass/Shield: Violet-Aqua

Affiliations: m
Ich bin nicht klug genug um mehr für die Wissenschaft zu tun, als meinen Rechner mit ihr zu teilen.
It's tied into my facebook account, so hopefully I can encourage others to help out (by showing my totals in their feeds).
Father, Techhead, Musician, Naturaphile, Humanitarian, Realist.
[AF>France] Sebastro19
I'm a PhD student in ultrasound imaging in Tours, France. I'm studying the optimization of the contrast by the transmit signal. From tools of signal processing, I can find the best wave for the microbubbles in ultrasound contrast imaging.
Lee Hee Lak
Trust your heart
High seas catch fire
Live by love
Stars walk backward.
Entomologist from Germany.
Just a woman with an interest in computers, science and possibilities. Nothing special...
Ex IT Manager, Tech Support and Games Author (back in the days of rubber band powered home computers). Oh, and bike mechanic, woodsman, yacht captain and a whole series of other lives too ;) Never really been one to get bogged down and let life drift on by.

Now building and repairing boats (FRP as well as Wood) and wondering what to do next :)

Ah ha. Know what I am doing next. just 10 days away from my teaching degree (and I really did not see this one coming!) :)
Soy de colombia, tengo 22 años, estudio ingenieria de sistemas 8 semestre, trabajo en programación php
My blogs should suffice for descriptions in this area.

als Ingenieur faszinieren mich Computer seit es sie für einen breiten Anwenderkreis gibt. Vom ersten Selbstbau unter CP/M+ über Atari, PC1500A und anderes wurde alles mitgemacht bis zu den heute vorhandenen Rechnern. Die Idee des 'distributed computing' finde ich faszinierend, deshalb mache ich auch mit. Ausserdem passt es zu meinem Hobby Astronomie.

Unter Tags arbeite ich im Bereich Eisenbahnen, also in einem komplett anderen Feld, so dass sich eine schöne Ergänzung zwischen eher praktisch und eher theoretisch orientierter Arbeit ergibt.

Ansonsten bin ich unberheirated und kinderlos und lebe derzeit in einer Beziehung, also alles ganz klassisch ...
Bonjour mon nom est Gilles Fournier j'ai 62 ans je suis né dans une petite villes du Québec du Nom de Montmagny, J'ai fait beaucoup de travaille de toute sorte, maintenant à  la retraite, j'aime beaucoup la nature, la chasse,la pêche.
Christian Hildebrandt
I started 5 years ago crunching seti on old P1 machines, stopped for over a year, and now have come back with a furry of more powerful CPU/GPU! Very disappointed that SETI is having SO many problems staying online. So I branched out into other projects. Also disappointed that I havent seen a astropulse on any of my machines in almost two years even with that option checked. But enough crying, there are other worthy projects out there that my electric company is loving me for! HAHA
кредо на данном жизненном этапе:
"life it's line in world of people and this line is infinite..."
Hiroki Hayashi
M8AX - ( ( ( - MarcoS OchoA DieZ - ) ) ) - M8AX
Bueno... Mi nombre es Marcos y mis nicks suelen ser _^MvIiIaX^_ o _^m8ax^_ (Y), que hacen referencia a mi nombre completo en clave. Soy un chico de 33 años que le encanta la informática y todo lo que tenga que ver con ella, el hardware el software, etc... Soy español, de Nájera, un pueblo de la provincia de La Rioja y soy programador de aplicaciones informáticas... ¡¡ SALUDOS A TOD@S !!... :)

M8AX NvSbl
MvIiIaX Web Server
MvIiIaX Encuéntralo
Buscador Noramar
MvIiIaX Diccionario Rae

MvIiIaX Corp. 2010 - 2100
Bobi Chips
Dreamer and Funster
Spending spare time for Health, Knowledge and Happiness on energy saving mode for our Home World.
Also at his fullest for challenges.
I'm new, so, i just want to help.
25, IT and Car Buff. professional and entrepreneur.:$^:
Just a gathering of people sharing their extra processing power and computers for the benefit of science.
Student, photographer, artist, cat person, etc.

I study Chinese here at college, and theoretical physics and quantum mechanics in my spare time.

Also I'm a complete computer nerd. I build them, I fix them...I break them, I use them. I have too many to keep track of but most of them are old pieces of junk that are broken (or I don't care). I've got piles of processors and CD drives and spare keys from keyboards and stuff...might as well be the Dexter of computers.
Reading is my favorite pastime, but I like drawing and Handcrafts of all sorts. Am presently unemployed and unable to go back to work. I love the great outdoors and went camping the week-end after my birthday on Friday the August 13, and ended up staying until October 1. It was my first vacation in 8 years and the first time I had drawn in over 15 to 20 years.
Samuel Peeters
I'm a computer engineer and database administrator. My professional responsabilities are mainframe related but in my free time it is all linux and windows. From time to time I use a soldering iron too.
I'm from Calgary, Canada
Colorado Entrepreneur, computer programmer, creator of Preset Viewer! ( :amellow:


Er ist
Wir sind wir
Jeder ist ein Idividuum

Ich glaube das ist eine gute nöglichkeit personen zu beshcreiben den es ist nunmal jeder ein Individuum und verschieden und wie jemand ist kann man nur durch persönlichen Kontakt erfahren demnach

wenn ihr was über mich wissen wollt fragt und wenn ihr mich kennt wisst ihr es in der Regel sowieso.
Also keine Scheu einfach fragen

P.S.: gleiche gilt meiner Meinung nach auch für Hobby, Beruf etc.
Great Falls, Montana
Martin Langer
Für die Wissenschaft!

Nun, ich bin gelernter Kaufmann im Groß- und Außenhandel, habe jedoch während meines Fachabitur den Wunsch verspürt mich auch beruflich in die Richtung zu orientieren die ich auch gerne ein Leben lang machen möchte. Ich möchte (nach hoffentlichen Bestehen meiner Zugangsprüfung) an einer Universität Physik studieren und beschäftige mich auch mit Themen rund um die Informatik.
I'm a 29 year old guy from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.

I am a student at The University of Wisconsin Green Bay as well as The University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley.

I like to the internet, sports, computers, astronomy.
Alex Lemert
Voilà, donc J'ai au moment d'écrire ce message, 24ans. Je suis Chaudronnier soudeur. (Iam Welderman)

Mon passe temps est de comprendre les choses, la vie, l'histoire, les sciences, les civilisations...

Je vie et suis né en France, sur Angers.

J'ai découvert cette action d'utilisateur, qui m'a beaucoup enchanté. Pouvoir contribuer à des recherches, même si ce n'est que mon ordinateur qui y contribue, est pour moi une des solutions à porter au public.
Raul Nebot

My name is Raul Nebot, I am fond of Scientific and feel greater interest in paleontology, zoology and astronomy; I spent a lot of time and effort to science both in my blog and in other media.

I am a full member of National Geographic Society, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), the Society of Friends of the Sierra de Espadán, EDC Natura - Fundación Omacha and several groups associated distributed computing portal Space Probes among others.

I am committed to the preservation and study of the Flora and Fauna of the Natural Park of the Sierra of Espadán.


Mi nombre es Raúl Nebot, soy aficionado a la Ciencia y siento mayor interés por la Paleontología, la Zoología y la Astronomía; dediqué mucho tiempo y esfuerzo a la divulgación científica tanto en mi Blog como en otros medios.

Soy miembro de pleno derecho de National Geographic Society, el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza (WWF), la Sociedad de Amigos d
Hi! My name is Albert, I'm from Spain and I like a lot playing videogames, programming, repairing, .. in general words, everything that contains microchips, resistors, capacitors, .. I think you got it what I mean. I'm studying Engineering and I like science.. I think it's very interesting, so here I am. Helping science so far than I can today. Maybe in a future I would help more than I can now.
Musketeer 9
A Retired old coot enjoying life. Also known as Cruncher Pete and the founder of Aussie Alliance team.
Soy español y odio hacer perfiles ya que no puedo recurrir a los manidos "ir al cine" o "salir a tomar algo".Desafortunadamente no me suelen dejar entrar a la mayoría de sitios.

Realmente no puedo citar la mayoría de mis hobbies sin que me averguence de modo que lo dejaremos pasar.

Teniendo en cuenta que soy un cocker adorado no sólo en su hogar sino en todo el barrio es fácil deducir que mis ocupaciones son más bien escasas.Digamos que todo son derechos y los deberes se negocian.
My name is Eugeen A. Katkovsky. I was born on June, 9th, 1948 in Moscow, Russia.
Higher education, the Moscow Power institute in 1972 has finished. In 1975 I have defended the dissertation on a subject "Accidents on an Nuclear Power Station".
In 1986-1987 I participated in accident liquidation on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.
Now I the general director of firm "Energoautomatika". My firm designs and makes control systems for traditional and Nuclear Power Stations (see: ).
I as am the president of the first in Russia Lions-club "ÐœOSCOW-CENTRUM".
The motto of lions - "We Serve", therefore I take part and in the Distributed Computations!
I the member of team "Russia".
I'm just having our family desktop computer crunch numbers for SETI while its idle.
[VENETO] Ainalhai
I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

But I know one thing!

All that you touch. You Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. (Octavia E. Butler)

Non ho ancora trovato quello che sto cercando.

Ma so una cosa!

Tu cambi tutto ci? che tocchi. Tutto ci? che cambi ti cambia. L'unica verit? duratura ? il cambiamento. (Octavia E. Butler)
Dick und Doof
my name is paul, 49 years old and i live in germany close to the baltic sea. i think, DC is a great idea and will help scientist all around the world to rise the knowlege of mankind.
The Knighty Ni
Umm how do I describe myself here??????

My parents called me "the absent minded professor".

Always liked Science, history, geography, the natural world, walking, mycology, astronomy, mountains and currently a trainee bee keeper. Took up bee keeping because I am concerned about the loss of bees and the stark prospect that within 10 yrs we may not have any bees left in the natural world.

If my dream was to come true I would jump into a rocket and fly out to the horse-head nebula in time for breakfast, zip out to the crab for lunch back to the ant for dinner and home in time for supper.

I am hoping that BOINC projects will give me the opportunity to help discover answers to why our bees are dying around the globe. Currently, it is estimated that if we do not find solutions to the various bee diseases and viruses we could lose our natural pollinators within the next 10 years.

This would pose a pretty stark future for the human population of the
Cristian Videla
"...some men see things as they are and say: why? I dreams things that never were, and say: why not?..."
Capn John
Retired, living in Canada. Processing malaria control and C4CW tasks as well as CEP 2 tasks intermittently.
IT Tech / Technology nut from Space Coast, FL
Redman Companies
IT and Telecommunications Consulting.
i am engg. 3rd year student with Elect. & comm. branch, nd i like the inventions....
[AF>LyceeBerthelot] lycee
Le Lycée Marcelin Berthelot :
I'am participating Seti@home since 1999 and LigandFit by UnitedDevices, and using BOINC since 18th July 2004. I was born as a son of german emigrants in Herisau, a big village in the backlands of Appenzell in Eastern Switzerland, the 25. of July 1959 . I went here six years to the primary school, then three years to the secondary school and visited afterwards the upper secuondary school, which I finished with graduation C (science), in St. Gallen, the city nearby, in 1979. Later I was employed in industry for several years, then I got through a period of practical training at a school for therapeutic pedagogy, thinking of passing a school to become a welfare worker. But finishing the practical training, I went back working in industry. In this period I attended several courses in computing (MS-DOS, Windows 3.0, Word for Windows). After a few years my company let me learn the profession of a storekeeper. I finished this education in july 1996 and worked on that profession for one more y
Designer from Montréal living in Tokyo.
Franck Dernoncourt
Research Assistant in Artificial Intelligence (PhD) at MIT
Hej besökare!

