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Mitglied des Tages: Holly-Marie
I'm a 30+ yo T-girl from Dresden, Saxony, Germany who had her sex change surgery in Feb 2008. The name Holly Marie has been legally my name since March 2006.

I study computer science at the TU Dresden but so far its a bit slow going since my medical and emotional issues have slowed me down quite a bit.

On BOINC im the founder of team Trans-G-Power

I aim to make it the biggest team for all gender conflicted people and their friends to show we are there, we are a power and we also cotribute to society.

For this reason I also help to organize the Dresden Trans-Street-Day

as part of the local

Team des Tages: Palmetto Flats
Well for the first part is that we are open to anyone. If you are a Henderson State University Graduate or Student, Ouachita Baptist University Graduate or student you are welcome too. We try to crunch for as many projects as possible on individual computers that helps Society and Science. Come join and crunch with us.

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