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Geboren 1964 in WrisbergholzenStudiert in Berlin (Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik)Arbeiten in Bremen bei der swbKühn zu berechnen, was keine andere CPU vorher berechnet hat!Born 1964 in WrisbergholzenStudied at TU Berlin (Energy and Process Engineering)Working at swb in BremenTo boldly crunch what no CPU has crunched before!
Son Goku 3SSJ
I live in Sofia (Bulgaria). Born on 1985 I'm curretnly 23 years old. My real name is Peter.

I'm currently a student in the University of Sofia studying Computer Science. And when I have some spare time I work for Tangra Inc. as a junior developer. We hope to make the revolution in the Database synchronisation tools but time will tell :)
I'm the developper of SETI@BOINCWatch. But lately I don't have many free time to improove that lovely tool.

I like watching Sci-Fi and Cartoon movies (like Ice Age, etc.), hill climbing and computers more on the software side.
Steve Cressman
I'm a geek that loves nothing better than messing with computers. Also spend a lot of time helping others with their computer problems. If I help anymore than I do now I'll have to open a shop to take care of everybody, but then I'd have to start charging for my expertise to cover expenses. As it is I do it because I like to do it but if I opened my own shop and did it full time I would most likely start to dislike what I like to do the most. The way I do it now is mostly like a barter system. That way I need not claim any income from what is basically a hobby.
Not much to say. I just like to keep my old steam powered computers running. It helps keep the house warm in the winter. :)
Staf Stoker
Mijn naam is "Staf Stoker" (komt van mijn vader, die was stoker van beroep). Nu ik op brugpensioen ben heb ik een zee van tijd vrij (dacht ik) om mij aan mijn hobby's te wijden.
Vooral aan mijn duitse herder en mijn duiven ga ik meer tijd en energie besteden.
I am a physicist from Odessa, Ukraine. I have been crunching since 2001 for SETI@Home. Now I'm crunching for many BOINC projects. As I am a physicist, I am interested in projects related to physics and astronomy ;)
a programmer for hire.
Sono nato a Tortona (AL) nel 1977, fin dalle scuole Medie appassionato di computer, dopo esperienze
con Commodore 64 e Amiga (che ogni tanto uso ancora) sono approdato nel mondo dei PC,
dove dopo una travagliata lotta con tutti i sistemi Microsoft ho finalmente conosciuto UNIX
(Solaris, FreeBSD, ma soprattutto Linux e Mac OS X) anche grazie a esperienze universitarie su server SUN.

Ho ricoperto la carica di Amministratore di sistema prima nel provider della mia città (Tortona On Line Srl)
e poi nella ditta Alfa (PreSSo@NET).
Attualmente sono studente di informatica presso la Facoltà di Scienze M.F.N.
dell'Università del Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogadro".
I started a long time ago running community projects with SETI for curiocity and now I continue with projects of more 'practical' interest and more rewarding. I believe that it is worthing the efford.
Internets? I has 'em
I takes a punchin', keeps on crunchin'!
I'm originally from sunny San Diego, California. I'm USAF Security Forces currently stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.
Little bit mentally mad in my head if you ask me (errr, quit literally translation of the dutch saying: 'Beetje geestelijk gek in mijn hoofd als je het mij vraagt').
S@NL - FilmFreak
BOINCstats is THE VERY BEST BOINC stats site there is! I use it all the time and can't wait for the daily update to arrive and view my new credit, position, overtake stats and so on.

BAM! is great for administrating your machines at any time you want, even though you're nowhere near 'em.

Willy, keep up the good work!
Brit. living in Italy. Married and have a 14-year-old son. Into computing, BOINCing, archery and other stuff....
Dutch, male nurse and dad :)
From Minnesota, moved up here to Alaska when I was 9..... Months old.
Airplanes are my true love (if discount women of course :P), and I am an aircraft mechanic.
When possible, I go hunting, snowmachining, shooting or hiking. I also play the guitar (all 4 of them I own), and am learning the keyboard (seems easier to learn than the guitar was).
I have a computer habit. At the moment I write this, I can see 8 computers, all within 20 feet of me. In my living room. Thats not counting the ones I could build from parts I have lieing around.
Born in 1977. Live in Utah, work at various hospitals installing/repairing equipment in cath labs.
---------------------- OmniCode 0.1.6 -----------------------
sxy cm181 kg73 sk935b4c ha150c0d.ffffff_beard ey402723 esO sp= Ag1963 anE hdd Lo49,36N-11,00E ZoG Rlx.not_yet Kd1x FHb UFGreg.by_task&Sid.by_age&Mike.for_blue_blinking_LEDs AdC&N&?.all_just_modest! PrC&Pascal&several_assembler&Basic.various_dialects
----------- Omnicode -----------
mehl tu soegal ät gmx de-eh
Starman will find other life forms in this solar system.
Gerlernter IT-Systemeletroniker/Verkäufer
Hobbys :
Shai Hulud
Hi, me and my cat "Tiger" spend lots of hours with "boincing". The rest of the time we are sleeping :)

Its not about the credits, its about the science! Thats why we let our computer run 24/7 to support several projects:

Everything that might help to find a cure for diseases or to understand them better is worth a try (Rosetta+RALPH, WCG, Proteins, Spinhenge, TANPAKU, SIMAP, Malaria, QMC).