Swedish geek born in 1980 who likes the idea of resource sharing. Started out some years ago when I first heard about the SETI@Home.

My biggest hobbies is photography with fishing and general outdoorsiness as a close second. I am a huge fan of HDR-photo, if you are too you are more than welcome to check out my site at

When I am not running around playing Ingress you will find me in front of my computer.

I dwell on all the usual social networks, just find me there if you need me for something.

Make it so!
ClimEEC; The Eco Expert Cluster

We offer environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Passive and Low Energy Houses, Energy Saving Insulation and Renovation, Green Electricity, Use of Natural Products...
These are only a few of our services and products we offer. Bringing good quality work back to daily business.
The science will Win!
[SG-FC] IG Freie Cruncher
Willkommen auf unserer Profilseite!

Dieser Account gehört der Interessengemeinschaft "Freie Cruncher" des SETI.Germany-Teams. Wir nutzen diesen, um bei ausgewählten Challenges gemeinsam auf eine Rechnung zu crunchen und wollen durch diese gebündelte Kraft unsere Power zum Ausdruck bringen.

Was sind "Freie Cruncher"?

Die Interessengemeinschaft "Freie Cruncher" besteht aus SETI.Germany-Usern die Projekten die in Not geraten gerne und freiwillig helfen wollen.

Wie kann ich teilnehmen?

Erst einmal solltest du dem Team SETI.Germany beitreten, anschließend für den Informationsaustausch der Interessengemeinschaft im SG-Forum beitreten und schon kann es losgehen.
Duke of Buckingham [TeaM]
54 years old, work with sound and edition. A cruncher on most of the time.
I'm Marco, author, dream weaver, visionary, incredibly good artists, genius, plus computer specialist.
The modesty is my best quality.
Some of my works / sites:

My Italian blog
My art
Some of my art
Blue Alien

Pax hospes! Ego sum vagus inter mundos, hyacintho mutant de Proxima Centauri et non senex. Interrete BOINC mundo fuere maximae et luna non expectans ipsum. Lunae fiunt, vitulum non vulgaris. Iustus accipere title et nos non ad dementia - claudi aeternum. Plus vult quam omnibus habitantibus in terra. Sed non profundo bene praedicebant futura. Sit vis nobiscum. Memini bene vivere et bene.

ΕιÏήνη σε σας, ξένος! Είμαι ένας πεÏιπλανώμενος ανάμεσα στους δÏο κόσμους, ένα μπλε μετάλλαξη του Proxima Centauri και όχι παλιά. Διαδίκτυο, BOINC και τα παγκόσμια γεγονότα είναι Ï€Î¿Î»Ï ÏƒÎ·Î¼Î±Î½Ï„Î¹ÎºÎ¬ και το φεγγάÏι δεν θα πεÏιμένει για τις ειδήσεις. Τα Ï€Ïάγματα συμβαίνουν στο φεγγάÏι, που δεν είναι το μοσχάÏι χÏησιμοποιείται για να. ΑκÏιβώ
C'mon science, make my computer print chocolate.
I'm from China.
Ex Royal Air Force Telecommunications engineer. Spent 38 years in the RAF and loved every minute of it. Enjoy supporting BOINC projects
Malcolm Beeson
Great idea, but you can NEVER get any real help with problems. I know the new European laws have caused a lot of headaches, but this is not a new problem, Willie needs help, I don't have the money to help, my pension is just €400/month.
Hello !
Je suis administrateur d'un petit réseau dans un lycée en Seine-et-Marne. J'utilise BOINC pour "maltraiter" une série d'ordinateurs susceptibles de tomber en panne, en espérant que cela se produise avant la fin de la garantie. Et tant qu'à  faire bosser des ordis, autant que ce soit utile pour la science, non?
[AF] mAxYmUs83
Hello !! :oO

My name is Fabrice alias [AF]mAxYmUs83.
I am crunching since 2005 with my team L'Alliance Francophone.

哈哈哈哈呵呵呵呵 俺是中国的
Easier management of multiple computers & better statistics overview.
Howard Winner
Location: Central Pennsylvania
Age: Older than dirt
Occupation: Retired
Retired Hobbies: Spelunking, canoeing, hunting, fishing(still), golf, racquette ball, video games(still), drinking(still) and crunchin' for Boinc.

I didn't want to be a barber anyway. I wanted to be... a lumberjack!
Erbx Ghis
I'm a father of three girls. I love computers (Network Security) and science. Especially Physics (quantum mechanics, string theory, m theory, etc,), Cosmology, Astronomy, Exobiology, Nanotech. of all sorts, and Paleontology to name a "few". Obviously I do A LOT of reading!
Sono Italiano, vivo nel Sud-Italia, ho 18 anni e il mio nome nella realtà è Matteo. Non ho hobby particolari... Mi piace smanettare al pc e, povero lui, va a puttane tante di quelle volte! :P Frequento il quinto anno dell'istituto d'istruzione secondaria "P. Giannone".
Andrò all'università di Ferrara per studiare Informatica visto che è l'unica materia a cui sono altamente interesato! :)
I'm an independent computer tech and DJ / karaoke host living in Florida, USA.
I'm a 31 years old anesthesiologist-resuscitator.
I work in the department of anesthesiology and intensive care.
I'm deep into crunching, overclocking and benchmarking.
I enjoy playing the electric guitar, recording sound.

I support my favorite DC team Keep The Fire Alive!
I'll be so glad to see you joining us along the way.

Actually, I've been trained by monks from North Korea. :oO
Герман Гуринович
умеренный атеист.
Poetry of the Universe

Yukarı nereli olduğumu, yaşımı falan yazmam gerektiğini söylüyor ama bunların çok gerekliği olduğunu düşünmüyorum. Sanırım insanları ilgilendiren kısmı da bu işlere olan merakımın ne derece olduğu. Uzayın gizemi herkesi ufak da olsa çekiyordur bence. Ben sadece bu çekme işini devam ettiriyorum...

Over the past decade there has been a growing group of people around the world quietly searching for answers to the Universe. We search the sky for Near Earth Orbit objects, unlock the hearts of atoms, and search the double helix within our own DNA. We are well over two million people who are just like you.

What we do may change the world as you know it, save the lives of every one on the planet and perhaps help us to step to the stars. For the most part, there is little that is special about us except for our desire to be part of something greater than ourselves. What we do is share our idle computer resources in a vast distributed network to perform the work of Super Computers. In this we share the heroes’ cape, flailing in the wind of knowledge to answer the questions of where, how and why etc.

Think about being part of the research behind the greatest minds we have. Join our team and let us help you to get started. Find out more about BOINC and the long li
Keith Myers
Computing from beautiful, Northern California.
I have maintained an avid interest in all things astronomical since I was 12 years old and got my first telescope. I just recently built a new computer with modern hardware and operating systems. Felt it was finally time after 6 years. Have to say that the processing power of a multi-core CPU and GPU is impressive. I also have attached to the MilkyWay@Home project because I feel the project is relevant to my interests in astrophotography and the need for up-to-date maps of the galaxy.These projects allows me to contribute my unused CPU cycles on my workstation. SETI@Home lets me vicariously 'view' through the Arecibo radiotelescope and MW puts to good use the datasets coming off the SDSS. The image is of the Horsehead and Flame Nebulas I took with my SBIG ST-2000XM CCD camera through my first telescope. I also use a larger SBIG STL-11000M CCD camera and a new astrograph to capture a wider image area.
I come from Zhejiang PRC.
I'm a CAE Engineer.:rolleyes:
I love assemble language for its clean.
I have a handsome & clever son.(Y)
Olgun Gurcan
Hi, I am from Istanbul Turkey. I am working in field of foreign trade which is cover import and export of industrial finished products for end users. I am very interesting knowledge of extraterrestrial life in cosmos by following consequences of relevant research activites. I am very keen to help also any projects which will aid diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Руководитель Вяземского обьединения ВНИО ,, Космопоиск" , Дракон. Увлекаюсь паранормальными явлениями , уфологией , криптозоологией , драконами.
Architect , France - Provence, near Avignon
interests : science, space, ufos (ovnis) … because I saw one around 1960 :)
I'm just your average Aussie bloke, sports mad, computer enthusiast, like to think I am fun to know. Been doing SETI@Home for ages... althought I had a long break in the middle, and recently signed up for some other projects too.
hi U .. & welcome here on my profile; i´m from austria - and - well .. just me, working as trainer & coach for development & communication .. always trying to contribute my best - in any way - to every-"thing" and for all of us ......

"helpful" machinery:
- asus p5qdel atx, core2q9650 4,1 ghz, corsairh50, 4g kingston ddr2-800, asus ngts450, be-quiet straight e7 700, w7u32
- asus rampIIgene µatx, i7-950 3,7 ghz, scythe shuriken, 4g kingston ddr3-1333, asus ngts240, be-quiet straight e7 550, w7u32
- asus p6tdelv2 atx, i7-950 4,2 ghz, corsairh70, 12g corsair ddr3-1600, 2sli msi gtx460 hawkta, corsair ax850, w7u64

Membre d'AstroSaône, Astronomie en Mâconnais Val de Saône.
Gemeinnütziger Verein AUGE e. V., der wohl älteste überregionale, private u. unabhängige Computer-Club in Deutschland/Germany
Currently resident of Nikolayev, Ukraine. (Y)
Working at the Technical University of Munich as a researcher for gearing systems
Dominik Matus
I am from Czech republic. I am member of Czech national team. My website:
Hi, there. I am quite new to this BOINC thing. So i still try to figure this out. :)
I enjoy doing things like this (SETI, Einstein, Rosetta...) and had helped out several years ago. I'm back after some school and moving around. So, I locate this again and get it going today and it's off, moving along while in the meantime, I think up of stories or work on a tutoring project.
JE vie en Suisse, dans la Ville la plus enclavee dans la France

j'assiste en informatique, des chomeur vers un retours à leur travail
Jestem złożonym problemem ludzkości . . .
Ich bin ich...
Uso BOINCstats per aiutare i ricercatori di tutto il mondo a fare nuove scoperte... Magari la mia mano sarà una goccia nell'oceano... Ma tante gocce fanno l'oceano...
J'ai 32 ans, je suis musicien et schizophrène, je crois en une infime probabilité d'existence extra-terrestre (et je veux participer à la recherche E.T.) ce qui porte à faire croire à mon entourage que je suis un vrai dingue... ;p
J'ai en projet d'envoyer ma musique dans l'espace sans doute par les supports numériques !
N'hésitez pas à me contacter, je suis relativement disponible ces temps-ci.
Musicalement et Cordialement,
I have found that BOINCStats BAM! is a very useful service for tracking team activity and changing project preferences. Whenever I've had any problems, the folks here have been very quick to fix them, or explain what I needed to do on my end to get things running straight. Mostly though, I have no problems at all and would recommended using BOINCStats to other crunchers.
About Me:

Now, the thing is, you do not realy need a "bio", because if you know me, then there is no need for my discription. And if you do not know me, then why are you on my profile...

