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My personal background
The details of my earlier years are sketchy, at best, however I do recall being a baby, when I was "born" (I use quotes around "born", as I am still unsure as to whether or not I was born, hatched, cultured in a petri dish, or emerged from the ocean with a set of primordial, "air" breathing lungs. But I digress. Quickly, I became an adult, and then everything fell apart. That's about it. Oh, and along the way, I've developed an affinity for all things technology (computers, especially), numismatics, pharmacology (and the importance to adhering to a strictly regimented, personally designed drug regimen to keep the mind limber and soul from escaping the body...), automotive performance (got a 1960 Austin/Mini Cooper that I'm converting into a low-altitude, pavement-tearing, traffic-infraction-collecting personal rocketship, by attempting to achieve a power:weight ratio similar to the Coors "Silver Bullet" Jet), and doing various activities that involve general things, stuff, junk, and whatnot, in an effort to do whatever it is people do, in order to feel that they've lived a fulfilled life. So far, still "reaching for the stars", and, in the meanwhile, working as a mild-mannered pharmacist. Quick bit of advice: just because I have a lot of patients, doesn't mean I have a great deal of patience..

Keep on keepin' on, keepin' it real, representin' what matters, livin' life with a "mind over matter" attitude (I don't mind, so it doesn't matter), and keepin' an open mind to all types of ill $h!t. Kill 'em with kindness, baffle 'em with BS. And don't let 'em get to you, 'cuz that's how they win... Just smile, nod, agree, and when they turn around, administer a fatality more gruesome and personally gratifying than any Mortal Kombat game can... a salute, followed by a liberal crotch grab, and sealing the deal with the always-lethal two middle fingers pointed skyward. And if they turn around mid-routine, a hasty retreat in the opposite direction is recommended...

Werd, son.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
It's freakin' awesome. BOINCstats has done an incredible amount of work to make this website/service available to the general public, and their efforts should be recognized. They're definitely appreciated on this end of the internet... Now, when is my computer supposedly going to contact the aliens, so that they can bring us teleporter technology, the ability to make "on-the-fly" physiological and biochemical changes to our own bodies, so that we can live happier/healthier/more productive lives? Because, I'm tellin' ya, this flimsy, frail, waif-like, poor excuse for a soul container has seen better days, and is well on it's way to showing it...