And we believe that there actually IS something out there (SETI, SETI Beta).

I like playing chess (Chess960) and I love numbers (RCN, ABC, Rieselsieve, PrimeGrid, Leiden (sort of)), I'm also highly interested in modern technologies (uFluids, LHC).

ClimateChange (CPDN) is one of the biggest concerns of our time - lets do something about it!

Last but not least theres the Einstein project, because astronomy is one of my favourite hobbies!

Greetings from the "Outback" south-east of Cologne!

PS: We are members of
Szymon Maciaszkiewicz
I support distributed computing since 2003.
Hi All,

I live in Camporotondo Etneo, near Catania (Italy - Sicily).
I work for STMicroelectronics, APM Design Group.
Catania University, Computer Science.

Je suis Français et j'habite la ville de Marseille (sud de la France).
Je travaille dans un centre de recherche à la division Electronique.
J’adore la nature en général la mer etc…

I am French and I live in Marseilles (south of France).
I am working in a Research Centre (Electronical Division).
I like nature, sea, pretty girls, etc…
Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow!
Hi. I live in Reutlingen, Germany and I'm a member of the great "green" Team Planet3Dnow!
My profession is it, to teach customers how telecommunication is functioning with fiber optics.
I like it, to construct computers by my own hands. All computers I have are hand made.
Because I like the contact with other people, I'm a radio amateur (DC9ZS)
I'm a 38 year old engineer living in Yorkshire (UK) with an unfortunate number of hobbies (really need that paycheck every month to fund them :) ).
Married with children and grandchildren so I guess my life is pretty full.
Crunched on CPDN in its pre-BOINC days.
Shintaro Shimizu
Shintaro Shimizu, graduated from Sophia University(Tokyo) in 2005, working in a global financial firm.
I am a self-taught IT Professional with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business management. Currently Administrations Manager including the IT, Financing, HR, Inventory and Accounting departments for a company involved in the servicing, repair and manufacturing of agricultural equipment, with our main focus being South Africa's only Bell Equipment service agent. We also supply spares, tyres, lubricants and mechanical hardware to farmers.
As the only Windows-based IT employee I'm responsible for all IT hardware, software, network and the phone/fax system across all areas of the business. IT department Day-to-day operations cover hardware maintenance, desktop support, system build, backup, software installations and all IT-related purchasing (covers 5*desktops and 2 servers employing 30+). Past experience covers desktop support (primarily DOS/Win9x/2k/XP) and small business network design/installation/operation (DOS/W2kSVR). I've written websites in html and habitually gathe
Sune Hansen
I'm a 36 years young male from Denmark. My hobbies are Chess, Computers and of course BOINC.
Stanley Rew
I am a cabinetmaker. Married for 32 years. Like to metal detect for meteorites.
Stealth Eagle*
I am 60 years old and I have my own business doing computer consulting, setup, and repair.
I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I have been running SETI@home since Sept. 2000, and BOINC since it was in beta. I am currently running BOINC 6.10.56 for both SETI@home and SETI@home/Astropulse beta. I am Alpha testing BOINC.

I enjoy working with computers, and play games once in a while. I like to read, go hiking and camping, working with animals, and taking photographs (I have thousands of them on my computer).
Physicist by training. Enamored by astronomy, nuclear physics and quantum mechanics. Sort of a nerd!
After nearly 21 years in the Submarine Service, I retired from the U. S. Navy and went to work for a company that makes integrated circuit chips for nearly every application you can imagine. I also returned to university as a student. I wrote my first computer program for something other than a handheld calculator as part of a calculus course at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1976. We were using teletypewriters and Hollerith punched cards then. I have been working/playing with computers ever since. I enjoy bicycling, hiking, motorcycling, SCUBA diving, building and configuring computers, dabbling in computer programming, and Old Time Radio. Spare computing resources here are donated to projects I hope will benefit humanity and this world we inhabit.
St. Devlinius
I'm a pilot, general aviation enthusiast, minister, and citizen scientist. I also love general outdoorsy activities (mountaineering, hiking, camping, climbing, and fishing).
I'm James and I'm from Perth Western Australia. Software engineering is my trade and a hobby, well my lifestyle really, I'm sort of addicted to computing just like so many these days. I started when I was 10 on a Commadore64 back in 1986, now look at things 23 years later. Wow life is cool for us software developers, just keeps getting better and better. BOINC is definately one of little software projects that is changing the world and how we look at it.
I'm a young brazilian who's interested in making a difference. This explains both my activism (check out my website) and my participation in BOINC. =)
Sven Teirlinck
Ik ben van België en woon momenteel in Kester, Vlaams-brabant.
Ben 31 jaar/ 1m78/ 65kg
Heb 4 jaar lang als arbeider bij Unil Belgium (motorolie bedrijf) gewerkt en zit nu op de technische helpdesk van Mobistar voor adsl.
In mijn vrije tijd kan je me vinden achter de pc/ in de fitness/ of op de baan al lopen of fietsend
Currently living in Kansas
Sir Barsteward of Pubs
I'm the Chief Nurse at a major teaching hospital in the West Midlands, UK. In my spare time I run and garden.
I am from india, delhi, janak puri, iam 12 years old, i am a student studying in tagore intenational school, playing games on computer and doing physical activities are my hobbies
also bin der Nico und komme as Eberswalde bin zur Zeit 19 Jahre und mache Abitur (mehr oder weniger).
HOffe hier geht es bissel ab und wir werden viele Race`s machen ^^ und gewinnen ^^ he he also wer was will einfach anschreiben
Starship Trooper
Sailing, photography,politics
Skip Da Shu
Old Hillbilly Credit Whore who gets distracted Monday thru Friday doing Project Management on large scale data conversion and system modification projects (mainframe) for a major player in the IT outsourcing and services business. Resident of the Republic of Texas since 1983, Central Division. Worked in Beijing most of 2004 and fell in love with the place. Send me job offers making big $$ for a short work week in China and the For Sale signs go up. Also happens to be where I was when I first got into DC and also where I built my first dedicated 'cruncher'. See for more info on that.
Mi chiamo Luca. Sono Italiano.. Toscano.. e precisamente della Versilia! =)
La mia passione è l'elettronica.. e qualsiasi cosa sia alimentato a corrente elettrica! XDDD Frequento L'ITIS di viareggio e vorrei diventare un ingegnere di telecomunicazioni.
Saviour M Filletti
BOINC Account Manager not only provides detailed statistics but also facilitates the management of multiple projects.
Stephane Beausoleil
it admin
Serveis Informatics SLU
Serveis Informàtics Corretgé.com SLU és una empresa dedicada al món de les tecnologies de la informació.
I am crunching BOINC from deep in the heart of Texas