Right. Yes. Something about me? OK. I am an pessimist. I think. That's what people call me. I'm just a realist realy, but there's so much bad things around. That's what pessimists say, isn't it? No.

Interests: Psalmaology, Geology, Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Physics, Astronomy, Astrophotography, Lego Star Wars Collecting, Coin Collecting, Geological speciment collecting, Public Sciences contributor, Sherlock Holmes (a more fammiliar usage of proper vocabulary), Science Fiction, Complaining about any worlthy cause of complaints...
I'm just me. I don't pretend to be somebody I'm not, therefore, if you're expecting me to be, you'll be disappointed.

I'm a 45-year-old male who is unemployed and has lots of time on his hands for a multitude of things. I like my computer, singing, my computer, distributed computing, my computer, true friends, my life - bet ya thought I was gonna say my computer - and looking for answers.

Every action not only has an opposite and equal reaction, but it also has a meaning, and that's what I like to think about. Case in point - read the lyrics to Bing Crosby's "I'll Be Seeing You," and then tell me what you think about the lyrics.

I believe in God, the sovereignty of nations, and in the power of dreams. I also believe that if we - humans - would slow down a bit, life would be a little more enjoyable.

Although my "nickname" is Rainmaker - got that from high school golf team because my drives went higher into the air then they did DOWN the fa
Tova Beliel
From Norway
I am a Naval Architect conducting physical model research in wave/vessel dynamics.
Meinen Idealen folgend möchte ich helfen das Leben auf der Erde etwas zu verbessern.
Sean Arrowsmith
A back garden astronomer who can program in several languages, hosts his own website, loves Formula 1 racing since the early eighties and love his wife dearly
France,Lyon,19ans,menuisier,ESLplayer,ou toutes autres choses sur vous
Computers, Photography, Motorcycles and the OSU Buckeyes
Marseillais, élève en prépa math.
I think there is life out there.
Afkomstig uit de Kempen.
I'm a lonely nerd in search of life out side of this world.
Hello world. :)
[CSF] Jonatan Enes
I'm a PhD student in the faculty of Computer Science in A Coruña, Spain. I'm interested in distributed computing, Big Data and High Performance Computing.
Marc Koschewski

ME: Marc, the average geek (with short hair), aged 32, senior software-developer currently hacking at sipgate, was at BMW AG, Bayer AG before.

LIFE: I love my son Desmend and my wife Stefanie, our friends, a cold Heineken and listening to metal music like Meshuggah or some non-metal sound like Trapt and such.

BOINC: I'm doing this on my daily-use ThinkPad T510 and I don't have some 19 PCs in the garage doing it. :)
Have been selling technology for 25 years. HP, EMC, Oracle, Microsoft, IBN, old SUN/ Storage Tek, Hitachi and Cisco to name a few. Now, I am the Director of Strateic Operations for a Cisco integrator doing only CBS / CRE ( Connected Building Systems ) Everything goes onto the LAN. From access panels at doors to surveillance cameras for physical security to Enterprise TV. It's a blast.

Have two horse farms, TN & KY with 31 horses. My wife runs that business.

I build my own rigs and believe me, I know New Egg,,,:-)

Love ATV's, RV's and camping. Am into guns and have a lot of handguns and long guns. My wife enjous it too.

Love a fine cigar and Jack Daniels. Enjoy a good , honest poker game.

Grew up in KY, travelled the world fo 30 years and came back home while mom & dad are still healthy. Military special forces for 6 years.

So, I like to raise a little hell, sell hi tech solutions and build or buy electronic toys.

I enjoy a
Je m'appel Stephane. Je suis de Villebon sur Yvette, Essone(91), Ile de France, France. J'ai 35 ans. Je suis chef d'equipe electricien. Je suis fan de reggae et de music jamaiquaine depuis toujours.
My name is Stephane. I'm of Villebon sur Yvette, Essonne (91), Ile de France, France. I have 35 years. I am team leader electrician. I am fan of reggae and music jamaiquaine has always been.
St.Petersburg Team Founder
This is a technical account for manage St.Petersburg Team

Это технический аккаунт для управления командой St.Petersburg
Computing 4 people 4 world
Andrej Korsikov
I'm from Omsk, Russia. I'm systems and network engineer.
Shaun M. Erman-Bech
Long story short...Came to Europe at 18...Moved to Denmark 1980, Have lived here ever since... Oh yeah, except for that time we lived in Sweden and then moved to England for
Currently studying for a PhD in English Poetry at Bristol University. Long term plans include getting a job (eventually) though probably will involve some kind of benefit claim. I Surf whenever I can (not often enough) and play wargames whenever I can't. My other loves are PC Gaming, Blues Harmonica, Reading (Sci-Fi) and Writing (both Fiction and Poetry).
Typical cosmology geek.
Rouen. Normandie.

Développeur freelance informatique industrielle (chercheur d'emploi en ce moment ....)

Passe-temps :
* Billard.
* Les abeilles (...le miel j'adore .... ).
* Les courses de bateaux virtuelles....

Investment banker turned missionary. Normally working in Southern Africa, but now back in Cornwall, UK for medical reasons. Love God, love family and friends and love helping people I don't know.
Mam na imię Michał. Należę do drużyny BOINC@Poland.
Born in Chadron, Nebraska. Have lived in Omaha, Nebraska most of this life, with a brief stint in Medford, Oregon during late 1979/early 1980. My great loves are the richness of space and awareness, bicycles/bicycling, reading and learning to allow my true SELF to emerge. Basically, learning to let life live me more than trying to live life.
Roberto Carballar
Soy Mexicano tengo 39 años, soy Empresario, mis hobbies foutball americano, lectura, comics , modelismo figuras de plomo, la ciencia me apaciona.
I'm a beauty student of Medicine... :)
[DPC] Mastha-Hacker
Интерфейс крайне не удобен, но все в одном месте радует =)
Raptures Riot
Science and computing are favorites of mine. I enjoy using both to help in discoveries here. I live in Michigan.
Husband, Father, Network Engineer, Geocacher - Geek!
Boinc is a terrible interface. NOT helpful, NOT intuitive.
Bonjour. Je suis Français, né en 1965, j'exerce la profession de conducteur routier et je suis passionné d'informatique depuis que j'ai su que ça existe!!! ;-)
Je calcule depuis 1999, sur Seti@home d'abord puis sur Rosetta et Einstein avec l'arrivée de BOINC. J'ai, depuis, rajouté d'autres projets à la liste lorsque j'ai changé d'ordinateur (MilkyWay, WCG, Aqua, SIMAP, Leiden, etc...).

Hi! I'm French, born in 1965, I practice the profession of road driver and I'm passionate about computers since I knew it exists! ;-)
I'm crunching since 1999, on Seti@home first and then on Rosetta and Einstein with the arrival of BOINC. I have since added other projects to the list when I changed my computer (MilkyWay, WCG, Aqua, SIMAP, Leiden, etc. ...).
Ich bin ein 5. Klässler am Dürergymnasium in Nürnberg, habe (m)eine eigene Homepage und große Kentnisse im Bereich Computer/Hardware/Internet. Ich verwalte erfolgreich 4 Foren:
Lego Mindstorms-Forum, ein Nintendo-Ds-Forum und ein 42 Spieleklassikerforum (DS-Spiel) und noch ein anderes Forum und bin ein Supermoderator in 4 anderen Foren.

I'm from and still reside in Jackson, Missouri. At the time of this writing, I am 25. I hope to create a local team with my friends and contribute a modest amount of cpu time to some worthy projects.
french IT
Ex-jogador de basquete, trabalhando com cosméticos hoje em dia, querendo fazer parte dessa familia pra mudar a coisa mais bela que nos foi dado como presente, que é nosso planeta.
Acredito muito em força superior do bem, que chamamos de "Deus".
An enthusiast person that just realized that is a great world out there of other people who are really working hard for the progress of the world.
I just want to give away some time from my hardware in order to help those researchers to create some valuable work for the entire humanity.
Marta Kawaii
I'm a young women that always have enjoyed everyting about the Universe and astronomy.
AF> Dharma
Salut. Mon prénom est Jesse, je suis de Bretagne, péninsule de l'ouest de la France.

Hi. My firstname is Jesse, I'm from Brittany, peninsula of the west of France, Europe.
Curious to see who, if anyone, would respond to a profile on BOINC... Cheers!! proud to be a BOINC'er.
:cheer: Go science! Go go go...
I will fill this in later.
Aane Saeter
Master of Science in Hydro Power Technology - NTNU 2007
R&D Nesocell
Nesocell is a company working in the field of energy efficiency of buildings
I am a 38 year old living in New Jersey. I like computers and science. BOINC is a fun and useful way to combine the two!
I live in Woodstock, NY. I was a photojournalist but I'm actually in school getting a masters in social work. I still shoot pictures, paint when I have time. When I was living in Devon, England -- a friend and I saw objects in the sky that we could not identify! It was both thrilling and scary!
Born too late to explore the Earth.
Born too soon to explore the galaxy.
A proud member of
Hobbies: Disney, Nintendo, Amateurfunk
from china a student
I'm graduate of university in the U.S.A. I'm an historian by training, and teach computer science and robotics at the secondary-school level.
A typical Canadian residing in Montréal.

I always thought there might be others out there, and I have a computer that could do other things in its free time, so I decided to offer some CPU cycles to SETI@Home.

I doubt any advanced extraterrestrials would communicate with us directly, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be listening.

