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Uživatel dne: nexus7
"Por mi se va a la ciudad del llanto, por mi se va al eterno dolor, por mi se llega al lugar donde moran los que no tienen salvacion, la justicia animo a mi Sublime Arquitecto; me hizo la Divina Potestad, la Suprema Sabiduria, y el Primer Amor. Antes que yo no hubo nada creado, a excepcion de lo inmortal, y yo duro eternamente. !Oh vosotros que entrais, abandonad toda esperanza!"

La Divina Comedia, Dante.

Inscripcion en el Umbral de las puertas del Infierno.

Tým dne: Shirdi ke Sai Baba
There are believers and non believers.But eventually all become believers.
We believe in Sabka Malik ek,Shardha Saburi and are devotees of Shirdi ke Sai Baba who is serving humanity and helping all those who seek his help truly and has faith and patience.

He is well known all over the globe for lighting lights in earthen pots with water,curing sophisticated diseases when leading doctors of the world gave up.

He is above all caste,religion,region,country and has only one nationality i.e.humanity.He is loved and respected all over the universe by poor as well as rich.He has a very long list of strong devotees among whom are the top scientists, doctors, surgeons,engineers,politicians, industrialists,head of nation,software specialists, military top brass etc.

He is known as he can do anything which includes control over natural forces.

If you have faith and patience,feeling for humanity,zeal and dedication to serve humanity,science and feel to make

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