It is exciting to participate in real science and in the knowledge that my computers are more useful than just surfing the net, email, solitaire and downloading porn.

Retired from US Navy, Submarines, 21 years.
Born in Wisconsin.
Live in Arroyo Grande, Ca, best weather on the planet.
Hi to all. I was a 51 Years old Male from Ludwigshafen/Germany and my Occupation was Technical Service Worker. My Hobbies ??? Only Crunching, Crunching, Crunching. Very big Smile.
Greetings from a concerned citizen of the World. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and find this community to be a great way of trying to make a difference, one computer at a time.
Interests: astronomy, physics, mathematics, statistical analyses, computers, general aviation flying, R/C airplane and boat modeling, unlimited hydroplane races, Star Trek, Harley-Davidson motorcycling but.... most importantly, helping to find cures for these devastating diseases.
Location: Germany, esp. Bavaria
Occupation: Digital ASIC Design
Hobbies: Macro Photographie, Astronomy, Diving
age- See above
Occupation- highschool
Hobbies Building monster computing rigs
Boinc is AWESOME!!!
Working as a Civil Engineer in South Dakota. I design precast concrete products.
I'm a software engineer, living in the Livradois/Forez park in France.
Slap Happy Gas Pedal
got it working i think, but it wasnt at all straightforward how to simply get up and going. there doesnt seem to be any instructions anywhere, especially the url to attach to, i finally found some info in the forum and sort of winged it.

i had previously been using Gridrepublic, but since it relies an a special build of the Boinc engine that wasnt getting updated, i finally decided to defect and give Bam a try, so here i am, a bit flustered by the initial setup experience but happy so far about the stats features...

ug!! it detachd from all my projects and all the work done was thrown out, not into the trash but directly deleted the work from my boinc projects folder off into oblivion, thats months of lost time for the work units... okay that bites, starting over from scratch now!
I'm a Engineering/IT student at ANU Canberra, Australia.
I am Sigman
I'm an IT Solutions Archtitect specialising in the enterprise environment, delivering infrastructure solutions to clients with 20000+ users, predominantly within the Microsoft domain.
SETI.USA Cluster
This is the team cluster of SETI.USA!

Machines built with unused hardware of fellow teammates.
Ich komme aus der wunderschöhnen Lutherstadt Wittenberg und besuche das Fachgymnasium Wirtschaft in meiner Heimatstadt.
In meiner Freizeit unternehme ich viel mit Freunden und spiele Gitarre. Sonst noch zu erwähnen wäre, dass ich eine Vorliebe für guten Met und anderen Wein habe, die ich mit einigen meiner Freunde teile.

Hochachtungsvoll Sighters
Scott Hall
A technical solutions engineer with 25 years experience in enterprise computing. A diverse background with emphasis on network storage.

Roma. Italia
Just for Fun
Der SETI.Germany-Booster

Die Idee zum SG-Booster entstand im Jahre 2007, als man sich innerhalb von SETI.Germany dazu entschied, vom Cruncher abgelegte aber noch brauchbare Hardware in einem Gemeinschaftspool zu sammeln und zu neuem "Leben" zu erwecken.

Die Hard/Software-Spenden, aus denen die einzelnen Booster-Systeme bestehen, kommen von Mitgliedern und Freunden von SETI.Germany. Sie wandern in den Pool des Boosters und werden zu möglichst effizienten Rechnersystemen verbaut.

Derzeit hosten SG-Mitglieder aller Gruppierungen idR. jeweils 24h/7d in der Woche. Dabei tragen sie die anfallenden Stromkosten, dürfen aber im Gegenzug die Rechner auch für private Zwecke benutzen.

