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Usuario del día: [AF>HFR>RR] Nansouw
Hello !

I'm a young French boy who likes the concept of Boinc and many other things as computer-science, natural sciences, or simply to read... ~

And now my aim is to increase my English level !

Tchuss ^_^


Salut !

Je suis un jeune Français qui aime le concept de Boinc et plein d'autres choses tels que l'informatique, les sciences naturelles ou tout simplement lire.

Et maintenant mon but est d'élever mon niveau d'Anglais.

Tchuss ^_^

Equipo del día: Sicituradastra.

* Sic itur ad Astra * This is the Way to the Stars * The Universal Star-Team in Boinc! ;-) - Team Forum -

It is a literary metaphoric line about reaching out further than ever before. By
courage and dreams.
No matter what we want to achieve, the first step is to allow ourself to dream.
Without dreams, we dont know where we want to go, what we want to reach, where
the goal is. The dream itself gives the direction, but it also contains the joy
of anticipation for what there may be ahead of us..
When we work to come closer to our goals, we should always remember that feeling,
and let that be the way we move.. With stars in our eyes,
and joy in our hearts ;-))

"Deep within each heart

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