Per ardua ad astra
Volodymyr from Ukraine
I live in Germany, exactly in a small town called Saulheim. It is in "Rheinhessen" about 15 miles south of Mainz. I'm married, have three children - 2 girls (twins,17) 1 boy (20) - no pets but a computer ;-)
I'm a musician as my primary hobby. I'm playing E-Bass and have one of our solovoices and backingvocals in our 3-men-group. We play self-composed songs and the lyrics (german dialect) are primary for our home county RHEINHESSEN. My photo is over 45 years old and I "changed" it with photoshop from black and white to color ;-)

Ich lebe in einem 8.000 Einwohner "großen" rheinhessischen Dorf namens Saulheim, ca. 15 km Luftlinie südlich von Mainz. Ich bin verheiratet, habe drei Kinder - Zwillinge (Mädels,17), einen Sohn(20), keine Haustiere aber einen Computer. Ich bin Hobbymusiker und spiele in unserer 3-Mann-Band E-Bass, singe Solostimme und Chor. Wir spielen Eigenkompositionen mit Texten in Rheinhessischer Mundart. Das Profilfoto ist über 45 Jahre alt. Ich habe mich
Student of Mathematics and Computer Science at Uppsala University.
I'm just trying to help while my computer is idle.
Mads Nissen
I'm from Denmark but live in Bulgaria, born 1963 and are early retired, i have supported Seti/Boinc since 2006.
Weil ich der welt mit meinen geringen mitteln helfen will sich weiterzuentwickeln.
Ich halte das BONIC projekt für sehr wichtig da viele dinge nur mit sehr viel rechenkapazitäten möglich sind.
I am a United States Marine, I fight for the freedom and dealing with stupid stuff daily.
Ali Baghchehsara
Ali Baghchehsara
Mechanical MEng , Honors awarded , International and National Awards as well.
Coordinateur des recherches sur la dette écologique au CADTM
I am 68 years old Retired for the US Air Force, The Citadel College (State of South Carolina). I have been involved in Computers since they were released to the public in the 1970's. I love playing P. C. games both stand alone and on-line. Currently I am playing Eve On-Line, Star Trek on-line and many of the games presently released.
It's great that we are able to make this simple donation of CPU/ GPU time to help progress human knowledge. New pcs should be sold with BOINC-like s/w installed - Imagine all the good work that could be done with just an hour a day from every pc!
Joe Holmes Science Center
Our Science Center died to an earthquake in Wells, Nevada. It was on a previously undocumented fault. This computer, and therefore this account is the last remnant of a dream, and for that reason I am continuing with the projects chosen by our children Olivia, Orrin, Justin, Ava, Marissa, Jacqui, Carlos, Cristian, Maria, Sarai, Ben, Logan, and many others whose names sre not coming into mt mind right now.
And a very special thanks to Timmy, James and Ryan for all their help.
I may grow old, but I refuse to grow up...
Physics Ph.D., 2011
Yao Fei
Shanghai. Linux 和 Mac 使用者
Ecce Vobis Zandan
Grant Atkins
BOINC STATS/BAM - Curiousity
Samuel Pryor
3rd Year Civil Engineering Undergrad at University of Adelaide
I like: Technology, Programming, MMORPG's, DOTA, Computers, Orchestral music, Asia, Languages, 3D, Ice cream, Winter, Egypt, Antarctic continent, Peru, Universe, Some types of flowers, Terror movies, FF.
Physicist (HEP, ATLAS)
Barnaby Green
I'm an 18 year old student from surrey and enjoy playing my guitars and working with computers.
Teacher, Mentor and Writer
Born in Knoxville, TN., I am DNS Admin. Retired from US Army, 20 years service. Hobbies: computers, family history. and anything to do with Space Technology, Rockets or NASA.
A former Gypsy chef, turned networking professional, with an interest in both datacenter networking and celliar data networking (lte,umts, etc). Obsessive about food, books (the real kind, ink on dead tree, covered with dead cow)
Geek et Responsable Datacenter !
Work in computer sciences, developped a hobby in astronomy, interests in astrophysics
Die Rechner sind immer an, da können sie auch was sinnvolles tun.
Crunching data for the greater good, I hope...
Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh, and cruel. But it doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world is as it should be, to show it what it can be.

"For I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. "
- Thomas Jefferson
Torsten W aus B
Etwas über Mich? :-)

mich muss man erlebt haben...
ein Mensch, mit Stärken und Schwächen
I live in NC. I love movies and reading. I'm married and we have 6 cats (our children).
Ph.D student who majors organic chemistry at University of Tokyo
Onur Ulusoy
Wie jeder Mensch bin ich daran interresiert die erfolge zu sehen, die unserer Rechner bisher erzielt haben ^_^
FPGA enthusiast
Hey All, My name is Neil and I am from Toronto, Canada.
Estudio Ingeniería en Telecomunicaciones en Barcelona, y descubrí la computación distribuida a través de un libro.
I am an educator from London, UK. I have the most adorable son, Joshua! I love etymology and, at least, the idea of ballet.
UBT - Glenn
40 disabled Amateur Radio operator from Dorset, England
Clyde Bain
I am from Florida, 72 years old, retired, interested in culture and sciences. I enjoy camping, hiking, swimming.
Polska Warszawa
Steven York
Single, 57 year old retired GM employee living in Iron River, MI.
From London, England; now live in Reading, Berkshire, 40 miles west of London.
I'm 55 years of age, but young at heart.
I am a free-lance computer programmer (for the money), and a free-lance chef for my passion.
My other main interests in life (other than my lovely wife!) is Cosmology and Astro-Physics (hence my interest in SETI).
Geocaching biologist from southern part of Germany.
I am a survivor of bilateral renal cell carcinoma in 2000. It is rare to have cancer in both kidneys at the same time but I somehow was unfortunate enough to experience it. I participate in World Community Grid because it is a way to help humanity by finding cures or treatments for disease.
Ausbildungszentrum Zürcher Oberland
azo Ausbildungszentrum Zürcher Oberland

Wir schaffen Zukunft! Mit einem innovativen Ausbildungskonzept bilden wir Jugendliche in
industriell-gewerblichen Lehrberufen aus. Auch für Erwachsene bieten wir moderne Aus-
und Weiterbildungskurse an und führen zusätzlich für unsere Kunden Auftragsarbeiten in
den Bereichen mechanische Fertigung, Anlagen- und Apparatebau sowie Montage aus.

Unsere modular aufgebaute Ausbildung vermittelt den Lernenden das notwendige Wissen praxisnah und ganzheitlich: Auf Sozial- und Methodenkompetenz legen wir ebensoviel Wert wie auf die Fachausbildung unter Einsatz von konkreten Auftragsarbeiten für Kunden. Der Verein azw
betreibt in Winterthur und Uster zwei Ausbildungszentren.
Was looking for an awesome screensaver when I stumbled across Seti@home. I really love the idea of people sharing resources, ideas, info etc, so after reading all the info (is it safe?) and doubting if my pc could handle BOINC without annoying me (just a matter of good settings) I finally joined. Was never about the credit, but once you start receiving some, one can't help himself checking out the stats daily. BOINCstats wasn't very happy with me blocking their ads, so instead of donating money I decided to join the BOINCstats team. Hope everybody is happy this way!

(btw, I use Electric Sheep as screensaver now aB-))
I am a 54 year old disabled Veteran living in the United States in the state of Michigan. I started this as a project to become a possible hobby.
Deutschland, MV, Rostock, 1957
A Doctoral student in Mathematics, also interested in Tea, Ceramics, and supporting science through technology such as Boinc.
Carlos R. Moreira
Born Nov/74, Living in Gramado/RS - Brazil

I've started with Seti@Home back in 1999/2000 and kept till 2004, after couple years away i'd the opportunity to join again crunching data and helping out. Now i'm building a small farm as hobbie, so far i've 4 PC's crunching dataz in my farm ^^, soon as i get some spare time i'll setup a site with my farm info, pics, etc. @ domain: DigitalStorm BOINC Farm
Hi, I am Nathan Bookham.
I live in Petersfield, England and my hobbies include Coding, Gaming and Geocaching.
Sanghoon Yeom
I'm a graduate student from Korea, South.
Good luck~!

I am the owner of Unique Computers and live in Mountain Top, PA
Prasad Bhujbal
Student of Information Technology.
Je suis graduer du secondaire .
Je suis agé de 28 ans .
Je demeure dans une maison avec ma mere .
FS Data is one of Swedens oldest and largest hosting providers. We offer domain names, web hosting, server hosting and VPS. Our hosting services provides high-speed resources to mainly northern Europe, with a focus on Sweden. Stability, speed a great customer support are our main focus.
Hi, mein name is Quorra and I started crunching for Seti back in November 2003. I started with a single core, was happy with my 2 cores and adore now my 8 cores. There were a lot of project coming up since Seti, it was and it is difficult to decide which project is more worse it if you don't have a hugh amound of cores and/or gpus. I decided to crunch for projects in astronomy, physics and medicin. Seti.Germany is the team I joined and I'm very happy with my decision. So happy crunching and have a nice time with distributed computing! yours Quorra
Ich benutze BAM! zur Verwaltung meiner BOINC konten, weil dass damit einfach einfacher ist.

Ich finde BOINCstats/BAM! klasse.
Another Scot living in England. Born in 1960, I have worked all my adult life with computers in some form or another in the Retail, Leisure and Manufacturing sectors, as a Programmer, Analyst, Trainer, Pre and Post-Sales Consultant, Development Manager, Support Manager and latterly repairs working for myself.

I used to be very sporty but now I am down to one or two sessions of Racketball and a couple of Badminton a week and I suffer for it (but won't give it up before my knees do! so far so good) Got 5 kids (3 unfortunate enough to share my genes, and 2 lucky enough not to) who are all making me proud by doing really well, though only 1 is doing computers! The others just bring dead PC's to me to fix - I made it too easy for them I reckon.
I love reading - thrillers, crime, sci-fi, fantasy, and science, particularly physics :rolleyes: OK I'm a bit of a geek.

Boinc keeps things interesting. I love the idea of picking projects that interest me and donating some computer
I'm a retired trucker.(local,not long-haul) I live in the Northeast and my hobbies are computers and airplanes. Computers cost less-a lot less,so I do more of that.
Science is Delicious!
Thomaz Santana
I am a senior software engineer. I currently build mobile apps. I work in:

Objective C


I previously worked as a .NET developer building web services and database structures.

My web and data technologies include:




Ramdas Aswale
I am a professional photographer and farmer by profession. I like to shoot wildlife mostly. Bird Watching,reading,photography and work on wildlife conservation are my great hobbies. I like to study science and computer technology. I have a great attraction of galaxy,big bangs,space station and binaries. Distributed computing is great apportunity for me. Every people must must have to donate some time for science and reduce to global warming.
Alien-Signal-Searcher~Looking for the Strawberryplanet = Thomas Huettinger @ [SG]
Wer glaubt ein Teamleiter leitet ein Team, der muss auch glauben ein Zitronenfalter faltet Zitronen ...
Softwareentwickler aus Koblenz
Hello! Glad to be a part of the community. I'm from n.e. Kansas, married, with some awsome kids and grandkids. I crunch on one computer running a PhII proc, and 2 MSI 560Ti Hawk gpu's, and occasionally on a laptop. I like to play video games, Battlefield3, Quake3, 4, FarCry2, etc. I'm a member of one of the best BOINC teams,, we really enjoy helping each other out, and truly getting the most out of our equipment. I started crunching on SETI in 2001, on my state of the art Thunderbird 1100. Now, I mainly gpu crunch... These new cards are phenominal...knocking out anywhere from 500K-1.75Mil wu's/day, (depending on projects, of course). Our team focuses on a couple of new projects every month..usually the ones we're last in, to try to help out some of the "not so popular" causes. First week of every month, we host "BOINCers gone BONKERS!" and try to get more participation from the sight... This month we had 60 people crunchin' for the cause! And some really great
Живу в Озёрске, это в Челябинской области в России. Комп работает круглые сутки и на работе несколько машин по возможности.
Ein ewig Rätsel will ich bleiben - mir und anderen...
Living within the North West region. Have hobbies ranging from Archery to Strategy Games, including D20 Modules.
Alexander Usov
Hi, my name is Alexander, I'm from Russia. I'm interested in hi-tech, computers and everything connected with them.
I'm taking part in the project Einstein@Home to support the russian team TSC! Russia.
don't know much about this but seems interesting. Just a hobby.
From Templestowe, Melbourne, Australia.
Robert R. Dell
I'm a pet groomer, wife, mother, grandmother and owned by dogs, cats birds & fish. I'm a kidney donor and I have started my own web business. I hand make bows for you pets. I like to read when I have time and enjoy being with family & friends.
Researcher in São Paulo, Brasil
1. computer
OS: Windows 7 x64
CPU: QuadCore Intel Core i5-2500K, 3400 MHz
RAM: 8 Gb
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 - 1280MB
LAN: 50Mb/s
Thomas Klima

i am Thomas Klima, currently studying electrical engineering at the vienna university of technology. Tinkering with electronics since childhood, writing software and currently trying to set up a small home- business i'm quite busy but thats exactly why i like to share my computing- time, because i know it to be valuable.