Eventuelle Hardwareschäden, die während des Crunchens entstehen, muss der Hoster nicht selber beseitigen. Diese werden durch Teile aus dem Booster-Teile-Pool ersetzt.

Wenn ihr mehr erfahren möchtet, so findet ihr weitere interessante Informationen rund
I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and work in DevOps. I am married and have two wee boys, aged 15 and 13.
Electrical Engineering Portal
Stefan Ver3
From the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Minnetonka to be exact. Decided to flee the snow and cold. Fixed up and sold my home and moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. While there, got fed up with the job market, because I enjoy earning money, it's nice to have. So again, loaded up the truck and moved to Clearwater Florida.(Where the truck finally died) Enjoying the weather, and the market, much better!
My hobbies include, but not limited to, Music, Movies, Techno dork stuff (the Mrs. likes to point out every time I'm sitting here) like this. R/C cars, Gaming, not just Video. Soduku, perhaps a game of SORRY, oh yah you will be. And of course, gettin' my buzz on.

"The world is so serious---about nothing."
So here's a few of my own.
Why did they change the original flavor of Old Dutch BBQ potato chips?
Whatever happened to Doughnuts Cereal? You might go your whole life without knowing!
Why do people feel Budweiser is a 'Great' beer? Yuck! Life's to short to drink che
Behold, I am Saint Baz, patron saint of substance abuse, and I beseech thee - Idle CPU cycles do verily the devil's work do, it is written. Thus and thus, forsooth, and for sin tooth, I humbly devote the redundant cogs on my Babbage Engine toward the distributed computing projects herein. Amen.
My blog
Sam Leonard
Just a Mechanic / Electrician who worked with TRS-80 and Ti-99/4a when they were new
Then came DOS , Debug, Batch files, Pascal on time share mainframe, Now we have More Power and
Bloatware ( loose code ) and I still love it
Be sure to visit and join our community! You'll find team news and team graphics. If you need help setting up BOINC or joining our team, we have a friendly, active Message Board where our members are waiting to help.
myself male ;)
Bonjour a tous. Je m'appelle Patrick, je vis en France et j'ai 40 ans, je suis Analyste Programmeur Grands Systèmes
Hm, persönlicher Hintergrund warum ich das ganze mache. Also ich würde Sagen, das ich nur Versuche das wieder zu geben was ich selbst bekomme, wenn ich dabei mehr gebe oder weniger bekomme, dann ist mir das allerdings auch Egal...

Also Pack dein Handtuch ein alles andere ist 42 und vergesst nicht, gebt's weiter. ;)
Nur weil ich mich mit vielen Menschen nicht beschäftige?

Nur weil ich oft nichts sage, heisst das noch lange nicht, dass ich nichts zu sagen habe. Zuhören muss man oft den stillen Menschen.

Nur weil ich mir meine Gedanken oft gerne selber mache?

Nur weil ich viele Menschen belächle?

Nur weil ich viele Menschen ignoriere? Ignoranz ist noch lange nicht äquivalent mit Intoleranz!

Ich verachte die Gesellschaft nicht - Ich zweifle nur ihr Streben nach Äusserlichkeiten und Statussymbolen an.

Hallo mein Name ist Sandrik, ich bin 34 Jahre alt und lebe in Wetzlar / Hessen / Deutschland. Ich bin in einem kleinen Dorf ca. 100 Km noerdlich von Frankfurt am Main aufgewachsen und lebe nun schon seid 15 Jahren in Wetzlar. Ich habe bereits 1981 oder 1982 meinen eigenen ersten Computer bekommen, ein Geschenk meines Onkels, einen Sinclair ZX 81 mit 1 Kilobyte Hauptspeicher (der wird bis heute gut verwahrt). Waehrend ich die Hauptschule meines Dorfes besuchte, hielt auch ein Commodore 64 einzug bei mir, der spaeter mit einem 5,25" Floppylaufwerk ausgestattet wurde (die hat man damals Brotkisten genannt, weil die so aussahen und auch so gross waren). Mit 15 habe ich die Hauptschule abgeschlossen und bin zur Berufsfachschule fuer Metall gegangen, diesen Weg begleitete mich ein Amiga 500, nein 2 denn der eine wurde spaeter durch ein aktuelleres Modell erstetzt. Nach dem Abschluss der 2 jaehrigen Berufsfachschule begann ich meine Lehre zum Industriemechaniker und habe einen meinen ersten K
Hello Visitor:

I'm "Spike_NL" ( Spike NL / Codearmy NL )

Age born: 22-08-74
Home : Holland/Dutch


SETI@home Beta

All Other Projects on my account are for IF SETI Fails.

NEW STATS : 2010

@ Free-DC

Join A.S.A.P. -NL-


(Startdate: 19 Feb 2003) (EditDate: 08 Aug 2010)


Spike_NL stats

Spike_NL stats Projects

(Startdate: 19 Feb 2003) (EditDate: 06 okt 2009)

Your Welcome to Join.
here is a link:

TEAM: A.S.A.P. -NL- Summary

TEAM: A.S.A.P. -NL- Projects

a frängischer Jung aus Närnberch

Die Römer wussten bereits Bescheid: HORROR VACUI = Leerlauf-Angst
Member of
Mississippi Attorney letting his computers work when I am not.
I'm a programmer.
Stacey Baird
Born in Evanston, Illinois USA, near Chicago, grew up there and Zion Illinois and spent time in Aurora Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee, Age 64. Used to be in Credit, Risk Management, and Sales after serving in the US Army for three years as an airborne ranger qualified 1st Lt with the 3rd Battalion 187th Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division.

