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Päivän Käyttäjä: Nyankee
The pealing of the bells of the Jetavana templering with the sound of the impermanence of all materialthings.
The color of the paired Sala trees gives witness to the truth that all who flourish must necessarily perish.
Those who flaunt their pleasures are not long for the world; they are as brief as the dream of a Spring night.
And the brave ones are vanquished in the end; they are merely as specks of dust before the wind.

The Tale of Heike
Chapter One, Part I Gion Shoja

13th c. Japan

Päivän tiimi: Palmetto Flats
Well for the first part is that we are open to anyone. If you are a Henderson State University Graduate or Student, Ouachita Baptist University Graduate or student you are welcome too. We try to crunch for as many projects as possible on individual computers that helps Society and Science. Come join and crunch with us.

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