Detailed stats
The Scottish Boinc Team
Joined the team
Date Username Current Credit From Team  
2017-10-09 daverwarr 1,092,454.35 SETIKAH@KOREA Detailed stats
2017-09-17 [B^S] Damsons1 535,182.74 BOINC Synergy Detailed stats
2017-08-24 Geo 233,190.18 Detailed stats
2017-08-01 Andy Essex 337,042.31 The Final Front Ear Detailed stats
Left the team
Date Username Current Credit To Team  
2017-08-22 Peter Shane 648,801,786,180.97 Anguillan Pirates Detailed stats
2017-08-11 Cruncher Pete 1,522,568,437.52 BOINC@AUSTRALIA Detailed stats