Now retired in Davao City on the island of Mindanao, Philippines where I serve as a Purok Leader in Barangay Ma-a. It's an appointed position sort of like a precinct captain and also serve as a director of Brgy Ma-a Federation of Home Owner Associations, Inc., Environmental Watch Committee.

Since the South China Sea island paradise of the Philippines is subject to torrential monsoon rain, volcanoes, earthquakes, and landslides here along the Ring of Fire, we are currently engaged in discouraging building subdivisions on hillsides and other Bahala Na sites, the stability of which is up to God. Bahala Na is not an official p
Sem clovek soutezivyho typu, ted prave soutezim o to kolik lidi premluvim k pocitani na BOINCu :-)
Hi! My name is Michael. I've taking part in BOINC (initially in SETI@Home) since 28 July 1999.

Sunray 11A
Hi! I am currently employed as a Security Manager with a large UK based company and have 32+ years experience of the security industry. I live in England with my wife and daughter. I served 10 years in the army, having seen active service in both Aden and N Ireland back in the 1960-70s. Those were the halcyon days. Most of my free time is now spent running various BOINC projects which, hopefully will improve the lot of all humankind. My other hobby is brewing my own beer and lager.
I've joined SETI 10 years ago. The reason was simple. Not only that I think that we aren't alone in the universe, I'm sure about that. The question is not IF but WHEN we discover this. I know that me as an individual I can't do anything to influence on this fact but SETI has given me an opportunity (or better said - a feeling) to be a very small part of something that fascinates, motivates and drives mankind forward throughout the entire history. Without this curiosity, which was and always will be a companion for humanity, I wouldn't be writing this lines now. The only think I hope is that we'll be the generation privileged to be a part of THE greatest discovery of all times and the spectators witnessing the beginning of a new era. If that isn't a reason enough to do my part then I don't know what it is. This way of thinking accompanies me from childhood, now I'm a physician, a scientist more than 20 years older and in spite of the fact, that we did not get any kind of solid evidence
I'm 26 years old. I am a self-employed developer running a studio called Thinkbox Games in the city of Bendigo in Victoria, Australia. Thinkbox Games provides games, web, graphic and media design and development services.

My hobbies include Cricket (backyard of course!), Basketball, bushwalks, researching Australian History (for game concepts!) but most of all playing computer games. If i'm not designing a game, i'm usually playing one!

I also like to get out fishing once in a while although unfortunately most of the good fishing spots surrounding Bendigo are dried up or quickly disappearing. It's a real reason to participate in projects such as when I look at the effects climate change is having on my local region.
Soy un estudiante de informática de la Universidad de Alicante, y, dado que tengo un pequeño servidor en casa encendido las 24 horas del día, quería utilizar los recursos que desaprovecho (es un AMD X2 3800+, con 2GB de RAM) en algo productivo. Espero que valga la pena al menos ;)
Sam Gonce
I am a forty-something father of 2 children (1 girl and 1 boy) living in North Eastern Maryland. I'm currently working as an Operations Dept. Manager for the County School Board and have been contributing off and on to various projects since 1999 starting with SETI@home.
Living in Canada ... eh!
Stefan Ledwina
I'm just another crunchaholic... Born on October 14th 1980 in Vienna/Austria, love BOINC, computers, hardware, reading (Sci_FI and about physics), photography and photo editing.

Member of BOINC Synergy.
Hello. My name is Igor, I`m 23. I live in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. I work as cameraman at local TV-station and I`m in love with my job :)
I am studding mathematics at Jagiellonian University. Currently i am interest in physics and matter of creation the universe / energy.
Perhaps i will continue studding theoretical physics at JU as well and try to find the answer to the most difficult question: how was energy created.
Keep on touch with me and probably in couple of years you will find out the answer to it :D.
Samuel Brack
I'm a student of South Germany and my hobbies are all technical things :-)
Just a geeky mom who likes to draw and write once in a while
I am from The Midwest. It's great for star gazing because of all of the open spaces we have here. I have been interested in astronomy and "little green men" since I was a little girl. I feel so small when I look up to the stars. I tell myself, "We just can't be the only ones out here!" I became familiar with SETI through the movie, Contact. I thought that was pretty amazing to find another world through the use of radio signals. I am open to the possibilites of the unknown. I am reading a book by Arthur C. Clarke right now about this company mass-producing wormholes to view time, current and past. Nothing has to be science fiction anymore! I study the stars as a hobby. I actually went to college to work wih children and that's what I am happy doing right now.
I am a Louisianian, I take things a bit slow.

[color=SlateGray] - anime | manga | reviews[/color]
SM6GXQ Peter Lindquist
My hobbies are:

* Space
* Physics and other science
* Computers
* Gardening
* Ham radio, Callsigns: SM6GXQ SM7GXQ
* Photo
* My work at the Rescue Coordination Center, JRCC Sweden

I have a web site: Cape Pine Garden Project, mainly based at my summer house at Granudden in Färjestaden on the island of Öland. The site contains information on BOINC with links to all my projects and extensive statistics.

