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Malcolm Beeson (6)
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Mein persönlicher Hintergrund
London born (British) now retired living in BEZIERS close to the Mediterranean, been here so long now I've taken French nationality so I have full voting rights.

Meine Meinung über BOINCstats/BAM!
BOINCstats/BAM! - Umm. The poor guy who runs it does a very good job and since he uses php I couldn't do better, but I do have a few niggles with the site. I've tried other account managers and they seem totally worthless so I stick with Willy (who I assume is Dutch) and BOINCstats/BAM!

My biggest beef is that if I change OS or CPU BOINCstats/BAM! seems to think it's a new machine and refuses to combine the results, but I don't seem to have lost any points, after all it's just digits not $s and just for fun with the hope that one might be the lucky one who finds the Holy Grail.

So a big thank you to Willy, and if you can help financially that would be great too, every Euro counts, I do what I can but my pension is so low I can't run all my machines due to electricity costs.