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Mein persönlicher Hintergrund
What are my machines?
1: I7-6700K (8 threads), with a Gigabyte GTX1070.
2: I7-860 (8 threads), with an Asus GTX1070.
3: I3-2120 (4 threads), with an ASUS GTX970.

None are overclocked (other than factory overclock on the gpu's). I prefer stability. I run linux exclusively, Ubuntu, as well as Mint 18.1. All 64-bit of course.

I've been boinc'ing for many years now. Originally for SETI, signed up around 1999, with a now lost account. Reassigned to boinc around 2005, since the idea of ClimatePrediction intrigued me. Now I try to run different projects I like. However a costly affair, since hardware and electricity costs a lot of money.

Meine Meinung über BOINCstats/BAM!
For me there's only BoincStats/BAM, it's the only stats site I use. It is well made, and runs well too.