On-site, there is also a weather station as well as 5 webcams and a photo album showing flowers in my garden. There is also a Blog with a RSS feed.

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.

My work at the Swedish Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue Center - JRCC Sweden - involves SAR and IT (radio,telephony,data). I'm also a press spokesman. We have a blog - JRCC Online - where we blog about all rescue missions (RSS feed).

Simon Thomsen
I'm a 33 year old primary school teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark. My primary subjects of teaching are math and physics, both of which I've been studying at the University of Copenhagen around 10 years ago.

My interests are what you might called typically "nerdy": Math and physics (of course), science fiction, fantasy, role-playing (DnD, pen and paper) and computer games.

Stephan Volkmann
Jibt nix Gutes, ausser man tut es
Mathestudent aus Tirol
Ich bin in Essen geboren wo ich heute noch lebe. Meine Hdobbys sind Astronomie, Amateurfunk, Computer, Bier selberbrauen, Natur. Leider bin Ich zurzeit arbeitslos.
Sir Stooper
I am a proud member of The Knights Who Say Ni!. Relatively new to shrubbing, I have now fallen for the lure for the quest for the Holy Shrubbery. One of the many goals of the Knights is to find the Holy Shrubbery, and we know it's out there. Somewhere, somehow, we will find it using the power of personal shrubbers. This task is mighty and fraught with many perils. If you have the stomach, the heart, the desire and the will, you too can become a Knight. Bring your sense of humor and a PGGB (or three) and join us on our quest!

Added bonus: The right to say Ni! to old ladies!
Казань, инженер-электроник, женат, дочка.
I live in The Netherlands and work as a freelance copywriter. I share my house with a few adorable cats and I'm afraid that I'm a living chaos :-) I smoke, I stay awake at night, but hey.. I can still be very friendly. Sometimes.
âрøúðтõý шðüÿøþý ÿþ ÿþôòþôýþ þрøõýтøрðýõ. ÃÂð чõтýð ôðтð ÑÂü ÑÂðüþ ÑÂÿðóõтø ÑÂÑŠÑ ÑÂþѠþт чðршðфø, ôþúðтþ ÿøѠтþÿúø ÷ð ñøÃȄÂрô. ÃÂ÷ ÑÂъü ñъûóðрÑÂúø ñуôðûð þт ÑъûóðрÑÂúøѠ÷õüõôõÃȄÂúø ýðрþôõý ÑÂъю÷ ø шõф ýð фøрüð ÷ð ÿрþôðöñð ýð üøúрþòъûýÕÃÂø фурýø. ÃÂðрþôõý ÿрõôÑÂтðòøтõû ò þñûðÑÂтð ýð úøñрøтøтõ. Ã

ich bin aktuell noch Student an der TU Ilmenau und versuche gerade meinen MA Abschluss zu machen.
Mein Rechner wurde anfangs zum zocken ausgelegt, doch dieses Hobby lässt allmählich nach. Daher stelle ich meine Rechenleistung Boinc zur Verfügung, sprich dem gutem Zweck und der Allgemeinheit.

Also dann frohes rechnen

I'm an ESRD activist (primary occupation) and a full time friend to my wife (really primary occupation). I'd rather be playing Leyenda Preludio.
Ich bin 33 Jahre, komme aus dem Sauerland und bin alleinerziehender Vater
I live in Houston, TX.

I run a small farm from my apartment.

My farm would be bigger, but I need MO POWAH!
Bachelor's degree @ Information Science and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang Univ.
Master's degree @ Operations Research, NC State Univ.
Scott Teibert

Research Happens Here
Saludos Terricolas (Greetings Earthlings),

I'm Josh. I have worked in several industries: banking, retail, firefighting, paramedic, and automotive. I am currently a reactive black belt quality engineer with Shainin Journeyman certification in the auto industry located in Dayton, OH. I respect all life! I live for technology and embrace change rapidly. I have reached my SETI project 2nd goal of 1M credits and moved well beyond and am heading for 10M. I enjoy looking at the stats but my hobbies include all sorts of technologies, computers, training others, outdoor activities and so much more. I also am a fan of traveling and learning other cultures, hence the introduction.
Etudiant informatique !
Hi my names Andrew Or Drue for short, im 29 from Canberra Australia

My hobbies are I.T. and keeping healthy, Going to the Gym and Enjoying Hiking.

I have alot of computer hardware and have been Doing DC work on my older hardware for some time..
"Die stillsten Worte sind es, welche den Sturm bringen. Gedanken, die mit Taubenfüßen kommen, lenken die Welt" (F. Nietzsche: Also Sprach Zarathustra [Die stillste Stunde])

„Voll Verdienst, doch dichterisch, wohnet der Mensch auf dieser Erde.“ (Hölderlin)

"Der Nihilismus besteht nicht darin, daß das Sein in der Macht des Subjekts ist, sondern daß das Sein sich völlig im Um-laufen des Wertes, in den unbegrenzten Verwandlungen der universalen Gleichwertigkeit, aufgelöst hat." (Vattimo)
I am originally from England until I met and and Married my wife of 30+ years in the United States where we live, in Tennessee in the Appalachian mountains.
I love astronomy, Music, all types and I play electric and acoustic guitar.
ON computers I like to produce Music, make 3D Models and create artwork. I also love image processing especially as my wife is a photographer.