More Info can be found at my Homepage

Have Fun!
Pochłonięty bez reszty poszukiwaniem obcych :D
Chris Wiseman
Dedicated to serving business owners and executives find the Fun, Profit and Unique Company Culture in their business.

Every year Americans start 600,000 new businesses, 70% of new business survive for at least two years. Roughly half go on for five years and within 10 years, approximately 66% closed. In other words, if you want a business that lasts, you have a 33% probability of success, however that is much lower in particular industries that near 90%+ failure rates.

Three of the most common reasons for business failure are lack of planning, poor management and lack of alignment where the company is not focused on what it is passionate about doing, what purpose it serves in the marketplace, and what it can be profitable at.

One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching is having a client who reaches the point where his or her "busyness" is transformed into a true business; a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without them, allowing them to have
Founder of the french team BRIGADE DU COSMOS
Positive :]
Fletuitus Maximus
Super Genius.
Ich bin Kanti 34 Jahre alt und wohne in Deutschland/Berlin.
I live in England (South East) and I built a new computer around my birthday and thought I'd try out the seti@home project (at the time it was all I knew), really kind of hooked now after seeing all that science!

I've got a soft spot for science in general and in particular physics/astronomy side and this is all for the greater good isn't it?... Guess we'll see :-)

I think grid computing is a really great concept allowing lesser funded or well known projects to get some serious run time and hopefully gather interesting data. Obviously there's the big boys like LHC doing some huge work but imagine being able to say to your grandkids 'I was there when...' (not literally :-p)

I may not have the intellect of the people creating, running and maintaining these projects but I'm full of the enthusiasm and my hearts in the right place! Essentially to all you peeps actually on the 'front line' and no doubt volunteering too whilst studying

Hello buddies,

my nickname is steini and i'm from Berlin, Germany.

About me:

I joined seti@home in december 2000 and stopped participating during starting rumours of BOINC in 2001.

Ten years after a turbulent life i remembered seti@home and tried to login to my old account. At my surprise i guessed right and converted my classic account to boinc successfully.

Since december 2011 back with full force i've donated my unused CPU-time to BOINC.

About my team:

Since 2011 i've also joined the greatest team of Germany - Seti.Germany.
Click on the image to open their website.

I'm participating in many projects.

Here you can see my overall stats:

Maybe you see my profile because i'm the user of the day?
Here you can see how often this has happened:

Some projects reward their participants with badges, depending on their finished
Rail and computer enthusiast from Cambridge, UK.
Roger Rollins
Retired Physicist, Ohio University, Athens OH, USA. Early participant starting with SETI.
I used to be in 3D graphics industry for some +20 years and survived it. Now i'm just starting to live again contributing to the magic world of folding proteins:-)!!

Currenty running project on a Intel(R) Core(tm) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz
Number of CPU's (number of (virtual) cores) 1(4)
Operating System and version OSX

Currently a student at Glendale Community College in Phoenix, AZ. I look forward to using science to promote ways to advance the human race physically and mentally. Perhaps the forced evolution of humankind will happen before the next turn of the century. Perhaps deep space travel will cease to be off limits to humankind sooner rather than later. I believe artificial intelligence research holds the promise of these advancements. I believe an entity or true, sentient being, will be produced within a lifetime. I believe this must happen to propel human adaptation. Co-evolution is a standard that will quite likely fly from most banner heads both for and against AI. The truth is - it is not a matter of if, but when, this entity will come into existence and how prepared for it humankind is.
Christian B.
Rihards Palaima
A Cantonese from China
Hi. I'm geographer from Poland, traveling a lot, in love with telescopes, guitars and books.
Oops..I forgot to mention BOINC :)
Andrew McFarland
Semi-retired computer programmer (mostly Java) Amateur radio operator. Enjoy my vegetable garden too.
U.S. NAVY VET-MA3, C-S GURU. [Aspirations: Successful Swing Trader, Live-Market Analyst, Teacher, VC, Philanthropist & Golfer] *DISCLAIMER-Do Your Own Research!
InnovAnon, Inc.
ANSI C distributed computing specialist, build release engineer and heterogeneous multicluster admin.
Le Minotaure
Niçois exilé en Haute-Savoie, 52 ans, fonctionnaire, je suis passionné par les animaux (en particulier les chiens, les reptiles et les poissons), l'astronomie, les bières et les whiskies single malt. En couple, père et grand-père. Tout baigne !
Freelancer, scientific Editor, based in Shrewsbury, UK.
We are a small Tech Support company supporting small to midsized based companies. We also provide application development using Alpha 5 database software.
UK Technician
Science Technician
naja gibt nich viel ne...
beruf azubi als fachlagerist
hobbies außer pc ... chillen rumhängen unter anderm autos und bowlen ;)
Re-Established in 2010 RMF Technologies (formerly Ray's Computer Systems 2000 - 2009), is an Australian company serving not only Australia, but all our valued and prospective customers all over the world.

With our headquarters based in Sydney, Australia, owned and operated by Raymond & Maggie Frangie, the RMF Technologies way of operation is simple... Provide the biggest range of IT products as possible, provide the best IT services to as many people as possible, to as many places around the world as possible, all at the best possible prices.

What Do We Do???

* Managed IT Services, 24 x 7 Equipment & Environment Monitoring
* IT Solution Design & Deployment
* Network Design, Deployment & Integration
* Fixed Internet / Mobile Broadband / Cable & DSL / VPN Services & Installations
* VoIP (Voice over IP) / PSTN / ISDN / On-Premise & Cloud PABX Solutions
* Wireless Site Surveying / Site Auditing / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
* W
I was born in Yorkshire and as most people from there would say am proud of that. Moved to Australia in Dec 97 for what was supposed to be 3 months of work, have strangely enough remained here ever since. Became an Australian citizen in 2003.

I've always loved science, especially anything to do with astronomy, 2011 was an absolutely cr@p year health wise, am hoping this year will be so much better!

Am single, interested in the female variety of person, would love to get to know more women interested in science.

I work in IT, have worked in a wide spectrum of industries, currently working in employment trying to build/maintain IT systems to help people find the right job for them.
Prof here, reside in the New York metro area, go science!
I was raised in Maine. Currently live in Massachusetts. I've been running SETI@Home since 1999 before there was BOINC, GridRepublic or BAM!
I'm a retired Soldier. I was an Abrams Main Battle Tank mechanic for twenty years, and spent a fair amount of time teaching new mechanics on entry into the Army, and later teaching advanced diagnosis and maintenance skills to mid-career Non-Commissioned Officers. Planting the seed of knowledge, watching it grow and (sometimes) flourish was the most fulfilling thing I did as a Soldier.
Trevor vanRijn
Just doing my part to make the world a better place. I really like this construct of sharing computer power to help with all sciences.

I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I've been running Boinc projects since Feb 2012, starting with a single 4 core laptop. I was running 2 - 4 core Laptops and 2 - 8 core Desktops with NVidia GPU cards, but due to electric cost, in May 2016, I have drop back down to only a single 4 core laptop.

I work for the Ontario Government as a Quality Assurance System Officer (User Tester) and do some minor programming as well.
Шмяка -- богиня!!!
I Want to Belivea B-)
Marta Diaz
Hola! Vivo en el norte de la Argentina, en la ciudad de Salta pero nací más al norte aún, en Gral. Mosconi, localidad conocida por los cortes de ruta en los primeros años del 2000. Trabajé como profesora de secundaria y actualmente estoy jubilada. O sea, tengo tiempo para mí y este año, decidí participar de este proyecto y aprender a dibujar. Sé tejer, que es mi hobby. Me gusta la gimnasia, de hecho voy a un gym y pretendo hacer investigaciones, tomando como marco la historia oral, sobre cosas extrañas que le pasa a la gente.
Me gusta viajar y cuando puedo, lo hago, aunque a veces siento que me he perdido un montón de cosas. Mi consuelo es que fue por falta de tiempo - cuando trabajaba - o de dinero. O sea, no por mi culpa.
To share, to dream, to calculate.
Grimbert Jerome
J'aime bien Povray.
Maria Bezugla
Я живу в Патти, Сицилийский городок, родом с Украины.
Могу свободно говорить на трех языках: украинский, русский и итальянский; учу английский, французкий и немецкий. В свободное время рисую и занимаюсь боксом.
Security Officer at Brookgreen Gardens, I am only 62 years old and I have been doing SETI on and off for many years. I live in Surfside Beach SC, about 5 miles south of Myrtle Beach.
Android Fanatic.

Let me start by saying I'm a Android Fanatic, I Have been ever since the G1, which I still have today. I saw the potential way back then for Android and jumped aboard immediately never looking back but straight forward like Android.

I knew this was something great in the making & good things were to come. With my computer background I embraced Android as if it was an old friend that I haven't seen in a long time, a sense of comfort if you will.

Soon after getting my T-Mobile G1 I got my hands on a CyanogenMod ROM. I can remember flashing my very first CyanogenMod ROM on my T-Mobile G1... he took over when Jesusfreake took a break. So as you can see this is just not a hobby for me or just a phone it is a way of life.

The Community is large the love is strong the bond is unbreakable freedom in Android is what we have to offer.

Bragging rights:
Surviving life one day at a time. I have 3 kids 1 wife
Bluna Luna
Kylel . Referindo-se indesejáveis ??extra extra queimadores de gordura a partir do início foi bastante provavelmente um dos objetivo mais importante deste site online web-site, todo indivíduo subseqüente único apenas um desses bens atuais e as opções são muito propensos a adquirir demonstrando que a a duração da sua imprensa, juntamente com a forma como a minha luta redução anormal excesso de excesso de gordura para homens e mulheres quase todos Eu cumpri vistos como era essencialmente essencial para passar estes detalhes. Como eu falei sobre quando,
Jsem jen člověk který věří v mimozemskou civilizaci,jsem v tomto světě jen sám a bez závazku pracuji ve zdravotnictví a mé hoby jsou dopravní letadla a vše co se týká ufo.
I'm currently Co-Chairman of the MidWest Astro-Imaging Conference.

I grew up in the relatively dark skies of the Pacific Northwest, starting with the classic 3" Edmund reflector in the cardboard tube, and eventually building an 8" f/6 Newtonian during high school, as well as getting involved in my local astronomical society. I also served one year on the Astronomical League council as the Northwest Region representative in 1974. I came to Chicago in 1975, trading dark skies for college and then graduate school at the University of Chicago, including studying two years at Yerkes Observatory and earning my Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

However, I discovered that the academic life wasn't for me, so I started working in computer-related fields. My first few jobs were in the arcade video game industry during its heyday, and I created the video game Nibbler which saw a fair amount of success. Along the way I married my wife, Mary, in 1984, whom I had met when we
Ashley James
I have always had a passion for astronomy and have recently gotten into astrophotographing.

