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My personal background
I have 3 machines running more or less all the time, they are intel CPU's for the time being. They have 3 GTX1070's and a GTX970 graphics cards divided between them.

The new AMD Ryzen and Threadrippers look very appealing though, since basically 1 Threadripper could make up for all the CPU cores I have now. However, it is quite an expensive platform, so I'm unsure if it will be a threadripper. Most likely "just" a Ryzen at some point. 1 PC of those I have, is kind of low spec, so it wouldn't hurt to get some more cores running.

None of my CPU's are overclocked (only factory overclock on the GPU's). I prefer stability. I run linux exclusively, mostly Ubuntu, as well as Mint. All are 64-bit systems of course. I sometimes run a 32-bit Linux Virtualbox VM for ClimatePrediction on the main rig, but currently Linux is not possible in ClimatePrediction. It runs quite well in a VM on the main rig here, but requires the machine to have enough RAM, depending on how many threads are allocated to it.

I've been boinc'ing for many years now. Originally for SETI, signed up around 1999, with a now lost account. Reassigned to boinc around 2005, since the idea of ClimatePrediction intrigued me. Now that ClimatePrediction isn't so stable anymore, I try to run different projects I like.

This hobby a costly affair though, since hardware and electricity cost a lot of money. Sadly electricity where I live, is taxed very high, even if it is "green" power. It would be nice, if they would lower taxes on green power, to move more people to that, since we have a mix of coal and wind power here mostly. Wind power is moving forward though, as well as imported electricity from neighboring countries, who harvest power from river-turbines.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
For me there's only BoincStats/BAM, it's the only stats site I use. It is well made, and runs well too. I try to donate a little now and then, to help keep it running. I am not into stats only, but I believe they are an important part of the feeling of a reward people get from running these science apps. And maybe compete where they can, if they want to.
Well, that is also why I think it is important to keep BoincStats running, since the community could die out without it, and so would Boinc also disappear.