Science was always a first love of mine, but situations altered any progress in that area, but at least I managed to work in Psychiatry and nursing.
I went back to school in the US for a degree in electronics, and ended up working in that field.
Following this i started my own business in the then very limited field of desktop computer graphics.
I live in Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. I'm a student of law and I'd like to help people. You can contact me at
Entomologist from Germany.
I started 5 years ago crunching seti on old P1 machines, stopped for over a year, and now have come back with a furry of more powerful CPU/GPU! Very disappointed that SETI is having SO many problems staying online. So I branched out into other projects. Also disappointed that I havent seen a astropulse on any of my machines in almost two years even with that option checked. But enough crying, there are other worthy projects out there that my electric company is loving me for! HAHA
Samuel Peeters
I'm a computer engineer and database administrator. My professional responsabilities are mainframe related but in my free time it is all linux and windows. From time to time I use a soldering iron too.
I'm Marco, author, dream weaver, visionary, incredibly good artists, genius, plus computer specialist.
The modesty is my best quality.
Some of my works / sites:

My Italian blog
My art
Some of my art
C'mon science, make my computer print chocolate.
I'm from China.
Easier management of multiple computers & better statistics overview.
About Me:

Now, the thing is, you do not realy need a "bio", because if you know me, then there is no need for my discription. And if you do not know me, then why are you on my profile...

Right. Yes. Something about me? OK. I am an pessimist. I think. That's what people call me. I'm just a realist realy, but there's so much bad things around. That's what pessimists say, isn't it? No.

Interests: Psalmaology, Geology, Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Physics, Astronomy, Astrophotography, Lego Star Wars Collecting, Coin Collecting, Geological speciment collecting, Public Sciences contributor, Sherlock Holmes (a more fammiliar usage of proper vocabulary), Science Fiction, Complaining about any worlthy cause of complaints...
Meinen Idealen folgend möchte ich helfen das Leben auf der Erde etwas zu verbessern.
Sean Arrowsmith
A back garden astronomer who can program in several languages, hosts his own website, loves Formula 1 racing since the early eighties and love his wife dearly
Marseillais, élève en prépa math.
Hello world. :)
St.Petersburg Team Founder
This is a technical account for manage St.Petersburg Team

Это технический аккаунт для управления командой St.Petersburg
Shaun M. Erman-Bech
Long story short...Came to Europe at 18...Moved to Denmark 1980, Have lived here ever since... Oh yeah, except for that time we lived in Sweden and then moved to England for
Интерфейс крайне не удобен, но все в одном месте радует =)
A typical Canadian residing in Montréal.

I always thought there might be others out there, and I have a computer that could do other things in its free time, so I decided to offer some CPU cycles to SETI@Home.

I doubt any advanced extraterrestrials would communicate with us directly, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be listening.

Per ardua ad astra
Samuel Pryor
3rd Year Civil Engineering Undergrad at University of Adelaide
Physicist (HEP, ATLAS)
Steven York
Single, 57 year old retired GM employee living in Iron River, MI.
Sanghoon Yeom
I'm a graduate student from Korea, South.
Good luck~!

Je suis graduer du secondaire .
Je suis agé de 28 ans .
Je demeure dans une maison avec ma mere .
Prof here, reside in the New York metro area, go science!
Syam Krishnan*
Accounting Professional
I'm a computer specialist/consultant from Portland, Oregon, USA. I love gadgets, "Jetson's" style, since childhood. I live alone with my cat, Spike, who I thought was a male the first 6 months, until she went into heat for the first time ;-)

I'm fascinated by the thought that there will be communications with someone (thing)? somewhere else other than here, and want to be a part of that.
Sam Soof III
Occupation: Cold Foods Chef at Macys Lakeshore Grill
I live in Phila. Pa. I am a 56 yrs. and I drive for a city shuttle service. I like the stars and would like to be involved with its discoveries and thoughts of other life out there. I don't have alot of school science of todays thinking, but would to like to listen and learn of things that are happening today and would participate when I could. I play chess, ride a bike, excercise and read.
einfach die energie nutzen die mir mein rechner(meine rechner) mir gibt!

Hi there,
I am born in 1987, live in Germany and want to help science in their research by supporting BOINC.
Currently I work as a programmer here in Germany, my hobbies are using BOINC, geocaching, my PlayStation 3, meeting with friends, listening to music and reading about new science-stuff, especially when it comes to news regarding the universe.

If you want to know more about me, please don't hesitate to ask me :oO

Oh, and don't forget to let your friends and family know about BOINC/BAM!!!! (y)
Hospitality Industry and Marketing
Biomed, eagle scout, parachute rigger, mystic, stepfather, student.
[url= ]The place our team was started from![/url]
Saqlain Mallick
Hi Friends, I am Saqlain Mallick.

Nothing special about me. I live in Bangladesh. I am a student. Studying BBA at East West University, Bangladesh. My home town is Rangpur. I wish to be a wise person in future and when ever I get any chance to do any thing good I want to grab it. That's why I am here.