I am using a DSLR Sony alpha65 mounted on a Celestron 130EQ. I live in a rather bad area for viewing the sky, as it's got constant cloud cover for most of the year. I am yet to get some visually appealing photographs for several months now.
Dirk Broer
I'm a 56-year old 2nd line helpdesk engineer from the Netherlands,
specialized in Lotus Notes application and user support.
Currently in-between jobs, which leaves time for my hobbies:
Building PC's, Distributed Computing, reading Science Fiction, WW2 Aviation and Speed Skating Statistics.
Tech Support Specialist.

I devote the power of many sleeping machines to a greater good.
Computer Specialist living in the south of Germany
Syam Krishnan*
Accounting Professional
Born and raised in Texas!! (Y)
I'm a musician and a science and history buff. I'm into computers, guitars, drums, METAL, my Xbox, and most of the TV I watch is either documentaries (history channel, NGC, SCI.. etc.) and cartoons...
- "If Chewbacca, a wookie, can live on Endor... You must acquit.."
I'm a computer specialist/consultant from Portland, Oregon, USA. I love gadgets, "Jetson's" style, since childhood. I live alone with my cat, Spike, who I thought was a male the first 6 months, until she went into heat for the first time ;-)

I'm fascinated by the thought that there will be communications with someone (thing)? somewhere else other than here, and want to be a part of that.
Michael McMahon
I'm a divorced father of 3 brilliant daughters, who served his nation in the United states Army for 15 years. I have been into computers, since the time of being into computers was frowned upon by your peers.:elol: Now they are on computers themselves. First Computer used was an Apple II and Atari 400.:S(Y)
Sam Soof III
Occupation: Cold Foods Chef at Macys Lakeshore Grill
I am retired from Bausch @Lomb Inc. I was a auditor of contact lenses. I love Art, Science and Ancient Aliens. I love the music of Nightwish. That is why I have chosen this for my nickname.I am proud to a part of this endeavor.
My name is Judie McMath, I am 51 years old, and I believe that we are not alone in the universe. I live in Oklahoma, United States. I have a Master's Degree in Behavioral Science. and am self-employed in the social services area. I am a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church. I desire to assist in the search for extra-terrestrial life.
Dave Medlin
I am retired from the USAF. I enjoy hiking with my dalmatian and finding geocaches.
Ashley Russell
Ashley Russell - Student on the Isle of Wight who is very interested in computer science. Avid programmer and experienced scout.
Disabled Progressive GOP LGBTQ political/community activist/advocate single gay guy. Westchester County/NYC. Sec'y of @BxLGBTQCenter #NightOwl #OWS #PWA #geek
I'm currently a student at New Mexico Tech. Been using Boinc since I was in middle school and I plan on using it till the day I die!
My name is Lydia.
I'm from Massachusetts.
I'm 21 years old.
I work at Underwriters Laboratories as a Technical Report Writer.
My favorite channel is the Science channel and that is why I am here.
Information Technology professional, of Greek [island of Cyprus] origin, residing in the US
Globe trotting pirate.
Born: Ossining, NY
Raised: Montrose, NY
Age: 39
Occupation: High School Teacher of History & Social Science
PhD: Begins September 2012 @ VT National Capital Region - Science & Technology Studies
MEd: Education Leadership, George Mason University
MA: International Commerce & Policy, George Mason University
MS: Teaching, Pace University
BA: International Business, Ramapo College of New Jersey
AA/AS: Westchester Community College
I live in Phila. Pa. I am a 56 yrs. and I drive for a city shuttle service. I like the stars and would like to be involved with its discoveries and thoughts of other life out there. I don't have alot of school science of todays thinking, but would to like to listen and learn of things that are happening today and would participate when I could. I play chess, ride a bike, excercise and read.
Classical guitarist that's interested in science/science fiction.
Living in the Sunny Okanagan Valley...
Occupation: IT Specialist, graphics design, audio and video production
Hobbies: Play guitar, RC hobby, photography
From Norway, '88 model, disability pensioned, I enjoy photography/computers/astronomy & all three combined, and that's about it. Been Folding and running other science projects on and off for several years, decided it was perhaps a good idea to try centralize it on one profile and use a proper project manager. Bam!
I am currently, as of October 20th, 2012, the age of 28. I have one 5 year old Son, named Donovan. His birthday is coming up very soon, and happens to be on October 31st, Halloween. I have been interested in the stars and the universe since I first gazed up the sky when I was just a little child. Every since then, I have dedicated a LOT of my spare time in researching and learning about our very unique universe, our planet, our sun, our solar system, etc... I am also interested in new pharmaceuticals that could one day, hopefully, be able to cure most, if not all of our current deadly and disabling diseases, especially cancer.

Also, I am currently writing an "Essay"/"Thesis" on a study I have been doing for about the past 5-1/2 years on chronic pain and how doctors are so scared to help people, as well as what current medicines we have available, are the best course of action depending on the patient's source of pain and their history within the last 2 years. Someone
My name is Paul, and live in Seattle, WA. I'm 51 years old, and work for a major Wireless Carrier as a Strategic Architecture Technology Manager with specific focus upon Multimedia Messaging Services.

I have lived in Washington state the majority of my life, with the exception of an 8 year period in the military - immediately after high school. I specialized in Aviation Electronics in the military, and after leaving the military went to work for Apple for two years working on computers and corporate networks. I was hired away from Apple by McCaw Cellular, which was then purchased by AT&T - that was almost 25 years ago. I have been working for AT&T for almost 25 years now (with the various iterations, merges, buy-outs, etc.).

I love computers, gaming, electronics, and technology in general. I'm a techno-geek at heart. I enjoy meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life. Having a good time is essential to quality of life. I tend to work too much, but also atte
I am a Digital Artist / Retoucher in Los Angeles, California. The love for science and the possibility of ETs (and the Science Channel) has drawn me to BOINC, so needless to say, hopefully, I can be the one that discovers the ET signal that we've all been waiting for.
Jaco de Kock
I love sport, my fav team is the Sharks. I play music.
And I live my life for Him, and Him alone!!
I'm a 40 year-old, disabled male.
My name is XiangChuanchuan, from Chengdu, I am cheerful, honest, easy to get along with others; likes playing PC games, designing program and playing guitar.
einfach die energie nutzen die mir mein rechner(meine rechner) mir gibt!

Nurse Practitioner student at University of Florida. Figure that since computer is on 24 hrs/day I might as well put it to use for the greater good.
I like computers.
I like curing cancer.
I code java.
OK, fresh out of anything else to say.
Emglare Technologies
Emglare Technolgies is an international company that focuses on Web and Mobile Apps Development. Company originates in Central Europe - Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Just trying to do some volunteer work that make a difference in some good ways. Projects through Boink and at home through volunteer work .
Well I will give you my short version of me. I come from NYC, Bronx am only 52yrs old lol. My life started when I turned 17yrs old I join United State Marine Corp for 5yrs the best thing I did. After when I finished my time in the U.S.M.C., I then was back in NYC I went and became a New Youk City Polce Officer for 20yrs and was stationed all parts with the Police Task Force Unit.
Yes I was there when my life changed i was at the World Trade Center 911 as a Rescuer when USA was attaced have many Pic,s if anyone wants to remember. Then joined The Dept. Of HomeLand Security confidential on this one 10yrs with them. Now retired and trying to take it easy.

a:-) (y) :elol:
Living in Almere, Father of Faye & Neo
Matt Smith
Senior Lecturer in Primary ITE at University of Wolverhampton, UK; Grammar Nazi; foodie; traveller; professional SCUBA dive guide; into extremely heavy metal; and a heavy reader. I recently become passionately interested in all the aspects of science I gave up two decades ago, and this interested the heck out of me!
I'm retired -- I have been involved with photography from an early teen's: mostly from the darkroom side. I owned a commercial color lab in Cleveland, OH. After retirement I moved to Grand Lake, CO -- The mountains a just awesome!

My first computer was a IBM PC Jr -- so I have been through the hoops of computing. Dumped MS Win 4 years ago going to Linux Ubuntu and never looked back.

DSA dsa04
Como são múltiplas as ocasiões para o mal-entendido e para a ruptura hostil!
My e-mail:
Hi there,
Kevin N Shapley
Started Seti 01/01/2000 thought it was a cool date to start. Team name is Götterdämmerung
Cesar Sanchez
CM Computerservice is a 2012 founded little company. We would like to help the research with our compute power. BOINC is used for our stability tests and it works fine.
Open source enthusiast . Ready to share CPU time as well as my time for good projects (Y)
DJ GrumpyPants
Teir 1 IT support guy.
Night sky enthusiast
Swedish computer science student
Arron Kluck
My advice........stay alive!
Hi there,
I am born in 1987, live in Germany and want to help science in their research by supporting BOINC.
Currently I work as a programmer here in Germany, my hobbies are using BOINC, geocaching, my PlayStation 3, meeting with friends, listening to music and reading about new science-stuff, especially when it comes to news regarding the universe.

If you want to know more about me, please don't hesitate to ask me :oO

Oh, and don't forget to let your friends and family know about BOINC/BAM!!!! (y)
Outdated Acount
Bonjours, je suis l'administrateur technique de la Brigade du Cosmos.
Douglas De Rizzo Meneghetti
I am a Ph. D. student in Artificial Intelligence with a background in software development. In my golden years of volunteer computing, I was responsible for the upkeep of a small lab whose machines were configured to run BOINC on their free time. Nowadays, I own a workstation which I use to run CPU and GPU intensive algorithms and whose idle time I am also trying to donate to BOINC.
Accountant and now trying out for Game Programming. Aren't games cool? aB-)
Earl Fitzgerald
JJ Monot
After an initial formation in applied mathematics and computer engineering, and a carrier in software and systems engineering, I am now an activist and a consultant in the field of R&D and innovation for global health, working with civil society organisations in Geneva.
Jeroen De Dauw
Software developer at the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany. Working on Wikidata, Semantic MediaWiki, Education Program and various other projects.
Christ-loving hard rocking Biker/techNerd.. What more do ya want to know?
I am from Uzbekistan,interested in history,stars,observatories, will be useful for SETI.:)

Taught Elementary School (5th grade) for 18 years. I have a Masters of Educational Administration Degree. I had to take and early retirement last year due to disability. The Science Channel, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel are three of my favorite cable channels. I am 58 years old, going through a divorce and have moved from the house I bought back when I was single to a senior living facility. I have a court order that prevents me from removing anything from my home, but once it is lifted, I have a powerful desktop PC that I plan to use solely for SETI and the ongoing search for life in our solar system. I live in Florence, Alabama, a small town in NW Alabama of about 50,000 - 60,000 people living here.
Mike D Green
Mountaineer, landscape photographer, ex-IBM
degree in computer science
I'm a network analyst, working with mostly corporate wans (and lans) including their T1/T3/Cable connections. I have been programmed in FORTRAN, Pascal, C, and a little C++, as well as having 'tinkered' with pc's for about 27 years. And not until recently, do I discover this fascinating hobby of crunching! (y)
Odyssey Academy is a model for developing respectful life-long learners, the school of choice for families in the Northwest metro area. We provide a safe, caring atmosphere with small class sizes. We strive to prepare each child for a successful future by nurturing relationships among educators, students, families and community.
for more than 25 years being busy at Philips Semiconductors, later as radiologiac engineer on lineair accelerators at Nxp Nijmegen

Now the current position is an Vacuum engineer with expertise to Hydrogen for al kinds of UCV systems.:wub::oO
Most of all at ASML Veldhoven :metoo:

0311-8511 Marine/18-wheel O.T.R. Truck Driver/Tool&Die Machinist/S.E.T.I. Enthusiast...(y)
Carmina Iguana
Biology measurements by day,
Astronomy photometry & related statistics by night.

