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I am a Chinese,studing in the China JiLiang University.
I like mathematics very much.
À´×Ô:china shanghai
Version: 3.12
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O- M V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP+ t 5 X R+ tv- b++ DI-- D++
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I am a 42 year old male. I live in Voorburg in the Netherlands. I work at a software company as a Technical Writer. My hobbies are: computers, keyboard/piano.
Abito uno Marano di Napoli , di Napoli SONO esattamente zona Ferrovia , Ho 44 Anni , vieni hobby Che l' astronomia con alcuni Amici condivido le mie Osservazioni , la gioia piu ' bella e ' Che ho Tre splendidi Figli e Una moglie speciale , vieni Lavoro mi occupo di Assistenza Tecnica Vaillant .
I'm a 29 year old guy from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.

I am a student at The University of Wisconsin Green Bay as well as The University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley.

I like to the internet, sports, computers, astronomy.
Was looking for an awesome screensaver when I stumbled across Seti@home. I really love the idea of people sharing resources, ideas, info etc, so after reading all the info (is it safe?) and doubting if my pc could handle BOINC without annoying me (just a matter of good settings) I finally joined. Was never about the credit, but once you start receiving some, one can't help himself checking out the stats daily. BOINCstats wasn't very happy with me blocking their ads, so instead of donating money I decided to join the BOINCstats team. Hope everybody is happy this way!

(btw, I use Electric Sheep as screensaver now aB-))
Hi, mein name is Quorra and I started crunching for Seti back in November 2003. I started with a single core, was happy with my 2 cores and adore now my 8 cores. There were a lot of project coming up since Seti, it was and it is difficult to decide which project is more worse it if you don't have a hugh amound of cores and/or gpus. I decided to crunch for projects in astronomy, physics and medicin. Seti.Germany is the team I joined and I'm very happy with my decision. So happy crunching and have a nice time with distributed computing! yours Quorra
Being: I.P.N.S.G = IT Professional Nerd and Science Geek.
Doing: Networks, infrastructure, ..., etc.
Having: Social & behavioural defects.