After installing the BOINC software in my computer it used all of my memory and the fan run all day in full speed. Now its dead. But I dont care. My pc is still running without any fan. I hope you BOINC people are doing something good for the world which is worth our sacrifices.
Steve Digby
I landed on this planet some 50 years ago, found the life forms rather interesting and I decided to stay a while whilst carrying out my research into extraterrestrials.
I'm a 29 year old Physics major aspiring to attend graduate school to pursue my PhD soon, hopefully in Canada.
I am a 10-year disabled United States Army veteran living in Australia now. I served with the famous 82nd Airborne Division as well as the 10th Mountain Division. I completed 3 tours of combat duty, once in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. I was medically discharged due to injuries received during training as well as in combat. I spent a long time flexing my testosterone. Now its time to flex some neurons.

Currently, I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Geotechnical/Mine Engineering. I love rocks. Don't ask why, because I don;t even know. I just know I like digging holes and looking at rocks. No, I did not have a lot of friends growing up. :wacko:

I am fighting with the university to let me in, but unfortunately, I screwed up in high school (almost 15 years ago) and didn't set myself up for success in future education endeavours. Now I am having to do basic courses again in order to get better grades to allow myself to gain entrance to a university. This is not f
Sebastian Francisco Crespo
Lic. en Psicología de la Universidad de Buenos Aires
Retired IT Support Specialist
Design donationware typefaces for Charity
work on computer since 1992, like SciFi Book's, watch Enterprise ... im not a fully nerd like the TBBT guys but i like penny too B)
Currently enjoying the civilian life!
I live in the UK, Im a Purchasing Manager. I love popular science and heard about BOINC in the first decade of the 21st century, I have been running some kind of BOINC projects ever since. My main areas of interest are biomedical, astronomy and subatomic science projects.
I don't really understand most of the science, I leave that to the professionals, but if I can help them along the way a little, I think that is worthwhile.
Im now a member of team Gridcoin (see, I'm hoping that the potential financial return can attract a lot of Bitcoin users with redundant hardware into the BOINC research world.

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Unproud American. Computer Science major at Goucher College, Maryland. Fluent in English, competent in Spanish (Hablo español así-así.), and non-fluent in German (Ich spreche einige Deutsch.). Happy to lend computing time to help advance scientific knowledge for the betterment of society.

Proud supporter of:

Bitcoin Utopia

Building Custom Gaming P.C.'s and Servers, Work in the field of I.T.
Marineoffizier im Studium der Bildungs- und Erziehungswissenschaften an der Bundeswehruniversität in Hamburg.
Weiblich. 25 Jahre.

Naval officer currently studying education sciences at the German military university in Hamburg.
Female. 25 years.
Biologist, Conservationist and a few more things ended in "ist". Portuguese in birth but universal in spirit. Been around for several years now... but just started dedicating more time and CPU to the projects. Some sort of BOINC virus, they say... ;)
S. Hultgren
Danish born and bread, now liwing (and marrid) in The Fareo Island
IT System Administrator
An amateur stargazer
When you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you
Hi. My name is Andrew. I am 57 years old currently living in Medford, New Jersey, USA. I am a Software Design Specialist 2 working for the State of New Jersey. Previously I worked for AT&T/Lucent Technologies. I'm a recent Physics fan and enjoy watching Professor Julius Sumner Miller videos on YouTube. My other hobbies include Philately, Electronics, Kayaking and Railroading (real, model and virtual).
Mainly an IBM mainframe freak:
IBM 1400, IBM 7000, IBM/MFT, IBM/MVT, IBM/MVS, IBM/360, IBM/370, IBM/390 and IBM z/OS series.

But also, on the side, DEC VAX and CDC mainframes experience.

Main area of work: In the early days "Scientific Engineering" for government and later "freelancer" for special problem areas in "Bank Business".
My special areas: going through dumps to find the error AND supporting programmers that were "lost" in their own code!

System programming (mainframe installation and maintenance) CICS, DB2, REXX, CLIST, SMP/E, JCL, TSO/E, ISPF, RACF, IMS, DB2, MVS, VM etc..
System analyst/programmer using IBM Assembler (the one and only real thing), Fortran, COBOL, PL/I, Algol, Visual Basic and C++.

Student at UCLA - the best time of my life I ever had!

The 60' and 70' were also great "pioneer" days.

Now I'm TRYING to like PCs ....
Ich mache bei BOINC mit weil ich es nicht mag, vorhandene Ressourcen ungenutzt zu lassen.
Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Milano
Grandfather, Father, Husband, Son
Living in Central Texas
Employed by CGI as Service Delivery Manager
Prior Military Service - Army (including Gulf War I)
Genealogy hobbyist
I believe that my computer will help humanity:)
The Shackford family, we may not have the time or money to help advance the world's knowledge, but we do have idle computers! As a family we have done science experiments, assembled a rock sample collection, and now with our son being old enough we have started to build computers. In trying to show him what they can do I remembered running seti@home years back. It is amazing to see how far things have grown since then. BOINC, all the projects, and especially BAM! have made this a great opportunity to contribute to worthwhile endeavors. So now we are picking projects to support and assigning one of our computers to them.
Retired military and civilian, father, husband,
Unterstützung der Wissenschaft.
Stephane Cloutier
Kickass IT Support Ninja