Deeply ensconced into Kansas. Quiet. Really old.

English more or less competently when sober,
français d’une certaine façon, quoi.

Pseudo: Sloan
54 Ans
Lieu: Annecy/Haute Savoie/France
Membre de L'alliance Francophone

Joe Carelli
University Utrecht
Life is good Live it every day like its your last.
Make tons of money.
Stay out of trouble.
Long-Haired, Lifelong IT Geek, Triumph Rider, Tree Hugger, ET Signal Seeker!
James Khatiblou
Web Developer. Computer coding ninja assassin.

Just a guy from Southern California
Currently a grad student in Computer Science

Je fais du SETI par intermittence depuis 1999, depuis 2006 j'ai rajouté plusieurs projet, et cette année, je suis revenu en force à vouloir tester les performances de mon PC.

J'ai hâte de voir mes statistiques apparaitres dans les boards, savoir mon rang dans la team "Quebec" , et j'espère vous permettre d'avancer + rapidement.

J'ai 29ans, fan d'astronomie et d'informatique, et je réside dans la ville de Québec.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer !

Comme CPU j'ai un i5-2500k
comme carte graphique, une ATI HD7850
je roule sur un SSD Crucial M4 de 128gig,
avec 4,3 téra de stockage.

Une très jolie tour Antec Twelve Hundred v3,
et bientot 3 écrans + tv DEL 46''.
[AF>France] Super Dupont
Hi to All,

I write my profile in english just in case non speaker french read my profile :) My ID in this communauty is Soul Phoenix but my real name is Marc and I m living close Paris France.

I wished to register to BAM cause I like the BOINC idea to have the possibily to help sciences just with my some pcs at home (Y)

Hope to have the possibility to "crunch" a lot and give a lot of credits to my team the "Alliance francophone"

My device : Stay Curious !
Jason Heimbuck
My name is Jason Heimbuck, I have access to a bunch of computers that sit idle and am happy to be able to contribute their excess CPU time for good causes (and some fun ones too)
Hospitality Industry and Marketing
UBT - Ed Little
I'm a 32 year old IT professional from Bedfordshire, UK. I am also a keen amateur astronomer. I started working tasks for SETI@HOME but now contribute to many distributed computing projects.
Hobbies: Science, Religion, Politics, Music, Gaming (currently BF3)
Job: Software Engineer (Computer Telephony, Windows Desktop & Services, Web Application)
Qualifications: Engineering Degree (BEng)
Nick Perry
OK here goes. Middle Aged, single, over weight, under achiever. I'm not feeling sorry for myself and if I could relive my life I wouldn't change much at all:oO

Hobbies are DIY, restoring motorcycles, reading, films, model making, drinking, socialising and losing about half my maximum weight, Oh and looking for WOW 2 on Seti.

I was born in Suffolk but haved lived in Derbyshire for 23 years and love the hills, I don't see myself moving far again(y)

I'm a Warehouse Operative at M&S which is about 6 miles away, I've been a lorry driver and have absolutely had enough of travelling on Britian's very crowded roads unless I have to:)

Thanks for the interest and I wish You a Good Life

Pure Maths phd in Sydney, Australia
53°33' N 10°00' E
Software Architect

Biomed, eagle scout, parachute rigger, mystic, stepfather, student.
Nicholas Mustelin
Musician - Educator - Actor - Author
German-Cherokee-Scotch-Irish mutt experiencing this plane, from two-wheels, over many miles is the only way to exist...
I'm a selfemployed, eletronical engineer from Denmark
I joined seti@home back in the early 90's but lost my account information after a break in being connected to the seti network. But I'm back with new and larger machines, hoping to make a difference:unsure
Kind Regards,
Dan/Denmark a:-)
I am a complete novice at this!:blush: I am Chief Operating Officer at a not-for-profit in NYC that offers services to those individuals with disabilities who are homeless and/or who have experienced domestic violence.
Alexandria TheGreat
I'm mildly awesome.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fischer
Born at Greifswald, North Germany.

Elementary School, Pestalozzi Volksschule, Koblenz/Rhein, Germany (West).

Secondary School at Koblenz/Rhein (Gymnasium), Germany (West).

Matriculation (Abitur), Max-von-Laue-Gymnasium, Koblenz/Rhein, Germany (West).

Studies in Economics, Law & History, University of Saarland, Saarbruecken, Germany (West).

Studies in Economics, Law & History, University of Bonn, Germany (West).

Dipl.-Volkswirt (MEcons), Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bonn, Germany.

Associate Academic Assistant, Department of International Economic Affairs, Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bonn.

Dr. rer.pol., Doktor der Staatswissenschaft, (Doctor of Political Economics), Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn),
Retired Master Sergeant of United States Marine Corps. Also retired Information Technology Director from the State of Georgia.
Currently making commercials, documentaries, and other video related projects.
Western Illinois University 1986-1990 B.S. Industrial Technology
U.S. Navy 1990-1994
Chrysler Corporation (DaimlerChrysler, Chrysler LLC) 1996-2008
Soul Searcher 2008-present
Just Don
married 33 years, retired,two boys still at home
[url= ]The place our team was started from![/url]
J'adore l'efficacité des proc ARM.
Là je suis sur 2 coeurs Cortex A-15 à 1,7GHz.

IT professional, computer enthusiast since way too long to remember, let's just say i played the original PONG, enough said.
Commodore C64 and AMIGA series were the best machines ever. Still running the AMIGA OS in PC tower among Linux and MS ones.a:-)
Mainframe Programming 40 years. Retired. :rolleyes:
Retired: Verizon, DC Air National Guard. Always have been interested in Space and computers. Four grown children, raising four grandchildren. Believe in God. Lean conservative. Grateful for America, wish my countrymen were as well. We need to move out into space to save our species, moon mars, anywhere; just get moving. :rolleyes:
Mitmachen bei Rechnerleistung zur Verfügung stellen.
I'm in love with LISA, The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. LISA is a collaborative ESA/NASA mission to detect and observe gravitational waves. LISA will interferometrically measure the changes in distance between free-falling proof masses that are due to gravitational waves.
Going to school for computer science, thought this was a really cool program so i signed up and have it running on 3 computers. :)
Primeval Mudd
PCS rep, Green Party member, general lefty activist type, strummer of lefty and/or smutty songs. The Daily Mail wouldn't like me. Fan of cheese, proper cider, real ale and falling over at festivals and elsewhere.

Website/blog(beware: there is swearing.)
Soundcloud (some swearing, but nowhere near as much.)

Hello everyone,

I live in Nevada, I am a minister, a University student -majoring in Information Technology (Web Development). I received my Associates Degree May 2012, and continuing education for my Bachelor's Degree my expected graduation date: June 2013. I create and design websites, and remote services for various businesses, I am a Homechool parent, In my spare time out side of doing I volunteer for icouldbe mentoring high school student,BOINC BAM, and I love to cook, bake, and play instruments, .(Y)

We can do anything that we choose, by making good decisions and choosing the right path, we will be successful and accomplish our goals when we have the right mindset!
Arlin Bryant
I am a 68 yr old male army veteran and retired plaster. Raised in Bakersfield CA. Worked 33 yrs in Las Vegas NV. Now live in Checotah OK. I have never as long as I can remember thought we were alone in this universe.

je suis un jeune italien noir ressemblant a M.Balotelli. J'ai un gros zizi de 12 cm:cheer:. je passe ma vie sur LoL Je me fais sucer dans le bus par des meufs crade qui on des infections urinaires. Elle ont la moulee crade et j'adore lecher quand c crade
I am Dario666 and I caculate only on CPU. I'm not sick :)

Jan Miller
Musician, Audio Tech, Amateur Astronomer, Grease Monkey...
I'm just a girl with a lot of boy's toys
Affable Gent
A Degree In Awesomeness
Jag bor i Småland och jag har 5 datorer som är kopplade till BOINC. Jag gillar astronomi så jag försöker lägga till relaterade projekt.
Engineer, Materials Science Msc, Amateur Astrobiologist, Aikidoka, Business mas..
Life is good! Let's find more of it.
HydroLAB > Vega
Member of TEAM HydroLAB
Membre de la TEAM HydroLAB
HydroLAB - HydroLAB ° - HydroLabAlpha - BOINC - France - Europe - International
HydroLab ° is an NGO -
One of the Objectives of HydroLab is support French Projets
developed by CERN and ESA
HydroLAB is also a BOINC TEAM -
Vega, Phil1966 and Sph3re are the 3 Team Founders.
The founders are coming from our old TEAM AstroLab
dedicated principally to Astronomy.
The TEAM is very Cool and Democratic - All the decisions are voted.
A Grafic Design Service is offered to members ( Badges and Avatars ).
Working as System Support at Precision Air Conditioning System & Fire Extinguishing Aerosol System Company
Freelancer photographer, London based
HydroLAB > Alph@
HydroLAB °
[AF>France] Fred VW
J'habite à 2h de la capitale

Je suis actuellement en 1ére année de cycle ingénieur dans une école généraliste (agriculture, environnement, territoire, économie..)

IT . :ph34r: :amellow:
I live in Washington, DC. This is a wonderful area to be in - not too big, not too small, not too hot, not too cold. I moved here from up north, so it's actually warm for me here. :-)

I love to explore this area by bike. It's full of parks, monuments, nature. Not too far away are mountains in one direction (Blue Ridge Mountains !), and the Atlantic Ocean in the other direction. In other words - skiing on one side, swimming on the other, and biking in between !
Jhonatan Silva*
Sicituradastra rules!
La Crosse, Wisconsin. 28 years old. Currently unemployed and going through some depression but it is winter here right now.( I need the Sun and motorbikes) Self taught mechanic/fabricator/machinist. Automotive, Motorcycle tech. You name it I can probably fix it. Always science on the mind. A fair bit of chemistry in there too. Never went to college or technical school. Just read a lot and love to learn. Can't remember names though. Kind of a introverted person but happy to be here and hopefully help out a bit. Thanks for the opportunity.Cheers. Love, Peace, and Grease. Patrick Ryan.
University student who also is a brony. Just letting others use my gaming PC for a good cause.
Thomas Weddige
Der Gedanke für anderen Menschen "unabhängig von Rang und Namen" zu helfen, läßt mich hier mitmachen.
John Barr
I was born in 1945. I spent 15 years in the Australian Army, Retired T. Sergeant then 26 years in the Railways as a Porter, Crane Slings man/driver/ Fitter/turner/boilermaker, restricted Electrician, Some Carpentry/ Teams Manager. I belong to my local Men's Shed where I can keep practicing my skills. It get's me out of the house. I Built my 2nd. Computer in 87, an XT. My 1st. on was a Commodore 64. I have a wife, 3 children & 2 Grandchildren. A dog & 2 neighbours dogs I share (puppy sit) Don't drink, smoke or ... Non-Religious but love a good discussion at the front door. :lol: Anti PC extremist. :cheer:
Volodymyr Goroshko
To all the altruists my greetings!
I am Volodymyr & live in Kiev (Ukraine).
I working an engineer, service of equipment print-house. Although worked with other specialties.
I never would have thought, that my peaceable nation will defend their independence from fraternal Slavic peoples.
It's a shame:excl: Putin-HUILO, la-la-la-la-la-la-la! :cheer:
However, I am very glad that I am one of you who are trying to help humanity move to a higher stage of development, without wars, without disease, without the energy deficit. I am a romantic? Maybe, but I'm not alone :) ...
Austin Rodolfo
Living the good life in Los Angeles with too much free time.

