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Počet návštěv tohoto profilu: 979
Uživatelem BAM! od: 9. ledna 2006
Narozeniny: 11. března
Země: Polsko
Pohlaví: Muž
URL: http://www.michaljarosz.biz
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Styl řazení odpovědí: 314
Člen týmu: BOINC@Poland

Něco o mé osobě
I am Mchl, founder of BOINC@Poland team (going higher and higher in the ranks), founding member and representative of Polish BOINC Project Association, but most of all a BOINC fan, like most of people who visit this site.
I am helping translate BS/BAM into Polish (but Willy has been adding new features way too fast recently so I will probably have to take a day off to catch up). I also translated several BOINC related articles. Some of these translations became official, and are hosted on projects\' websites, which makes me a little proud.

Můj názor na BOINC statistiky/BAM!

  • Why were they created? To use them of course
  • Getting better an better and I am really glad to see that and take my little part in it