I am a retired broadcasting engineer who enjoys taking part in projects offered by Boinc.:rolleyes:
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Oncle Bob
Processors never rest !

Rejoignez l'Alliance Francophone.

`My name is Courtney and I am from Dunedin, Florida. I am 27 years old and recently am the proud new mommy of my beautiful son Jaxon. I graduated this December from the University of South Florida with my Bachelors in Marketing. I really have grown to distain my degree. My interest in science has been incredibly immense since I was little. Everyone in my family seems to be a doctor. Unfortunately, trying to set myself apart from my family, I pursued a business degree. I regret that decision more and more each day. However, I am going back to school for a certification program to become an elementary school teacher. This way, I can share my love of science with children and hope I can inspire them to be the people they are meant to be,
`My hobbies include; music,my longboard skateboard, surfing, drawing, going to the beach, keeping in shape and reading. Currently, I am a stay-at-home, single mom until I finish my certification. My son keeps me busy, so I am unable to pursue many
Cryptologic Technician in U.S. Navy. Senior Technical Writer.
Jason E. Johnston
Senior Information Security Consultant
I am 45 years old. I am from Michigan, born and raised. Married since 1991 to Rose. We have 3 children. 2 boys and 1 girl. I am considered a Jack of all Trades, but I am a self employed carpenter by profession so I could be a stay at home dad. My wife has been an RN for 22 years. I love anything to do with the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc... I love shooting pool. Thus the name Mr. Billiards.
I've always believed that we are not alone in the universe. I just hope I am around long enough to be a witness to proof of other life out there. Weather that be a caught radio transmission or an actual diplomatic visit to Earth from somewhere. I just hope we will be ready as a species not to jump to the conclusion that our first meeting will be hostile instead of helpful.
I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Watching my kids grow up has been awesome. Both my boys are adults and my daughter is now 14. Sports are a big part of her life so I keep busy. My middl
Self-taught computer nerd of 30+ yrs.
Hey! Computer science engineer interested in all sciences and new technologies... It's a pity I didn't try BOINC earlier :p
Science teacher, father.
Ermite dans ma pinède depuis 20 ans, déjà....(Y)
Retired Graduate Engineer - Active Wizard
WKU Student
Callplus Systems Engineer & Astronomy Enthusiasts.
I'm from Ukraine.
The city of Zaporozhye, which is on the
Dnieper river.
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety!" B.F.
Bio-cybernéticien... dans et depuis 25 ans

Deputy Dutch
I am A DJ !!
Friend of the Dunsparce :blush:
My name is ShiChao,My netID is SnowWolf,I come from Beijing, China, I am an IT engineer, I like science, aliens, and astronomy.
Henry C. Mangan
Retired Electrical Engineer
A computer nerd since 1963
Saqlain Mallick
Hi Friends, I am Saqlain Mallick.

Nothing special about me. I live in Bangladesh. I am a student. Studying BBA at East West University, Bangladesh. My home town is Rangpur. I wish to be a wise person in future and when ever I get any chance to do any thing good I want to grab it. That's why I am here.

After installing the BOINC software in my computer it used all of my memory and the fan run all day in full speed. Now its dead. But I dont care. My pc is still running without any fan. I hope you BOINC people are doing something good for the world which is worth our sacrifices.
I'm a selfemployed, electronic engineer from Denmark a:-)
Grew up in eastern PA and lived for years in NYC and suburbs. Attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Worked as a solid state chemist and crystal grower. Interested in chemical applications of symmetry in electronic and spectroscopic properties of materials.
Love classical music--especially baroque and particularly works by Bach (no one has ever done it better!! Always in awe of his compositional genius. Enjoy playing my keyboard and cello. Interested in music of the lute by SL Weiss, and other 17th century german composers--so beautiful.
Also, I like tropical plants especially varieties of aralia and I have a few too many orchids (my varigated vanilla vine is fast becoming the plant from Little Shop
of horrors.
IT, Robotics
Clinical Hypnotherapist. Happily Married - Helping You Influence Your Future by Focusing on and Achieving Present Goals
London, UK ·
Computing is fun! :ph34r:aB-)
Steve Digby
I landed on this planet some 50 years ago, found the life forms rather interesting and I decided to stay a while whilst carrying out my research into extraterrestrials.
Mario Rovetto
I work in Film and Television
... teh Shadow or or call me Sssss Snake,yes, ahhh that is good,Ssssnake ^^

for real: Iam a 32 year old HW-Developer/Lab engineer in microelectronics working for a big automotive Company in the sensors & safety unit. Iam not supporting Boinc for long yet, but it´s a lot of fun and so i created a Boinc-wide Group called TITANS for some other friends of astronomy (my hobby) and science. Everyone is welcome to join us and crunch for a better future!

Best regards,

I'm a 29 year old Physics major aspiring to attend graduate school to pursue my PhD soon, hopefully in Canada.
Engineering Technician in semiconductor technology development, living in Oregon. I am a performance enthusiast when it comes to computing, automotive, and sports. I like building PCs, mining crypto, tuning car engines, playing shred metal on guitar, and playing basketball.
Hi! I'm an Astronomy student from Italy! I really like science, and I'd like to be a researcher, but for the moment I hope I'll help research with BOINC projects :)
I'm a Star Trek fan (power to the blue shirts :D ), but I love science fiction in general, and I also appreciate fantasy books and adventure games, the Myst saga in particular (as you can see from my profile image, taken from Uru Live).
I love martial arts, particularly Jujitsu, that I actually practise (so don't make me angry, ok? :elol: )
Former Private Banker
BSEE, real time embedded systems developer.
Old School Geek - before Geek was Chic.
Mechanical Engineering and Well Intervention Services on Offshore Oil Installations.
Morton Sykes
Current undergraduate student at Auckland University studying a bachelor of commerce and a bachelor of Science majoring in Information Systems
and .... Computer Science of course =D , lets go BOINC! whoop whoop Distributed Computing!
Cosmin Stanescu
Student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Automatic Control,
Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.
Passionate with genetics, physics, but especially astrophysics and aerospace.
Medical librarian, musician, historian
Software Engineer for Australian Science company that produces tests that measure cognitive decline / improvement.
We are used in Clinical trials and by sport leagues and associations for assisting in diagnosis of concussion / player return to game timings.
Akash Sarkar
Studying Microbiology Honors :)
IT; Filmmaking; Activist/Outreach
i'm from a distant galaxy and i come i peace :D
I'm an analyst for the federal government.

I am a 10-year disabled United States Army veteran living in Australia now. I served with the famous 82nd Airborne Division as well as the 10th Mountain Division. I completed 3 tours of combat duty, once in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. I was medically discharged due to injuries received during training as well as in combat. I spent a long time flexing my testosterone. Now its time to flex some neurons.

Currently, I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Geotechnical/Mine Engineering. I love rocks. Don't ask why, because I don;t even know. I just know I like digging holes and looking at rocks. No, I did not have a lot of friends growing up. :wacko:

I am fighting with the university to let me in, but unfortunately, I screwed up in high school (almost 15 years ago) and didn't set myself up for success in future education endeavours. Now I am having to do basic courses again in order to get better grades to allow myself to gain entrance to a university. This is not f
J'aime laisser bosser mon ordinateur pendant que je vais crapahuter par monts et par vaux.
30 something year old I.T. Consultant, all around handy man, plumber, carpenter, electrician, any thing I am paid to be that day.
Open Source Opens Minds
Queen of the dark in leotards. UlkaX
Baron von Crunchenstein
Howdy all I'm a member of the Noble Knights Who Say Ni ~:beer:. And my hobbies are Astronomy and Astrophotoghaphy.
Nuclear Engineer
Marine Search & Rescue Volunteer

Love science and just feel as doing my probably insignificant part towards the improvement of humanity.
Jennifer Cheung (Hyolyn)
Currently in software automation on high performance linux clusters and large remote (cloud) data sets. Previously enlisted US Navy Corpsman. Based out of American Fork, Utah, USA.
Sebastian Francisco Crespo
Lic. en Psicología de la Universidad de Buenos Aires
Member of US Navy
Michael Tillman
I am an average intellectual with a wide range of interest. I have not done anything special or noteworthy with my life. I do have a very intense interest in computation for the sciences and will always continue to compute if I have the resources.
Analyst Programmer
Crypto Currency Trader
Piotr Wygas
My name is Peter. I live in Poland.I'm 32 years old.A science enthusiast, especially in mathematics and astronomy. I'm crunching for BOINC@Poland team.
Retired IT Support Specialist
Juan Carlos Buenaventura
Husband, father, coder, Brony.
[AF>HFR>BZHWDT] sebcbien_bzh
Comptable, responsable informatique, j'aime entre autre, l'informatique, la photo, la cuisine : sports : ski, badminton.
RMC Russell Vincent
RMC, Retired

[KWSN] Sir Superpsychafunkapuss
I'm an IT Director living in the western suburbs of Chicago. I've decided to dedicate some idle time on my computer to more useful things than just regular backups.
[SG] iz-germany-timo
Team crunchen SETI.Germany.:wub: Angefangen mit WCG auf meinem Smartphone, da mein Freund an Krebs erkrankt ist.
Mit der Hoffnung gutes zu tun und die Menschheit voranzubringen crunche ich mit vielen um die Wette :beer:
Anfallende Stromrechnungen :S werden mit knurren bezahlt :excl:
Wer noch ein nettes Team sucht, den lade ich herzlich ein SETI.Germany (Y)
Retired IT hardware engineer, originally from South Shields, now resident in Halifax West Yorkshire.
Rick Case
20+ years in IT as a network admin. in Seattle, Washington.
I love the smell of baking silicon in the morning. The blast of warm electrified air in your face when you enter the room. The calming white noise of droning CPU fans. It's my happy place.
Bruce C. Lakeriver
Hi there, i am just a casual cruncher. Sometimes I've to test other systems or just for fun.

Best wishes,

Bruce C.L. (Y)
Kohl Gill
Kohl Gill, CEO & Founder, LaborVoices, Inc.
Kohl Gill, a quantum physicist turned social entrepreneur, founded LaborVoices in 2010 after observing local labor conditions while working in several South Asian countries as an International Labor Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer with the U.S. Department of State.  Prior to that, he was a Senior Policy Analyst with the U.S. Department of Energy.  Before that, he was a Transparency and Anti-Corruption Fellow with Indicorps in the slum areas of Delhi, India.  Dr. Gill